Best Reading Pillows Review In 2022

Here we have listed top 10 best reading pillows of 2022, Make sure to check the whole list and choose the best product according to your requirements.

Everyone who enjoys a good book works around the clock, or is studying for school has once or twice found themselves trying to squeeze in a couple of more pages, if not chapters, before turning in for the night.

You may have used a normal pillow but since you are here reading this, it is safe to say that it didn’t work – and for good reason; they don’t provide your neck and back the support they need to prop you up to see what you are reading. They are only used for sleeping.

What you really need is a good reading pillow. They come in handy when you are trying to relax, trying to be productive, or when you are trying to keep away a wide range of health issues. These health issues include long-term back and neck problems.

The ten suggestions below will ensure that you enjoy these, and other extra benefits and conveniences of a reading pillow.

1. Linenspa Shredded Foam Reading Pillow

Best Reading Pillows

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If your bed has no headboard and you constantly find yourself working with a laptop desk or reading in bed, then this reading pillow will answer all of your problems. There are a number of cheap pillows out there of the same type but the features on this one have given it significant advantages over them.

The pillow arrives rolled up and compressed. If you have never ordered a memory foam mattress below, they always arrive rolled up and compressed so there is no need to worry. Just kneed and beat it vigorously and let it be for the foam clusters to break. It will continue to expand over the next couple of days.

The memory foam used in its construction compresses well without losing much stability and springs back easily. When you are using it, your body heat affects the shape of the foam and it makes it conform to your body giving more support.

The arm construction is better than many pillows on the market as they’re attached separately and feel tighter in toward the body instead of being wide and making the pillow a dumpling shape that rolls over.

The velour fabric is nice, and you will love the color and the pile as they are soft and long to prevent the pillow from sliding when you lean back against it. The seams are all double-stitched which should give you an insight into its durability.

It works pretty well, giving a surprising amount of comfort with a certain amount of squish to it. You will be able to sit up and work comfortably. If you find yourself lounging, it is pretty simple to sit up and pull the pillow back towards you from the bottom. The handle at the top is also pretty convenient for transport.


  • Comes in two convenient sizes
  • Provides better airflow thanks to the shredded foam
  • Soft and smooth surface
  • Convenient arm support
  • Easy to move around thanks to the carrying handle

2. Brentwood Originals Brushed Twill Bedrest

Brentwood Originals Brushed Twill Bedrest

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This pillow is for you if you are looking to pad your back against a headrest or against the wall during movies. However, there is a catch; it will only suit you best if you don’t mind propping it up against a wall every time you are using it as it doesn’t offer that much support for your back without another surface.

As a company, Brentwood Originals, as their name suggests, are among the first companies in the pillow industry. Since 1958, they have been selling quilted bedspreads and decorative pillows. Combining their years of experience and the will to work towards maximizing value towards customers, they came up with this reading pillow.

It comes with a twill fabric cover that is brushed with polyester for increased durability and softness. This fabric is what makes keeping this unit clean, requiring you to only spot clean it using a damp cloth.

Thanks to the level of support it offers, this pillow is not only good for reading in bed, but you can also use it to go for a picnic, hang out in the dorm rooms, sit in the living room, and/or sit with it in the stadium bleachers.

With dimensions of 26″W x 18″ D x 18″H and a convenient carrying handle at the top, you can move it around with ease.

Although it may seem like it lacks the much needed lower back support, if you sit up hard against it, you will able to get the support, making it also perfect for breastfeeding.


  • Great for reading as well as watching TV in bed
  • Polyester brushed twill fabric adds on durability
  • Handle at the top simplifies carrying around
  • Can be spot cleaned using a damp cloth
  • Offers excellent arm support
  • Available in 5 color options

3. Brentwood Shagalicious Bedrest, Hot Pink

Reading Pillows

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Being a product from Brentwood Originals, there are two things that you should expect from it: value and versatility. It is well priced and judging by the number of features and the convenience it offers, it is safe to say that you are getting more than your money’s worth with this one.

It is made to be usable at home in the living room, bedroom, stadium bleachers, picnics, or just hanging out with your friends so versatility is already covered.

If you love glamour, you will be excited to know that this pillow is available in three colors: hot pink, lime, and turquoise. It has an amazingly soft surface at the front with hairs that don’t shed however hard you rub against them.

What you will really love about it is its back support. It is not uncommon to find reading pillows that offer back supports that are too low, which is a problem most adults encounter.

With this, not only is the back support hard and comfortable, but it is also high enough to give full support to your whole back. If your range about 5’3”, the end of the back support will be right at the top of your neck.

The arm support on this unit is not all that good. While they offer enough support in some positions, these positions are uncomfortable and feel unnatural. They are too short to rest most of your forearms on them.

It is easy to transport, as aided by the carrying handle at the top, and you are allowed to spot clean it with a damp cloth.


  • Great back support
  • Simple to transport
  • Easy to clean
  • Well sized
  • Great value for your money

4. Brentwood 557 Corduroy Bedrest, Navy

Brentwood 557 Corduroy Bedrest, Navy

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As a Brentwood Originals model, this reading pillow carries on with their tradition of quality. To clear the air, this product is not at all for you if you are looking for enormous amounts of comfort. It offers a certain level of support, but not in such a way that it feels too uncomfortable.

When you lean on it for extended periods of time, the squishy material takes the shape of your body. This feature makes it perfect for light adults and children.

It is made of polyester material and filled with plump, polyester fill. This construction, on top of the double-stitched seams, will allow you more than a few years of use. The cover also lets you spot clean it using a damp cloth and doesn’t stain.

It is not shipped compressed as with the other models, and you have 6 color options from which to choose from. The colors are navy, black, Chilli pepper, coffee bean, tan and shaded spruce. With such a wide color option, it is hard to miss something that suits you.

Similar to the reading pillows on this list, this one comes with a support handle to let you move it around easily. This is furthered by its size of 26″W x 18″ D x 18″H and the 4.25 pounds it weighs.


  • Durable 100% polyester construction
  • Sturdy feel
  • Simple to transport
  • Ease of spot-cleaning
  • Comfortable armrests

5. Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic Foam Bed Wedge Pillow

Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic Foam Bed Wedge Pillow

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The Brentwood Therapeutic Foam Bed Wedge Pillow provides the best support to elevate your legs, upper body, or to act as a trunk stabilizer as you lie on your side. This reading pillow is different from the above in that it is of the wedge design as opposed to the upright ones with armrests.

It is this simple wedge design that gives it its many benefits and desirable features. It is perfect for watching TV on the floor, reading in bed, or sleeping over the night.

To start with, there are three available sizes from which to choose from in terms of height. They include 7”, 10”, and 12”. The other measurements are 24 by 24 inches. This pillow is made of a soft knit fabric that doesn’t stain fast and is removable for washing.

When used to sleep overnight, it can help with such problems as snoring, acid reflux, poor circulation, back, neck, and breathing problems among others. It also postures the torso correctly to assist with digestion, and you can also use it to elevate your legs for increased circulation.

This pillow is made without mercury, phthalates regulated by CPSC, ozone depleters, TCEP flame retardants, PBDEs, lead, and formaldehyde.


  • Helps with other problems such as snoring and allergies
  • Dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic
  • Certi-PUR-US certified
  • Also helps with digestion
  • Available in different sizes
  • Removable cover
  • Can be used together with another pillow
  • Usable for sleeping and not just reading

6. Brentwood Originals 2136 Plush Bed Rest, Teal

Brentwood Originals 2136 Plush Bed Rest, Teal

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Brentwood Originals 2136 Plush Bed Rest is ideal for a number of situations. Whether you are in the dorm room hanging out, on a picnic, at home in the living room, or watching your favorite game in the bleachers, this pillow has got you.

There have been complaints of Brentwood reading pillows lacking enough arm support, but not with this one. The armrests are long enough to comfortably hold your forearms without feeling unnatural. With a width of 21.9 inches, this pillow can hold an adult snugly without overstretching.

The fabric on its surface is 100% polyester so there is much to expect in terms of durability. This same surface is what makes it so easy to spot clean using a damp cloth. You can carry it around, from room to room, thanks to its lightweight (3.5 pounds) and the carrying handle fitted at the top.


  • Versatile
  • Simple to transport
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Full back support
  • Comes in a clean bag
  • Has a pocket

7. Husband Pillow – Dark Grey, Big Reading & Bed Rest Pillow

Best Reading Pillows

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The husband pillow is more than just an ordinary reading pillow. To begin with, you have a total of 16 color options to pick from in terms of removable covers to match your bedroom decor. It is taller than most, coming in at 31 inches in height.

This pillow supports not just your back, but also your neck as it comes with a neckroll pillow. The pillow can be used to support your neck or extend the pillow height. It is filled with shredded memory foam with a smooth and plush cover. Its shape is perfect for resting, sleeping, bed rest, and lounging.

It also has a couple of interesting features such as the presence of three pockets; one at the back and two at the sides. At the bottom of the shell, there is a zipper that allows you to add or remove foam to achieve ultimacy in comfort and relaxation. If you want, you can also order additional foam for that purpose.

It has a convenient carrying handle at the top and is backed by a 100-day money-back guarantee and a 3-year warranty.


  • Includes a detachable neck support
  • Made of durable premium shredded memory foam
  • Features two pockets
  • Easy to carry around.
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Three-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Allows foam customization

8. Milliard Reading Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam

Milliard Reading Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam

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Finding a comfy spot to cuddle up to your good book can be very hard. With the Millard Shredded Foam Reading Pillow, your quiet afternoons and your late nights will welcome you literally with open arms as this cozy and airy cushion embraces you and sets your body up in the perfect reading position.

What’s more, you can use it almost everywhere whether you want to sit, relax, or just prop yourself up for a snack or read.

It is filled with a shredded polyurethane memory foam known not only for its softness but also for durability. This reading pillow takes us a step closer to haven by including the accessible insert to stuff it with more or less foam for added or reduced firmness. If your pillow stains, just unzip the outer cover and toss it into your washing machine.

The package arrives compressed and folded for compact shipping. Just open it and leave it in a ventilated room for it to regain its shape.


  • Enhanced portability
  • Certi-Pur certified
  • Available in three sizes
  • Removable machine-washable covers
  • Gives a more upright stance

9. mittaGonG Backrest Reading Arms Removable Cover Navy Blue

mittaGonG Backrest Reading Arms Removable Cover Navy Blue

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There are many reasons to choose mittaGonG reading pillow. To begin with, it comes with an almost entirely different technique of holding your back. Instead of the normal vertical stance, other pillows put you in, as you use the mittaGonG, your lower back will be pushed forward such that you are in a slanting position, perfect for relaxing and lounging.

This is so because it is designed with top narrower than the bottom.

It has armrests that are longer than those of most reading pillows. At 12”, your arms will be well supported in whatever position you choose to relax in. If you would like to keep something like a book or remote control close by, this unit has a pocket for that exact purpose.

The pillow comes with a soft velvet cover that can be removed using a zipper and washed by a machine. It also has a carrying handle and has a not-so-pleasant odor when you unpack it which goes after using it for a couple of times.


  • Well sized
  • Has firm support
  • Quality construction
  • Premium look
  • Good arm support
  • Removable, machine-washable cover

10. WalterDrake Backrest Pillow – Large Firmly Stuffed Sitting Support Bed Pillow

Reading Pillows

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If you are looking for a sturdy pillow with lots and lots of support, then you have just found your gem. The WalterDrake backrest pillow offers an exceptional level of support, so although it may feel too firm for others, it is perfect for situations such as surgery-recovery.

The dense foam used doesn’t lose its shape no matter your weight and duration of using it. At a size of 20″ x 31″ x 14″, it is large enough to be used by adults as well as children and offer full back support. The fabric is faux suede polyester that allows you to spot clean it when it stains. It also features a fabric loop at the top to assist in carrying around.

On the downside, the armrests are not that long so they don’t offer as much support as you would expect. This, however, depends on your size.


  • Ultra-comfortable
  • Doesn’t lose its shape
  • Easy to carry
  • Huge in size, maximizing comfort
  • Sturdy and firm

11. Xtra-Comfort Bed Wedge Pillow – Folding Memory Foam Incline Cushion

Xtra-Comfort Bed Wedge Pillow - Folding Memory Foam Incline Cushion

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Everyone has a different back or neck problem that gets worse every time they sleep in the wrong position. This is why wedge reading pillows are such a gem among those with such problems.

Xtra-Comfort Bed Wedge Pillow is among the most versatile with three functions. You can use it under the back, head, or even legs to increase circulation. What’s more, you can adjust the slope of the wedge to match your body type and needs or use it alongside your pillows.

It is made of soft and dense memory foam for optimal support. For this reason, it never loses its shape so durability is guaranteed. The package includes a removable and machine-washable cover made of polyester for durability. The original color is a neutral beige and it measures 22 inches wide and 12 inches deep.


  • Removable and machine washable cover
  • Versatile
  • Helps with a number of health problems thanks to the wedge design
  • Convenient as you can adjust the incline
  • Can be used along with other pillows

12. Keen Edge Home Hypoallergenic Shredded Foam Reading Pillow

Keen Edge Home Hypoallergenic Shredded Foam Reading Pillow

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Finding a pillow that offers the right kind of softness and back and neck support is important for you to well tackle future health problems due to poor posture. The Keen Edge Home Shredded Foam Pillow comes with a velour fabric that adds to its durability, softness and overall quality.

This fabric is filled with a shredded foam material that is totally hypoallergenic. This offers stability and comfort, as well as give you a soft and relaxing feel.

It has dimensions of about 20 inches height x 28 inches wood x 17 inches depth, which is quite generous if you consider that most brands are only around 18 inches in height. It is usable in almost all situations in and around the house. Its design includes a pocket for added convenience.

The downside to this otherwise wonderful pillow is it is only available in one color – white. This may stain fast, but you can purchase other loose covers to prevent it.


  • Very comfy thanks to the shredded foam
  • Soft feel (vanilla velour fabric)
  • Easy-to-remove cover for easy washing
  • Nice and firm, can be used to sit on the bed or on the floor
  • Reasonable price

13. WOWMAX PP-Cotton Filled Triangular Wedge Pillow

Reading Pillows

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WOWMAX PP-Cotton Filled Triangular Wedge Pillow is more than just a pillow. This is true as it allows you to read/relax in a number of positions. These include (but not limited to): sitting upright, gently elevated sleeping, supportive side sleeping, feet elevation, and easy stomach reading.

It is big, measuring 59 inches long, 7.9 inches wide, and 19 inches high to fill the entire bed from end to end. This feature is what makes it such a darling as it can be used by more than one person in an instance – actually, all the people that can fit in the bed can share it.

It is also great for a daybed as it makes it look like a couch. It comes in four different sizes to match all bed sizes.

The cover is made of a corduroy material and stuffed with a polyurethane filler. This provides you perfect neck and back support as you read. The design on this pillow focuses on lower and upper back support.

The cover is detachable and can be washed with cold water using a washing machine. You have 11 color options from which to choose.


  • Multipurpose
  • It comes in multiple sizes for different bed sizes.
  • Fast shipping and delivery.
  • Usable for beds without headboards.
  • Can be used by more than one person at a time.
  • Soft and comfortable ergonomic design.

Best Reading Pillows – Buyers Guide

Best Reading Pillows

Now that we have those out of the way, there is a way for a new question. Which option is best to suit your unique needs? Here are five things you need to consider as you narrow your options down and focus on the ideal one.


Even if you are on an unlimited budget, price plays a very important role. You aren’t looking to acquire just a sleeping pillow: you are looking to maximize value on your purchase. The more the value, the more the pillow meets your needs.


As you can see from the pillows above, they come in a variety of materials. One thing to keep in mind is that you are looking for a pillow so that you can spend a whole lot of time using it. As such you should go for one with a material that feels really good against your skin.


Generally, there are two types of reading pillows. There is the traditional design featuring a huge pillow to hold your back and extension arms for additional support. You will also come across the wedge design, which is simply a huge pillow that has a gradually rising slope.

Which best fits your needs?

Health Issues

The design that you go for is determined mostly by your health needs. More often than not, people purchase reading pillows to address a certain health issue. Problems such as snoring, allergies and neck or back pains have their own pillows to address them.


There are a number of features that add convenience and usability to the pillows. Some of them include easy to clean and hypoallergenic options. The option that you go for should have the features that important to you.


When it comes to taking care of our bodies to prevent any long-term health effects, there is no glossing over the details. There are a number of options from which to choose from so careful consideration needs to be taken.

The list above is by no chance exhaustive, but it has looked at a varying range of products that take care of most reading-in-bed needs. As such, you are sure to find something to suit you from the above.

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