Best Wireless Bluetooth Boomboxes in 2020 Reviews

Wireless Boomboxes come in double designs, all with enticing features like portability, wireless adaptability and other related benefits that we have installed for you. Considering the prices and of your investments, you should be observant when making a purchase.

To help you make a suitable choice, we have reviewed the best Bluetooth Boomboxes available based on the prices and features. Each model contains the features, advantages, and pros. Kindly have a look.

10. iLive Boombox Bluetooth Speaker

iLive Boombox Bluetooth Speaker

If you want to take your music in style, then iLive Boombox Bluetooth Speaker is the answer. This type of Bluetooth speaker comes with a built-in AC power cable and a DC power supply which requires 6C batteries. It comes with fantastic features like the CD player and the radio support input which delivers all FM channels to choose from.

About the Bluetooth v2.0, you can securely connect the speaker via a mobile device wirelessly or decide to use the inline audio input cable to connect a non-Bluetooth device. Enjoy music with your friends outdoor by purchasing external batteries and have fun.

Last but not least, the iLive Boombox Bluetooth Speaker is compact and lightweight, and this factor tops up for portability and storage efficiency.

  • Advantages

Most people love to listen to music even when they are at work, and due to the portability of iLive Boombox Bluetooth Speaker, it all turns out easy. The device was created to be compact and easy to operate.

Many have praised its functionalities as the radio frequency enabled and the CD player inbuilt. It’s an exceptional choice.


  • Portable Bluetooth speaker
  • Affordable
  • Supports Bluetooth v2.0

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9. ION Audio Spectraboom Stereo Bluetooth Boombox

ION Audio Spectraboom Stereo Bluetooth Boombox

Take your music to the subsequent level with ION Audio Spectraboom stereo boom box which has got both great looks and powerful sound. The dominant sound is made possible by the 5″ dual woofers, 60watts amplifier and two-wide dispersion tweeters.

No one can avoid taking a look at it, with the lighted speakers which illuminate with a different color; you can also choose your preferred color. What’s more, you won’t have to get stuck in your house all day just to listen to your cool music.

As it has an inbuilt rechargeable battery which well fully charged you can carry whenever you want with your Bluetooth device and enjoy your music too. Additionally, if you got non-Bluetooth devices connect them to the boombox also with a cable and you can charge them too, thanks to the USB port present.

  • Advantages

The boombox has created an excellent impression to people with its advanced features; 60watt amplifier lighted dual speakers and the black sleek, stylish finish which make it very attractive. Also, most love it since acts as there power bank in case of blackouts


  • Has 60-watt powerful amplifier
  • 5″ dual woofers
  • Has built-in rechargeable battery
  • Has both wireless and cable connection to devices, USB port available

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8. SereneLife Portable Wireless Bluetooth Boombox Stereo Speaker

SereneLife Portable Wireless Bluetooth Boombox Stereo Speaker

Get to the world of full entertainment indoors or outdoors with the Serenelife stereo boombox. It is lightweight with a carry strap which makes it very portable. The boombox comes with; 2.1bluetooth connection to all devices within 3.5ft, 3.5mm Aux input, micro SD slot that support MP3 files, USB port, two ¼” microphones input and rechargeable battery.

Not only do you connect to your devices but also Serenelife gives a chance to connect to FM radios and get all news updates anytime and anywhere. Operating this boombox is just like a breeze thanks to the digital display screen, switch on/off power buttons and also next/previous buttons to control your music playlist.

The durable boombox design has a ported closure housing that enhances the bass response, plus it has a digital amplifier, two 3″ speaker and 5.25″subwoofer for maximum stereo sound release.

  • Advantages

Nobody is comfortable with the hard-to-use gadget, and this is why most people prefer this 2.1v Bluetooth boombox which is very easy to operate. With the enhanced bass response, the boombox has become the talk among all not forgetting its efficiency and durability.


  • It has 2.1v Bluetooth connectivity, distance range of 3.5ft
  • Potted design enclosure
  • Has digital amplifier, two 3″ speakers and 5.25″ subwoofer
  • Has a carry strap

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7. Pyle Street Blaster X High Powered Portable BoomBox Stereo Speaker – PBMSPG200

Pyle Street Blaster X High Powered Portable BoomBox Stereo Speaker

The best boombox that you must have. It’s compelling; 1000-watts, with a rechargeable lithium battery which can serve up to 5.5hours on a single charge. Pyle Street Blaster PBMSPG200 has a potted housing which adds to the improved bass reproduction.

Impressive, it has multiple uses in that; can be used as an audio recorder from FM radio or Bluetooth device connected, it offers auxiliary connections including; MP3 player, FM radio, guitar input and microphone input.

Unlike other stereo boomboxes which connect via Bluetooth only, Pyle can also attach audio via NFC, and it has audio configurations making you in charge of the smoothness of the music. I.e., you can adjust the bass, treble echo, and volume.

Plus, it has a digital display screen, touch buttons to control the boombox setting and the LED lights gives it an attractive look thus suitable for parties or music jams.

  • Advantages

Customers are fully satisfied with its excellent performance and functionalities. It’s high-powerful, the settings are customizable and offer a chance for one to record audio which you can listen to later. This made it appreciated worldwide. Besides, it’s energy efficient and durable which proves its cost to be fair.


  • Has audio recording functionality
  • Settings are customizable; audio configuration
  • It is durable
  • High-powered thus great performance

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6. Pyle PBMSPG50 Street Vibe BoomBox

Pyle PBMSPG50 Street Vibe BoomBox

With Pyle PBMSPG50, you got a chance to enjoy music to the maximum. This stereo Bluetooth boombox has booth wireless Bluetooth connectivity and NFC which will connect automatically to your android devices.

Moreover, its lightweight, portable and very powerful thus you can enjoy your refreshing music anytime you wish. Plus, it features; built-in FM radio, micro SD input, LCD, EQ preset and USB input ports. The USB ports double up its functionality in that you can use it to read your flash disc or charge your device the same time.

  • Advantages

Why most people love it, it works miraculously producing clear sound, its lightweight making it very easy to carry and above all its very is to operate. Not only this, but the people also love it for its cost and durability.


  • Has both wireless Bluetooth connectivity and NFC
  • Lightweight and portable
  • It’s inexpensive and durable.

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5. Outdoor Technology OT4200 Big Turtle Shell Bluetooth Wireless boombox

Outdoor Technology OT4200 Big Turtle Shell Bluetooth Wireless boombox

Just like its name suggests, this is the best boombox for outdoor parting with a powerful built-in rechargeable lithium battery which can be used up to 16hours on a single charge. The Outdoor Tech OT4200 it the loudest and most powerful of all other models in the market.

Talk of its portability is easy to carry with the firm handle which can also be used to attach it to other devices. If you want a premium unique and durable boombox, look no more than the water resistant big turtle shell boombox with a rugged makeup and has ipx-5standards.

Impressive, it has 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity with a distance range of up to 30ft and also has included external control setting.

  • Advantages

People are praising it for its loud sound and its powerful 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity with a long distance coverage. Also, being easily portable and with a durable battery which sustains charge to 16 hours has made all customer not regret at all for buying. Durable and designed with new technology


  • Has 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity, 30ft distance range
  • Rechargeable battery withstand up to 16 hours
  • Durable, portable
  • It’s the loudest

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4. Sony ZSRS60BT CD Bluetooth boombox

Sony ZSRS60BT CD Bluetooth boombox

This is a must-have boombox for you. Sony ZSRS60BT is a premium boombox with unique features as it can play CDs, CD_R/RW and MP3 playback. Not only this, it has dual connectivity; wireless Bluetooth and NFC system which improves its performance.

If you tired of buying boombox that can take you for long in the outdoor activities, then this is what you need as with its battery fully charges, and you can enjoy streaming music up to 26 hours.

ZSRS60BT CD Bluetooth boombox is designed with a handle to facilitate its mobility, and it’s straightforward to use thanks to the press buttons. What’s unique, it has thirty memory presets and an LCD screen.

  • Advantages

With multiple input options including CDs and CD-R/RW, this boombox has left all customers amazed. Not all, its battery long life has excited many in addition to its portability and ease to operate.


  • Long battery life;26 hours
  • Can play CDs, CD-R/RWs
  • Use of both wireless Bluetooth and NFC connections
  • Portable

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3. G-Project G-BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Boombox Speaker

G-Project G-BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Boombox Speaker

Payless and take home a quality durable boombox. G-project wireless speakers are designed with a robust, rugged housing, protective rubber base and handle to mobilize its portability. Besides, G-Boom speakers produced very loud and smooth bass when connected to the Bluetooth.

Additionally, unlike other boomboxes, this has high-speed connectivity to any Bluetooth device and can also be used for inline cable connection to non-Bluetooth devices.

Why it’s the best for you, it is easy to control with buttons included, and its rechargeable battery withstands up to six hours.

  • Advantages

Why all customers have greatly praised it; it’s effortless to use, inexpensive and has a small compact design making it very portable. Not forgetting its rugged housing and the protective rubber base which makes the customers very comfortable using it.


  • Small sized with handle; portable
  • Connection to all Bluetooth devices takes only seconds
  • It’s cheap
  • Rugged housing and protective rubber base

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2. Ultimate Ears Logitech UE 984-000297 Mobile Boombox Bluetooth Speaker

Ultimate Ears Logitech UE 984-000297 Mobile Boombox Bluetooth Speaker

Most Bluetooth boomboxes can connect to one user at a time, but for Logitech UE 984-000297 Mobile Boombox, connections are extendable to two simultaneously. This is cool, right?

Another thing, the Bluetooth device is discoverable up to 50 feet distance from the Bluetooth-enabled tablet or smartphone.

It has also two full-range drivers plus a passive radiator that is in charge of big and bright sound.

Built-in microphone, the Bluetooth boombox works perfectly as a speakerphone. The battery can retain its charge for a maximum of 10 hours of continuous use.

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1. Sharkk Speaker Boombox Bluetooth Speaker

Sharkk Speaker Boombox Bluetooth Speaker Portable Wireless Speakers

Battery life and the booming sound is what makes people fall in love with this Sharkk boombox. It releases clear sounds making it easy to distinguish from the loud booming. It has a prolonged battery life to more than 18+ hours in every single charge.

Besides, it has LED indicator lights which communicate whenever the battery is full or requiring to undergo a re-charge. It also has a built-in microphone which works perfectly for hands-free phone calls like Android devices and Apple iPhone.

The light does not limit control since sensors installed to illuminate the buttons to be seen quickly so that whenever you want to switch your device on/off or answer calls and adjusting the volume. The Bluetooth connectivity covers a significant area of about 30 feet perfectly. It’s no joke that this Bluetooth boombox is a beast.

  • Advantages

Sharkk Boombox Bluetooth Speaker has a unique way of impressing its users. The sensors make the controlling buttons visible in the way it illuminates them hence creating a beautiful presentation. The LED also plays a vital role in indicating whether the battery requires a recharge or is full.


  • Provide darkroom display from the light sources
  • Its Bluetooth connection rage is 30 feet diameter
  • Its battery life is 18+ hours

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Benefits of Bluetooth speakers

Like any other electronic device, Bluetooth boomboxes have a list of benefits. Talk of energy productivity, excellent sound quality, no installation requirements and many other advantages come in handy. Bluetooth boomboxes can transform your music listening experience. They are beautiful, offer elegance and more affordable than stereo systems and Bluetooth speakers. Let us take a glance at the interests we have discussed for you.

  • Excellent sound quality:

Wireless boomboxes would change your entire music experience with the superb quality of the sound received via its speakers. Experience a theatre-like environment with some of the highest quality boomboxes. Their wireless nature renders them easy to use. Users don’t have to consume a lot of time in untangling the cables or somewhat dragging wires everywhere they move with the boombox.

  • Convenience vs. energy productivity:

Bluetooth enabled boomboxes are easy to connect with other devices making them portable. You can quickly shift them outside or travel with. In fact, they are compact and light, increasing their convenience. This brings us to the way it is energy efficient. Unlike stereo speakers that consume a lot of power when in use, Bluetooth boomboxes power consumption is incredibly low. Wireless technology has played a significant role in reducing power usage and further reducing the adverse effects on the environment.

  • Attractive and no installation required

Having a wireless adapter makes them easy to connect, and this makes the customers invest less time installing the sound systems. All you have to do is pairing with your hand cell or mp3 player and immediately start enjoying your music.

Also, Bluetooth boomboxes come in a range of colors to pick from. It is for this reason that you have the will to make a choice on which color suits you.

Tips/hints to consider before making a purchase:

Since our focus is on Wireless boomboxes, Bluetooth functionality should not be an item of consideration. But, there are other factors which are essential before you make any move to the store. Below is a list of some primary elements. Take a look.

  • Portability

Is your boombox heavy? This is one question that should come to your mind when shopping for one. The desired boombox should be easy to manage. If it comes with a carrying handle, well and right. Whereas, if it does not come with a handle, make a point to purchase a lighter one.

  • Power source

Power is one factor which you have to consider if you intend to use your Bluetooth boombox outdoor. It should come with a durable battery which will serve you reliably.

  • Durability

The durability of a product goes hand in hand with its quality. You cannot afford to buy something that will quickly break down or start complications. So, it is essential to have an idea about its construction especially if you want to play loud music.


Wireless Bluetooth boomboxes have made the entertainment life more fun and easy. Providing the chance for you to take your music outdoors without transporting all your home theater systems, there is more that comes with these stereo speakers.

This is why you have to make sure you get the best model today, and with this review on the Top 10 Best Wireless Bluetooth Boomboxes in 2020, you got all you desire.

Best Wishes!


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