Best Raised Toilet Seats in 2020 Reviews

Choosing the right raised toilet seats is great for people with disabilities or seniors. When getting this kind of toilet, it is ideal as there is no need to raise the whole toilet. Also, it ensures that you can use it without bending thus improving safety. These type of toilet are most common for elderly, people with mobility issues, and sick people with low strength and balance issues.

Choose the best raised toilet seats with arms from our list below and enjoys smooth access to a toilet.

10. Vaunn Medical Elevated Raised Toilet Seat

Vaunn Medical Elevated Raised Toilet Seat and Commode Riser


  • Comfortable and broad
  • Durable
  • Easy installation
  • Highly portable

If you have an elderly or sick person, the best way to ease their struggling is to get this raised medical toilet seat from Vaunn.

Compared to other toilet seats, this one is extra broad and comfortable to minimize struggles when using. As a result, when sitting it doesn’t cause the body to experience stress and joint pains.

Utilizing the seat is secure and safe. The top surface is designed with an anti-slipping locking mechanism to prevent movement when using the toilet. Enhanced with removable and padded handles which enrich the user experience. Therefore, when the patient conditions improve it can be operated when handles are off.

Construction of this toilet seat isn’t like any other you can find in the stores. It boasts heavy-duty anti-bacterial plastic which ensures durability even under frequent usage. Installation is tool free which allows you to use it everywhere. It is lightweight and portable thus ideal when traveling.


  • Easy and tool-free mounting
  • Premium quality construction materials
  • Safe from causing infections
  • Ideal for heavy people
  • #1 Best Seller in Toilets

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9. PCP Raised Toilet Seat Two-in-One

PCP Raised Toilet Seat Two-in-One with Safety Frame


  • Strong frame
  • Soft vinyl handles grips
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Easy to move

With limited mobility, spine injury and other balance impairing balance, going to the toilet can be a challenge. But you don’t need to worry anymore, once you get PCP raised toilet seat, you agonies ate over.

The construction of this seat featured sturdy materials and incorporated adjustable frame. The frame extends to provide grips as well as armrests.

The frame encircling plastic seat is friendly, and won’t hurt you when sitting. In fact. It is designed to comfort to your body to avoid stress. Additionally, splashing is eliminated which ensures that there is no discomforts as well as risks of infections.

When going outdoors, having the PCP raised seat will ease your work. With a portable design, it will eliminate the need to keep on looking for ideal toilet since you can move with it. Notably, the seat can adjust from 18 to 21 inches and has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Firm and comfortable vinyl handles
  • Easy to move with

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8. Carex Health Brands Toilet Seat Elevator

Carex Health Brands Toilet Seat Elevator for Standard Round Toilets


  • Sturdy padded handles
  • Fits on standard toilets
  • Strong and durable construction material

The Carex Health Brand is presenting this raised toilet seat elevator to assist sick and seniors. Therefore, it is possible to live a happy life despite body balancing of joint problems. Amazingly, this seat is installable in an existing toilet without a complicated process. The designing allows you to place it on a standard toilet.

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Apart from the ease of installation, the toilet seat is extra comfortable. It has a smooth sitting surface which ensures that when using it, there are no sharp edges which cause your skin to experience discomforts. Enhanced with comfortable handles, it makes standing easy as they act as handles. They are enhanced with padding, thereby improving grip as well as comfort.

Upon placing it in the toilet, it has a sure stability which ensures that it doesn’t slip as you sit on it. Additionally, it gives the toilet an elevation of up to 3 inches which is ideal for preventing extreme bending which can be uncomfortable with an impaired person. Constructed from durable materials, it is hard to crack or break.


  • Hard to crack and break
  • Perfectly fits in standard toilet
  • Raises the toilet profile for easy use

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7. Maddak Tall-Ette Elevated Toilet Seat

Maddak Tall-Ette Elevated Toilet Seat, Extra Wide Seating Surfac


  • Foam padding
  • Adjustable aluminum frame
  • Non-slipping mounting bracket

Are your senior health or age making going to the toilet a problem? Or, is there a member of your family experiencing weak muscles or balancing issues? You don’t have to worry anymore, the best gift you can give to them is this Maddak Tall-Ette elevated toilet seat. Designed with a broad sitting surface, it can accommodate people of different sizes without causing body strains.

Forget about those toilet seats which comes with hard handles that can cause hand strains. With this seat, it enjoys a foam armrests which also act as anti-slipping handles padding. Furthermore, the incorporated aluminum frame is sturdy, but, lightweight which is ideal for cutting the overall seat weight. The legs are adjustable depending on the height of the user to increase comfort.

Now, when using the seat, you can have a peace of mind since mounting is safe. It fits properly on the toilet meaning that it doesn’t move or shake as you use the chair. Backed by installation bracket, it means that mounting and removing quick. It is also possible to permanently lock the Maddak toilet seat using a Bolt-Down Lok-In-El.


  • Tool-free installation
  • Extra wide sitting surface
  • Comfortable armrests with ample padding

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6. AquaSense Raised Toilet Seat with Lid

AquaSense Raised Toilet Seat with Lid, White, 4-Inches


  • Lightweight, strong plastic
  • 4-inch toilet elevation
  • Incorporated fitting lid
  • Secure attachment

Stop letting your loved ones suffer when visiting a toilet. If they need special care, AquaSense is the best choice you can trust to offer a comfortable and safe support. The toilet seat is specially designed to elevate the toilet to 4 inches, hence ideal for preventing too much bending. As a result, this makes on and off quickly without experiencing joints and muscle pains.

Without doubts, having this seat brings a lot of conveniences. It is not heavy as some brands which use ceramic. This utilizes molded plastic that impacts a real toilet feeling. Moreover, the materials are sturdy with the capacity to support up to 300 pounds.

For a hygienic utilization, the seat is fitted with a lid. The attachment is natural without the need of using tools as long as you use a standard toilet. To improve the safety of the users, it is possible to incorporate toilet rail, which enhances safety and comfortability.


  • Feels like a real toilet
  • Light plastic significantly reduces weight
  • Compatible with ball standard shaped toilets
  • Easy to clean and cover lid

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5. Vive Raised Toilet Seat with Padded Handles

Vive Raised Toilet Seat with Padded Handles


  • Comfortable seat design
  • Simple cleaning and installation
  • Lightweight design

As you look the way to improve the usability of your toilet if you experience difficulties using a standard one, Vive raise toilet seat makes a great pick. It is one of the most comfortable seats you can get on the market to keep you away from struggles. Besides, the ergonomic design perfectly conforms to your body, thus eliminating the hard surfaces.

Fitting this seat on the standard toilet, it improves the height by 5 inches. Therefore, it makes sitting down as well as raising up simple with minimal joint problems. What about the cleaning? Unlike many toilet seats which are hard to clean, having this one gives you an easy time. Cleaning is smooth and fits in all ADA compliant toilets.

With a simple design, the seat is highly portable due to its lightweight nature. Thus, when traveling, it is simple to carry and store. With a durable plastic, the toilet seat can accommodate up to 250 pounds. Assembling is tool-free hence a great option when looking for a raised toilet seat.


  • Smooth swap to clean process
  • Great choice for traveling
  • Universally fit ADA compliant toilets

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4. Essential Medical Supply Elevated Toilet Seat

Essential Medical Supply Elevated Toilet Seat, Elongated with Arms


  • Extra comfortable arms
  • Cleans easily
  • Mounting hardware and manual

Are you struggling to use a standard toilet? There is no need to continue the trend, getting a raised toilet seat can solve all this. Now, the Essential Medicalsupplya elevated seat is dedicated to all people with medical conditions preventing them from using toilets normally. That is why it is equipped with sturdy arms with soft padding to help in support. Theses arms act as armrests when sitting on the toilet. These arms are removable.

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This raised toilet seat is outstanding in improving the height of a standard toilet. Thereby, it allows the user to ensure that the user has simple time when getting on and off the toilet. It is available in different sizes and modes such standard and elongated design to suit your installation. All mounting hardware comes with the seat which eases the installation.


  • Ample armrest padding
  • Removable arms
  • Cleans down easily

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3. AquaSense Portable Raised Toilet Seat

AquaSense Portable Raised Toilet Seat, 4 Inches


  • Elevates toilet 4 inches
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Heavyweight support
  • Durable plastic

AquaSense is a top manufacturer of toilets and other equipment meant for enabling you to live a happy and hygienic life. Now, for people suffering from medical conditions which affect the body balancing, they have a superb elevating seat. This seat is designed to raise the toilet height to 4 inches, thereby making it easy to use without the need of assistance.

Despite its simple looking nature, the toilet raiser is extra strong than most available seats on the market today. This is because it features a durable plastic (polyethylene) which is tough and doesn’t break or crack easily. On the other hand, it boasts high weight support capability of up to 400 pounds.

Forget about the raised toilet seats which are designed to be used only indoors. With this one, to gives you the freedom of movement without eating up space in your vehicle. Its sizing enables it to be compatible with standard bowls and is universally sized.


  • Durable polyethylene plastic
  • Stylish design
  • Compact and easy to carry

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2. Drive Medical Elevated Raised Toilet Seat

Drive Medical Elevated Raised Toilet Seat, Removable Padded Arms


  • Easy Locking in place
  • Durable construction design
  • Versatile and comfortable

Derive medical elevated toilet seat, is all you want to solve all the bathroom issues for anyone who medically challenged in your home. This seat is designed like no other due to its professional construction. With this, it helps people who have difficulties in sitting down and standing up in the toilet. With its ability to provide additional 5 inches height, it prevents the individuals from bending too much.

The durable plastic used in the construction of this elevated toilet seat is sturdy to support heavy people without breaking. At the sides, are amply padded armrests which also serves as grips when sitting or standing. The arms are removable depending on the health condition of an individual.

Now, many people worry about the installing a raised toilet seat. But, with this one, it comes with a simple locking mechanism to eliminate all hassle associated with mounting. There are no tools needed to fix this toilet seat; thereby, it can be used with any standard toilet hassle free. The overall weight capacity is 300 pounds.


  • Securely padded armrests
  • Firm locking mechanism
  • Cleaning is a breeze
  • #1 Best Seller in Raised Toilet Seats

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1. Drive Medical Premium Seat Riser

Drive Medical Premium Seat Riser, Removable Arms, Standard Seat


  • Lid enhanced top
  • Tool-free removable arms
  • Compatible with standard toilets
  • Heavy-duty plastic construction

The Drive Medical, won’t let you down when it comes to raised toilet seats. This premium one from this company the best you can think of for people with sitting down and getting up. Instead of letting your seniors or any other individual struggle, the seat is a good choice.

The reason behind this is because it has a universal compatibility with all standard toilets. Also, enhanced with a lid, it means that the seat facilitates cleanness in your bathroom.

The comfort when utilizing this raised toilet seat is a guarantee due to the incorporated removable armrests. They can be removed without the user tool. This is also experienced when installing the seat since it doesn’t need tools for mounting.

Boasting molded plastic construction, the toilet seat is highly durable and robust, which means that it cant crack or break easily. In fact, it has a weight rating of 300 pounds.


  • Tool-free installing
  • Durable, heavy-duty plastic material
  • Effortless seat cleaning
  • Ideal for use with all standard toilets

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Some healthy conditions call for the adoption of raised toilet seats. Now all stress of selecting the best one is gone. With these reviewed raised toilet seats, you can get your perfect choice.


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