Best Weatherproof Generator Covers in 2020 Reviews

When using generator especially outdoors, chances are it will encounter dust, sunshine, and other weather elements. However, these conditions only accelerate the aging of your machine. To avoid that, a generator cover is essential. For even improved safety, a weatherproof generator cover will be ideal since the weather is always unpredictable.

Now, getting an ideal cover should always a priority. Just like clothes, the covers are available depending on the size of your machine. Therefore, fitting your generator with the right cover improves the protection. Now, when using your generator, mostly outdoors, we have selected some of the best weatherproof covers available online.

10. Leader Accessories Water/UV Resistant Generator Cover

Leader Accessories Water:UV Resistant Generator Cover

The leader accessories are a dedicated company to deliver outstanding covers for large and small generators. This extra-large weatherproof cover from the company is dedicated to ensuring that your machine is protected from weather elements.

Designed from one of the toughest materials, 210D polyester with PU coating, it keeps water and UV light out of your generator. Moreover, there is no more dust, scratch, or precipitation damage.

Keeping the cover intact when fitted in a generator is easy. It boasts Velcro straps that prevent the cover from being blown by the wind. The sturdy double stitching gives it durability and ability to resist weather elements. The handy carrying bag eases portability, especially when going outdoors.

Product Highlights:

  • Double stitching

The double stitching used in this generator cover gives it outstanding performance under all-weather conditions.

  • 210D construction material

The tough 210D polyester is durable to resist the weather effects. Furthermore, the PU coating improves the ability to withstand water and UV light damage.

  • Extra-large design

The extra-large design is ideal for this cover to fit big generators.


  • Easy to carry with handy storage bag
  • Durable double-stitched seams
  • Quick and convenient installation

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9. Honda Generator Silver Cover

Honda 08P57-ZS9-00S EU3000is Generator Silver Cover

Honda is one of the known manufacturers of generators and other tools. Now, this Honda generator cover is dedicated to keeping your machine clean and safe.

Unlike other covers on this one is an OEM, meaning high quality and exceptional durability. Created from high-quality fabrics, the cover is dedicated to covering you Honda generators.

Apart from the cover being durable, it boasts waterproof urethane coating and polyester fabrics that keep off water and other weather elements.

Furthermore, there are no trials and errors when fitting this cover since it has an elastic band.

Product Highlights:

  • Heavy-duty fabrics

The heavy-duty polyester material is sturdy and provides extended durability. Furthermore, the urethane coating keeps water away.

  • Breathable

Despite being waterproof, this cover is highly breathable to allow moisture escape hence keeping the generator dry.

  • Elastic fitting

Enhanced with elastic band, the cover fits securely without the need for straps.


  • Fits perfectly on Honda generators
  • Breathable design helps to keep machine dry
  • Custom fitting

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8. Honda Generator Camouflage Cover

Honda 08P57-Z07-00G EU2000i Generator Camouflage Cover

Do you own a Honda generator? Give it a life boost by getting a protective cover to shield it from weather uncertainties. This Honda generator camouflage cover is an excellent pick for keeping your machine safe especially when outdoors.

Designed featuring a camouflage design, it is sleek besides offering protection to generators.

The construction of this cover is premium and boasts polyester construction. Besides, the fabrics are coated with waterproof materials that keep precipitation out of the generator.

Although the cover is waterproof, it has excellent breathability that keeps moisture away to prevent the generator from rusting.

Product Highlights:

  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM)

Being an OEM, this cover delivers outstanding protection and reliability compared to others.

  • Perfect fitting

There are no more straps when using this generator cover. It has an elastic band that keeps it intact.

  • Highly durable materials

The materials used in the construction and coating the cover are incredibly lasting, for a long time generator protection.


  • Sleek camouflage finish
  • Perfectly full generator covering
  • Strong  elastic band
  • Amazon’s Choice for “honda generator cover”

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7. Porch Shield Waterproof Universal Generator Cover

Porch Shield Waterproof Universal Generator Cover

Having a generator cover such as porch shield is one of the surest ways of protecting your generator. It boasts of waterproof construction from premium quality materials to ensure that it remains weatherproof all the time.

Besides, it has remarkable dimensions as it measures 38 x 28 x 30 inch thereby, providing maximum protection. Thanks to the 600D durable polyester material with a water-resistant lamination as an undercoating.

Product Highlights:

  • Durable and water-resistant polyester fabric

Polyester material has exceptional waterproofing qualities and therefore protects your generator from any risk of water damage. Also, polyester material is known for its long-lasting performance. For excellent waterproofing, the material is backed by an undercoating or lamination that blocks water penetration.

  • Water resistant backing

This is a unique feature that keeps the generator dry. In addition to the water-resistant backing, the full cover with special seam sealing tapes makes this cover 100 percent waterproof.

  • Elastic hem cord

This feature comes alongside the bottom strap which allows a custom fit. Also, it is instrumental in ensuring a secure fit during high winds and unfriendly weather.

  • Excellent ventilation

The design features two stacks of fabric for enhancing weather resistance and at the same time proving the unique way of allowing free air movement.


  • Perfect fit without hassles
  • Looks neat and stylish
  • Perfect for sun and rain protection

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6. Champion Weather-Resistant Storage Cover

Champion Weather-Resistant Storage Cover

Champion power equipment is always on right track of providing high-quality generator accessories. For this weather resistance cover, it has shown its profound artistry in this generator cover. The cover features an all-weather proof design to keep your generator clean, dry and safe.

The all-weather protection is as a result of a combination of features that make this cover resistant to various weather elements. These include UV, water, snow and even wind.

Hence, the generator remains safe against any potential damage. Thanks to the sturdy vinyl exterior that is 100% waterproof, UV resistant and also tough for all other outdoor elements.

Product Highlights:

  • Quick access zippers

These are essential features that make it easy and convenient to access various features of the generator. For instance, they give easy access to carry handles when you want to relocate the generator from one point to another.

  • Durable fabrics

Apart from the sturdy vinyl exterior, this cover also features a specially designed interior. The inside features cotton material that provides ultimate protection to your inverter or generator against scratches and scuff marks.


  • Improves generator durability
  • Protects against various weather elements
  • Ideal use outdoors and during storage
  • Amazon’s Choice for “inverter generator cover”

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5. Westinghouse WGen Universal Fit Generator Cover

Westinghouse WGen Universal Fit Generator Cover

With over 130 years of existence, Westinghouse house has brought amazing innovations to life. And for this generator cover, it has shown its outstanding design for ultimate weather protection.

It is designed to offer maximum protection to your open frame generator from all-weather elements.

Product Highlights:

  • Highly durable synthetic polyester fiber

This fabric is immune to wear and tear usually caused by weather elements such as UV, rain, snow among other.

  • High-density stitching

Material alone won’t be enough to ensure that the generators are safe from harmful weather elements. That’s why, this generator cover features high-density stitching that is waterproof, dustproof, snow proof and tolerant to other potential damages.

  • Uniquely designed drawstrings

This feature is also essential in ensuring that the cover remains weatherproof all the time. Drawstrings enhance a tight and secure fit. There is nothing more bothersome than seeing a sagging cover yet you expect that it would remain watertight. That’s why these uniquely designed drawstrings allow natural tightening of the cover to make it incredibly waterproof.

  • Universal fit

Universal fit allows the cover to fit all types of open frame generators. Therefore, you won’t need to do a lot of manipulations for the cover to fit. The cover fits snugly protecting against weather damage.


  • High–quality stitching
  • Great universal fit
  • Drawstring closure ensures secure fit

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4. Champion Weather-Resistant Storage Cover-2800-4750-Watt

Champion Weather-Resistant Storage Cover-2800-4750-Watt

Even the portable generators require protection against outdoor elements. Besides, a cover is important for proper storage and concealing when traveling.

That’s why champion weather resistance storage cover has all the necessary features to allow an appropriate storage and weather protection.

Product Highlights:

  • Versatile design

The cover is constructed to fit 2800 to 4750 watts generator. Also, it provides a precise fit to generators measuring 25 x 23.6 x 20.3-inches in size. As long as your generators size falls under these dimensions, be sure to enjoy secure fit and protection for your generator.

  • Custom Fit

For a secure and custom fit, this cover features sturdy and elastic base. It provides a custom-like fit to your generator. In addition to the custom fit, it also allows quick installation to ensure that the generator remains protected all the time.

  • 100 percent weather resistant

This cover provides ultimate protection against all elements of weather. Whether you are facing harsh UV radiations, stormy weather, acid rain, snow, dust or other harmful weather elements, this cover delivers total protection to ensure your generator doesn’t come into contact with any of the elements.


  • Ideal for large generators
  • Quick and secure fit
  • Breathable cover to keep generator damp free

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3. DuroMax XPSGC Generator Cover

DuroMax XPSGC Generator Cover

This generator covers promises outstanding qualities and is widely known as the best cover for the majority of portable generators. It covers the Models XP4400 and XP4400E and is ideal for any environments.

No matter the season of the year, this cover ensures that the generator remains safe from all potential damages. It is ideal for temporary storage or long-term storage. Thanks to the tough and durable fabric and design.

Product Highlights:

  • Durable nylon fabric

The nylon material is durable and offers protection from UV damage. Besides, it is easy to clean and hence easy to maintain. Also, it is lightweight thus doesn’t add weight to the package when you are traveling.

  • Internal moisture protectant

This nylon cover prevents the penetrating of moisture elements such as rain, junks, beverage spills and all other forms of contaminants.

  • Multipurpose design

This cover isn’t limited to portable generators alone. It is also ideal for any other equipment that has similar dimensions as a portable generator.  You can use the cover on other accessories as long as the size agrees.  Furthermore, it protects the generator against all types of elements such as dust, rain, spills, dust.


  • Perfect for blocking internal moisture
  • Great for indoors and outdoors use
  • Highly durable

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2. Champion Weather-Resistant Portable Generators Cover-4800 -11,500-Watt

Champion Weather-Resistant Portable Generators Cover-4800 -11,500-Watt

Champion power equipment is among the best in production generators and accessories. This portable generator cover is an excellent selection for 4,800-11,500watts generators to keep them safe from weather uncertainties.

Whether dirt, dust, rain, sun and scratches the cover is fantastic. The vinyl exterior is outstanding in keeping water and UV light off the generator.

The interior is soft featuring cotton lining that ensures no scratching when covering the generator.

For custom fitting, the cover has an elastic bottom that keeps it intact even when subjected to strong winds. Moreover, fitting is quick and hassle-free like with strap enabled generator protectors.

Product Highlights:

  • Versatile design

The cover is designed with a high versatility to fit various generators ranging from 4800-11,500W.

  • Quick fitting

The cover doesn’t have fitting straps; rather, it has an elastic band at the bottom for quick fitting.

  • Weatherproof material

The materials used in this cover are weatherproof to prevent damage from UV, rain, and others.

  • Soft interior

The interior features soft cotton lining that prevents causing scratched and marks on your generator.


  • Versatile design for various champion generators
  • Soft lining to keep generator casing clean
  • Ideal for use when generator is in use and in storage

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1. Classic Accessories 79547 Generator Cover

Classic Accessories 79547 Generator Cover

Are you looking for the best generator enclosure? The classic accessories generator cover is among the best to provide ultimate protection. Its design allows it to fit large generators with power capacities up to 15,000 watts.

With weatherproof ability, the cover also protects the generator from abrasions and dirt.

Not only cover is ideal when the generator is outdoors, but, it delivers ample protection when the machine is in storage. Depending on the size of your generator, medium-sized features elastic hem cords while large size boast rip and grip tabs.

With robust materials, it protects the generator from every weather elements like snow, dust, water and many more. The integrated storage bag eases portability and storability.

Product Highlights:

  • Available in various sizes

The cover is available in medium and large sizes to perfectly fit your generator.

  • Integrated storage bag

Carrying and storing this bag is simple due to the integrated carrying bag.

  • Quick fitting and removal

With elastic hems, the generator enclosure is easy to fit and also uncover without struggling.


  • Extra-large generator fitting
  • Heavy-duty fabrics that don’t shrink with weather changes
  • Multi weather elements protection

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Generator covers are vital and must have accessories for keeping generators safe. Although they are ideal for outdoors application, the covers are also outstanding when storing your machine indoors.


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