Best Waterproof Phone Cases in 2022

If your phone isn’t waterproof, it means you will be running out of luck when you’re accidentally exposed to water, snow, ice, sand, dust or dirt. We know how frustrating it can become when you lose your phone to such the elements. Even some phones do come with waterproof designs, having an external waterproof phone case will ensure more security and convenience for your phone. Also, it will not only secure your phone, but safeguard your cash, cards, documents, and even MP3s as well.

Therefore, don’t let elements compromise the safety and durability of your phone. Get the best waterproof phone cases and keep away from the mess. Stay with us and make a good shopping at the end.

10. Ansot Universal Waterproof Case-Cellphone Dry Bag

Ansot Universal Waterproof Case-Cellphone Dry Bag Pouch

  • Overview

This is a universal waterproof case from a reliable brand, Ansot. The case’s construction allows it to fit well with all manners of mobile phones. The size is perfect enough to fit nearly every smartphone out there in the market.

We selected it as one of our top 10 best waterproof phone cases in 2022 because it meets all the requirements of a top quality phone case.

Let’s see more about the Ansot Phone Case below.

  • Features & Reviews

Now, you can protect your cell phone of any size and weight using the Ansot Universal Waterproof Case. The PVC material used in constructing this phone case is highly friendly to the environment, meaning you will not be buying a product that will contribute to the degradation of the eco-system.

This waterproof phone case can conveniently size any smartphone device up to 4inches and 7 inches tall.  It also features crystal clear size window on both sides of the case, meaning you are still able to snap clear pictures, watch and record good videos as much as you like without having to remove your phone from the case.

The Ansot’s waterproof seal can keep your phone from the negative damages of water, sun, sand, dirt, and dust. This case is simple to use as you can conveniently access and secure your smartphone using the On & Off function. Even your credit cards and some other personal items can also benefit from using this durable and comfortable phone case that features adjustable and detachable designs.


  • Adjustable and detachable
  • Fit almost all smartphones
  • Enable great visual capturing and viewing
  • Durable and comfortable

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9. FITFORT 4 PACK Universal Waterproof Case

FITFORT 4 PACK Universal Waterproof Case-Cell Phone Dry Bag Pouch

  • Overview

This universal waterproof case design makes it compatible with different types of touch-screen phones. This one conveniently fits phones such as iPhones, Note 2 iPod, Samsung, etc. and all their respective series.

The phone construction is something that guarantees super durability and convenience of use.

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  • Features & Reviews

The 4 PACK Universal Waterproof Case-FITFORT Cell Phone Dry Bag Pouch features one of the best sealing designs. The super seal-ability of the phone incorporates a premium hard PC mount the efficiently seal the case safely and conveniently. You can easily access and secure your phone with the dual lock and sealable closure clip, which also give full protection to your credit cards, cash, keys and more.

Due to the super sealing design of this FITFORT Cell Phone Case, your fear of damaging your personal belongings while swimming, rafting, skiing or boating is over. The case features a durable PC and transparent PVC materials for the construction. The 0.3mm thin quality of the material makes it more responsive to touch-screen phones.

The fluorescent and swivel lock design for opening or sealing the pouch adds more quality to the overall touch. But, it’s the 12 months free warranty that makes it something worth buying.


  • Can snap photos while underwater
  • Very durable design
  • Easy to use
  • Super sealing protection

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8. Moko Multifunction Universal Waterproof Case

Moko Multifunction Universal Waterproof Case

  • Overview

This is a great waterproof phone case. We took it under a series of testing for multiple hours before trusting a phone inside. It was pleasing to note that the Moko Multifunctional Phone Case is truly a protector against the elements and suitable for any outdoor activity.

The ability of this phone case to fit devices up to a diagonal size of 6 inches makes it ideal for protecting other critical personal belongings.

  • Features & Reviews

After subjecting this product to some critical test, we can say that it really offers full protection. We did add some tissues inside the case and submerged for 4 hours under water. In the end, every tissue inside came out perfectly dry. Phones were able to take pictures while still inside the case. Some reviews are testifying that this phone cover has last for seven days while under the beach sand, with a phone, credit cards, driver license and cash inside. After retrieving it, everything was perfectly intact, just as our result also indicates.

Fact: the Moko Multifunctional Phone Case is a super quality design that you should consider buying when shopping for a durable phone case. Don’t waste your money elsewhere. The PVC feature that comprises a simple snap and lock system perfectly secures and make it easy for you to use your phone under any conditions.


  • Extremely durable
  • Completely waterproof
  • Intuitive design

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7. Kona Submariner Waterproof Phone Case-Heavy Duty

Kona Submariner Waterproof Phone Case-Heavy Duty

  • Overview

Our review of the top 10 best waterproof phone cases in 2022 found that the Submariner Phone Case is a decent one. The case is sturdy and comes with a lanyard to hand wherever you want.

After subjecting this product to a series of water test, we conclude that it is worth the consideration, along with its’ strong, perfectly weld an extra large body construction.

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  • Features & Reviews

The Submariner Waterproof Case is universal in that it can fit all types of smartphones. It features an extra large size, measuring 6.3 in length, but phones with extra large and thick cases will have to remove their cases for a perfect fit. The front and back sides of the case is 100% crystal clear, which means who can easily operate the phone in clear view, snap pictures and watch videos clearly, with the case still intact.

Apart from protecting your phone, this waterproof case can also protect your cash, credit cards, bills, and drivers license from water, dust, dirt, and snowfall. You can conveniently put all your belongings in this case while on the beach, snorkeling, skiing, boat racing.

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The touch and talk through design allow you to make use of your phone’s screen-touch functions and make calls, record or snap while being under full protection. You can perform these tasks while under water with this case. This shock absorbent phone case also features a simple lever lock& open system, with 5 years money back guarantee to wit.


  • Solid waterproof performance
  • Fit lots of smartphones
  • Durable
  • Reliable

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6. Ace Teah Waterproof Case 2 Pack

Ace Teah Waterproof Case 2 Pack Ace Teacher Universal Case

  • Overview

This waterproof case is amazing! Not just that they work very well, but also glow in the water. You can store any phone on it, whether Galaxy 5, iPod Note 2, Samsung, iPhone or whatever. It is very durable and convenient for use.

The features and reviews given to phone case indicate its worthiness and trusting securing your most valuables.

  • Features & Reviews

The Ace Teacher Waterproof Phone Case features a full protection capacity for any smartphones. The case has dual swivel lock and outstanding sealable closure clip design that allows you to dive into the water or take part in any outdoor activity with your phone intact. The water resistance design also protects your cash, credit cards, tickets, license, and receipts.

This waterproof phone case features a 0.3mm material construction, which is thin enough for good touch sensitivity. Your MP3 is in good hands while using this phone case. While underwater, you can use the phone to snap and record visuals in a clear and concise manner.

Another unique aspect of this case is its compatibility with devices up to 100mm. You can’t get it better elsewhere.


  • Nice quality design
  • Cases come in two
  • Lay and neck waterproof package
  • Comfortable and durable

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5. Mpow Waterproof Case, PVC Waterproof Phone Case

Mpow Waterproof Case, New Type PVC Waterproof Phone Case

  • Overview

If you are looking for a phone case that can protect your phone while underwater, the Mpow Waterproof Case is yours for the taking. The case has a snap lock mechanism that makes it easy to use.

It offers great protection from the elements while giving you a course to be more confident.

  • Features & Reviews

Now, swimmers, surfers, and scuba divers can go underwater without worrying about their phones. This Mpow Waterproof Case is more than capable of protecting your phone from ice and snow, and from dirt and dust. It doesn’t just protect your phone, but also your cards, cash, MP3, and licenses.

Regarding transparency, this waterproof case material is very transparent on both sides of the case. It doesn’t block your camera, and it allows you to have wonderful shooting experience with your phone. The clasp and lock seal system enable intuitive secure and accessing process. It is perfect for phones not exceeding 6 inches tall.


  • Offers tough sensitivity
  • Secure lock for convenient underwater use
  • Stylish and wearable

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4. Kobert Waterproof Cell Phone Case

Kobert Waterproof Cell Phone Case (Pro Pink)

  • Overview

The Kobert Waterproof Cell Phone Case is the case that allows your phone to stay safe and dry while exploring the marine world. This is the only phone case in which the iPhone 7 home button can work.

The deluxe Navy case is very comfortable and convenient for use.

  • Features & Reviews

You no longer have to worry about your phone each time you get into the water. The case is a simple way to keep your phone dry and safe all the time. You can call, message, talk and play games while your phone is very much intact in the case. You will never experience any signal or sound loss while above the water.

The Kobert Waterproof Case is transparent, meaning you can easily take pictures with it and watch videos without bothering to remove your phone from it. It also features a durable and adjustable lanyard that has a non-rust metal clip which enables this case to be used for heavier products. Your cards, cash, receipts, and driver license are safe with this case.

Kobert Waterproof case carries a lifetime warranty, meaning you’re purchasing a non-risk product for life.


  • Offers perfect fits for iPhones and more
  • Good for underwater exploration
  • Good waterproof protection

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3. FRiEQ Universal Waterproof Case

FRiEQ Universal Waterproof Case for Outdoor Activities

  • Overview

For the best phone protection for any outdoor activity, FRiEQ Universal Waterproof Case has got your back! The case is the perfect one that will size all types of phones. The value of this phone case is incredible, and it supports up to 6 inches of phone heights.

This phone case is good for any underwater activity where you need to use your phone, MP3, or some other items of value.

  • Features & Reviews

The FRiEQ Universal Waterproof Case is an ideal phone case for all outdoor enthusiasts. The case is light and durable, capable of being used as a storing medium for your phone and other items. Items like your cash, credit cards and vital piece of documents can enjoy convenient protection inside the case.

As a universal waterproof case, FRiEQ brings the best in water resistance while shielding your phone and personal items from dust, dirt, and snow. It also features double crystal clear sides for good and clearer views and accessibility of the phone. It makes your traveling, swimming or boating worry-free. The screen touch functionality further adds more impetus and quality to the case.

FRiEQ can conveniently secure all manners of modern phones and similar gadgets without breaking the bank.


  • Offers clear and large-view camera window
  • Guarantee underwater protection
  • Easy to lock and access
  • Durable and lightweight

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2. Mpow Universal IPX8 Waterproof Case

Mpow Universal Waterproof Case, IPX8 Waterproof Phone Pouch Dry Bag

  • Overview

Mpow continues its line of waterproof phone case series for large smartphones. This particular model is ideal for super quality devices like iPhone 8/7/7/6s/6/6s plus the Samsung Galaxy s8/s7, HTC10, and the LG V20, and more.

This phone case is indeed a universal type that will keep your phone fully secure anywhere and in any place.

  • Features & Reviews

We didn’t just select this Mpow Universal waterproof Case as among the top 10 best waterproof cases in 2022. The case IPX8 certification is a testimony to the fact that it is a high-quality product with exceptional performance. Using this case makes it easy for you to operate the screen functions. However, know that this is not suitable for ID fingerprint touch functionality.

The cover of the case is transparent and allows free operation. The thinness of the material construction is to ensure that you have a free, smooth and hitch-free operation while underwater. The design also allows a perfect view window for the camera to operate unhindered.

You can easily operate your touch phone anywhere, but phones with large cases are not ideal for this bag. All phones below 6 inches, including your credit card, money, documents, etc. are good for the security offered by this case. The case is also ideal for both indoor and other activities like swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and more.


  • Highly compatible with the best of smartphones
  • It has a large and easy neck strap for big people
  • Allow use of home button for iPhone 7 and 6
  • Touch screen functions and speaker sound are solid underwater

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1. JOTO Universal Cellphone Waterproof Case

JOTO Universal Waterproof Case JOTO Cellphone Dr. Bag Phone Pouch

  • Overview

As the name implies, the JOJO Cellphone Cover is a universal waterproof phone cover that fit a different variety of mobile phones.

Whether it is Samsung, Nokia, iPhone, Motorola, just name it, this phone cover can protect the phone from elements of the weather such as rain, snow, extreme sunlight and more.

  • Features & Review

The JOJO Universal Phone Waterproof Case can size all types of smartphones up 6.0 diagonal. Although, some phone types having larger bodies may need the removal of their cases to allow the phone waterproof cover to fit well.

This Universal Waterproof Case is an incredible product that comes with clear windows on both front and back sides. You can even snap pictures with it covering the phone, and you can take it to any outdoor activities such as snorkeling, skiing, boat racing, and more.

Regarding compatibility, the JOJO Universal Waterproof Case can fit up to 100mm x 170mm, and it has a neck strap for convenient carrying. That is not all, it also features an intuitive snap & lock mode of access, and it’s easy to keep out water, sand, dust, and dirt.

Overall, the waterproof case fits perfectly, is completely waterproof and enhances great visuals performance.


  • Solid build
  • Completely waterproof
  • Enables convenient functionality
  • Perfect protection from the elements

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So we round up our waterproof phone cases reviews in 2022. Now, you know what makes a good waterproof phone case and what to look for when shopping for one. Click your choice and wink back at the elements for once.


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