Best Salad Bowls in 2020 reviews

Salad bowls up the kitchen game. When preparing food, the best cookware options usually are those that make you avoid making a mess. And salad bowls offer this and much more. It has even risen to become must-have tableware because of its versatility. They come in various designs and like any other product can be complicated to choose the best for you.

Some salad bowls are so lovely that end up being collectibles.  In this article, we shall look at some of the best products out there.

What to consider when buying salad bowls:

  • Material: The best salad bowl should be high-quality material. This ensures that it can withstand that regular use or the several times that you have to use it. The top choices usually are wood, plastic, porcelain, glass, and bamboo.
  • Design: Salad bowls with attractive styles give a subtle appeal to the surrounding. They add a fashion statement to cabinets, countertops, kitchen or dining surrounding. You should go for the most stylish bowl you can afford.
  • Durability: The materials your salad bowl is made from should be long-lasting and wear and tear free. This ensures better preservation of your salad bowls. Top crafted hardwood bowls are the best. Some bowls are added a protective layer which means they can serve the purpose. Knife and spoon marks are a sign that probably the bowl isn’t durable.
  • Safety: Here the salad bowl should be made from materials that are safe, natural and hygienic.
  • Capacity: The best-sized bowl would be the one that serves the initial need. You don’t want it to be too small thus causing spillage even so too big.  Owning a set of different sizes should be another of your considerations.

Why you need salad bowls:

  • They are easy to use: Great salads are great because of how well they have been mixed. The different portions to be intermingled thus provide that nice balance is crucial. Large bowls encourage for better mixing with minimal or no spillage.
  • They are aesthetically pleasing: Some salad bowls have been creatively constructed hence adding a beautiful feel to the table.
  • Cleaning:  Salad bowls are fast and easy to clean than most utensils that would serve the same purpose. The ones with the non-stick feature are best. Other bowls are added an anti-rancid finish to avoid that odor that doesn’t come off

List of The Top 10 Best Salad Bowls in 2020:

10. Prodyne SB-3-C Prodyne Acrylic Salad Bowl

Prodyne SB-3-C Prodyne Acrylic Salad Bowl with Servers

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This product by Prodyne dares to portray the meaning of pure class. It boasts of its beautiful, elegant and artful design. The bowl construction is broad and deep.  This ensures enough space for your family dinner or cookouts. Having its company to lunch enriches the tablespace creating an appealing feel.The salad bowl has sturdy styled leg features. They offer great balance due to their stable structure. It keeps in position despite those accidental knocks. Furthermore, the dish is thick improving its durability. Its acrylic build is see-through clear, hence offers an attractive sight to your perfectly prepared salads. You can use this bowl for any variety of mixture.


  • It is beautifully designed and spacious.
  • It comes with servers.

9. Lipper International 294-3 Cherry Finished Wavy Rim Serving Bowl

Lipper International 294-3 Cherry Finished Wavy Rim Serving Bowl with 2 Salad Hands

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Lipper International is known for its international standards when it comes to its products. This medium sized bowl is skillfully shaped with a beautiful wavy rim. It is made from rubberwood and expertly given a sweet cherry finish. Its construction will offer you a salad bowl but can be a nice centerpiece for your dinner parties. The size is perfect for your family of 4 or 6. The manufacturer is generous enough to add a pair of hand servers. You can quickly clean the bowl with soap and water. The cherry finish gives it that nonstick quality. You don’t have to soak in water, after all its fast to clean. The bowl is versatile, and you can use it for breakfast and lunch also. It is just the thing for your fruits and veggies salads.


  • They are easy to clean
  • Generously sized
  • Simple and beautifully shaped

8. Lifver 7-inch/16oz Porcelain Soup Bowl/Salad Bowl Set

Lifver 7-inch/16oz Porcelain Soup Bowl/Salad Bowl Set, Natural White, Set of 6

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This set of 6 porcelain salad bowls is a sure class item from Lifver.  Its construction put your health into consideration; it is made of non-toxic porcelain that is lead-free. The bowl brags about its assured durability. You can use it for microwave and oven use. Its porcelain feature makes it suitable for different foods such as soup, sauce and tour salads of course. A single bowl from the set is of excellent shape and size.  You can comfortably hold ensuring no spilling as you use it. The smooth base provides that no scratch marks are left on your table. The base is also firm and sturdy. This prevents spillage of your favourite soup or dessert in case of an accidental knock. Its durable nature makes it dishwasher safe thus easy to clean.


  • Non-stick
  • 30-day refund or replacement warranty for defective items delivered
  • Easy to clean

7. Lipper International 294 Cherry Finished Wavy Rim Serving Bowl

Lipper International 294 Cherry Finished Wavy Rim Serving Bowl for Fruits or Salads

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This bowl from Lipper International is no surprise as one of the best salad bowls. It is made from rubberwood and given a heavy, dark and safe cherry colour finish. The company’s skilful wavy rim design construction seems to be a working brand for them. You don’t have to worry about dropping it; its wood nature prevents it from such mishaps. You can have this bowl for different functionalities. Apart from its primary use, you can use it to store your fruits or just to decorate. The deep beautiful cherry colour compliments any decor. The generously sized bowl ensures fast and easy preparation of your salads with minimal or no spillage. You shouldn’t soak; a simple, quick hand wash is enough for that longevity service.


  • It is easy to clean
  • Flexible
  • Durable

6. Sweese 1309 Porcelain Salad/ Pasta Bowls

Sweese 1309 Porcelain Salad/ Pasta Bowls - 22 Ounce - Set of 6, White

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Swasee has probably one of the most convenient bowls on the market. The porcelain made bowl boasts of its non-toxic earthenware and lead-free construction. Also, they are shallow and wide in design. This ensures you can scoop out everything quickly and comfortably. You can also have the bowl for your pet. The design makes it easy for it to feed with very minimal spillage. Flexible in functionality this excellent bowls might even replace your regular plates at the dining table. They are suitable for your dry food and soupy delicacies. A salad is auto mention, whether for fruits or veggies salad this is the right product for you.

Their smooth base also allows that no scratches are left on each other when you stack them. The manufacturer ensures this great product reaches you in good shape. Enjoy risk-free buying and put this fantastic product in your cart.


  • A guaranteed 30-day warranty for damaged item sees to it that you get a replacement or refund
  • The set of six is stackable thus easy to store and provide more room for other cutlery.

5. SM Bowls Bamboo Salad Bowl w/ Serving Hands: Sustainable set includes large square bowl and matching salad servers

SM Bowls Bamboo Salad Bowl w/ Serving Hands

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This salad bowl from SM Bowls deserves a 5-star rating thus a merited mid-table position. The container is made from bamboo as well as its servers that come with it. Bamboo gives it a natural designed pattern that gives it a feel of elegance. The square shaped bowl gives this unlimited stylish look that matches compliments any décor of your house. It shouldn’t just be for your kitchen use but can serve as prominence decorative piece any part of your home.The reasonably large bowl is a perfect bowl for salads as well as pasta type of food. This is suitable for you and yours for your casual and formal dining.

Its bamboo features ensure that it prevents wear and tear. Furthermore, the manufacturer guarantees to send one for free if you feel unpleased with the item.  Get this bowl and get that right feel assurance of choice.


  • Cleaning is easy
  • Pocket-friendly in cost

4.  Lipper International 8203-4 Bamboo Wood Salad Bowls

Lipper International 8203-4 Bamboo Wood Salad Bowls

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Lipper International does mind that you should have the best of best bowls. This set of 4 is made from eco-friendly bamboo as compared to other wood.  This gives it a natural pattern design that offers one of a kind style. Besides, it adds a beautiful, appealing set to your table for your dinner revelries. They are sized skillfully for an individual, thus enabling a reasonable volume of food for you. Fret not having hot, delicious meals in them since they don’t heat up making them comfy to touch. These bowls offer flexibility in the choice of food. You can have you dry chips and cereals with it.

The smooth texture is non-stick, thus easy to clean. Moreover, it doesn’t hold food odour making it perfect for that everyday use. Its versatility makes it ideal for you enjoy your assorted treats. For long-lasting avoid soaking, a simple soap and water wash is enough. Extreme temperatures are also not suitable for this beautiful product.


  • Easy to clean
  • It can be a nice gift purchase for your loved ones.
  • Compliments any décor

3. Sweese 1101 Porcelain Bowls – 18 Ounce

Sweese 1101 Porcelain Bowls - 18 Ounce for Cereal, Salad, Dessert - Set of 6, White

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Halfway through and this Sweese salad bowls could be in a better position. These porcelain bowls are more durable than stoneware. Have a stylish oval shaped design that gives it this want to use nice feel, impeccable when entertaining your visitors.  This set of six is perfect in size for a variety of uses. You can use them to store ingredients when prepping food. Apart from salads, you can use them for your dessert special such as ice cream.

The bowl has a sturdy and firm construction. It is smooth and resistant to chipping and scratches. You can stack them up saving space. The clean white colour doesn’t fade and gives it a sparkling fresh and hygienic look when cleaned. It also holds a reasonable amount of food for you as if calculated. They are safe to use and will not play a part in health issues.  This is because they are lead-free made as well as non-toxic ceramic.


  • The company boasts of its FDA approved bowls.
  • They simply clean.

2. Lipper International 273 Cherry Finished Footed Serving Bowl

Lipper International 273 Cherry Finished Footed Serving Bowl for Fruits or Salads

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Like it counter-parts from Lipper International this is a magnificent item. It is individually crafted from the best from quality materials as it brags. The rubberwood made bowl has rich color of the cherry finish. Also, has this perfect circular shape that accolades any interior decoration. You can get this to bring that aesthetically to your countertop. The 7 inch in diameter is fairly sized for you. This provides you that comfortable hold thus preventing spillage. It is deep enough to hold that perfect salad and cereal that you love. No worries about sticking odors from this. A simple and fast hand wash will do the trick. Avoid using it in extreme temperatures such as use in oven and refrigerator. Add this item to your kitchen for that simple and regular use bowl.


  • Durable
  • Non-stick
  • Easy to clean

1.  Lipper International 1174 Acacia Wave Serving Bowl

Lipper International 1174 Acacia Wave Serving Bowl of Fruits or Salads

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As it is normal, the top position is held by the crème de la crème. It comes as no surprise that Lipper International grace us with the top product. Simply a crafted masterpiece, the salad bowl is made of acacia wood.  The bowl has an attractive pattern design of dark and light accents ranging from light brown to a darker brown. The colours mix up and blend well forming a beautiful feel to the straight diagonal sides. The colour blends well and encomiums your table space for that elegant dinner with your loved ones. It gives that style and aspect that shows respect to your prepared salads.

The acacia construction material is an automatic show that this product is durable. The sweet, oily finish is chip and scratch proof. 12 inches in diameter and 7 inches in height, the salad bowl is munificently sized. With its size and shape, it allows you to the flexibility of using it.  You can use it to store your fruits as well as just using it as a decoration. This is a 5 star beautiful counter piece that will offer you great value. It would make an excellent present for your dear one.


  • A simple hand wash with soap and water is all that is needed for cleaning it.
  • It is safe for human use.

Final thought!

The tablespace has become a special place in everyday life. The salad bowls transform and enhance it showing the much-needed respect for your food. The above-listed salad bowls will sure give a particular discipline to handling food. So you ought to add one to your shopping list for their diverse use, whether prepping to cook or mixing your salads. Salad bowls are easy to handle, clean and reduce the number of dirty dishes.

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