Best Tire Shines Review In 2020

Shiny tires are beautiful and add great sleekness to your car. Washing alone can’t make your wheels look attractive, but, using a quality tire shines guarantees perfect solution. Right shines conditions and keeps your tires clean for a long time.

However, inferior quality products can be dangerous to your tires. However, with these top 10 best tire shines in 2020, your wheels will be ever blazing.

10 Best Tire Shines – Top Pickups

10- Griot’s Garage 10938 Black Shine Tire and Trim Coating

Griot's Garage 10938 Black Shine Tire and Trim Coating

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Keeping the tires neat and looking great, using a shining product. This black shine coating by Griot’s Garage brings all the beauty you have been aspiring. With a durable, shiny look, it delivers excellent tire treatment.

With some of the available tire finishing products, it is hard to apply due to smell. But, now you can have all the comfort and ease you need when applying this product. It features a great scent that allows the application to be safe and enjoyable. As a result, everyone can use the shine comfortably.

Unlike the other cleaners that involve washing, this one offers excellent application. It features controlled spray to ensure uniform application. Furthermore, the nozzle delivers great spray area which improves the overall user experience.

The spray offers a durable coating that lasts than other cheap tire coats. It delivers outstanding durability before reapplication. With a high gloss, it keeps tires shining and appealing. Moreover, with instants drying, it means there is no streaking or running. Consequently, you achieve uniform application.


  • Uniform application
  • Easy control nozzle
  • High gloss

9- Black Magic Tire Wet Foam – 18 oz.

Black Magic Tire Wet Foam - 18 oz.

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Just like the car trim, tires also need perfect grooming. Cleaning your car tires with a shine product, it leaves them sleek and beautiful. The Black Magic is a known brand in making car products. With this wet foam cleaner, it leave tires looking superb.

The Black Magic wet foam cleaner is a multipurpose product dedicated to taking care of your tires. Unlike the sprays, this one allows to perform cleaning while treating your tires with a heavy duty coating. Utilizing a wet shine mechanism, the product leaves your wheels clean and sparkling.

The foam is effective in cleaning dust due to braking or other factors. Also, it deals with mud and other dirt to leave tires pure black. It’s an astonishing cleaning agent that offers perfect dirt particles dissolving.

You don’t have to clean your tires everyday. Once you use this foam to clean your wheels, it delivers outstanding durability. In fact, it delivers 2 weeks of superb gleam hence no need to repeat it after a few days. The cleaner cleans perfectly without leaving a powdery film.


  • Leaves no residue
  • Cleans all dirt
  • Long-lasting protection

8- Aero Cosmetics Tire Aircraft Grade Rubber Conditioner Dressing Tire Protectant

Aero Cosmetics Tire Aircraft Grade Rubber Conditioner Dressing Tire Protectant

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Elegant looking vehicles have clean and shiny wheels. Since tires come into contact with variety dirt, it means you need a unique product to clean them. The Aero Cosmetics airplane grade tire conditioner offers perfect wheels cleaning coating.

If you want the car tires to remain clean without attracting dirt, this conditioner gives you all that. It formulation lets it clean and maintains the protective layer for long. As a result, even when driving, it keeps dust away from sticking into your tire. Besides delivering smooth and shiny dark finish, it ensures your subsequent cleaning leaves tire shiny.

Unlike other cheap conditioners, this one is premium and highly reliable. Designed to aircraft grade, it perfectly conditions your tires leaving them looking clean and shiny for an extended time. Whether your tires are nylon, rubber, or plastic, the conditioner keeps them looking new.

The high versatility is excellent since the products can be used for different tires. It’s safe for airplane, trucks cars and ATV tires. Application is easy since the content comes in a container with a hand pump. With Boeing D6 17487T specification, the product is a sure and trusted for tire conditioning.


  • Aircraft quality content
  • Versatile materials protection
  • Easy to use a hand trigger pump
  • Lasts for an extended time

7- Armor All Extreme Tire Shine Gel – 18 fluid ounces

Armor All Extreme Tire Shine Gel - 18 fluid ounces

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Have you ever wondered why your friends’ car tires remain black always? It’s because they constantly use tire shines. However, you can now also make your vehicle look attractive by getting this shine gel by Amor All. It’s a premium formulation that is worth keeping in your garage.

The Amor All shine gel is one of the outstanding choices designed to bring exceptional black shine to your tire. The carefully formulated solution delivers excellent performance to keep tires looking super. Providing a long-lasting finish, it lasts for 2 weeks without reapplying.

The ideal thing about this formulation is the ability to apply with ease. The gel delivers a uniform application which is great for undented look. With easy use, it prevents overspray. Consequently, it keeps your rims clean while maintaining tires properly protected.

Other features that make it great choice is the powerful protection. The gel leaves strong coating hence protecting your tires from cracking. Boasting high color retention, it doesn’t fade thus keeping tires with perfect black trim. The premium engineering provides extraordinary tires protection.


  • Retains color for long
  • Protects cracking
  • Easy and non-messy application

 6- Chemical Guys TVD_109_16 Silk Shine Sprayable Dressing

Chemical Guys TVD_109_16 Silk Shine Sprayable Dressing

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Maintaining tires shining like new is not a simple thing. You need to work extra hard to keep them clean. But, without proper products, achieving adequate tire polishing might be a dream. The Chemical Guys silk sprayable foam gives your car tires a new look always. With a simple application and durable coat, no more worry about faded tires.

The perfect treatment you can give your tires is using this silk shine by Chemical Guys. It’s a versatile formulation that caters for rubber tires as well as black plastic dashboard and leather. As a result, having it in your garage means high application versatility. It keeps everything black in your vehicle shiny and attractive for long.

You might have used other silk shines with unsatisfactory results. But, that won’t repeat when you switch to this tire silk shine. Featuring weather –Tek formula, it is designed to last up to 5 times longer than ordinary tire cleaning coat.

Using this product is simple and straightforward. Boasting a sleek can with a hand spraying pump, it makes application enjoyable. Moreover, with just a single utilization, the shine last for weeks while delivering consistent shine. With 100 percent dry touch, no worry about the film attracting dust particles and other dirt


  • Versatile applications
  • One spray lasts longer
  • Durable than rivals

5- CarGuys Tire Shine Spray, Car Detailing Kit for Wheels and Tires

CarGuys Tire Shine Spray, Car Detailing Kit for Wheels and Tires

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The CarGuys car detailing kit is fantastic for people who love to maintain their vehicles in a new look. This tire spray is one of the top performings due to its formulation and efficiency. With versatile applications, it’s ideal for using on black car areas for a shiny finish.

Avoid cheap shine that only lasts for one or two days and are over. The CarGuys tire spray is one of the best options that leave your wheels looking awesome. Unlike the other cleaners, this one features additive polymer which adds overall longevity and performance. In fact, with the ability to protect tires from UV damage, they last for long without getting discolored.

Besides having excellent performance, application is also superb. It only takes a few seconds and its dry. Due to this, it offers easy and quick application time than other products. Besides, it’s great when you want to restore faded vinyl, plastic and other rubber surfaces in your vehicle. Available with a soft applicator, it ensures gentle and uniform application.

The formulation of this product is safe and environmentally friendly. Thus, when using it, it guarantees peace of mind. All the ingredients used are eco-friendly and clean. This also means the products perfectly care for your tires.


  • Eco-friendly ingredients
  • Simple application
  • Improved tire protection

4- Chemical Guys TVD_107_16 V.R.P. Super Shine Dressing

Chemical Guys TVD_107_16 V.R.P. Super Shine Dressing

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With chemical guys’ products, it’s evident your car will be looking awesome. One of their product is this super shine dressing that is ideal for keeping your tires and other car components looking shiny black. Therefore, it’s a perfect versatile product with having anytime you need to give wheels fine touch.

When you want to experience great interior and exterior shine, the best way is a premium product. The super shine tire dressing solution is perfectly made to bring real joy and car tires maintenance. It’s multipurpose and gives you the ability to use it on tires, dashboards, and upholstery.

Forget about the products the leaves residue when applied. This one is dry to the touch but leaves a perfect wet looking black finish. Whether your tires have faded due to UV light, applying this shine restores the original shining black.

Well, if you have other black components in your car, this formulation is ideal to use. You can use it on leather, vinyl, and plastic. Amazingly, apart from restoring the tire color, it also protects the surfaces from UV damage, water, and dust. Therefore, you don’t have to worry even when driving your vehicle in hot and dusty areas.


  • Water and dust resistance
  • Doesn’t leave residue
  • Versatile application

3- Meguiar’s Hot Shine Tire Spray

Meguiar's Hot Shine Tire Spray

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Meguiar’s products are superior and aimed at delivering complete protection. This tire dressing product is effective for keeping wheels looking new always. Featuring an ergonomic container, the shine leaves your tires looking sparkling and attractive.

When you need to give your tires a perfect look, super shine dressing Meguiar’s is a good product. Unlike the other cleaner that leaves a powdery finish, this one gives your tires excellent and uniform wet black finish. On the other hand, it provides a tire with great water resistance hence maintaining the black trim for a long.

The formulation of this tire shiner is exceptional. It enjoys patented antiozonant technology which delivers strong tires adherence. Moreover, once applied, it remains smooth without showing the cracking signs. With reduce color fading; the shiner only needs you to wash your tires to reveal high gloss without reapplication.

Depending on the size of your tire, this spray is outstanding. It comes with an adjustable 2 way sprayer to perfect your application. The nozzle allows wide or narrow spraying hence giving you control over your desired pattern. With this tire coat, it prevents cracking and premature aging.


  • Easy to control spray
  • Ergonomic handle
  • High gloss shine

2- Meguiar’s G7516 Endurance Tire Shine Gel

Meguiar's G7516 Endurance Tire Shine Gel

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Meguiar’s is known for is outstanding car care products. Formulating different products to care for every vehicle, they ensure elegance follows you everywhere. This endurance tire shine gel is one of the best picks to keep wheels looking attractive and new throughout.

Whether it’s raining or the weather is hot, you can now enjoy nice looking tires. The secret is to look for this gel shine for tires by Meguiar’s. The product remains active for weeks once applied in the tires. Unlike some brands, it has perfect sticking to prevent being washed by rain or removed by dirt.

Unlike the aerosols, this is formulated in gel style. This gives is ease of application without overspray or drips. Consequently, it is straightforward to apply without stress. Leaving a super high black gloss, tires remain shiny for a long time before reapplying this gel again.

Well, with some shines, they are designed to offers only the black shine. But, this one is exceptional. It provides shiny coating while also protecting the r tire from UV rays damage. Lasting up to 14 days, the products ensures high consistency and smooth coat without cracking.


  • High consistent gloss
  • Long lasting tire protection
  • Hassle free application

1- TriNova Automotive Clear Coat Dressing Tire Shine Spray

TriNova Automotive Clear Coat Dressing Tire Shine Spray

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Having a sleek cars call for hard work to maintain its beauty. Wheels are one of the parts that need proper attention. That is why this tire shine spray by TriNova is formulated. It shines, protects and last for an extended period than rivals.

TriNova clear coat tire shine spray is one of the best options to keep wheels looking pretty. Designed by experts, it protects and shines like no other. Furnished with a trigger spray, there is no wiping needed as it applies a thin and uniform coat. With shiny surface bringing original tire look and resisting dust attack, you can use it with full confidence.

Well, depending on the shine level you want, it’s possible when utilizing this shine spray. It allows users to get low, medium and high gloss depending on your desires. Formulated by experts, the solution is safe and won’t damage your wheels.

Forget about the complicated to use tubes that make it hard to apply to extreme areas. TriNova uses a long tube that ensures you can spray the farthest end without straining. With each bottle having 18 oz capacity, you can utilize it for a number of sprays. Thereby, the best option for the value for your money.


  • Tire aging protection
  • Customizable gloss
  • Water and dirt repelling

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