Types of Butt and Best Butt Lifters for them

Today, we’re sharing the best butt lifters for various types of butt.

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You might be wondering how many types of the butt are there and which are the effective exercises made and targeted for them!

Here you can get all of the details related to these sections. Furthermore, for types of butt, we are going to recommend and review butt lifters for you.

Hopefully, by following these exercises on these types of butt, you will be able to sculpt your booty in a desirable and sexy manner.

No doubt, there are a large number of women who wish to tone their butt. They are eager to get large size buttocks.

If you are looking for such kind of buttocks, then make your job easy by following these workout sessions and butt enhancing padded panties:

What Does Your Butt Shape Say About Your Health?

Butt Shape

Your butt shape says a lot about your health. Below you can check out some of the interesting points about this section. After reading out the details, do let us know which type of butt you have and what traits you experience in yourself:

If you have a square-shaped butt, then such a kind of bum reveal and expose a large number of things about your health.

As an example, it shows that you are doing an extensive number of exercises and following intense workout sessions to keep your butt toned.

Circle-shaped butt reveals that you are enjoying a good, ideal and excellent health phase. In addition, this butt shape gives us this major and important indication that small storage of fat is present in the upper part of your butt.

But you do not have to worry about this fat part as you can easily get rid of it. Heart-shaped butt is the kind of bum shape which all women are wishing for!

One should note down that this specific bum shape is bigger in size at the bottom. And then it becomes smaller and smaller as soon as you go up right towards the waist. It looks much appealing.

Lastly, we have a V-shaped butt type for you. This butt shape is commonly and generally seen among the women who belong to the older generation category.

Besides, the fat present on your butt tends to slowly and gradually move to the other parts of your body all because of the age factor.

Different Types of Butts and Effective Exercise for Each of them

Butt and Effective Exercise

Below we have mentioned and collected the details about four different types of the butt. We are going to recommend and suggest you what exercises are made for them.

In addition, a specific and particular butt lifter padded panty is reviewed for those types of butt:

Square Shape Butt

Square Shape Butt

For these square-shaped buttocks, you need to understand that fat is distributed all around the upper section of your glutes.

On the other hand, your bottom part tends to become heavier. Most importantly, to tone such a butt shape, you have to consider following these below-written exercises:

Leg Raises Exercise

Firstly, you have to lie down on your side. Then stretch out all in one straight line. You have to avoid putting your legs forward and also outside of this line.

Start lifting your upper leg until and unless it gets in the vertical position. Lastly, you have to keep your toes flexed.

Jumping Squats

The next exercise which you can go for if you have a square shape butt, it is doing these jumping squats. This is the classic squat form which can tone and sculpt your butt.

Moreover, as soon as you come up from your squat, then you have to make a serious effort and attempt to jump up. Your heels have to meet at the highest point.

1- GOTOLY Hourglass Figure Butt Lifter for Square shape butt

GOTOLY Hourglass Figure Butt Lifter for Square shape butt

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You can try out using this GOTOLY Hourglass Figure Butt Lifter. This butt lifter padded panty is exclusively made for this butt shape. It is made by using 95% Bamboo Fiber and 5% Spandex. Besides, its fabric is extremely soft and comes with a silky lace pattern.

It claims to list and tone your butt to new heights. This is a sexy body shape which you must try. If you get any issue while using this padded panty, then contact their respective team. They will reply you back within the time frame of 24 hours.

What We Like:

  • It naturally lifts up your bum.
  • It is made of healthy breathable and super lightweight fabric.
  • It looks seamless and sexy.

Round Shape Butt

Round Shape Butt

The next bum type we have for you, it is this round shape butt. This is the kind of figure type which attracts a large number of men.

You must be surprised to know that men call such a body type containing and comprising the “right” proportions. With this butt shape, you will see that the fat is going to store in the upper part of your gluteal muscles.

Sumo Squats Exercise

You can try doing sumo squats if you have a butt of the round shape. To do this move, you have to spread your legs all wide. Then you have to place your toes right at a 45-degree angle.

Make sure to squat until and unless your thighs zone is parallel in position to the floor. Keep your knees out to the sides. Avoid moving them further than that of your toes.


Apart from that, you can go for doing a bridge if you know about this fact that you have a round-shaped bum. This exercise can accentuate your round shaped bum for sure. By doing this exercise, you can bring a huge and promising impact on your glutes.

Firstly, you have to lie down on your back. Then the person has to place her legs a little wider than hips. Start to lift up your pelvis. Most noteworthy, you have to pause in the lifted position.

Take a pause of one-minute time frame. You can increase the time as well when you become experienced in this exercise.

2- GOTOLY Hourglass Figure Butt Lifter for Square shape butt

GOTOLY Hourglass Figure Butt Lifter for Square shape butt

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NINGMI Women Butt Lifter Padded Shapewear is made of nylon and spandex. This is a big call for all those women who have a similar kind of round shape butt. It is for this hip shape that this shapewear is made.

Moreover, it is made by only using a strong, elastic and also stretchable and smooth fabric. This lifter is made to tighten your bottom. It lift your butt.and makes it more sexy and appealing looking.

It brings natural look curves on your butt and make it look bigger and 100% more beautiful.

What We Like:

  • It lifts your butt naturally.
  • It prevents rolling down.
  • You can wear it for any occasion.

Heart Shape Butt

Heart Shape Butt

Moving to other butt type detail, we have heart-shaped butt type. This bum shape is one of the important and most prominent characteristics when we define and talk about the hourglass-shaped body.

This shape brings your butt to look fullest at the bottom. And then it becomes narrow closer to your waistline.

Dumbbell Side Bend Exercise

If you want to improve and enhance the look of your heart shape butt, then what you can do is to try doing Dumbbell side bend exercise.

To do this, first, you have to stand up. Then the next and second step is to place your feet just a little wider than that of your shoulders.

You have to hold and carry 5-10 lb dumbbell. Start to bend to the left and then you need to bend your body to the right. Lastly, lift and raise your opposite arm up with every single bend.

Explosive Lunges

It is recommended by the experts and fitness trainers to do explosive lunges if you have got a heart-shaped butt. To perform this move, you have to stand with your feet together.

After that, hold your hands altogether. Bend them at your elbows. The next step is to lunge forward. Start to jump up by switching your legs as you jump.

The person has to land on the floor by using her other leg and keep your position in a forward lunge. Keep in mind that when you push your body off the floor, then do that pose by using both of your feet.

3- Voberry Women Butt Lifter Padded Shapewear for Heart shape butt

Voberry Women Butt Lifter Padded Shapewear for Heart shape butt

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Voberry Women Butt Lifter Padded Shapewear is the exclusive recommendation for those women who fall in the category and phase of the heart-shaped butt. To shape this butt shape of yours, you can try out this butt lifter. This one is sexy underwear which is made of skin-friendly fabric.

This lifter remains to stay breathable and comfortable to use for hours and hours. It guarantees and assures you to lift your bottom. Hence, to make your butt look accentuating, sexy and bigger, then buy this underwear butt lifter panty.

What We Like:

  • It is made of only skin-friendly fabric.
  • Easy to wear and ideally more comfortable.
  • It has removable butt lifting pads.

V-Shape Butt

V-shape Butt

Lastly, here comes this V-shape butt. It is all because of the oestrogen hormone that you are partially responsible to get this kind of bum shape.

In addition, when your oestrogen starts decreasing right after menopause phase, then it causes and brings fat storage to be moved and shifted to other parts of your body. Moreover, your buttocks tend to lose their volume as a result.

Deep Squats Exercise

If you are not happy with this butt shape and you want to tone and sculpt it, then try doing deep squats. What you have to do is to stand in front of the mirror.

Face the mirror with your side. Then you need to place your legs a little less wide than your hips. Squat in a manner like you is sitting on a chair. Besides, keep up your shins straight and also your knees stable.

Pop Squats

The next recommended exercise is to go for pop squats if you have got specifically a V-shape butt. To perform and carry out this specific exercise, what you have to do first is to keep your legs apart.

They have to remain in the wider stance than your shoulders. Secondly, start squatting and jumping.

Do not go that much higher! When you return back from your squat, then do touch the floor by just using one hand of yours.

You are free to change the hand to each time. And when you’re down, you do not have to keep on holding your breath.

4- KIWI RATA Women’s Seamless Butt Lifter Padded Lace Panty for V-shape Butt

KIWI RATA Womens Seamless Butt Lifter Padded Lace Panty for V-shape Butt

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For V-shaped butt women, they can have this KIWI RATA Women’s Seamless Butt Lifter Padded Lace Panty for themselves. It is made of 100% high-quality materials. Most probably, this butt lifter is going to suit you as its fabric is genuinely breathable and comfortable enough.

It offers a sweat-free comfort and you can put on these underwear panties for hours and hours on any occasion. Nobody will notice them! The pads present in them are detachable. They fit inside the individual pockets of this panty.

What We Like:

  • It has a Pull On closure.
  • It is comfortable enough to be worn all day long.
  • Its pads are 100% detachable.


So, these are the list of best butt lifters for these types of butt. This is how you can get bigger and sexier hips with these butt lifters!

You can try both of these approaches and accentuate your respective bum shape in a seamless manner.

By following these suggested exercises on the mentioned type of butt, we are confident that you will get a beautiful and attractive figure. And wearing these butt lifters will take your butt sexy level to new heights.

What other details you want to know and collect regarding types of butt, butt lifters or bum shaping exercises. Ask anything from us and we will be replying you back.

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