Best Portable Massage Tables in 2019 Reviews

Best Portable Massage Tables in 2019 Reviews

Portable massage tables are ideal for you to use anytime and anywhere you wish thanks to their easy mobility, and above all, they are pocket-friendly. Although many models are crowding the market, it’s fundamental for you to be careful on the package you take home. How? Check its padding, frame material, portability, and accessibility too.

This gets quite hectic, but we care about our customer that’s why we have recommendations for you from our review on the top 10 best portable massage tables in 2019.

List of The Top 10 Best Portable Massage Table in 2019:

10. Sierra Comfort Basic Portable Massage Table

Sierra Comfort SC-500 Basic Portable Massage Table

No more disappointments from the low-quality massage table that even cost more than they can offer when you got the Sierra SC-500 portable massage table. Having a low price tag; this massage table is very reliable and sturdy thanks to its beech hardwood frame construction. The table, unlike its competitors, features high-density foam padding with 2mm this foam deck.

Use it at your own pace and still it will retain its quality has PU covering on the deck: its oil and waterproof and very durable. What’s more, the table weighs only 36 lbs thus its transportation is a breeze. Talking about portability, it features strong built-in handle which makes your work easier. Sierra comfort massage table designs to be user convenient in that, its height it’s adjustable. Thus you will set it to the point you find comfortable while working and also has a smooth fold design making its storage fast and straightforward as well as transportation. Finally, use it for heavyweights without worry as it sturdy makeup can support up to 450 lbs.

Key Features:

  • Constructs from beech hardwood
  • Has adjustable height of 22-33 inches
  • Features high-density foam padding (2mm thick), PU covering on surface
  •  Withstand maximum capacity of 450 lbs

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9. EARTHLITE Harmony DX Portable Massage Table

EARTHLITE harmony DX Portable Massage table

This is a professional grade product that designs to be of lifetime service. The Earthlite portable massage table is the best models you can ever own whether you need it for commercial purpose or even use it at home. Why? It features a table, patented customizable deluxe face-cradle with cloud fill nylon-gel blend face-cradle and a storage bag. The table is quite robust thanks to the durable material used in its construction which allows it to be suitable for use even for the heavyweight customers weighing up to 600lbs.

The massage table creates a comfortable and large working surface as it measures 73″ by 30″ giving you a chance to serve even the big-sized customers without any restrictions. More, it boasts of its 2.5″ dual soft cushioning which give you a soothing experience when lying on the table and above all, you got an assurance of its none-ending functionality as the table has a lifetime warranty on its frame constructions and 3-years warranty for the foam and upholstery. Get yours today!

Key Features:

  • Have a durable and non-squeak construction
  • Designs from hard maples
  • Support heavyweights up to 600lbs
  • Has a large working surface; 73 by 30 inches
  • Lifetime warranty guarantee for the frame/construction and 3-years for foam and upholstery

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8. Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table

Saloniture Professional massage table

The Saloniture portable massage table is a top selling and popular product on the market today. The table features advanced properties, unlike its competitors which give you more reasons to make you your choice out of the crowd. What’s unique? It features detachable armrest on the side and one sling armrest below the headrest that adds up to your client’s comfort. This lightweight, portable massage table weighs only 30 pounds, in addition to the double built-in handles and nylon carry case, you will travel with it anywhere and anytime you wish.

The professional grade table designs to be user-friendly in that, it’s easy to set up and fold down with no assistance need from tools. Have you had immature breakdowns from your previous products? This is annoying that’s why you ought to settle for the Saloniture table. The table designs from durable non-squeak hardwood have thick foam cushioning and its surface entails synthetic PU covering. PU leather is water and oil proof, durable and unlike those other synthetic materials it doesn’t produce objectionable odor which distract you and your addition, it has the leg provide a stable non-slip support thus no unnecessary sliding on the floor which in turn protects the floor.

Key Features:

  • Support maximum capacity of 450lbs
  • Lightweight; 30pounds
  • Highly comfortable with thick cushioning, side armrest and sling armrest below headrest
  • Sturdy construction: hardwood frame with cross steel support cables
  • Carry bag with additional side pocket

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7. Bestmassage Pad Massage Table

Bestmassage 77" by 30"wide 4" Pad portable massage table

Whether a professional therapist, student or need one for home use, this is a good model for you. Why? The portable massage table is pocket-friendly such that it will cost you only pennies and get a premium quality product in the package.

Durability is every customer want whenever they are purchasing any product from the retail. This is why the Best Massage portable table designs with all this in mind to ensure all have satisfaction. How? The massage table constructs from beech frame have four-inch high-density small-cell foam padding and a synthetic PU cover which provide lasting oil and waterproof service.

What about its storage? This shouldn’t worry you at all as it features with a nylon carry bag that will give it a secure fit plus its compact and easy-fold design sums up all this. Additionally, the table features free adjustable headrest, free face pillow and half round bolster which give it’s the comfortable environment requirements for a massage table.

Key Features:

  • Supports heavy weights up to 600lbs
  • Has an extra-large working surface; 77 by 30 inches
  • Has an easy and compact fold design
  • Includes a free adjustable headrest, free face pillow, and a half round bolster
  • Features water and oil proof PU cover

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6. BestMassage PU Portable Massage Table

Bestmassage PU portable massage table

Just like its name suggests, this will be your best choice ever. The bestmassage is a premium quality product that displays a low price tag on the shelves, but this doesn’t mean it offers little. The message table is readily portable as you can fold it down simply and slip in its carry bag plus its lightweight makes all this possible. Our customer’s comfort is a priority that’s why the manufactures design the massage table to fit all this. How? It has a detachable face-rest, backrest with multiple inclinations angles up to 60 degrees and adjustable knee-raise.

You will use the table for massage and also lower its knee-raise for pedicure purpose thanks to the adjustable levels. Moreover, the table constructs from durable PU leather which is waterproof as well as oil proof. Also, this material is free of the pungent odor that is quite an irritation, and it’s easy to clean thus simplifying the table’s maintenance cost.

Key Features:

  • Have multiple backrest inclination level-up to 60 degrees
  • Designs from PU leather
  • Has a work capacity of 600lbs and static weight capacity up to 2400 pounds
  • Incline backrest to various angles with a limit range of 60 degrees
  • Table height, as well as knee-raise level, are adjustable

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5. Bestmassage Massage Table Portable Facial SPA Bed

Bestmassage 2.5" massage table portable

This is another model by bestmassage manufacturers though featuring with differing components. The massage table boasts of its 2.5″ high-density foam cushioning on the deck and the multiple massage accessories: half-circular bolster, removable face cradle, oil pouch, towel hander and a nylon carry case. To provide a comfortable and soothing massage experience, the 2.5″ massage table constructs from durable beech timber which make it very strong and together with the coated tension wire on the legs gives it a stable and secure position. Besides, armrest and arm supports are included giving your client a full resting moment.

More interesting, the table has 100% cotton cover sheet which helps in prolonging its performance. Why? The sheets are removable and easy to clean thus make its maintenance a breeze protecting the PU leather surface. Why you need to make it a must-have for your spa, the company offers you a 5-year warranty thus buying this product is not taking a risk. Don’t miss!

Key Features:

  • Have additional accessories; oil pouch, tower/ towel hanger, removable face cradle and half-circular bolster
  • They are cost-effective
  • Material makeup; beech timber, PU leather and foam cushioning
  • Are robust and very stable

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4. SierraComfort Professional Series Portable Massage Table

Sierra Comfort SC-601 professional series massage table

The Sierra comfort SC-601 portable massage table is a durable and reliable product the customers love greatly. Costing an affordable price; this premium quality table constructs from hardwood timber which gives it’s a lifetime performance. Plus, unlike its competitors the SC0-601 features with extra massage accessories including semi-circular bolster, removable face cradle, and a front arm cradle. The bolster designs to readily conform to your body shape and also has high-density foam cushioning which enhances its durability.

Make sure your client ill very comfortable on the massage table y adjusting the face-cradle to their preferred position and also you won’t have to sacrifice your comfort on the other hand as the table’s legs height is adjustable: no more struggling! Moreover, Sierra comfort includes 2.5″ thick foam cushioning that provides a luxurious massage experience to your clients. A bonus has three face-cradle disposal sheets and its covered by a 5-year warranty.

Key Features:

  • Have extra accessories; zippered carry bag, semi-circular bolster, removable face-cradle and front arm cradle
  • Features 2.5; high-density luxe foam cushions, PU leather surface
  • It’s pocket-friendly
  • Supports max weight up to 450 lbs
  • Easy storage under the table
  • Adjustable face-cradle and leg heights

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3. BestMassage New Black 84″ Portable Massage Table

New Black 84" portable massage table

Is your budget too tight and still wishing to take home a good quality massage table? Look no more than the new black portable massage table by the Bestmassage Company. This product costs little pennies which aren’t comparable to the outstanding benefits it holds in the package. You will use the table for all people without any difficulties as this give you an ample working surface. Talk of its comfortability; the massage table has a 2.5: thick high-density foam padding plus it features some extra accessories which spice up the whole process.

In the accessory kit, it entails a removable and adjustable face-cradle, front armrest shelf, side armrest extenders, face cradle pad and a convenient carry case. What’s more? The massage table is readily portable that’s to its lightweight and compact fold design which slips in smoothly in its carry bag. Customize the height of your working surface easily thanks to the adjustable leg height ranging between 23 and 33and these stable legs give the table a powerful makeup able to withstand heavy weights up to 450 lbs.

Key Features:

  • They are very cheap
  • Standard accessory kit: removable/adjustable face cradle, face cradle pad, side armrest extender and front armrest shelf
  • Have max capacity of 450 lbs

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2. BestMassage New Cream PU Portable Massage Table

New Cream PU portable massage table

Whether a professional therapist or a beginner, this portable massage table will be your best companion. Why? The massage table is user-friendly in that it’s easy to use and assemble without the need for tool assistance. The table by Bestmassage manufacturers features as a cream product which constructs from a durable hardwood frame with coated tension steel wires on the legs which add up to its stability.

With a PU leather surface; water and oil-proof, 2″ thick foam cushioning, the massage table provides a long-lasting, high-performance service for you passionately. Make yourself as well as the client equally comfortable with the adjustable leg heights from 26-36″, featuring adjustable face-cradle and side armrests, and this will make the whole process enjoyable. Finally, the package includes a premium storage bag that will secure your table when not in use and also facilitate its mobility anytime you want to travel with it. Buy one today!

Key Features:

  • Adjustable aluminum face cradle
  • Additional side armrest and premium carry bag
  • Easy to adjust height, store, and transport
  • Thick high-density foam padding

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1. Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table

Sierra All-inclusive massage table

Finally, we got this outstanding product: the Sierra all-inclusive portable massage table. This table provides you all you need to get started in your massage process as it features a massage table. The working table has 2.5″ thick high-density foam cushioning and includes a standard accessory kit. The accessory kit has adjustable face cradle, oil pouch, removable arm supports and three disposable start face cradle cover.

The table constructs from a durable hardwood frame with some steel wire support on the legs which help to improve its strength enabling it to support weights up to 450 lbs. Not all, the Sierra all-inclusive comfort massage table has a semi-circular bolster which conforms to the body curves adding up to your client’s comfort. More, its maintenance is a breeze thanks to the featuring cotton sheet which helps protect the table. Don’t miss out!

Key Features:

  • Has five years warranty
  • Available accessories; semicircular bolster, adjustable face cradle, front armrest shelf, side armrest extenders and premium carry bag
  • Easy storage under the table
  • Adjustable leg heights, PU leather surface

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In summary

Being a massage therapist, it’s your role to ensure your customers get outstanding treatments all time. Not only your professional skills but also the massage environment plays a significant role in all this that’s why you ought to have the best and reliable massage take.

Go pro with one of the Top 10 Best Portable Massage Table in 2019 highlighted above and you will never regret. Keep it cool with us!


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