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Cards Against Humanity is a party game. Here we are going to talk about in-detail the review on Cards Against Humanity game. In this game, players usually and generally complete fill-in-the-blank statements by making use of words or phrases which are typically deemed and marked as offensive or politically incorrect.

These phrases are printed on playing cards. Furthermore, this game has its extensive comparison to the 1999 card game which was named as Apples to Apples.

If one says that what is the best and perfect way to describe Cards Against Humanity, then it will for sure be “Lego for jokes”. Moreover, this game is all about giving punchlines to its players. No creativity is needed in it. It is pretty simple to play.

Even more, its rules and regulations are somewhat intentionally vague. There is no set criteria with respect to how long you are going to play and how to decide the winner! The other reviews details are mentioned below for you:

Design of Cards Against Humanity

Most importantly, we are going to review and give our verdict on the design of this game. So, the design of these party games looks much simple and shocking looking at the same time. The gameplay of it is immensely simple. Just two types of cards are part of this party game.

They are white and black cards. Note down that there are 500 white cards. They are used in order to answer the questions and fill-in-the-blanks which are there in the 100 black cards.


Entertainment Value of Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

For some of the people, the entertainment value and spark set by this party game, it is going higher and higher. As it marks and identifies itself as an adult card game, for the reason that it has to turn out to be the household favourite game for the last several years.

However, this Cards Against Humanity game is not a all made for the faint of heart.  A few of the cards drew big laughs throughout the game.

But there are some of the cards which are embossed with insensitive nature. Awkwardness aside, you may witness some kind of absurdity of the card pairings,

Age Range Set by This Party Game Developers

If you are 17 years old or older than that, then you are eligible to play this adult party game. There are a few of the cards in it that touch on romance and sexual conduct and also racial issues. Some cards touch humanitarian crises and other kinds of taboo topics.

It is for this reason that this specific age limit is set by the makers and developers of this game. Besides, if you are less 17 years old and you want to enjoy this same kind of game experience, then what you can do is to play Apples to Apples.

Price of Cards Against Humanity Game

The price range of this Cards Against Humanity game, we can say that it is in the middle of the road. Most importantly, its price factor has remained to stay fairly consistent among a large number of online and also brick and mortar retailers.

The popularity scale of this game cannot be denied. As lots of people are loving to play it, that is why the developer of it is expanding and releasing more of the versions of it! It is seen that so far six major expansions have been made. And they are repackaged into three varied and different coloured boxes.

Latest Packaging Updates

It is in the Red Box that you will get to see first, second, and third expansions. And then in the Blue Box, you will see and notice the fourth, fifth, and sixth expansions. On the other hand, in the Green Box, there are 300 entirely new cards.

Each of the boxes costs $20, You may also have heard that the developers of this game come up with new and latest 30-card theme packs after every a few of the months time frame.

Cards Against Humanity Is An Adult Party Game

When compared with Apples to Apples, it offers a kind of gameplay which shows no vulgarity. It marks and displays itself as an ideal family game nights. But if you are with some a group of adults and you want to throw inappropriate and raunchy jokes, then play Cards Against Humanity.

A few of its cards have not aged well, but still, for some people, this game is a worthwhile purchase. You can call this game a modern classic game. No doubt, it is cringe-inducing and at the same time, it is much loved.

Its playing policy is simple and straight forward. Once you start to draw some of the white cards, then you will easily get to know the correct direction of your gameplay. It goes in the way that you may have to answer the question regarding “What is Batman’s guilty pleasure?”  and your offered answer will be “Child abuse.”

Is This a Party Game for Horrible People?

This game is negatively criticized by some people. They have marked it as a party game for horrible people. The team of critics have shed down their criticism in a way that this party game openly as well as plainly and even joyfully acknowledges its damaging and horrible content.

It makes fun of words like “The profoundly handicapped,” “Black people,” “Homeless people,” and also “Surprise sex”. This is the term which is a euphemism for rape.

This Cards Against Humanity always opens and closes the joke in a limp, passive and inert way. No matter it makes use of punchlines, still, those punchlines have to be set in a limit. But the punchlines portrayed in this game, they show no limitation. In fact, they carry a shock value in them.

Negatives of Cards Against Humanity

You might be wondering which are those negatives which are received by this party game, here are the details for you. For some people, it is a bad game. They firmly believe it so because its content is not at all entertaining, amusing and creative in any manner.

Moreover, it encourages the player to make jokes and bad statements about minorities and people of colour. This game makes fun of people with disabilities. Furthermore, people believe that this game does not look edgy with its jokes.

The makers of Cards Against Humanity are working on dehumanizing concepts. They make jokes and run content on sex and poop which looks as disgusting as mocking and also demeaning! It is just the small set of target market which favour this game.

Some people are not remotely okay and fine with this game. It is not fundamentally correct to say that this is a funny game. Though the cards make and come up with jokes. Still, these are not the kind of jokes which drew natural laughter from the player side. Players behave in a massively racist manner.

How Cards Against Humanity Can win the Hearts of People?

Cards Against Humanity

It is completely possible for the makers of Cards Against Humanity to win the hearts of every single person out there. What they can do is to show some sense of responsibility.

They should listen to the people who have filed complain regarding the tone of cards. It is time that they should stop making jokes regarding all kind and types of highly controversial subjects.

It needs to come out from the system which is specifically designed to reliably dose all those players who want to be intoxicated with a sense of naughtiness. Instead of grinning and mocking on the minorities and taboo topics, it is better to create a game and make a content which drew real fun and real laughter for the audience.

The overall success of the game is virally powered. But still, lot more needs to be done! It is time to take responsibility


  • Easy to play
  • Quick to learn.
  • Highly replayable.


  • Not fit and suitable for all audiences
  • You may get bored.

Verdict on Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity been marked as an adult party game genre is quite easy to play It deliver big laughs. But it fails to make its fun, entertainment and amusing side constructive of ll! The way it cracks jokes on minorities, rape and child abuse, it is unbearable.

It shows a strong racial bias right in its cards. Moreover, it includes the answers and phrases involving race. It is criticized because of its heavy and negative use of misogyny, rape, and also child abuse.


So, this is all about this party game. You can share your own feedback about it. If you have played this game, then convey to us your comments.

And if you are unknown and unfamiliar to this game, then we are hopeful that this review may help you out. Stay tuned with us as more of the adult party game reviews are coming up on this page.

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