Top 9 Best Throwing Axes in 2019 Reviews

Top 9 Best Throwing Axes in 2019 Reviews

Sometimes the hustles and bustles of life need you to break away from the normal day to day activities and spend some quality time with yourself or friends and family. A perfect scene in the woods accompanied by that cool breeze is always soothing and a little exercise of your hobbies on such an environment can bring you pleasure all day.

You love throwing axes to hit a designated target for fun or competition because that’s your hobby, your getaway plan from the boring life indoors; this is the perfect review for you since its in-depth and crafted by one of your own; an enthusiast who loves that extra adrenaline rash as I do what I do best. This detailed article will sure make a difference when you are looking for the best throwing axe.

What to consider before buying Throwing Axes:

  • Sharpness: ensure that your axe’s head is sharpened through its useful time to ensure its performance is functionally reliable. It should be slim enough to piece into the target.
  • Single bit or double bit: most conventional axes are the single big ones. They resemble the household axe.
  • The weight of the Axehead: you would want an axe that is heavy enough to produce the force you require to piece through the target.
  • Length of the handle: Consider getting yourself an axe with a longer handle to enable you to rotate the axe to achieve maximum force possible.
  • Handle material: you will most probably find a wooden handle favorable to your grip than other materials including steel. Sprinkling a little ash on the handle helps you to boost your grip on the axe even tighter.

Why you need a throwing axe:

  • For recreation: Axe throwing is a means by which people of different walks of life get to interact with you as you participate in competitive tournaments or throwing axe for fun with friends and family.
  • Stress relieving: Once you participate in axe throwing your mind relaxes and you may attain a peaceful state of mind with minimal effort.
  • Ease of availability: Axes are easily available making it easy for you to acquire one with little effort. There exist many models of axes in the market which may be custom made to meet your specialized need.

List of The Top 9 Best Throwing Axes in 2019:

#9 Uzi UZKAXE6 Throwing Axe Combo

Uzi UZKAXE6 Throwing Axe Combo

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This toy is a perfect gift for you since its qualities have been improved by including a polished nice edge. The talented workforce employed in its production is enormous and works to your advantage all the time. Its features are refined to detail; it has a 6” overall axe with 4-1/4” head and a 1-3/4” cutting edge meaning its relatively of an ideal lightweight, has an excellent equilibrium, foolproof turning effect and even more importantly it glues itself to the target impeccably almost every moment of a throw. In case these specifications are not in tandem with your expectations, consider the axe with an 8” overall axe with 5-1/4” head and a 2-1/4” cutting edge.

The eye-catching finish that is attained by a black finish stainless full tang construction is well in order and is coupled up with a black nylon belt sheath. The effect of such a piece of art draws you closer to a personal precision of mastering the art of hitting your target at will. In addition, it contains a striker tip penetrates the target with ease and upscale the chances of the axe sticking after the perfect throw. The axe has a lanyard hole making it easy to carry it around with minimal expectation of it slipping off your arm to cause a serious injury to your foot.


  • This equipment has a polished nice edge.
  • This axe has a 6” overall axe with 4-1/4” head and a 1-3/4” cutting edge.
  • It has a black nylon belt sheath and also contains a striker tip.

#8 Throwing Hatchet for Boy Scouts – Lightweight Throwing Axe

Throwing Hatchet for Boy Scouts

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Known for its performance, this axe is super thin and very lightweight. It has the bragging rights of winning awards by most competitive and experienced players who participate in axe throwing tournaments. The equipment feels cosy on the hand and gives you wholesome control of directing it wherever.

With its design meant to attain a single rotation within five steps from your target, it’s much easier to experience a balanced throw. The gadget is a perfect gift for your teenager since the design may be custom made to meet the needs of your kid with ease. It’s what thrower supply does almost all the time.


  • This item is made of high carbon steel to make it easier to sharpen while at the same time is hard enough.
  • The edge of the axe blade is usually oil tempered to lengthen its lifespan.
  • The overall weight of the axe is about 1.4 lbs.

#7 Gil Hibben Professional Throwing Axe

Gil Hibben Professional Throwing Axe

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If you want to attain a perfect release of a thrower each time you make a through, this equipment is ideal for you. This is simply because of its trigger-grip design that directs you into a continuous, insistent and precise release of the device at your discretion.

The gadget feels comfortable every time it rests on your arm. Its real leather sheath keeps your arms from being sweaty and therefore you will always be sure of a firm grip of the equipment at all times.


  • The gadget is made up of stainless steel construction.
  • The average size of the axe is 12” long.
  • This super design is also a one-piece construction.
  • It’s also made up of real leather sheathing.

#6 Zombie Killer Recon Double Headed Throwing Axe

Zombie Killer Recon Double Headed Throwing Axe

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Are you the kind of person who has prioritized the good feeling your arm is inclined to get by simply holding the equipment in your arms? Look no further because this equipment best suits you. The equipment is of an average size and therefore you are most likely to get a perfect grip on the handle which is made up of a nylon sheath.

Its appearance is top class. The axe has a bright green design that sets it aside from other mediocre designs. The thrower is a double-edged blade meaning you will not worry about that a certain edge should face backward or in front to attain a perfect through. It’s, therefore, a perfect gift for kids.


  • The ax has a 13” X 7” X 3.5 mm thick blade.
  • It’s made up of stainless steel
  • The design of the gadget is made up of a twin-edged axe blade.
  • The handle of the equipment is made up of a nylon sheath.

#5 Zombie Killer Skullsplitter Throwing Axe – Red

Zombie Killer Skullsplitter Throwing Axe - Red

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This thrower comes in a set of three colours. I recommend you buy the complete set to experience the striking influence that colour has in your through; you will get to know the perfect combination of colour that inspires you to hit your target most.

This sharp-edged equipment is carved out of a solid slab of black coated stainless steel with a heavy back saw design. It’s extremely difficult to miss the mark with such a piece of art. The equipment is a perfect tool for you especially if you have huge hands.


  • The equipment has an overall length of 11.5’’
  • The blade of the axe is made up of stainless steel which is coated with a powdered black finish and a silver lining on it.
  • The axe’s handle is made up of a nylon cord wrap.
  • The width of the blade is about  3.875’’

#4 Schrade SCAXE5 Tactical Hatchet Full Tang

 Schrade SCAXE5 Tactical Hatchet Full Tang

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As you embrace the equipment, you get to feel its clasp in your hands especially when you stroke it back and forth. It’s a very sharp gadget that cuts through a hard surface tearing it apart and with help of its projecting spike, it attains a deep penetration and thus enabling it to stick to the target.

This thrower is made by Taylor Brands LLC who has produced this precious item for many decades.  They are responsible for the introduction of a tactical hatchet to the axe to improve its functional capabilities.


  • The item is coated with a powder of sk5 high carbon steel.
  • This equipment’s handle contains a nail pull and a polyester belt sheath.
  • It contains a 3.1’’ blade length and a 6.4’’ handle length.
  • This gadget contains a full tang.

#3 Zombie Killer Skullsplitter Throwing Axe – Green

Zombie Killer Skullsplitter Throwing Axe - Green

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This artistic equipment is made by the renowned Perfect Point manufacturers who are never compromising on the quality and functionality of its production. It allows for deep sharpening and therefore improving the accuracy of hitting the target. Its design is based on the principle of homogeneousness since its whole structure is made up of steel.

It’s advantageous to buy the equipment since it comes in pairs. If handled well, the item has a long lifespan and just in case it is mishandled and breaks down you will always have an extra pair to keep you going.


  • The thrower has a general length of about 9.5’’
  • The head of the home is usually well balanced.
  • The axe is extremely lightweight.
  • The axe’s handle is made up of metal.

#2 Perfect Point Throwing Axe Overall Satin Stainless Steel

Perfect Point Throwing Axe Overall Satin Stainless Steel

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This product is intensely featherweight allowing you to gather enough stamina to throw it to extremely lengthy distances. In addition, its material is grilled to attain desired sharpness and this allows you to achieve a stick into the target since the thrower penetration is made smooth.

Manufactured by perfect point, their grip in your hand has been put in consideration to enable you to achieve a precise release. This grip defines the strength of your release and your timed calculation to hit the target since it makes it comfortable to rotate it your arm until you are ready to let go.


  • This piece of art is made from one of the best quality material in the market.
  • The thrower has a general length of about 9.5’’

#1 SOG Throwing Hawks TH1001-CP – Set of 3

SOG Throwing Hawks TH1001-CP

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This treasured equipment comes n a park of three. It takes your throwing skills to the most elite levels. The piece contains a one-piece steel hawk with par cord wrapped handles which are purposefully made for precision target throwing.

Once used, they remain in perfect shape and texture. This is attributed to the fact that the sog’s hard case is intensely laceration resistant. They also have exquisite equilibrium and aeronautic features that propel them through the air with minimal viscosity; this allows you to attain a throw over distant targets.


  • The gadget is made up of spotless steel creation.
  • The average size of the axe is 12” long.
  • This super design is also a featherweight and robust construct.
  • Its handle is made up of one layer sheathing.


You need a well designed and suitable tool for exercising your precision on hitting your target. If the equipment you are using is a letdown, you will frown all day. The best axes contribute much more in helping you demonstrate your talent with ease. Before you set out to buy an axe, make sure you understand the following concepts of its design; size, weight, material, handle and brand reputation. Once you put all these into consideration, all you need is work on your balance and body movement including keeping your sight on the target to achieve the desired results.

After comparing the top throwing axe on the market, we found out that the above offer a combination of value and performance to meet their driving needs as well as their budget. We believe that each of the products is built for performance and built to outlast their expected lifetime; you only have to choose the one that fits you.

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