Top 10 Best Portable Shampoo Bowls In 2022 Review

Let us have a look at the best portable shampoo bowl forms. No doubt, manufacturing such kind of hair washing basins is a great move. We have penned down the reviews for you. These washbasins are specially and exclusively made for elderly people.

Furthermore, to bring more ease for your salon customers, you can use these shampoo bowls without asking them to move for washing their hair. Moreover, these hair washing bowls are easy to handle.

They are extremely lightweight and ideal to be used for professional purpose. You are free to keep them in your home too. If you are one of the professional hairdressers, then it is important for you to keep such a shampoo bowl in your salon.

Even more, you can adjust these hair washing bowls in any angle and position you want to! Check out the detailed reviews now:

Benefits of a Portable Shampoo Bowls

Best Portable Shampoo Bowls

You might be wondering what are the exclusive benefits and plus points which are offered by these portable shampoo bowls, here you can check out that:

Most importantly, these shampoo bowls or you can say hair wash basins let you reconfigure your salon space in the most convenient way and manner. They are fully adjustable and remains to stay easy to use. They are at times call with the name of professional tilting shampoo bowls.

As these hair washing bowls are made of high-impact ABS Plastic, for the reason that they are genuinely and purely lightweight. Most probably, using these shampoo bowls in your salon, they are going to look visually appealing. They work in the most functional style and make hair washing job seamless for you.

Lastly, these shampoo bowls are accompanied by both hot and cold faucets. They have a  vacuum breaker installed in them and they have a spray hose too. Apart from that, if there is an elderly person in your home and he or she could not move, then you can use this washbasin sink to wash their hair.

10- Jobar Portable Shampoo Bowls

Jobar Portable Shampoo Bowls

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The first most loved and much-praised recommendation we have for you, it is this Jobar Hair Shampoo and Rinse Tray. The dimensions of this bowl are 18.2″ L x 13.6″ W x 2.4″ H. Most importantly, it is outfitted with the trait of Durable plastic construction.

It comes with an easy to clean surface. If you are one of those persons who experience limited motion, then this is an ideal option which you can use for washing your hair.

What We Like:

  • An easy-clean surface is embossed in it.
  • It is ideal for those people who have limited motion.
  • You can easily use it with a chair or also with a wheelchair.

9- Ez-Shampoo Hair Washing Tray

Ez-Shampoo Hair Washing Tray

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Ez-Shampoo Hair Washing Tray consists and composed of raised edges. Most noteworthy, this shampoo bowl works in a versatile way and manner. It is installed with raised edges so that no water spill from it. If you want to enjoy an easy shampooing time in a seated position, then this is an appropriate product for you.

You can either use it with a wheelchair or with a simple chair. No matter you use this shampoo bowl for hours and hours, your neck will not get tired on it.

What We Like:

  • It offers you easy and hassle-free shampooing time.
  • You can use this shampoo bowl with a wheelchair.
  • It fit your neck comfortably.

8- Anne Marie Beauliet Inflatable Portable Shampoo Bowls

Anne Marie Beauliet Inflatable Portable Shampoo Bowl

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The unique selling point of that Anne Marie Beauliet Inflatable Shampoo Tray/Basin is that you can adjust and set it in any kind of angle and position you want to! Most probably, this shampoo bowl may become the most desirable choice for you.

Because it brings a lot of ease for you. It comes with an easy-to-use hair washing tray. It contours your neck in a relaxed manner. All in all, this hair wash basin makes sure to give you an easy shampooing time while you are in a seated position.

What We Like:

  • It can be adjusted to any kind of position.
  • It is perfect to be used in a home, salon.
  • This is an ideal option to be placed in nursing homes.

7- eMark Beauty Wall-Mounted Tilting Shampoo Bowls

eMark Beauty Wall-Mounted Tilting Shampoo Bowl

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How about buying this eMark Beauty Wall-Mounted Tilting Shampoo Bowl! It consists of an adjustable tilting bowl and that is the best part about it. In addition, it is available in the form of an extra and comfortable backwash style.

You can adjust this washbasin with any shampoo chair you want to! Besides, the package is included with a vacuum breaker, hair trap as well as gel neck rest, spray hose, and also drain included. It is made by using a scratch-resistant ABS plastic which is further embossed with a glossy finish.

What We Like:

  • This is a functional and visually appealing shampoo bowl.
  • It is highly resilient when it comes to long-term use.
  • This one is a time-saving and simplistic fixture.

6- AW Portable Shampoo Bowls

AW Portable Shampoo Bowl

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Also, you may love to use this AW Shampoo Bowl Hair Sink. This is a mini and lightweight version of this hair wash basin bowl. Moreover, it is 100% tougher and stronger with respect to its construction. It is made with the help of a PP material.

And this material is exclusively corrosion resistant. Along with that, this portable bowl is outfitted with a CUPC Certified Vacuum Breaker. The induction and injection of moulded plastic make this shampoo bowl more durable. This is a suitable product to be used in a barbershop and beauty salon.

What We Like:

  • Durable and high gloss black finish is induced in it.
  • It looks extremely appealing.
  • It is composed of a larger bowl.

5- Saloniture Portable Salon Deep Basin Shampoo Sink

Saloniture Portable Salon Deep Basin Shampoo Sink

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Besides, the next suggestion which we are putting in front of you, it has got some of the amazing reviews from it, customers. We are talking about Saloniture Portable Salon Deep Basin Shampoo Sink. Most importantly, this one is a portable and 100% lightweight hair sink which is made by using durable ABS composite.

It is 20 in. x 19 in. x 9-1/2 in. deep and comes with a strong pedestal base. You are free to adjust its height from 39 in. to 55 inches.

What We Like:

  • A strong pedestal base is incorporated in it.
  • Its height is fully adjustable.
  • It allows your neck to rest in a relaxed and comfortable style.

4- Nova Microdermabrasion Portable Shampoo Basin Sink

Nova Microdermabrasion Portable Shampoo Basin Sink

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If you are looking for a hair wash basin which needs low maintenance, then we have this exact recommendation for you. And it is Nova Microdermabrasion Portable Shampoo Basin Sink. Most noteworthy, it comes and packed with an extra-large capacity bowl.

This product is lightweight and economical. Even more, it looks very stylish and infused with lots of professional features. Its best part is that it has got a stain-resistant bowl which is made of durable ABS composite and Stainless Steel.

What We Like:

  • It can tilt completely in a forward or parallel manner.
  • It is constructed by using ABS composite
  • It can also be permanently installed.

3- Chrome Cherry Mobile Salon Portable Shampoo Bowls

Chrome Cherry Mobile Salon Portable Shampoo Bowl

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You may order this Chrome Cherry Mobile Salon Inflatable Basin for your salon or for your home. It is composed of a revolutionary rinse tray.

And remains to say an ideal option for the professional stylists. It is all because of the adjustable channelling flaps as well as the injection of a grooved design that all water will be able to flow down into sink in a neat way.

What We Like:

  • It gives great neck support while you are washing your hair.
  • You can easily keep it in your beauty bag.
  • 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

2- Safety Contoured portable salon hair washing sink tub

Safety Contoured portable salon hair washing sink tub

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Safety Contoured portable salon hair washing sink tub has got extensive thumbs up from our side. The injection of a contoured shape in this shampoo bowl makes it more versatile. Furthermore, this is the right kind of shampoo tray which makes your washing and rinsing hair job trouble-free.

Those elderly people who could not walk or face limited motion, then they can remain in their seated position. And simply give a wash to their hair by using this washbasin bowl.

What We Like:

  • The wipe-clean plastic surface is featured in it.
  • It is easy and simple to use.
  • This is an ideal product for limited motion of people.

1- Duro Med DMI Portable Shampoo Bowls

Duro Med DMI Portable Shampoo Bowls

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All innovative design is present in this Duro Med DMI Portable Shampoo Bowl. We are sure that while using this shampoo washbasin bowl, your neck will remain to get maximum comfort and 100% support.

The presence of innovative design is going to direct water flow right away from bed and linens.

What We Like:

  • It gives comfortable neck support.
  • It is featured with a no-spill and no leak system.
  • It delivers the highest functionality.

Best Portable Shampoo Bowls – Buyers Guide

Best Portable Shampoo Bowls

Adjustable Tilting Bowl

It is immensely crucial for you to look for a hair washbasin which has an adjustable tilting bowl. If it is designed in a way to be carried with a comfortable backwash style, then do use such a shampoo bowl. Moreover, it should be readily and instantly get adjust to any shampoo chair.

Gives Optimal Comfort

Avoid buying such a hair wash basin which does not give you optimal comfort. High-quality shampoo bowls, they manage to give a gel neck rest comfort. Such a feature will not let your neck to become exhausted upon sitting for prolonged periods of time.

High-Quality Construction

You can look for a shampoo bowl which is made of high impact and high-quality ABS plastic. If you are investing your money in a backwash station, then it has to be made of high-impact materials. You can even hunt for a washbasin which carries a high-gloss finish and looks appealing, and too highly resilient.

Easy to Clean and Quick to Adjust

The last important and essential part of this buying guide! It is that your portable shampoo bowl should be easy to clean as well as quick to adjust. Its bowl should not take a long time while cleaning it up.

You can give your favour to that option which identifies itself as a time-saving and simplistic fixture. Furthermore, it also adjusts easily to any of the shampoo chairs.

FAQs about Best Portable Shampoo Bowls

What Is Best Shampoo Bowl for Home Salon?

What Is Best Shampoo Bowl for Home Salon?

The best shampoo bowl for a home salon can be from the brands like Saloniture Portable Salon Deep Basin and Best Choice Products Shampoo Basin.

Moreover, you can try out these products like Mobile Salon Hair Washing Basin, ZENY Pro Portable Shampoo Basin and Nova Microdermabrasion Portable shampoo bowl or you can get your hands on TMS Portable Black Adjustable Height Shampoo Basin.

Before you buy any kind of shampoo bowl, make sure that it comprises raised edges for the sake of preventing water from spilling. And it needs to have contoured sides so that your neck can get full and complete support. High-quality shampoo bowls are always durable yet lightweight plastic. They can be easily cleaned.


So, what’s the bottom line? All these recommended and highly suggested portable and lightweight shampoo bowls offer a great and functional use to the person. We have given our thumbs up to these top picks as they are exceptionally easy-to-use.

They contour your neck comfortably and keeps you in the most relaxed seated position. A large number of these shampoo hair washing trays are featured and packed with unique kind of flexible rubber facing.

In this way, the person will be able to experience superior comfort and thus prevent slipping. Stay tuned with us, more great product reviews are coming up.

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