Best Silk Sheets to Buy In 2022 Reviews

Make your bedroom your true sanctuary with silk bedsheets. The best silk sheets can convert your room into a more luxurious, comfy, and sophisticated. The investment is worthwhile, that’s why you need to do some research before committing your money to any brand. Benefits include:

  • All-natural fabric made from silkworm larvae.
  • Safe and hypo-allergenic for different body conditions.
  • Whether mulberry-quality or not.
  • Whether 19 momme strength/quality or not.
  • Affordability and brand.

10 Best Silk Sheets – Top Pickups

10- MOON’S SLEEPWARES’s Silk Comforter

100% Pure Long Grade Mulberry Silk Comforter Silk filled Comforter Silk Quilt Silk Duvet

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This imported queen-size silk sheet is made of 100% high quality pure long-Grade Mulberry silk-filling and 100% cotton sateen-casting. It comes with a cotton storage bag for neatness and a free vacuum bag. It’s perfect for indoor temperatures and summer. This silk sheet is breathable, natural hygiene, highly ventilated and durable.

You will get a 10% discount on the silk sheet when bought together with duvets.  The Moon’s silk -filled duvets will provide you with the best sleeping experience since it regulates to match your shape and body temperature. It is cold in summer and warm in winter and drapes nicely around you.

It doesn’t need cleaning if you have a removable duvet-cover. Basking it regularly in the sunshine will keep it refreshed. Then keep it in a very dry and cool place to protect from moisture and insects. The cotton sateen casing is quitted with silk-floss to keep it from moving around.

Key Features:

  • Pure mulberry silk.
  • Cotton sateen casing quitted with silk-floss.
  • Natural hygiene, durable, lightweight and highly ventilated.
  • Adjusts to body temperature.

9- LilySilk’s Raw Silk-Fitted Sheet, 100% Pure Mulberry-Silk

LilySilk Raw Silk Fitted Sheet Deep 19 Momme Pure Mulberry Silk Queen 60x80+16 Inch,Gold

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The Silk-fitted sheet has natural proteins that prevent your skin from bacteria. It has an elastic band around its edge to fix the sheet to your mattress. The seamless version design is good at repelling indoor allergens including mites, mould, and dust due to its steam. It measures 60” by 80”+16”.

Moreover, it has a deep, seamless pocket. It also has extra-wide fabrics which drape fantastically. The deep pocket has sturdy elastic corners with quality sewing. This silk sheet maintains heat better than polyester or Egyptian sheets. It is breathable; hence, it retains the moisture on your skin.

The high thread-count fabric gives you a supremely smooth surface for sleep on your skin. This prevents wrinkles and creates a strong soft texture. Can be washed by hand or machine in cold water and hang to air dry. It can also be dry-cleaned and ironed later.

Key Features:

  • Anti-ageing sheets. They are soft and breathable and retain moisture to reduce wrinkles.
  • The immense insulation features regulate your skin temperature according to the weather.
  • Silk is hypo-allergenic to repel mould, bacteria and dust.

8- ALASKA BEAR’s Seamless, Mulberry Flat-Top Silk Sheet

ALASKA BEAR - Mulberry Silk Flat Top Sheet, Seamless Bed Sheet, Hypoallergenic, Queen, Ivory Stripe

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This queen-size silk sheet perfectly fits a queen-size bed. It is chemical free and has a seamless fabric which provides an extra-smooth surface for your skin which prevents wrinkles. It also creates a durable and soft texture. Its breathable nature helps to maintain your skin’s moisture.  It has a 600 thread count.

A silk sheet maintains heat better than polyester or Egyptian sheets. The seamless fabric has been made with large fabric which has been securely sewed on the edges. It is recommended to wash using your hands in lukewarm /cold water with a mild detergent. Hang to dry under a shade.

Avoid wringing or twisting. Add some drops of distilled white –vinegar to retain colour. Do not use a machine to dry. The wrinkles in the sheet disappear, therefore, ironings is not advised. Only iron if you must, the other side of the damp sheet with the lowest settings of the iron box. This silk sheet brings luxurious, relaxing comfort to your sleep.

Key Features:

  • The sheets are made of purely natural Mulberry silk.
  • Hypoallergenic and breathable silk sheet.
  • High thread-count to prevent wrinkles.

7- LilySilk’s Mulberry Silk (Flat), 19 Momme Pure-Silk Sheet

LilySilk Mulberry Silk Flat Sheet 19 Momme Pure Silk Silk sheet Ivory Queen

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This quality silk-sheet naturally adjusts to the temperature of your body. It gives you warmth when it’s cold outside and makes your body cool when it is hot. It repels the indoor allergens including mites, mould and dust due to steam. Mulberry Silk has the best quality in all types of silk.

Plus. it is chemical-free, it has no fading or shading, naturally dyed, and is the perfect choice for any allergy suffers. The benefits of the natural proteins in silk include hair and skin moisture retention, temperature regulation, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic.  It is a soft, natural and breathable and comfortable silk-sheet.

Its rich ivory colour adds comfort and style to the bedroom with this luxury sheet sets. It promotes a good night’s sleep you’ve been dying for and makes each of your mornings a refreshing one. It is a perfect gift for men, women, moms, dads, Mother’s day, Christmas, and Father’s Day.

Key Features:

  • It is the healthiest type of flat silk sheets. Has a thread-count of 400.
  • It is seamless and smooth.
  • Also, it is anti-ageing.
  • It Regulates the temperature.
  • It is hypoallergenic.

6- THXSILK’s One 19mm Silk-Fitted, High-End Collection Silk Sheet

THXSILK 19mm Silk Fitted Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet ONLY

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It has California king-sized measurements. The filings materials and fabrics have no harmful chemicals as proven by the OEKO-Tex. The silk is a fibre that keeps away dust mites. The hypoallergenic quality eliminates asthma and allergies caused by synthetic fibres such as cotton.  It is asthma and allergy relief.

Its natural temperature-adjusting properties make you comfortable throughout the night. It is capable of reducing cold or hot irregularities by wicking the moisture from your body and regulating it to the body’s temperature. It has a thread count of 400. Its fabric is made of 19 Momme long natural Mulberry silk.

It has a top-quality craftsmanship design. The silk sheets have deep pockets with elastic edges around the mattress. This protects the sheets from sliding from the corners of the mattress during the night.  They can be offered as gifts for Christmas, Anniversaries and Thanksgiving.  It’s ideal for allergy suffers.

Key Features:

  • Made of pure, long, natural stranded Mulberry silk.
  • Temperature regulating.
  • Breathable, anti-ageing, anti-allergenic, and anti-allergenic.
  • California King Size sheet.
  • Vanilla colour.
  • 16” deep pockets.

5- ElleSilk’s 100% Pure Silk Flat-Sheet, 25 Momme Silk-Sheet

ElleSilk Pure Silk Flat Sheet, 25 Momme Silk Sheet, 100% Mulberry Silk Bed Sheet, Natural Care to Skin, King:Cal.King Size, Charcoal Gray

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It comes in charcoal grey. It’s made of a seamless Grade 6a Long-Strand pure Mulberry Silk. 750 Thread-count, 25 Momme, Silk with almost a 20% increase in Silk, Per every Square Inch than how the 22 Mm does. The heavier weave protects the sheen and lustre that silk has, increasing durability.

It is hypoallergenic and nice to the hair and skin. Silk is well known for the health benefits it has, especially on your skin. It’s breathable fibres and hypoallergenic, are perfect for allergy sufferers and asthma. Wash it using a machine at 30°C and use only the recommended mild detergent.

Silk flat-sheet is crucial in retaining heat better than polyester or Egyptian cotton to retain the body heat while sleeping in a cold night. It cools the heat from the outside when it is summer, and this keeps the body comfortable and cool. The filings materials and fabrics have no harmful chemicals as proven by OEKO-Tex.

Key Features:

  • Hypoallergenic & breathable fibres for allergy sufferers and asthma.
  • International Certification. Approved by the OEKO-Tex.
  • Made of high-quality fabric.
  • Seamless pure mulberry silk.

4- ZIMASILK’s 4 Pieces, All-Side 19 Momme, Pure Mulberry Silk Sheet Set

ZIMASILK 4 Pcs 100% Mulberry Silk Bed Sheet Set,All Side 19 Momme Silk (Queen, Silver Grey)

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It is made of pure Mulberry Silk, 400 thread-count, 19 Momme which is the smoothest weight silk raw-material that make sheets extra comfortable and soft. The bedding set has one flat sheet measuring 91″ by 102″), one fitted sheet measuring 60″ by 80″+16″, two queen pillowcases measuring 20″ by 33″+2″. It’s breathable.

It has natural anti-aging products. It is smooth, hypoallergenic, and breathable.Its’ high tensile strength makes it durable, rip-proof and strong. Mores, it is shrinkage resistant and retains its shape over a long time. This silk-sheet set prevents your hair from knotting and enables you to sleep sufficiently hence reducing the wrinkles on the face.

Each pillowcase has been packaged in a beautiful box. It can act as an amazing gift for your loved ones. It is made of 19 momme 100% Mulberry silk. The two sides of the Sheet are made of organic & natural silk. It comes in different colours. It is the most natural product that prevents ageing.

Key Features:

  • Silver grey in colour.
  • Pure Mulberry silk.
  • Breathability, hypoallergenic and smooth.
  • Anti-aging.
  • Rip proof.
  • Great tensile strength.

3- Orose’s Black, 4Pieces, Pure  Charmeuse Mulberry Silk Sheet

Orose 4Pcs 100% Charmeuse Mulberry Silk Bed Sheet Set Seamless Deep Pocket (Queen, Black)

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It is made of natural19mm hypoallergenic fibre silk which is free of artificial colourants and dangerous chemicals. They are machine-washable sets of sheet sewn from very delicate silk, but are also seamless. Silk is best for people who have skin conditions or allergies. Its natural abilities help in preventing from hot flushes.

It is seamless and has a deep pocket. The seamless silk-sheets have an extra-wide fabric which enables it to drape nicely. It is16 inches deep and the elastic corners will perfectly fit your mattress. It is appropriate for your skin and resists allergy. Also, it is a type of environmental pollution-free natural fibres.

Silk has the ability to make your skin re-absorb moisture via the natural-occurring amino acids in silk.  Taking moisture lost in the day when sleeping will help rejuvenate your skin during the night. It is very helpful to sufferers of dry skin and Eczema.

Key Features:

  • Silk is a natural fabric which is made from silkworm cocoons.
  • Re-absorbs moisture via the skin to prevent wrinkles.
  • Allergy-resistant.
  • Made of hypoallergenic fibre silk.

2- LilySilk’s White Silk Sheets Queen-Size (Flat Sheet Fitted)

LilySilk 4Pcs White Silk Sheets Queen Size - Flat Sheet Fitted Sheet Oxford Pillowcases, Natural 19 Momme 100 Pure Mulberry Raw Silk

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Top on our list is LILY SILK with their anti-bacterial, anti-ageing silk sheets. Its natural proteins safeguard your skin from pathogens and bacteria. The silk can also moisturize and nourish your skin all night. As you sleep, maintain your skin in the best status.

This set of silk sheets has 4 pieces including a silk-flat 91×102″ sheet, a silk-fitted 60×80″ sheet, 2 queen-size Oxford silk pillowcases (20×30″ each).

Some of the top benefits of this silk sheep pack include temperature regulation. Silk sheets retain heat more than cotton does. It keeps your body heat high throughout a cold night. Conversely, it relieves heat from the outside during hot summer to keep your body cool and comfy.

Key Features:

  • Breathable silk fabric that won’t take away the moisture from your skin when you need it most.
  • Ultra-smooth silk against your skin: prevents wrinkling and creates strong/durable but soft material texture.
  • Oeko-tex certified for chemical-free safety and natural dye.

1- Feeling Pampered’s 4 Pcs Luxurious 100% High Quality Mulberry Silk

4 Pcs Luxurious 100% Mulberry Silk Charmeuse Sheet Set King Silver Gray Half of Retail!

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This FEELING PAMPERED silk set has 4 pieces of the most luxurious fabrics. They’re made of 100% momme-charmeuse mulberry silk. This type of silk is the smoothest, lightest but most lustrous of all the silk out there.

The package includes 2 king-size pillowcases. There is also a single flat sheet and another fitted sheet. The 100% mulberry silk is in a seamless, beautiful, and silvery grey colour.

The sheets can perfectly fit king-size mattresses of up to 17 inches deep. Pure silk is durable, strong, and machine-washable.

Key Features:

  • A pack of 4 sheets of luxurious momme-charmeuse mulberry silk.
  • Seamless pure 100% mulberry silk.
  • Can ideally fit mattresses of up to 17″ deep.
  • Pure, durable, and machine-washable silk.

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