Best Truck Tool Boxes in 2020 Reviews

The best tool boxes can help one organize all the tools for easy picking. The tools are protected from sliding across the boxes when the truck move and thus cannot be damaged .if you don’t have a  box fitted on your truck you are surely missing a lot. Toolboxes are also lockable thus reduces the risk of theft. Toolboxes come in a variety of sizes and shape so the buyer can find it difficult to select the best toolbox for his use.

Due to this, I have taken time to review and come up with the best truck tool boxes. This information is very crucial to the buyers who intend to purchase a truck tool box.

Factors to consider when buying truck tool boxes:

  • Size of truck bed: the internal size of the truck bed varies according to the type of truck that you are driving. The dimension of the truck bed is important as you are supposed to choose a toolbox that will fit in easily and cover the whole space.
  • Cost:  the features in a toolbox will determine the price .tool boxes with security, protection and convenience cost more than the other toolboxes.
  • Type of material used: The tool boxes are made of different material. We have those made of steel aluminum and plastic. Aluminum box is very durable and not susceptible to rust though doesn’t require more weight. The steel box also very strong and durable the only disadvantage is that they rust when exposed to water.
  • Style: tool boxes come in different styles the most common is the crossover that people prefer it as it easy to install. The chest toolbox and bolting toolbox are other styles available on the market.

List of The Top 10 Best Truck Tool Boxes in 2020:

10. Yaheetech 30 x 13″ Aluminum Tool Box w/ Lock Pickup Truck Bed Storage

Yaheetech 30 x 13" Aluminum Tool Box w/ Lock Pickup Truck Bed Storage

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For safe and secure storage of your tools buy this yaheetech toolbox. It has a built-in lock provide with to keys that will ensure your tools will not be has very large storage space that can fit all the tools inside .suitable for the huge trucks with very many tools I can assure you all the tools will fit inside. You easily carry it to any place easily this is made possible by the two durable handles. The toolbox doesn’t leak as it is made of all-weather resistant lid design.

This makes the toolbox to last for very long as it there is no wear and tear even under adverse weather conditions. The price should not be excused buy this toolbox to keep all your tools in good conditions.


  • I built in lock with 2 keys for secure storage.
  • Very large in size to accommodate all the tools.

9. TMS Aluminum Tool Box Tote Storage

TMS Aluminum Tool Box Tote Storage for Truck Pickup Bed Trailer Tongue 49"x15" +Lock

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Tired of leaving your tools all over the truck? Buy the aluminum tote toolbox. Most who are serious about their truck buy this toolbox, the toolbox is made of aluminum that makes it hardy strong and durable. The 49 inch long 15 inches high and 15-inch width ensure you have enough space to store your entire tool safely.

With its perfect size and durability, it’s very suitable for trucks that travel long distances. The hinges are heavy duty to ensure you can open it as many times without spoiling. The toolbox is all weather resistant to ensure aside from truck it can be used in the garage.

After using it you can securely keep all the tools by locking it and keep the keys free from other people.


  • Constructed of heavy duty aluminum tread plate
  • Can be used anywhere.

8. Giants Aluminum Trailer Truck Pickup Storage Toolbox

Giants Aluminum Trailer Truck Pickup Underbody Underbed Tongue Tool Box Storage Toolbox

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Most trucks with these tool boxes last for very long .the toolbox is made of heavy duty strong aluminum construction with beveled edge lid all weather buying this all your tools will fit in and there is still extra space under the truck bed. The hinge opens downward as is made of strong material that ensures is not easy to be destroyed.

Want a toolbox that you can carry it wherever you go by this one it has two handles for easier carriage it saves space with its perfect size making it ideal for those who don’t like bigger things.


  • Heavy duty aluminum constructed with beveled edge lid.
  • Saves space for other uses.

7. Montezuma Portable Tool Box – 23″ x 13″ Truck Bed Storage

Montezuma Portable Tool Box - 23" x 13" Truck Bed Storage Chest with Steel Construction & Locking Lid - SM200B

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Keeping tools well organized will ensure you save time when looking for it.The Montezuma portable toolbox is uniquely designed such that each tool is locked on its location. You can actually cross-check any tool at a glance and avoid leaving any tool behind.

After that the tools are kept in it has a locking latch that keeps the toolbox enclosed securing it from unauthorized access. It’s made of 16ga steel construction with welded seams to ensure it can even hold the strongest materials.

The presence of weather stripping creates a tight seal preventing even dust and moisture from penetrating inside. Either side is fitted with sturdy handles that make the movement of the toolbox easy.


  • 16 ga. steel construction with welded seams.
  • Gas spring to raise lid for easy tool access.

6. Undercover SC200D Swing Case Truck Storage Box

Undercover SC200D Swing Case Truck Storage Box 1999-2016 F-250/F-350 Super Duty Drivers Side Black

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Want a toolbox that is easy to carry wherever you go then buy the undercover swing case. It can be used anywhere .it can be easily be removed from the truck and used in the garage. It’s multipurpose as it can also be used for carrying sporting equipment.

Removing it from the truck bed is very easy when you want to use the entire truck bed. Its weight capacity is 75 lb. this ensures it’s enough to carry all tools that you require. It’s also durable as it made of injection molded black ABS poly construction.

This all you require as it can carry hydraulic jack, jumper cables, towing chains fire extinguisher camping gear all you required when traveling for very long distance.


  • Self-catching latch prevents the toolbox from opening.
  • Swings at about 180 degrees for easy access by simply pulling the release lever.
  • Top of box has two built-in cup holders.

5. Best Choice Products 49″ Aluminum Camper Tool Box

Best Choice Products 49" Aluminum Camper Tool Box W/ Lock Pickup Truck Bed ATV Trailer Storage

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For attractive and convenient display of your tools purchase this toolbox today. With a size of 48.75 lengths, 15.25 width, and 15 height. It’s roomy enough to store all your tools and accessories. The heavy duty aluminum construction with exterior chrome finish guarantees the toolbox will last for long.

It features a lock two keys for safe storage. A family without this toolbox is missing a great deal today camping these days has been made easier with this product.

All you need will fit in the toolbox .it also easy to carry as it is lightweight so you have no reason for having such so get one.


  • Lightweight 27.40 for easier carriage.
  • Multipurpose toolbox.

4. International TB-20D 31-Inch Utility Box

International TB-20D 31-Inch Utility Box

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There is nothing more fulfilling than going to the market and buying a real quality genuine all-purpose product. International tb20d is the perfect toolbox .made of all diamond plate design that makes it tough and resistant.

The heavy gauge all steel constructed with welded seams provide maximum strength to sustain the weight of all that it carries has a reinforced top lid that is indeed very durable. The sturdy center locking protects all the tools inside.

The sturdy handles make it easy to carry at any time. Many people prefer this product because it’s for all the purpose .contractors farmers have also not been left behind as they also use this box to carry their various tools.


  • Sturdy Center locking hasp.
  • Diamond plate appearance.

3. Undercover SC100P Swing Case Truck Storage Box

Undercover SC100P Swing Case Truck Storage Box 2007-2017 Silverado/Sierra 1500-3500 Passenger Side Black

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Truck boxes come in various designs the undercover is the most innovative and versatile truck box with great access your tools u just have to pull a release lever without necessarily having to open anything or climb anywhere. Those who like modern and latest designs should buy this can be customized to fit specifically in one’s truck.

The 75lb weight capacity is just enough space for you and all your stuff. With this weight, you can carry it easily without straining. You don’t require an expert to install it on your track as you are required to just follow a few set instructions.

Perhaps one great thing about this product is the price it’s affordable and it comes with one year warranty.


  • Swings case is tough weather resistant.
  • Easy installation.

2. Undercover SC100D Swing Case Truck Storage Box

Undercover SC100D Swing Case Truck Storage Box 2007-2017 Silverado/Sierra 1500-3500 Drivers Side Black

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The box is great as it holds a lot of stuff inside so you can be rest assured all that you need will fit inside .it is watertight even when you don’t latch the top guaranteeing safety to all that is stored inside. You can have doubts about the cheap plastic but I can guarantee you it is light and strong.

Installation of this box is not only easy but is also remove it when you offers one of the best lockable solutions to commodities inside the secure versatile twist-lock allows you to open the lock with or without a key. You don’t have to worry about its compatibility as swing case works well with all truck covers.

With a bed size of 5 feet 8 inches, it will leave enough space for other uses


  • Yes, single point twist lock.
  • Swing-out storage container.

1. UnderCover SC201D Swing Case Truck Storage Box

UnderCover SC201D Swing Case Truck Storage Box 1999-2014 F-150 Drivers Side Black

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The model of undercover is only suitable for driver’s side only. A version for the passengers can also be found is available in the market too. The swing case is made from durable material that makes it able to shake of bumps the plastic won’t corrode or rust get destroyed as its made of great install is quite easy as the undercover comes with a set of instructions and installation hardware that makes its installation and functioning easy.

Storage is made easy as the swing case comes with a locking hinge assembly that allows it to swing from f150 bed to easily access whatever you want in the store .the moisture seal normally performs the function of preventing water from getting inside. While out on the road you can also access anything that you want as the impressive 1.5cubic feet is enough space for you to identify what you want.

This one of the best product available in the market a driver lacking such is surely missing a great deal. With the great performance of swing case and the affordable price, there is no reason why you should be left behind.


  • Only fits the driver’s side only.
  • Bedlight switch note

Final thoughts

Regardless of model or size, there are certain chances that the models we’ve mentioned are award-winning tool boxes whose performance will undoubtedly impress you.

Considering its features, versatility, and performance, we can confidently say that the undercover SC 201D is the best on the market. This toolbox will not let you down even with the toughest of tasks.

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