Best Stainless Steel Citrus Juicers Review In 2022

Here are some of the best stainless steel citrus juicers we have shared in this article.

So, let’s Get Started…

What is the best way to start your day? Science says, have the best probable breakfast so that you stay stimulated the whole day. When we focus upon having a wholesome and invigorating breakfast we should reconsider having fresh juices along.

Nature has provided us with plenty of minerals, vitamins and other vital elements we require by itself. Instead of taking pills we should take more and more from nature which results in no side outcomes.

We take medicines to protect ourselves from malnutrition, but having a good diet would keep us away from such issues.

We thousands of different kinds of fruits, vegetables, and plants that provide us with all the nutrition we require. But when you think of fruits, you always feel that sour and sweet juice on your tastebuds which comes out of all the citrus fruits.

The issue is, in this speedy life who gets the time to cut cubes out of them or peel them? The answer is Citrus Juicers.

What is a Citrus Juicer?Stainless Steel Citrus Juicers

This tool has two parts. A strainer with a grip and a squeezer that is connected to it. These are the parts of a mainstream simple juicer but, as we move on with newer technology augmenting efficiency in our lives, various other varieties of this instrument have been commenced.

What Can You Make With It?

A citrus juicer is a very simple tool that helps you squeeze the juice out of your citrus fruits which include lemons, limes, pomegranates, oranges, and grapefruits.

You need to go out and buy fresh juices and pay a greater price instead you can just bring fruits and have your juice at home, anytime you want.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Citrus Juicers

Stainless steel juicers provide you with easy juicing which takes lesser time and yields you all the important vitamins and minerals you require in your daily life.

The juicers consume less energy and less time which is great for any person who wishes to get fresh juice as fast as possible

These juicers will not restrict you from just letting you have the same juice every day. They have different sizes which let you make different juices without and pulp or seeds

These juicers are made up of stainless steel, hence they are very easy to clean and rust-resistant. This ability provides longer life and durability.

They don’t just save your time but they also help you save more of your money which you would spend on buying the fresh juice from other places. The vitamins only live until some minutes of extraction, so even if you buy juice from other places which are stored already, it is going to be nothing else but tasty water.

Otherwise, it is also a hundred times better than cartons of juice as they have a lot of preservatives and there is no surety if they are even healthy or not.

Types of Best Stainless Steel Citrus JuicersStainless Steel Citrus Juicers

There are different kinds of these tools available in the market which are as follows:

Manual Citrus Juicers

These juicers require your energy for the juice to be squeezed. This one has just a strainer connected to a squeezer along with grips.

You just have to keep the fruit half sliced between the squeezer and the strainer, and then press along with both your hands and there you go, you get fresh citrus juice in your glass.

Semi – Manual Citrus Juicers

The second type has a pyramid kind of projection placed upon a container surrounded by a sieve. You keep the half sliced fruit on the top and squeeze it twirling it with your hand. And you get fresh juice in the container. This is more preferred for fruits of larger sizes.

Commercial Citrus Juicers

The third type has the strainer connected to a stand, this gets your work done faster than anything and that is why it is used more for commercial work. The strainer simply remains in one place and you place the fruit on it half-cut and press the squeezer down which provides you with the juice.

Electric Citrus Juicers

The fourth type is the most convenient type of all. These automatic citrus juicers have a motor connected to the squeezer which rotates by its own and is powered by an electrical outlet. It has either an internal container or a detachable vessel which later works as a jug too.

1- HOMEKEROS – Lemon Lime Squeezer

HOMEKEROS - Lemon Lime Squeezer

  Check Price on Amazon

All the fragments are composed of the most powerful quality of stainless steel, ensuring it is corrosion free and scratchless. The merchandise is Petrified and has supplemented material for assuring that it won’t warp or Collapse as a result of extreme routine.

It allows you to extract more juice than you can by your hand, strainer out all the pulp and seeds. This is very easy to use and has a good casting which makes it stronger. It has a distinct design that lengthens the strainer downwards for the proper flow of your juice into your glass or jug.

What we like

  • Lifetime money-back guarantee
  • Ergonomic
  • Lightweight

2- JinKen -Manual Citrus Juicer

JinKen -Manual Citrus Juicer

  Check Price on Amazon

Stainless steel citrus juicer which makes it very easy to extract the juice out of your fruits to the last drop. You just require to cut the fruit in half and keep it in the groove and just press down, and you will get your desired quantity of the juice.

Moreover,  the citrus juice extractor can be used for fruits such as lime, orange,  oranges and more. This juicer is very easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe otherwise, it can be simply cleaned by warm water. Stainless steel provides you with more strength which will make it easier to squeeze fruits which are hard on the outside.

What we like

  • Durable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to clean

3- Zulay Kitchen -Lemon Squeezer

Zulay Kitchen -Lemon Squeezer

  Check Price on Amazon

Zulay provides you with a premium citrus strain which is made by ultra-strong high-grade stainless steel with the classic alloy formation for negating corrosion or oxidizing and breaking.

This Product has a sieve that strains all the pulp and seeds out of your juice. This product is made with strong food-grade stainless steel, non-toxic certified, lead-free element, it is secure and dependable.

Not made from poor aluminum. Because of being compact, it can be stored easily in your utensil drawer allowing more comfort. The squeezer has enough space to let you squeeze bigger or smaller lemons both.

What we like

  • Versatile
  • Compact
  • Non-toxic

4- Lu Cucina – Citrus Juicer

Lu Cucina - Citrus Juicer

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This product has been devised with a sturdy and lockable squeezer that keeps seeds and pulp out of your container without a separate filter. You just need to gently twist on the tip to extract as much juice as possible into your glass.

Solely cut or half fruit slices,  prepare over a ceramic, food dish or glass and twirl. This product is made up of stainless steel which makes it durable and rust-free. It is also easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

The maker ensures that the product has been tested multiple times for quality for consummate and proper satisfaction. This out to be the best grapefruit juicer too.

What we like

  • Sturdy
  • Rust-free
  • Lockable squeezer

5- Jarware – 82654

Jarware - 82654

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This product from Jarware will transform your jars into your citrus juicer. Simply place the fruit on top and the cover filters out flesh and seeds, bequeathing fresh juice in a vessel that perfect for both drinking and storing.

It can fit broad opening preserving cans. The Suggested jar size is eight ounces or sixteen ounces and the lid measures about three multiplied by three into two inches. It is made up of long-lasting stainless steel which makes it more durable and sturdy. This product benefits with allowing you to have your own desired jar to squeeze your juice in.

What we like

  • Athletic
  • Standard size
  • Easy to clean

6- PortoFino – Multi Citrus Juicer

PortoFino - Multi Citrus Juicer

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It comprises of a reamer which has as many as nine ridges designed for max juice extraction from every lime, lemon, orange. Two different kinds of spouts to collect properly strained juice or along with the pulp, as desired.

The maker provides you with two different sized reamers too, on for the small fruits and one for bigger fruits like oranges and grapefruits. Made from strong and durable ABS synthetic and is BPA-Free.

Ample and light in hand for simple administration while juicing. Designed for both left and right-handed consumers. It has an anti-slip silicone ring covering its base for a safer juicing experience.

What we like

  • Space-saving
  • Durable and light
  • Dishwasher friendly

7- Vollum – Fruit Juicer

Vollum - Fruit Juicer

  Check Price on Amazon

This is a premium citrus juicer that brings commercial cuisine class and strength into your kitchen. It has extensive crushing vigor, and compresses fruits of different sizes, from limes to pomegranates.

This hard-wearing juicer is constructed for a long timespan of service and can bear the pressure up to twenty-three thousand PSI. Its strong “U-shaped” base is made up of enamel coated cast iron, which makes it resistant to citric acid.

This good help you squeeze the juice out of the fruits to an extent that they are left dry. And it also marks no spilling which helps you to keep your kitchen look clean.

What we like

  • Mess-free juicing
  • Pro-quality
  • Durable construction

8- Chefcaptain – Commercial Manual Juicer

Chefcaptain - Commercial Manual Juicer

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This commercial and manual citrus user is made of cast iron in the core has cast iron on its surface. This product gives grants professional-quality juicing at your home.

It has an arm which entails manpower to be forced down, a strainer on which the fruit is kept and below the strainer, there is space for your container to be adjusted and so, you obtain fresh, easily squeezed, pulp and seed-free juice.

It possesses a heavy-duty strong base which helps in giving the support so that the juicer does not slip. The base is “U” shaped which lends more support. Preferable for Pomegranates, oranges, grapefruits and more.

What we like

  • Heavy base
  • Long leverage
  • Easy wash

9- KP Solutions – Citrus Squeezer 

KP Solutions - Citrus Squeezer 

  Check Price on Amazon

Bottled juices contain too many added flavors, sugar, and preservatives. KP Solutions provide you with a machine that will help you squeeze fresh juice out of fresh fruits and have it in your home.

IOt renders safe and clean juicing. The high-grade stainless steel body is very sturdy along with a heavy U shape base which provides optimum support. Suitable for any kinds of fruits, any size, or any taste.

It is very easily washable too. Put your fruits on the sieve and then force the liver downwards to receive your fresh juice. The cone and funnel are detachable hence, they can be easily cleaned.

What we like

  •  Detachable parts
  • Strong base
  • Clean juicing

10- Breville 800CPXL

Breville 800CPXL

  Check Price on Amazon

This is a motorized electrical juicer that provides more efficiency and convenience. Properly made up of premium-grade steel. This machine provides you with easy juicing where you do not need to work hard.

You just need to apply a bit of your force and the reamer will do its work taking power by electrical output. This machine will also strain the juice and it has a container in the core so there is no chance of your juice spreading here and there.

This measures eleven by nine inches which are spacious enough. It comes in with a one year warranty. It has dishwasher safe parts.

What we like

  • Motorized
  • No-spill
  • Dishwasher safe

11- Hilax Juice Extractor

Hilax Juice Extractor

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The Hilax juice extractor consists of a 50W turbo-boosting motor which gives the most efficient juicing allowing you to set the speed at two different modes. This machine works completely without noise to avoid disturbance.

The sharp blade is made up of food-grade material and this machine has accurate straining which extracts as much juice as possible keeping the nutrition alive. One speed is fourteen thousand RPM and the second is eighteen thousand RPM.

The juicer has a base covered with rubber for no slipping. The stainless steel parts ensure sturdiness. It has a safety lock design which makes it safe.

What we like

  • Noise-less
  • Safety lock
  • easy assembly

12- AICOK -Centrifugal Juicer Machine

AICOK -Centrifugal Juicer Machine

  Check Price on Amazon

This juicer operates at the high-speed rotation in option “P”. “Ⅰ” low speed at twelve to fifteen thousand RPM for pulpy fruits. “Ⅱ” fast speed at fifteen to eighteen thousand RPM is for fruits with harder coverings.

The opening of this machine measure sixty-five millimeters in diameter which is enough for a whole apple to enter. It has an overload protection system that would turn down the process in case of excessive practice and improper assembly of parts.

All the parts are made up of stainless steel hence, they are very easy to clean. This is one of the best automatic citrus juicers.

What we like

  • High-speed
  • Easy to use
  • 2 years warranty

Best Stainless Steel Citrus Juicers – Buyer’s GuideStainless Steel Citrus Juicers

Every p0erson wants to stay and live healthy which is obvious and juices are the best source of nutrition. There are certain important features one should explore in the merchandise to make it clear if itis worthy of spending money or not.


The material from which the juicer is made matters to a great extent. The juicers may be made up of aluminum, cast iron, synthetics or any other material. Always look for the ones which are made up of durable materials.


The price differs from juicer to juicer depending upon what kind of functions is it allowing you to have. Some juicers require your energy. They are less efficient than the automatic ones. Find the best electric juicer in the market and buy it.


The juicer which is efficient and works with more speed is the best citrus juicer. They get your done way faster than sitting down and squeezing the fruits for long intervals. In this case, motorized juicers are the most favored.


The size of fruits have no standard, every fruit has its size and shape. Hence, the juicers should have enough space for bigger and smaller fruits to juiced when required.

Some juicers like the manual ones can only be used for lemons and limes and fruits of the same smaller size.


Different types of juicers grant different options. They may be multiple speed modes, maybe the option of different sized fruits or maybe more and less extraction of juice.

Some juicers have sieves, some don’t and there are further distinct classifications. Select the ones you require.


No one wants an ugly utensil which ruins the look of there kitchen or does not match with the other shiny and bight utensils or maybe the decent ones. Always select a juicer which appears to be decent and blendable.


The product you are buying should be compact so that it covers less space. Bigger machines are not to be kept at home. The bigger the size the worse it is going to look. Try searching for a product which is compressed and provides more functions


The juicer you should be buying should be covered properly. You don’t want to feel like an engineer while squeezing out juice from fruits and watching how the whole machine works. This again will ruin the decent look.

(FAQ’s) about Best Stainless Steel Citrus Juicers

What are the Best Affordable Citrus Juicers?

What are the Best Affordable Citrus Juicers?

The best affordable citrus juicers provide more extraction of juice in a shorter interval of time. They are more multi-functional and save your energy to a great extent.

The semi-manual juicers are preferred as they require no electrical outputs and are efficient. And they also cost lesser than the motorized juicers.

What are the Best Automatic Citrus Juicers?

What are the Best Automatic Citrus Juicers?

The best automatic juicers have more rotations per minute which take less time and provides more and more juice. The best ones are made up of stainless steel material which makes them easier to clean and easy to use too.

They also have auto-locking security which makes them safe and secure. When going for automatic products always consider the maker so that you know what kind of products they usually produce and if they lend you warranties or not.

How do I Use a Citrus Juicer?

How do I Use a Citrus Juicer?

It completely depends upon what kind of citrus juicer are you willing to buy. If you buy the manual one, given in the top of reviews, you will have to squeeze out the juice by keeping the fruit half sliced between the squeezer and strainer and get your juice.

This is favored for smaller fruits. The semi-manual are nearly the same but they require lesser energy as they are base supported. The motorized ones rotate and extract by themselves.

You just need to peel and slice the fruits you want and eith keep the on the reamer and press a bit or drop it in the opening mouth of an automatic juicer to get your juice.

Can I use Juicer for Lemons?

Can I use Juicer for Lemons?

Yes the juicers can be easily used for lemons. It’s just that you are advised to use the hand juicers when extracting lemon or lime juice because it requires less energy and fits properly in the smaller squeezers.


We try our best to help you by enlisting the best and cheapest available products in the market which turn out to be versatile and easy to function providing you with options more than just your requirements and we hope we have helped you with that by this article.

There are different types of citrus juicers mentioned above in the article to render ease and comfort to you. So that when you get encouraged to buy such a product you get all the information about it and if not all the information, at least plenty of it.

The types and product descriptions are provided so that you select a product depending upon your requirements.

We hope that by reading this article you get enough information that you select the best product which gives you ease and comfort. We care about your health and safety before anything else. The buyer’s guide is also provided to help you locate the proper specs you should look for.

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