Best Butt Lifters Shorts In 2020

Butt lifter shorts are meant to make your bum more fabulous looking. You might be wondering what kind of bum shorts you should go for? Here we can suggest a few of the options.

These booty lifting shorts can for sure give an energized and toned look to your buttocks. Furthermore, they are available and designed in an extensive variety of fun as well as flirty styles.

So, if you are looking for such shorts which are made in super cute patterns, then try out our recommendations. Moreover, these booty lifting shorts are for any occasion.

They are featured with a high waisted style so that your buttocks can look and turn out to be super flattering. Even more, they are lightweight and too stretchy. Experience all the ultimate comfort by wearing these shorts and flaunt your bum.

What are Butt Lifter Shorts?Butt Lifter Shorts

Butt lifter and booty toning shorts are marked and identified as the super amazing looking shorts so far. They are designed and made with enough compression. Most importantly, they are worn to shape and lift your butt.

High-quality bum lifting shorts, they remain comfortable to wear. They do not make you feel restricted at all. These push up kind of high waisted shorts can easily be paired and fused with the sport bras, tank tops or even with tunics easily.

If you want to feel and look confident and charming and at the same time stylish and fashionable, then put on these shorts. Most noteworthy, they have an elasticated waistband. so that you can naturally get a Scrunched Butt.

In other words, your butt is going to get a streamlined flattering look. Your butt curves will pop up and they will become better in shape. You can freely wear them while you are doing a workout, yoga, running or any of the fitness training, jogging activities.

How do Booty Lifter Shorts Work?

The working of these booty lifer shorts is quite simple. They are made of stretchable fabric and identified as high tech workout shorts.

You can wear them while doing any of the physical activities like that of exercise, running errands, or while you are relaxing at home.

Most certainly, these shorts manage to give gentle compression to butt and gives it a lifted look. All in all, total coverage is given to your butt.

These sexy flattering shorts are engineered to enhance the shape of your buttocks. In addition, they are composed of ruched detailing so that the whole section of your booty can look extremely enhancing.

The presence of stretchy looking elongated waistband gives a gathering tummy control effect to your waist.

Benefits of Butt Lifter ShortsButt Lifter Shorts

Now let us talk about the main benefits which are given by these booty lifting shorts. Below is the collected and gathered explanation for you:

The shapewear pants are made of soft and smooth fabric. The fabric used in them is extremely breathable and comfortable. For the reason that these shorts can be worn underneath all kinds of dresses.

Women prefer to put on these shorts because they give a seamless look to their buttocks. You can even call it as a perfect body control shapewear.

It does not roll down at the stomach. A few of the best bum lifting shorts are composed and encompassed by light boning for the sake of ensuring tight body shape.

Another promising property showed by these shorts, it is that they hold your stomach apart from lifting your butt section. If you want to hide your extra waist, then prefer to wear these shorts.

A large number of such kinds of shorts comprise High Waisted Thigh Control shape. The presence of such design controls and tone your abdomen and manages to give an effective look to your abdominal area.

Lastly, these shorts consist of high-intensity pressure weave property. It is this weaving property that gives a three-dimensional curve effect to your bum. Your hip looks naturally and organically tight and toned.

10- FUT Women’s Butt Lifter Lace Boy Shorts

FUT Women's Butt Lifter Lace Boy Shorts

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FUT Women’s Butt Lifter Lace Boy Shorts is one of the most sexy and comfortable looking options which you can go for. Most importantly, it is made of 100% high quality fabrics and materials.

You can note down its fabric composition and it is 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex. This specifically reviewed butt lifter short gives you the desired and wished results which you dreamed of! It gives your booty the sexiest and hottest look.

The purpose and main function to wear these shorts is to give a firm and perky shape to your butt. These shorts look invisible underpants and jeans.

If you have planned to buy these stretchy boy shorts, then so share your experience with us. Most noteworthy, these shorts are meant to give a natural lifted look to your hips. They have rear circular cut-outs that lift so that your booty can get a contoured effect and look.

The bonus point is offered by these shorts as well. They control and contour your tummy section. Hence, try out this easy to wear shorts which are designed for dating, social outgoing times.


  • High quality fabric.
  • Gives your booty a nice sexy lift.
  • Premium quality stretchy boy shorts.
  • Gives a tummy control


  • None

9- KIWI RATA Women’s High Waisted Yoga Shorts

KIWI RATA Women's High Waisted Yoga Shorts

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How about buying and trying this KIWI RATA Women’s High Waisted Yoga Shorts, you are going to love it! USP of these shorts is that they contour perfectly and ideally to your body. You can call them Push Up High Waist Workout Shorts which comprises a High Waistband.

If you are eagerly searching for some breathable soft yoga workout training shorts, then we have this excellent recommendation for you. In addition, these shorts are made of Polyamide and Spandex blend so that you can experience durable wear as well as comfort stretch time.

It is for any sort of workout and for your everyday routine that you can wear these shorts. These are the best and ideal looking casual loungewear pants.  Been identified as the New Generation of Compression Leggings, these shorts consist of a streamlined look and sleek design.

It is their fabric which seamlessly contour perfectly, flawlessly and ideally to your body. Hence, these are the butt lifting shorts which can naturally let you experience style, comfort, great fit and performance.


  • Comes with comfortable stretch.
  • Streamlined Look.
  • Contour perfectly to your body.
  • Friendly Customer Service.


  • Available in few colors.

8- Jason&Helen Women’s Bum Lifter

Jason&Helen Women's Bum Lifter

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Jason&Helen Women’s Butt Lifter shorts are extremely breathable and this is the best part about them. They claim to give you high and top class performance every single time. To accentuate your bum curves, you can wear these shorts.

Most certainly, you will like their overall quality as they show a strong performance with respect to permeability. These shorts have moisture-wicking properties and remain to keep your butt sexier looking. Its other best quality is that i gives and offer 360 degrees of firm control.

Upon wearing these shorts, you will experience trimming waist effect, control and toned tummy job and lifted hips. These shorts are encompassed by a breathable and too comfortable shell design.

It has lace details on it, that is why your butt will look further hot and extremely sexy looking. Lastly, they improve your posture and give a thorough support to your back and midsection areas.

Hence, if you want to look sexy in bodysuit clothes, then do prefer to wear this high waist shapewear brief.


  • Very breathable.
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Gives 360 degrees of firm control.
  • Waist cincher tummy control job.


  • Expensive.

7- RIOJOY Scrunch Yoga Shorts

RIOJOY Scrunch Yoga Shorts

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RIOJOY Scrunch Yoga Shorts are generally and usually marked as high waisted push-up shorts. They are best to be used during yoga times. Furthermore, they are called and termed as sexy looking scrunch yoga shorts.

If you are searching for such kind of active workout shorts that have a compression property in them, then you can try out this option. They are immensely soft and comfortable and made to naturally lift your bum.

The highlighting part about these shorts is that they are made of non see-through fabric. At the same time, their fabric type is surrounded by moisture-wicking and breathable properties.

It is its four-way stretchy fabric which gives the sexiest coverage look to your bum..Thus, if you plan to order these High Waisted Yoga Shorts, then do convey to your us feedback. They will always give you a lightweight and relaxing comfort every single day,


  • Imported
  • Pull On closure.
  • Non see through fabric.
  • Gives complete coverage to your bum.
  • High Waisted design.


  • No lace details.

6- SEASUM Short Scrunch Booty Shorts

SEASUM Short Scrunch Booty Shorts

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Most probably, you may give your thumbs up to these SEASUM Women Sports Short Scrunch Butt Pants. They are made of fabric blend comprising of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex.

Giving you a little bit of basic information about these booty lifting shorts, they are available in 5 Colors and their size range if from S-XL. Moreover, they give out nice amount of air permeability.

If you want to experience the highest and maximum level of comfort while giving a lifted look to your butt, then you can try out these shorts.

They are made for all kinds of settings and occasions. You may love to wear these bum toning shorts as they are packed with sweat absorption as well as moisture wicking capabilities.

While you are going pilates or any of the outdoor sports or you are at some of your daily leisure place, then put on them. They are infused with super stretchy fabric and made to give a natural toned effect to your bum.


  • Sexy Push Up High Waist design.
  • Gives the highest level of comfort.
  • Made for all Occasions.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed.


  • None.

5- FITTOO Women’s Bottom Scrunch Butt Shorts

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FITTOO Women’s High Waisted Bottom Scrunch Butt Pants compose of special and exclusive butt scrunch style. To make your butt 100% flattering looking, try out this exclusive recommendation and give your big thanks to us.

We are confident that you will look super sexy and hot in these shorts. Basically, these are high waisted shorts. Moreover, they consist of a soft wide waistband design so that sexy exposure can be given to your bum.

Talking about their fabric part, these shorts are made of 92% polyester and 8% Spandex.

What have you decided now? Are you going to grab these booty lifting shorts? You should be! These highly recommended skinny booty scrunch shorts are ideal to be worn if you are going out for gym sport, outdoor running or for jogging.

You are guaranteed to get a 100% satisfied return and also money-back guarantee. It is high time to shape your butt curves. This is now naturally and completely organically possible by trying out these shorts.


  • Special butt scrunch style.
  • Looks super sexy
  • High waisted wide waistband design.
  • 100% satisfied return.


  • Made in a minimum color range.

4- YOFIT Women Yoga Shorts

YOFIT Women Yoga Shorts

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To ideally and perfectly your hip curves, you are free to try out and put on these YOFIT Women Yoga Shorts. These are sexy looking push up high waist shorts. They are preferable termed and called as workout shorts too.

In addition to they consist of a high elastic waistband design so that ultra and ultimate butt lifting job can be given to you. These shorts are the name of giving guaranteed high performance and lifting jobs.

Besides, these yoga shorts are designed and made to flatten your abdomen. All in all, a streamlined look is given to your body and butt.

These butt lifting shorts offer you a golden opportunity to streamline the natural shape of your body. They work and function on a special kind of wrinkling process.

In this way, a better push up effect can be given to your booty. Lastly, these shorts are highly appropriate for you while you are doing yoga, dance or jogging, running.


  • Sexy push up high waist design.
  • Flatten your abdomen.
  • Contour your butt curves.
  • Ideal for any type of workout.


  • None.

3- Niyokki Butt Lifting Yoga Shorts

Niyokki Butt Lifting Yoga Shorts

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Another recommended booty lifting shorts we have for you, they are Niyokki Butt Lifting Yoga Shorts. These are basically and commonly termed as personalized yoga pants.

Most importantly, they compose a ruched design so that your hips can look sexy and toned textured enough.

It is because of the two sides draw rope design that your tummy will get a controlled effect too. Do try out these hip lifting shorts as they are great to be used during sports and gym times.

We have given our thumbs up to these Skinny looking Shorts Booty Scrunch Leggings, we also recommend you to try out them. They offer great elasticity. Even more, they are lightweight and breathable and also comfortable to wear.

These Butt Lifting Workout Shorts are engineered and designed to shape and tone your overall body. So, quickly fix your body toning issues by opting these kinds of shorts.


  • Extremely flexible and adjustable.
  • Great for running.
  • 100% comfortable to wear
  • High Waist design.


  • No friendly after sale service.

2- Chimikeey Workout Yoga Gym Bum Lifter Shorts

Chimikeey Workout Yoga Gym Bum Lifter Shorts

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Be it any kind of butt lifter shorts, it needs to be encompassed and packed with a sexy push up design. That is why we have one such suggestion for you and these are Chimikeey Workout Yoga Gym Shorts.

They are made of cotton and polyester. These shorts offer good moisture absorption of sweat and remain to keep your bum toned enough. We have strongly reviewed these sexy looking Push Up High Waist shorts and you will also love these booty scrunch leggings.

You can wear these shorts while you are performing yoga, power flex. Or while you are enjoying doing dancing, running or even jumping rope, riding. These same shorts can be worn while you are at gym, doing a fitness workout.

It is with sport bras, tank tops that you can fuse these shorts. Hence, stay confident and flaunt your body curves in any way you want to. These makers of these hip lifting shorts have claimed to give a maximum Tummy Control job too.


  • Push Up High Waist design.
  • Ideal for yoga and power flex.
  • Ideally paired with sport bras.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


  • None.

1- Meilidress Women’s Butt Lifting ShortsMeilidress Women's Butt Lifting Shorts

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On the last recommendation spot, we have Meilidress Women’s Butt Lifting Shorts for you. They give a great and ideal push up effect to your bum. And we can say that this is the ideal and promising quality of these booty lifting shorts.

In addition, they are lightweight and breathable and compose of a fold over waistband. We suggest you order and buy these sexy ruched butt lift shorts as they have a natural looking push up high waisted design.

These exceptional looking butt lifting yoga shorts contour your curves and also streamline your body in a perfect way.

These are machine washable shorts and you can even wash them up in cold water. Just hang them dry and you are good to go! They are meant to wear while you are running, cycling or doing power flex or even jumping rope.

Hence, get your hands and do not miss the chance to try out these Skinny Booty lifting Booty. They give out great elasticity and keep to stay comfortable to wear.


  • Drawstring closure
  • Lightweight and breathable.
  • Contour your curves.
  • Machine washable.


  • None.

Best Butt Lifters Shorts – Buyers GuideBootyLifter Shorts


Look for that kind of booty lifter shorts which are made of high quality fabric. If it is made of 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex, then that is great and amazing. You can choose those buttock toning shorts which manages to give a nice and sexy lift to your bum.

Furthermore, it should be able to give a firm and perky look to your bum under any outfit. If it looks sexy, comfortable and also invisible, then do buy those shorts.

Easy to Wear

Avoid buying those bum lifting shorts which are tough to wear. Prefer to go for that option which is easy and quick to wear. We have seen that premium and high quality stretchy boy shorts, they quickly give a boost to your bum.

Most of them come with rear circular cut-outs so that your booty can be lifted up naturally. Moreover, you can search for those kinds of shorts which have a stretchy. In this way, you will also be offered with a tummy control job.

Contour Perfectly and Seamlessly to Your Body

The special and important trait which is encompassed by top quality butt lifting shorts, is that they contour perfectly and seamlessly to your body. They do not make your butt saggy. Such shorts let you lounge in a casual and carefree manner.

Most importantly, comfortable to wear sorts comes and packed with a streamlined look design. They give an excellent contouring effect to your bum. And they carry a high waist design so that a slimming illusion can be created.

Does Not Sacrifice Your Comfort

Lastly, look for the shorts which are breathable and soft. They have to be moisture wicking and should always make your butt sexier and perky looking.

High-quality high waist shapewear, they always give the right control to your butt without sacrificing your comfort. They offer your butt such a snug, tight and pushing feel which you have never expected.


So, what’s the bottom line? Flaunt your butt by wearing these booty lifter shorts. These scrunch booty shorts give the desirable focus and attention to your butt which it deserves. It successfully and seamlessly reinforces every single movement and curve of your bum.

Besides. these shorts naturally highlight your booty curves and make it super-flattering looking. When you are going to start using these booty lifting shorts? Do let us know. Further updated list is coming up so keep in touch and connected with us.

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