Best Portable Inverter Generators in 2020 Reviews

When there is a power outage, many people use different ways to counter emergencies. However, having an inverter generator will be a significant step to ensure that everything in your home is running normally. Moreover, portable inverter generators are even further ideal for their versatility of use. They are great for use in RVs, and other outdoor activities.

Buying a generator, whether inverter or conventional, you need to determine the power requirements. Also, the fuel type and power output are also essential to ensure you have the right thing. Basically, if you are buying a generator for domestic use, it won’t be the same size as for powering a small business premise. Now, for efficient buying, we have selected and reviewed some of the best portable inverter generators you can buy online.

10. Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator

Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator, Electric Starter

When you are on the camping trip, the ideal power source you need is this dual fuel Champion inverter generator. It is a perfect choice since you can either use either gasoline or propane to power this machine. Furthermore, with low oil shut off, it allows the use of correct recommended oil.

Now when it comes to powering the machine, it has a battery and electric start. Thus, there is no hassle when you are starting the generator. Unlike others generators, this has an ultra-quiet operation to avoid loud and irritating noise. In fact, it has 59 dB, thus ideal for RVs, and home emergency backup. With clean and ready power for use, the generator delivers 120V 30A for RV and two outlets 120V 20A for household use.

Product Highlights:

  • Large fuels tank

The generator has 1.6 gallons fuel tank. With this, it can run for 7.5 hours before refueling.

  • Duel fuel use

The ability to use propane or gasoline improves the versatility depending on the fuel available in the locality.

  • Quiet operation

Using this inverter generator delivers quiet operation that avoids nuisance roaring noise.
50 state complaint


  • Little noise production
  • Easy to switch fuels
  • Hassle-free electric start

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9. Hyundai HY2800si 2600-W Portable Inverter Generator

Hyundai HY2800si 2600-W Portable Inverter Generator CARB

From extensive engineering to household equipment, Hyundai brings you what you need most. This26000 watt portable inverter generator is high performing and reliable during emergencies, powering computer and concerts. With a running power of 2600W and 28Wstarting power, the generator is always ready for use.

Designed with 5.5 horsepower engine, it is outstanding for producing the right power you need. Therefore, unlike other generators, it gives you enough power with less wastage. In full load, the generator runs for 2.5 hours on gasoline tank, while up to 7.5 hours with 25% load. It is quite and highly versatile with even USB charging as well as a lightweight for efficient portability.

Product Highlights:

  • Electric start

There is no kick starts with this generator since it has an electric starter. Only turning the key and it is online.

  • DC/AV power outlets

Depending on the type of power you need, this generator provides outlets for both AC and DC.

  • Lightweight construction

Weighing only 77 pounds, the unit is highly portable to use on a variety of occasions.


  • High-efficiency power delivery
  • Extra lightweight for ease of porting
  • Operates at minimum noise
  • Compact and easy to store

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8. Briggs & Stratton 2200W and 3000W Inverter Generator

Briggs & Stratton 2200W and 3000W Inverter Generator + Parallel Cable Connector Kit

When looking for the ideal inverter generators, there is no need to experience a lot of struggle. With this bundle from Briggs & Stratton, it is easy to have a perfect power backup or use at any outdoor occasion. The generators are highly reliable with a power rating of 2200 and 3000watts. Furthermore, they are ideal choice to carry when going for outdoor expeditions on RVs.

Apart from the generators, the parallel connector kit is ideal for use either on RV or powering home appliances. Therefore, you can use the connector to run your computers and Televisions and other small home appliances.

Product Highlights:

  • Briggs & Stratton 30651 P2200 – 2200W inverter generator

This generator provides 8 hours of operation when working at25%. With USB charging, 3% harmonic distortion makes it safe for home appliances. Furthermore, it has low operating noise, 59dB and allows connection between two units.

  • Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000 – 3000W inverter generator

This boasts 1.5 gallons fuel tank with up to 10 hours of operation at 25% load capacity. It has 4household power outlets and supports USB charging. Fitted wheels allow easy transportation.

  • Parallel Cable Connector Kit

It is usable on these inverter generators to provide constant power flow to home appliances. It has a maximum of 4800 watts.


  • Reliable power supply
  • Safe power delivery for home appliance
  • Great for use when camping

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7. Westinghouse Portable Gas Powered Inverter Generator

Westinghouse WH2200iXLT Portable Gas Powered Inverter Generator, CARB Compliant

Westinghouse portable gas inverter generator is all you need, and you are armed proper for any uncertainty. Whether you are going out or for domestic back up, it is a fabulous choice for every home. With its compact design and high power capacity, you will find it fun using it. Besides, the machine delivers safe power for sensitive electronics like computers without exposing them to surge damage.

For efficiency, this generator is superb. Enjoying 13 hours operation at 25% load, it has 1.3 gallons capacity fuel tank. Moreover, when you need more voltage, the generator has a parallel cord for easy connection with another inverter generator. Being CARB-compliant, it has low emission and noise pollution.

Product Highlights:

  • Safe for sensitive electronics

Unlike many conventional generators, this one is safe for use with sensitive appliances without causing damage due to surge.

  • Double power compatible

The parallel connection connector ensures that you can connect your generator to another one for increased voltage.

  • Compact

The overall design is compact, which eases storage and portability.


  • Simple to connect two inverter generators
  • High fuel efficiency
  • EPA and CARB compliant

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6. Champion 3100 W Portable Inverter Generator

Champion 3100 W Portable Inverter Generator, Wireless Remote Start

With a wireless start, you can conveniently start your generator without leaving the RV. It is only possible to get such feature when you get this 3100W champion inverter generator. Created to perfection, it boasts 3 positions ignition with battery to eliminate hassles when you need to power it up.

Whether enjoying your camping in RV, tailgating or need of backup generator, this one gives you the freedom and peace of mind. It has a silent operation, 58dB and extended operation on single fueling; up to 8hourson 25% load. Delivering ready power for RV and household use, there is no worry about the generator causing damage to your appliances.

Product Highlights:

  • Strong wheels

There is no lifting needed when using this generator since it has fitted wheels for easy transportation.

  • Wireless start

When relaxing in your RV, it is possible to start this inverter generator using a key fob while 80 feet away.

  • Long-running hours

When the generator is on 25% load, it delivers outstanding performance for up to 8 hours.


  • One touch control system
  • Smooth running wheels
  • Superb quiet operation

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5. Champion 2000 W Stackable Portable Inverter Generator

Champion 2000 W Stackable Portable Inverter Generator

When looking for the ideal generator for powering your home during emergencies, a conventional one might not be the ideal one. With champion 2000W stackable inverter generator, all your worries are over. With the ability to be stacked, this unit is extremely space saving. Therefore, it is possible to stack two generators to double the voltage.

Well, when you think about increasing the durability of this machine, it is possible due to the smart economy mode. It allows the generator cut the load while improving the fuels economy hence increased engine life. The ready, clean power and reduced noise help the generator to be an ideal choice for all the occasions.

Product Highlights:

  • Smart economy mode

Operating the generator in this mode helps to increase the engine durability. Also, it improves the fuel utilization.

  • Safe to home appliances

Unlike the other type of generators, this one delivers constant power without surges hence safe to sensitive devices.

  • Stackable design

The construction design enables easy stacking especially when you want to double the voltage.


  • Designed with parallel compatibility
  • Low oil shut down
  • Lightweight design for high portability

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4. Honda EU2000I 2000W Portable Generator

Honda EU2000I 2000W Portable Generator, Inverter

If you mention Honda, people think about many things like cars, bikes and other machines. But, their generators are among the best due to performance and efficiency. The Honda EU2000I portable generator with an inverter is the real pick for many homes. When the grid goes offline, the generator delivers enough power to keep your TV, fridge, and others.

Despite its high performance, this generator is super quiet. Thereby, it delivers a peace of mind with no disturbing noise. Moreover, the compact design and carrying handle enable easy porting. Fitted with 1-gallon fuels tank, it provides outstanding efficiency of 8 hours. As a result, its size renders it perfect for various uses.

Product Highlights:

  • High fuel-efficient

This generator is super performing, with only 1-gallon tank, it delivers 8 hours

  • Compact design

The compact design combined with lightweight construction and carrying handles increase the portability.

  • Inbuilt inverter

There is no need to look for an inverter once you have this generator. It has an inbuilt inverter that promotes smooth power delivery.


  • Unmatched fuel efficiency
  • Lightweight and comfortable carrying handle
  • Shock absorbing rubber feet

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3. Champion 3100W RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator

Champion 3100W RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator

Champion Power Equipment always delivers superb performing and reliable power machines. Now, this 3100 watts portable inverter generator from the firm is an outstanding choice to have. The designing and construction of this generator ensure smooth operation due to the quick touch control panel. To increase the safety of this machine, it has a sensor to check the level of oil.

With this generator, it delivers smooth and clean power with less than 3% THD. Moreover, designed with RV and household power outlets it gives you peace of mind. On the other hand, the USB charging gives you the ability to charge USB enhanced devices. The U- shaped handle delivers easy and comfortable carrying.

Product Highlights:

  • Fully assembled

The generator comes fully assembled thus it is ready for use.

  •  Comfortable handle

The U-shaped and folding handle is easy to pull and facilitates storage.

  • Smart economy mode

This mode is ideals when you want to increase fuels efficiency as wells as the overall machine durability.


  • Less emission and noise pollution
  • Simple to use one-touch control panel
  • Safety features ensure convenient use

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2. Yamaha EF2000iSCH Gas Powered Portable Inverter

Yamaha EF2000iSCH Gas Powered Portable Inverter, 1600 Running W/2000 W Starting

Yamaha is for production of a variety of power generators and other home-based small machines. This gas powered portable inverter generator is among one of the best that powers your home in case of blackouts. Moreover, it is compact and highly portable to be ideal for outdoor activities. Delivering clean and high-quality power, it means that you can forget about the conventional generators that offer surging power that damages your electronics.

Apart from clean power, the generator boasts quiet operating to keeps off disturbances. Fitted with super quiet muffler, it produces only 51 dB and has sparks arrestor. For improved fuel efficiency, the generator has a smart throttle that enables varying engine speed, fuel usage, and noise production. The inbuilt inverter with pulse width modulation delivers reliable and safe power.

Product Highlights:

  • Smart throttle

The smart throttle enables the generator run at varying speed to deliver varying load and fuel efficiency. It can run for 10 hours at 25% load.

  • Centralized AC/DC control

Easy to control power output with two AC and DC outlets; thereby always ready for household use.

  • OHV engine

The OHV engine is very efficient and boasts long-lasting performance due to efficient heat dissipation.


  • Easy to monitor smart throttle
  • Simple parallel compatibility
  • Super long running time
  • Sleek, soft and comfortable handle

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1. WEN 56200i 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

WEN 56200i 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator, CARB Compliant

Looking for the best inverter to keep your home powered during storms or power
blackouts? Here is a 2000 watts inverter generator from Wen. The generator is rated
with high engineering to provide clean, safe power free from surges or low voltage. On the
other hand, it delivers quiet operation incompliant with the relevant regulation to prevent
the disturbing noise.

Designed featuring OHV engine, the generator provides 2000 watts, hence great choice
for construction sites, campgrounds, tailgates and even during power outages. With clean
power delivery, you can use this generator to power your house appliances like laptops, TVs
among others. With the ability for parallel connection, it is easy to double the voltage to
cater your requirements.

Product Highlights:

  • WEN Eco mode

The mode allows the generator to auto-adjust with prevailing power demand hence improving fuels efficiency.

  • Minimal harmonic variation

With 1.3% harmonic distortions, the inverter can power the most sensitive devices.

  • USB charging port

He ports make it easy to charge your smartphones and other USB enhanced devices.


  • Safe for all household electronics
  • Automatically adjustment improves fuels economy
  • Versatile, lightweight and comfortable handle for portability

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In summary, portable inverter generators are the real solutions many situations. Therefore, don’t live in darkness under any circumstance, these generators are a worthwhile investment.


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