Best Waterproof Laptop Case Bags Review In 2020

Laptops are handy devices, and this increases their vulnerabilities. Carrying them around means risks are high. Securing your copter by waterproof laptop case bag is a good step. Moreover, these bags not only provide safety but are sleek and ease your carrying. To find one, let us take you through some of the best in 2019.

10 Best Waterproof Laptop Case Bags – Top Pickups

Dachee Black Peony Patten Waterproof Laptop Shoulder Messenger Bag Case Sleeve for 14 Inch 15 Inch Laptop Case Laptop Briefcase 15.6 Inch
Lacdo 15.6 Inch Waterproof Fabric Laptop Shoulder Bag Notebook Sleeve Case Compatible MacBook Pro 15.4-inch 2012-2015 / Protective 15.6
Plemo 13-13.3 Inch Waterproof Laptop Briefcase, 3 Layers Shockproof Padded Nylon Laptop Sleeve with Strap for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Notebook and Tablet
Canvaslife Marble Pattern Waterproof Laptop Shoulder Messenger Bag Case Sleeve for 14 Inch 15 Inch Laptop 15 Case Laptop Briefcase 15.6 Inch
KAYOND Canvas Water-Resistant for 15-15.6 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case Bag (15-15.6 Inches, Forest Series Bule)
Brinch 15, 15.6-Inch Waterproof Laptop Case Bag with Handle for Apple Macbook, Chromebook, Acer, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, Lenovo, HP, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba - Purple
Lacdo 13 Inch Waterproof Laptop Sleeve Case Compatible MacBook Pro 13.3-inch Retina 2012-2015 / Old MacBook Air 13
BRINCH 15.6 inch Soft Nylon Waterproof Laptop Computer Case Cover Sleeve Shoulder Strap Bag with Side Pockets Handles and Detachable for Macbook Pro Retina 15 inch - Black
Arvok 15-15.6 Inch Laptop Sleeve Multi-Color & Size Choices Case/Water-Resistant Neoprene Notebook Computer Pocket Tablet Briefcase Carrying Bag/Pouch Skin Cover for Acer/Asus/Dell/Lenovo, Black
Lacdo 13.3 Inch Water Repellent Laptop Sleeve Computer Case for 13

10- Dachee Waterproof Laptop Shoulder Messenger Bag Case Sleeve

Dachee Waterproof Laptop Shoulder Messenger Bag Case Sleeve

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Giving your computer perfect security doesn’t mean you compromise your comfort. That is Dachee waterproof laptop massager bag is offering you high-quality protection. It’s a sleek case that suits any accession while keeping your computer free from water damage.

The use of this bag gives your ability to carry your bag without experiencing any problem. Made from high quality and durable canvas, the bag last more than you can figure. Also, the sturdy zippers ensure your computer is securely enclosed inside the sleeve.

Well, if you are tired of dull bags, this one gives you an excellent look. It features bright colors decoration and sleek pattern to brighten your moment. With a blend of different colors, it means you can use it with any of your outfits and for various occasions.

The large design lets it accommodate computers with a range of 14 -15.6 laptops. Additional pocket enables you to store other accessories like mouse, phones, and chargers. Above all, with durable construction, this case is shockproof to protect your devices from impact and bumps.


  • Shockproof design
  • Beautiful pattern decorations
  • Extra accessories pockets
  • Durable canvas

9- Lacdo 15-15.6 Inch Waterproof Fabric Laptop Sleeve Shoulder Bag

Lacdo 15-15.6 Inch Waterproof Fabric Laptop Sleeve Shoulder Bag

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With a good laptop case bag, it allows high computer brands compatibility and enhanced safety. Lacdo is a premium bag that can use by most brands without causing inconveniences. Made with water repelling fabrics, it provides assured security to everything inside.

It is the time to get a reliable a need trusted bag that can secure your laptop. If you want a case like that, this Lacdo fabric laptop sleeve case is a sure investment. The bag is tough which means even when using it in harsh conditions, it will still hold on. The construction features canvas fabrics with water repelling ability.

The inner lining is shockproof to improve the several safeties. In case you accidentally drop this bag, it keeps your machine safe. It safety absorbs static charges while also neutralizing bumps and impacts.

While many bags have limited brands they can accommodate, this one has a broad range. Measuring 5.94 x 1.5 x 11.02 inches, it can house 15-15.6 inches laptops. Thereby, you can place your Lenovo, HP, Acer, Asus, and others and comfortably. The ample space and zipper closure allow high safety and ability to store accessories easily.


  • High laptops compatibility
  • Strong canvas fabrics
  • Anti-static and shockproof lining
  • Lightweight

8- Plemo 13-13.3 Inches, Shockproof and Waterproof 3-Layer Padded Laptop Bag

Plemo 13-13.3 Inches, Shockproof and Waterproof 3-Layer Padded Laptop Bag

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Plemo waterproof bag for laptops is a sleekly designed case with excellent protection. The briefcase styles bag is ideal for all your laptop crying need. Featuring high-quality construction, it delivers unmatched performance and elegance.

With a high tech construction, this bag ensures you have all-round protection. Whether it is water, shock, dust or scratches, this case offers protection against these odds. Due to this, it is one of the reliable bags by many people the protection from moisture, impact, and dust keeps your computer safe than ever.

If you don’t like baggy and bulky bags, you can bet on this one. It boasts slim profile and compact design to deliver that delivers excellent portability. Also, when you have a large bag, you can comfortably fit this case inside to reduce the luggage.

Having this case gives you great neatness. It features concealed straps that are removable to enhance a minimalistic look. Moreover, the handles let you carry this bag as a briefcase with ease. With universal laptop compatibility, it can accommodate any computer ranging from 13-13.3 inches.


  • Removable should strap
  • All round protection
  • Universal laptops compatibility
  • Extra accessories pockets

7- Canvaslife Waterproof Laptop Shoulder Messenger Bag Case Sleeve, Marble pattern

Canvaslife Waterproof Laptop Shoulder Messenger Bag Case Sleeve, Marble pattern

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Are you tired of carrying your laptop using large bags? You can now get slim cases with uncompromised protection. Canvaslife is one of these sleeves with high protection, sleek and yet lightweight. Made featuring most top expertise, the pack is perfect for everyone.

For anyone who won a laptop, this bag is good an worth your pennies. The beauty, in this case, is just incredible and lets you enjoy great elegance. With bright colors and sleek patterns, it makes sure you move around with confidence. This helps you to churn the dull bags which are unattractive.

Depending on how you love carrying your bag, this one offers you different styles. Equipped with should strap and handle to ease you carrying. In fact, the shoulder strap is detachable which ensures you can make it a suitcase without a second. The lightweight and waterproof design give you easy time and protection when carrying your computer.

Despite its compact design, it offers exceptional large size f to fit different models. The main compartment can fit any laptop measuring 14.15.6 inches as well as 15 inches MacBook Pro. Each side features an extra pocket with the ability to accommodate phones, mouse, and other small personal stuff.


  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Beautiful patterns
  • Extra-large pockets

6- Kayond canvas Water-resistant 15’’-15.6’’ Laptop Sleeve Case Bag

Kayond canvas Water-resistant 15’’-15.6’’ Laptop Sleeve Case Bag

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With its soft feel, the Kayond laptop sleek case is a bag to buy. Utilizing top-notch expertise, it provides best comfort and protection against water. The unique construction and tons of benefits accompanying this bag, allow it to be a good pick for everyone.

When you need a high-quality bag for securing your laptop, Kayond is an ideal catch. It’s a uniquely designed case to achieve breathtaking protection. In fact, it’s made of neoprene and plush lining that offers comprehensive protection. The exterior is water resistant while interior prevents scratches and guards against impact.

Amazingly, unlike most cases available, this one features an additional zip for easy computer charging. With this, you charge as you comfortably relax. The inner section also has an extra pocket the fits additional accessories.

When you don’t feel like carrying a full-size laptop bag, this is a good alternative. It has slim design and lightweight which offers you great peace of mind. The compact size also let it slide in other large bags efficiently when traveling for reduce number of luggage.


  • Super soft lining
  • Easy laptop charging
  • Slim profile
  • Elegant decoration

5- Brinch 15’’- 15.6’’ Waterproof Laptop Case Bag, Universal Fit

Brinch 15’’- 15.6’’ Waterproof Laptop Case Bag, Universal Fit

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Don’t lose your laptop due to moisture and unexpected rain while in the field. You can furnish it with this Brinch laptop case bag. The universal laptop bag is beautifully crafted and provides protection an attractive look. Comfortable handles and strong zipper are great for general bag’s reliability.

With its slim looking nature, the Brinch waterproof case is spacious for accommodating various laptops. Measuring 15.4×11.8×1.6 inches exterior, it can fit multiple brand laptops with up to 15.6 inches.

On the other hand, the surface features beautiful water-resistant fabrics that help to keep water away from the stored components. Besides, inner side has a soft lining for maintaining computer scratch free.

The construction focuses on durability continence and safety of your machine. That is why it consists of sturdy zipper closure that keeps everything intact inside. The foam padding also helps ion absorbing the impacts when dropped or in case of a collision. With additional pockets, they help in storing other essential items.

Unequally, this bag comes backed by a small case. It helps ion carting mouse and other small accessories, hence keeping the bag neat and free from congestion. On the other hand, the case is versatile and ideal for colleges, business and traveling.


  • Additional accessory case
  • Thick foam padding
  • Easily convertible
  • Slim and ultra-light

4- Lacdo 13-13.3 Inches Waterproof Laptop Sleeve Case

Lacdo 13-13.3 Inches Waterproof Laptop Sleeve Case

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Lacdo always gives you great laptop bags that are sleek and highly protective. From simple small bags to large ones, there is no need to expose your laptop to uncertainties. This one for laptops ranging from 13-13.3 inches is waterproof, ultra-slim and premium quality.

Whether you own, Asus, Chromebook, HP, or MacBook pro among others here is a good bag for you. The Ladco waterproof laptop sleeve case is a modern looking and classic bag perfect for everyone.

It has ample computer storage compartment that fit laptops from all brands without subjecting it to damage. As long as a laptop is within 13 and 13.3 inches, it will fit perfectly without stressing the bag.

On the other hand, the exterior fabrics used are outstanding. It features fluffy fabrics that repel water. With a soft feel, the bag is comfortable to handle without causing discomforts in your hands. Furthermore, the lining is gentle on your computer to keep it clean and free from scratches.

With this case, it has few details on the exterior to keep it with minimalistic design. This improves portability an ability to slide it in large bags. However, the two pockets on each side enable storage of extra items.


  • Super slim design
  • Soft feel fleece
  • Zippered pockets

3- BRINCH 15.6’’ Soft Nylon Waterproof Laptop Case Cover Sleeve Shoulder Strap Bag

BRINCH 15.6’’ Soft Nylon Waterproof Laptop Case Cover Sleeve Shoulder Strap Bag

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Brinch is another brand of bags that help to care for your laptops. This superior bags like this for 15.6 inches computers, needed to look elsewhere. With this bag, it’s versatile and comfortable while delivering great safety to your components.

The Brinch laptop bag is professionally created to reflect the style and class. Compared to others, it has a bigger profile which enables it to achieve great storage capacity.

As a result, it accommodates bigger laptops up to 15.6 inches and other accessories without needing an extra bag. With a top loading zipper, accessing your computer is just a minimal bob.

The sleek design is due to super strong fabrics that are also water repelling. Moreover, with a thick padding foam, it keeps the computer safe from impacts and shock damage. This means even if you experience an accidental drop, your laptop and other accessories are safe.

Although the bag is larger than rivals, it’s still slim to allows portability. This implies it can slide easily into the other larger briefcases and backpacks. Moreover, comfortable handle and detachable traps allow easy switching to a shoulder bag. The zipper enhanced pockets provide secure storage to other accessories.


  • Ample thick padding
  • Lightweight materials
  • Easy to put in larger bags

2- Arvok 15-15.6 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case

Arvok 15-15.6 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case

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Owning the latest laptop is a great feeling. But, keeping it safe is the biggest problem. Having right bag ensures you enjoy great versatility. The Arvok laptop case is one of the perfect selections. It’s sleek and slim bag that keep computer safe and is beautiful.

Find peace of mind by getting this computer sleeve case by Arvok. The sleeve is dramatically thin which eliminates the bagginess. This ensures it fits your use whether office, traveling or college. Enhanced with sturdy zips, it securely holds your computer in position.

The construction of this bag is classic and durable. It enjoys excellent ability to protect laptop from water and shock damage. The neoprene used is exceptional since its lightweight giving this bag lightweight. This reduces bulkiness as with other brands.

Accessing your computer is simple since you opt to use this bag. The zipper is on the top position which allows simple use without having hassles. Boasting large size, it fits any laptop ranging from 15-15.6 inches.


  • Scratch free lining
  • Super light neoprene material
  • Ideal for all brands

1- Lacdo 13’’ Waterproof Fabric Laptop Sleeve

Lacdo 13’’ Waterproof Fabric Laptop Sleeve

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This is another great bag for laptops which is dedicated to keeping them away from moisture. Created to fit any computer measuring 13 inches, it gives your computer protection from water, shock, and scratches.

Without doubts, investing in a superior quality laptop bag will ensure safety and comfortable carrying. The on soft the best options is this 13 inches waterproof laptop sleeve case by Lacdo. Compatible with different brands, it gives you peace of mind and eliminates the uncertainties.

The premium construction from canvas fabrics is an outstanding feature to guarantees durability. Unlike other soft materials, the canvas is sleek and robust while also boast efficient water and vapor obstruction. Even if you are caught up in unexpected rains, the bag keeps worries out as it ideally protects your computer.

The overall designing of this bag is thin to let you carry it with ease. This means you don’t need to struggle like with large cases. Therefore, it becomes simple to customize your laptop carrying and look. With interior having shock proof lining, the is more than protecting devices from the water.


  • Strong fabrics
  • High portability
  • Strong and smooth zipper
  • Waterproof and shockproof

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