Best Portable Cushion Stadium Seats in 2019 Reviews

Does it feel that enjoyable while you are sitting on that hard plastic stadium bench? No! It’s uncomfortable such that you will leave the place feeling too exhausted right? Worry no more because there is a way you can get rid of all this pain with the portable cushion stadium seats. These portable stadium seats will add the comfort to the hard bench and get you all the fascinating experience the entire gaming period.

This is a quiz many ask themselves, but with our review below on the top 10 best portable cushion stadium seats in 2019, we have highlighted the top selling and adorable models so just make your perfect choice and you enjoy all the benefits it offers.

10. The Stadium Chair GAMECHANGER

The Stadium Chair GAMECHANGER


  • Stainless steel frame
  • Maximum weight capacity of 350lbs
  • Hinged back and arm accessories
  • Non-slip bottom mount
  • Tote built-in handle

Have a taste of the gentle touch and soothing experience in all gaming times with the GAMECHANGER stadium chair. The chair constructs durable stainless steel metal frame, patented bungee-cod cushioning and tough Cordura canvas fabric thus gives it a lifetime performance.

The portable cushion stadium seats weigh only 7.5lbs, and with the combination of the compact fold design and tote bag handle inclusion, you will carry it readily with you anytime and anywhere without difficulties. Talk of its comfortability, the seat has a hinged-removable back, and armrest part so you can support your arm rather than hanging then and also lean on the soft-cushioned back.

The chair is stable when fitting on the bench as it has a non-slip bottom mount that proved firm attachment. Remember before you buy one; look at its weight range as with this it has a maximum capacity of 350lbs. plus, you have a chance to choose your favorite color as the chairs features in multiple colors


  • Constructs from durable stainless steel material
  • Comfortable back and armrest
  • Has weight capacity of 350lbd
  • Have compact fold and its portable

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9. GCI Outdoor BleacherBack Stadium Seat

GCI Outdoor BleacherBack Stadium Seat


  • Adjustable back
  • Weights 3lbs, weight capacity of 250lbs
  • Materials; stainless steel and 600 deniers polyester
  • Auto-fold shoulder strap
  • Storage bag

Payless and take home a package of a standard new technology stadium chair. The GCI outdoor seats are lightweight, portable models; they weigh only 3lbs, have comfortable auto-fold design thus you can carry it anytime and anywhere you are traveling.

With the adjustable back, you can recline it to different angles depending on your preference to ensure you are fully comfortable all through. Open, close and carry the stadium seats for bleachers within second thanks to its smooth fold design. Plus, storage is like a breeze with the carry bag which suits up the seat giving it a secure and compact storage and also facilitates its portability. Above all, you will have long lasting performance due to its durable material make up.


  • They are cheap
  • Are lightweight with auto-fold
  • Features with a carry bag
  • Back angels are adjustable

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8. Driftsun Reclining Bleacher Stadium Chair

Driftsun Reclining Bleacher Stadium Chair


  • Adjustable backpack straps, backrest, and armrest
  • Materials: durable stainless steel frame, PU cushioning foam, polyester fabric
  • Non-slip padded bottom.’
  • Extra accessories: cup holder, pocket (side and back)

Are you looking for a comfortable seat to make your spectator life spectacular? Well, end your search with the Driftsun cushion stadium seat. This seat is quite versatile with the durable and comfortable material makeup: stainless steel, polyester and high-density PU foam in the back, will make you very comfortable.

Stick the seat comfortably on the bleacher with the non-slip bottom mount that fits firmly, and you can customize the backrest recline as well as open the armrest wide to create more room. This chair is pretty amazing because unlike other inferior models, it features extra accessories including the cup holder, side pockets where you can put your devices and also the zip-up back pockets that you will use for the larger objects. Besides, it’s readily portable due to the backpack straps which help in its mobilizing every time you are traveling.


  • Armrests are invertible
  • Has six angel reclining adjustment for the back
  • Features a cup holder, side and back pockets with zipper
  • Carrying with backpack straps is easy.

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7. Rio Adventure Stadium Arm Chair

Rio Adventure Stadium Arm Chair


  • Cushioned wide-padded seat, padded armrest, and backrest
  • Cup holder and storage pockets
  • Weight capacity of 225pounds
  • Compact fold design
  • Amazon’s Choice for “bleacher chairs with back and cushion and arms

Rio stadium seats for sale are superior quality models boasting with the upgraded features. They are portable thanks to the compact fold design and shoulder straps which make it easy to carry. Talk of its comfortability: with a padded armrest, wide cushiony seat and the angled backrest, this sets you to a comfortable position when watching your favorite player or games outdoors.

Pull up the foldable seat with a single buckle which makes its assembling easy. Plus, you will store your beverages as well as devices safely thanks to the featuring beverage holder and side pockets.


  • Easy to set up and carry
  • Has padded armrest and backrest
  • Affordable price
  • Portable and durable

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6. Ohuhu Stadium Seats /Stadium Chairs

Ohuhu Stadium Seats :Stadium Chairs


  • Materials; stainless steel, 600D oxford nylon and bungee cord cushioning
  • Pack double set
  • Cushioned backrest
  • Weights 12.5lbs, shoulder strap

Whether you want to use in indoor or outdoor, this stadium chair will maintain the quality as the durable 600D oxford nylon fabric can withstand all weather seasons. The Ohuhu bleacher chairs are robust with the sturdy, durable stainless steel frame, which makes its support heavy-weight people to a maximum of 400lbs. Talk of its comfortability, it’s outrageous; the bungee foam cushions on the seat, backrest and which always set a relaxing position while having a great view.

Plus, the Ohuhu seats are versatile as you can use them for all bleacher; either wooden or plastics and still it fits firmly giving a stable attachment thanks to the non-slip rubbers skids. Why it’s a must-have model for you, it costs you only pennies, and in return, you own a double seat pack which is easy to carry to all stadiums with the shoulder straps.


  • They are 2-pack seats
  • Use in both indoor and outdoor activities
  • Have comfortable and durable bungee cord foam cushioning
  • Sturdy and suitable for heavy-weight people

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5. Cascade Mountain Tech Stadium Seat-Wide

Cascade Mountain Tech Stadium Seat


  • 20″ XL wide seat
  • Easy fold-down design
  • Soft cushion, stainless steel, and tough Cordova canvas/ bungee cord

Are you looking for the best replacement stadium chair for your traditional brand or you want to buy a new seat?  Cascade mountain cushion seat will be your winning product. Why? They are pocket-friendly, durable and robust.

The seat is made of stainless steel metal, has a tough Cordova canvas and bungee cord cushioning reinforcement which adds up to the comfortability of the seat beside its durability. The set boasts its extra-large 20″ wide seat pad, which is 3″ more than the normal and chair.

Moreover, carry it wherever you go with its easy-fold down design and shoulder strap facilitates its transit more reasons why you have to get one for yourself.


  • Extra-large wide seat pad
  • Seat is very comfortable; soft cushion and tough Cordova reinforcement
  • Easy-fold design

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4. Flash Furniture Grandstand Comfort Seats

Flash Furniture Grandstand Comfort Seats


  • Weighs 7.6 pounds, dimensions 14″ by 18″ by 16″
  • Ultra-padded back and seat
  • Foldable
  • Carry handlebar with grip

This portable stadium seat by flash is ideal for use in all weather conditions. The flash furniture stadium seat features as an adult-sized chair, which has extra padded cushion seat and back improving its comfort.

Carry it wherever you go; its lightweight, weighing only 7.6pounds and in combination with the compact-fold design and handlebar, this is just like a breeze.

Additionally, the cushion stadium seat fits firmly on the bleachers’ thanks to the bottom non-slip mound and it’s robust with lifetime functionality; made of durable materials.


  • Back and seat are extra padded
  • Lightweight
  • Has a compact foldable design

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3. Cascade Mountain Technology Stadium Seat-Regular

Cascade Mountain Technology Stadium Seat


  • Weighs 8.1 pounds
  • 17″wide seat
  • Tough Cordova canvas, bungee cord foam
  • Easy fold down
  • Amazon’s Choice for “blue stadium seats for bleachers”

This is a lightweight, durable stadium seat which provides a chance for you to carry it anywhere. Construction with soft cushioning bungee cord canvas reinforcements, this is an assurance how comfortable you will be sitting on them. Unlike some low-quality brands, cascade designs their products to be standard, and with the 17″ wide seat pad, you got more than enough space to relax your entire body without any struggles or limitation.

The compact easy-fold design simplifies the storage of this seat making it ideal to put even in your car trunk for easy travel and also it minimal space occupation makes it easy to store in your garage cabinets.


  • They are pocket-friendly
  • Easy to fold down for storage
  • Durable material make up
  • Have comfortable soft cushioning and wide seat

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2. The Stadium Chair Company Stadium Chair

The Stadium Chair Company Stadium Chair


  • Two-piece stitches removable back
  • Materials; Cordova canvas, bungee cord cushioning, stainless steel metal
  • Multiple colors: red, black, navy blue, maroon, orange, etc
  • Weighs 7.5pound, weight capacity 350 pounds
  • Compact-fold design

Make you net gaming time more fun and entertaining, with the cascade tech mountain stadium seats. This is a quality which constructs from durable and comfortable materials including a stainless steel frame, tough Cordova canvas with bungee cord-cushion on the seat pad.

The seat features with a two-piece stitched back, which is un-assembled at the time of sale. The back is removable making it easy for you to customize your seat and print it with the logos you want. Although the back features un-assemble, don’t worry about this, it takes you only seconds to set it up and no special skill or tool you will need to do so.

Whether you want to store it away when not in use or carry it while traveling to the stadium, this quite possible and easy thanks to the fold-down design which give it a small look thus will only take little space. Not only the foldability but also it features convenient carry handles facilitating its portability. Also, say bye to back pains and pressure you have been experiencing from those hard wooden bleachers as with this cushioned seat, it has soft cushioning which give you a soothing, comfortable posture all through.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Back is removable for customization purpose and printing
  • Constructs of durable materials

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1. Picnic Time Portable Ventura Reclining Stadium Seat

Picnic Time Portable Ventura Reclining Stadium Seat


  • Invertible armrest and six reclining backrest angles
  • Adjustable backpack-style shoulder straps
  • Material: stainless steel, polyester, high-density PU foam
  • 20″ wide seat pad
  • Zipper side and back pockets
  • Amazon’s Choice for “picnic time stadium seats”

The picnic time Ventura stadium seat is ideal for all extreme sporting conditions: camping, beach sports or game rooms. The model boasts of its six adjustable reclining angles which gives you a chance to take different viewing postures whenever you wish and also get one that you find relaxing and comfortable. With the backpack-style shoulder strap, this makes it easier to carry the chair every time you are traveling.

This seat is quite economical due to its durable material makeup. It has a stainless steel frame, polyester padded seat and also features high-density PU foam cushioning which adds to the firm relaxation avoiding much pressure on you back that cause some muscle fatigue and stress.

Besides using it as a comfortable seat, it acts as a storage compartment for your devices while out there in the sporting mood. How? The picnic time seat has zipper side and back pockets you can use to put your device and some essential utilities you don’t want to get lost in the fields.

It’s 20″ wide, with easy-fold design; which is some of the reasons why it’s a must-have product for you as an active spectator.


  • Have invertible armrest
  • Backrest is customizable to six different angles
  • The seat it 20″wide,
  • Can fit comfortable to any bleacher
  • They are portable, foldable and inexpensive

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Say goodbye to hard-pressing stadium benches when you got your portable cushion seat which allows you to carry it whenever you go gaming any time you wish. These cushion seats will improve the fun experience and also safeguard you back health as well as the entire body.


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