Best Ultra-Thin Condoms Review In 2022

Here we have listed top 10 best ultra-thin condoms of 2022, Make sure to check the whole list and choose the best product according to your requirements.

Did you know that the first condoms were designed to be reusable? Imagine how thick they had to be for use over and over. Did anyone even feel anything in those?

Fast forward a couple of years later, feel, form, and fit define the quality of a condom. A condom with the right combination of these works not only to prevent pregnancy but also to enhance pleasure.

But how do you find it in such a large set of products? I have narrowed the options down for you into ten best ultra-thin condoms that will have you looking at sex in an entirely different light. Also, I have included a buying guide to help you make the right selection from the 10.

1. Trojan Ultra Thin Lubricated Condoms 36ct

Trojan Ultra Thin Lubricated Condoms 36ct

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Trojan Ultra Thin Latex Condoms are made from superior quality latex to enhance strength and reliability. As the name suggests, the latex is made to be very thin so it gives a more natural feel.

There is no shortage of reviews on Amazon claiming that it feels like wearing nothing at all. This natural feel is enhanced by the use of a premium lubricant that enhances sensitivity and comfort.

The use of natural rubber latex in its construction renders it unusable to those allergic to it. It also has lubricants so if either you or your partner is allergic to them, this is not for you.

Its design features a special reservoir tip to hold semen safely. One thing to keep in mind as you put it on is to squeeze out all the air from the tip.

There is, however, a downside to it: some user reviews on Amazon have claimed the ultra-thin latex breaks during vigorous activity. In this light, if you are using these, don’t get too vigorous.

2. Lifestyles SKYN Original Condoms

Lifestyles SKYN Original Condoms

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Skyn original condoms are designed using the very latest tech to make sure you and your partner have a truly intimate sexual experience. In fact, most people who try them end up recommending them to friends.

These condoms are made with Skynfeel, an advanced polyisoprene material that is free from natural rubber latex. This is superb news to people allergic to latex as they can now stay protected without risking allergic reactions.

On top of that, the material is a lot softer than the normal latex condoms, meaning sex will feel more comfortable and natural.

These condoms are rigorously tested and meet the highest safety standards. They offer the same, if not more, protection as latex condoms, but have the added perk of a more natural feel.

3. Trojan Sensitivity Bareskin Lubricated Latex Condoms

Trojan Sensitivity Bareskin Lubricated Latex Condoms

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The name of these condoms should give you a clear sign what they are all about. They are made from premium quality latex to give them strength and reliability. For this model, however, the latex used here is 40% thinner than that in the Trojan standard condoms. This gives it an extraordinarily soft and natural feel. The condoms have no latex odor.

The inside and outside is lined with a smooth lubricant to increase sensitivity and comfort. Since this is made of latex, it rules out anybody allergic to it plus those who may be allergic to lubricants. If you are not sensitive to these, then you will really love this condom.

Each condom is electronically tested to meet standards for reliability and strength. As it is 40% thinner, you shouldn’t expect it to be as strong as the standard. If you plan on using it, don’t get too vigorous as it might break.

4. TROJAN Magnum Bareskin Lubricated Large Size Condoms 10 ea

TROJAN Magnum Bareskin Lubricated Large Size Condoms 10 ea

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When most people have been using condoms for a while then they pause, it is usually pretty hard to convince them to get back to using them. Most claims reduced pleasure and sensitivity but once they try the magnum bare skin lubricated condoms, they even recommend them.

This condom is made of natural rubber latex to give it strength and reliability. However vigorous the action gets, you are assured that it won’t break or fail. Its insides and outsides are lined with a lubricant for them to fit well and make them sensitive.

As it is made of latex, if you are allergic to it, or the lubricant used in its lining, it is advisable to stay away from the condoms. There are several great options from the company that aren’t made of latex

Magnum Bareskin Lubricated is on the larger side for it to fit most sizes. You should, however, not use it if you have exposed it to direct sunlight or stored it for long periods of time in temperatures above 100 degrees.

If you want to increase lubrication as you use the condom, you should know that oil-based lubricants such as petroleum jelly may damage it. You should use water-based lubricants.

5. LifeStyles ULTRA SENSITIVE Condom – 100 condoms

LifeStyles ULTRA SENSITIVE Condom - 100 condoms

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In most cases, cheap is expensive and you get what you pay for, but not with LifeStyles ULTRA SENSITIVE Condoms. If you are looking to save money while staying protected, then this is the way for you. You really can’t beat the price for the protection they offer.

They come in a pack of 100, at a fraction of the price you would have to dish out for other brands. You may get a little hesitant before purchase but virtually all reviews on them are positive.

The package is well wrapped so you will appreciate these condoms if you value discretion. The expiration date is several years from the day of purchase. This is pretty convenient, especially for such a large pack. You will go through the whole pack without a single breakage.

The back of the condoms is marked as “ultra-sensitive” which is exactly what these condoms deliver. Though not as much as the bare skin discussed above, the LifeStyles ULTRA SENSITIVE Condoms feel natural.

Their advertising slogan is “wetter is better”. This is actually their main selling point, with most users reporting that they love the increased lubrication. This lubrication adds on to their sensitivity.

6. Durex Condom Invisible, 16 Count, Ultra Thin Lubricated

Durex Condom Invisible, 16 Count, Ultra Thin Lubricated

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If experience has anything to do with performance (pun intended), then Durex are the best in the market. Lots of people trust the brand, and for good reason; they have been in the scene for over 80 years providing quality products and services.

This is the thinnest condom from the company and is designed to be sensitive while offering maximum protection. They are so thin that they are almost invisible; hence the name.

They design each with natural rubber latex and lubricated on the insides and outsides so if you are allergic to either latex or lubricants, you should look in a different direction.

Each of them has a nominal width of 52 mm and a length of 180 mm. They have a straight-walled shape to enhance wearability and comfort. You can put one on and take it off fast and effortlessly, but it still doesn’t come out on its own during intercourse.

At the tip is a special reservoir that increases safety by holding the semen.

Unlike some latex condoms, Invisible condoms are manufactured in such a way that they minimize the rubber scent. With this, you will remain relaxed and enjoy each moment with your partner without worrying about such distractions.

They have an expiry date of five years from the day they were manufactured, but you should factor in the prevailing environmental conditions.

7. Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Condoms – Ultra-Thin Condoms

Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Condoms

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Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Condoms are designed using quality latex to make them strong and reliable. The latex used is specially designed to keep the buzz-killing rubber smell at a minimum. That means you don’t have to deal with the common distractions like the smell and an ill fit.

The condom is lubricated on both sides so it may be a problem for those with allergic reactions to lubricants. Those allergic to latex cannot use it too. It has a flared shape that sets it apart from the rest on this list. This flared shape is what enhances sensitivity, giving you a more natural feel than competing brands.

They come in a convenient pack of 40 condoms and are somewhat pricey. You have to select between 2 to 5 boxes

8. Durex Condom Extra Sensitive Natural Latex Condoms, 24 Count

Durex Condom Extra Sensitive Natural Latex Condoms, 24 Count

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Durex won the title of the World’s No.1 Condom brand based on Global Nielsen Unit Share Data for the 12 months ending November 2016. That said, these condoms are sure to go over and above your expectations. If you need some quality condoms for an awesome price, this is what you should go for.

They come packaged in two boxes wrapped together with clear plastic shrink wrap rather than a Durex box. This may dupe you into thinking they are knockoffs, but this packaging is actually much better for discretion.

Each box has 24 condoms each, so you will use them for a long time to come. What’s more, the expiry date is years from purchase.

They are made of latex and lubricated for heightened excitement and great sensations. They are ultra-fine, but won’t break as they are 100% tested for flexibility, reliability, and strength.

Like all condoms by the same company, these extra sensitive natural latex condoms are well made to minimize the dreaded latex smell. This gives them a significant advantage over others.

9. Okamoto 0.04 mm Zero Zero Four Condoms 24 pack

Okamoto 0.04 mm Zero Zero Four Condoms 24 pack

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When you’re wearing almost nothing, you’re going to feel everything. Half as thin as comparable condoms, 0.04 condoms are made of high-tech latex called Sheerlon®. You can see – and feel – the difference.

These condoms deliver proven protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Plus, each 0.04 condom is individually tested with precise electrostatic technology to maximize dependability. They are made by the same manufacturers as Crown Condoms and Beyond Seven Condoms.

One customer wrote in to the company and just about says it all for this product: “They’re the best feeling condoms I’ve ever used. They are very thin, so they transfer heat and feeling very well. Despite their thinness, they do not break easily. They fit quite snugly, and the lubrication on them is good. Zero smell.”

These are not cheap, fad condoms. Once you experience the feeling you will never go back to retail brand condoms. You can buy them in packs of 1, 10, 20 (which is the most popular) or 40.

10. LifeStyles Pleasure Collection, 30ct – Ultra-Thin Condoms

LifeStyles Pleasure Collection, 30ct

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Skyn condoms are widely considered as “the closest thing to being bare”. They provide greater comfort and more sensation than latex and other non-latex condoms on the market today, as ascertained by trials.

The Pleasure Collection from Lifestyles is their best-selling line. They combine strength with the sensitivity of a softer polyisoprene condom as they are made of Skyn. This means people with allergic reactions to latex can use them without worry.

Using Skyn also does away with the latex smell. In fact, they come with a variety of smells, flavors, and colors to enhance pleasure and comfort.

They are 21% thinner than the standard condoms by the same company. However, they won’t break even with vigorous use. A pack contains 30 premium condoms for use over a long period.

Advisably, you shouldn’t keep them in the pocket or expose them to sunlight for too long as they may not be reliable thereafter.

Best Ultra-Thin Condoms – Buying GuidesUltra-Thin Condoms

There are two terms that we need to shed some light on in terms of meaning: best condoms and right condoms. The ten options above are the best in the market as they offer the best combination of form, feel and fit.

What you consider the right condom depends on yours and your partner’s needs and preferences. To get everything right for a much better experience, you should follow the steps below.

Fit, Fit and Fit

Finding the best fit is pivotal to enhanced pleasure and added protection. One that is too tight or loose can slide off, tear or even cause you to lose your erection. The most important measurement is girth rather than length.

Read Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are the only way you can know how a condom, or any other product, performs and feels without actually using it. Of course, there is no denying that people have different tastes and needs, and some reviews are biased, but reading through carefully will give you a general idea about it.

Try the Variety Pack

Variety is the spice of life and the only way to know what suits or doesn’t suit you. It is advisable to buy several options from thin to extra lubrication to flavored to ribbed.

You can test these with your partner and rate them in order of preference. Imagine how fun it can be exploring your sex life together.

Talk to Your Partner

It takes two to tango. It is at this point where I start telling you the benefits of communication in a relationship, which I am certain they are at your fingertips. If you have any doubts, talk to her to ensure that all of you are getting fully satisfied.

Only Opt for High-Quality Products

High-quality products, in this case, means those that offer you peace of mind before, during and after intercourse. This is actually the reason why most people prefer sticking to big brands.

There are a number of things that guide your selection. One such factor is whether you want to use organic or synthetic products. By looking at the back label and checking up on brands, you will be able to know what you are using.


There are a number of material used to make condoms, with latex being the most common and preferred. If you or your partner are allergic to latex or prefer a different feel, the alternatives include polyisoprene condoms, natural skin, polyurethane condoms, and FC2 condoms.


Some condom brands come with a unique taste and smell.


There are several textures from which to choose from, like ribbed or studded. Although these different textures add some spice to your sex life, don’t go assuming that your partner shares the same preference as you — especially since you are the one wearing it.

Climax Control

There are condoms that come with a small amount of benzocaine, which is designed to delay orgasm by numbing the nerve endings slightly. These are recommended for people with premature ejaculation, especially since it can be used discreetly.


Everybody has their own preferences when it comes to condoms depending on their end goal. There are those out for maximum protection while others want the sensitivity and ecstasy from thinner condoms. On the other hand, there are those looking for added pleasure from studded or ribbed ones.

As much as we all have something that works for us, it is great knowing we are safe from infections and unwanted pregnancies. Different condoms can make or break your sexual experience. It is for this reason that I suggest you add one of these options to your cart — ahem, penis — for a greater experience.

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