Best Pool Cover Pumps Review In 2022

Are you looking for professional-grade best pool cover pumps to cover you in 2022? Then you just came to the right place. Some of the factors to look out for include:

  • High performance in draining off water (rated in gallons per hour).
  • Long power cord to reach all corners of pool cover.
  • Easy filtration of debris on the pool cover.
  • Automatic switch on/off mechanism.
  • Silent, vibration-free operation.
  • Rust & corrosion-resistant.
  • Cost affordability.

For a better explanation regarding these and other factors, check our TOP 10 LIST below:

10 Best Pool Cover Pumps – Top Pickups

10- BLUE TORRENT 1250 GPH Cover Pump

Best Pool Cover Pumps

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Rated 1250 GPH, this BLUE TORRENT cover pump comes fully assembled with a discharge hose in place. Your purchase package also includes a pool cover guard and a 33-foot power cord.

Equipped with a multi-hose joining port, this pool cover pump is designed to suit various sizes of swimming pools. Its powerful pump is capable of extracting up to 1250 gallons/ hour.

However, despite this brute-force capability, it weighs

just 10 pounds. Employ it to easily, quickly, and completely pump off your winter cover.

The powerful BLUE TORRENT pumping machine can be completely submerged and still function perfectly. It’s also clog-resistant and can whisk away water to a depth of within 3/16 inches of any surface.

Key Features:

  • Weighs just 10 lbs.
  • Clog-resistant & fully submersible.
  • Removes water to 3/16 inches of the surface.
  • Garden-hose adapter & 33ft power cord included.
  • Powerful pump removing upwards of 1250 gallons every hour.

9- ACQUAER’s Submersible Pool Cover Pump

ACQUAER’s Submersible Pool Cover Pump

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The ACQUAER pool cover pump is designed for automatic operation. It’ll automatically turn itself on whenever surplus water has been detected. It’s capable of removing waterway down to a quarter of an inch of the surface.

Rated 2300 gallons per hour, the pump is corrosion-resistant and it has a tough thermoplastic composite structure. It’s thus highly durable.

With its bottom-suction construction, the pump also filters any debris in the water. With such superior features, it’s easy to see why it extracts water down to just ¼ inch. It’s also equipped with ¾ inch check-valve adapter and a permanent split capacitor.

For safety and smoothness of operation, the pump has an automatic excess thermal load safeguard mechanism.

Key Features:

  • Highly resistant to corrosive elements.
  • Fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite material.
  • Equipped with a bottom suction construction to sieve debris.
  • Capable of removing waterway down to just ¼ an inch.
  • Equipped with a permanent split capacitor & a ¾-inch check-valve adapter.
  • Protected from thermal overloading by an automatic safeguard mechanism.

8- SUPERIOR PUMP’s 91025 1/5 HP Reinforced Submersible Utility Pump

Pool Cover Pumps

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With a maximum head of 25ft, this SUPERIOR PUMP machine can move upwards of 1560 gallons every hour. Its reinforced thermoplastic composite construction enhances its durability. It’s equipped with a 1¼-inch NPT outlet and a ¾-inch garden-hose adapter.

The pump is equipped with a detachable suction screen and can handle solids up to 1/8 an inch big. SUPERIOR PUMP products are designed for quality and durability. Besides, they’re all 100% factory-tested and UL-listed for safety, quality, and performance.

Rated 1/5 HP, this submersible utility pool pump combines power with great energy efficiency. The pumping motor is a formidable 3.6 amps.

With its compact and highly-lightweight build, the pump can be used both indoors and outdoors. That means its use isn’t limited to just one place. You can move it around as necessity demands.

Key Features:

  • Moves up to 26 water gallons every minute.
  • The thermoplastic material is resistant to corrosion.
  • Equipped with a pressure screen on its bottom.
  • Whisks away water to just 1/8 an inch from the floor.

7- BLUE TORRENT PUMPS’ Brute-Force, Submersible Pool Cover Pump

BLUE TORRENT PUMPS’ Brute-Force, Submersible Pool Cover Pump

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Rated a brute force 2450 GPH, this pool cover pump can whisk away close to 41 gallons of water every minute. That’s incredibly powerful!

When you buy the BLUE TORRENT PUMPS’ machine, it’ll come fully assembled. But even if you disassemble it for any reason, the process of re-assembling it is very easy.

A completely submersible brute-force pump, the unit also comes with a separate discharge hose and a pool cover guard. It’s engineered to withstand even the toughest of winters.

Key Features:

  • Brute force rating extracting up to 2450 gallons of water every hour.
  • Comes with pool cover guard to help safeguard your cover.
  • Comes fully assembled for easy plug-n-play use right away.

6- SUPERIOR PUMP’s Model 2100 GPH Automatic Pool Cover Pump

Best Pool Cover Pumps

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Rated 2100 GPH, this pool cover pump by SUPERIOR PUMP has a water removal capacity of an impressive 35 gallons per minute. With an internal automatic-float switch, the automatic-operation machine will activate when in the water level of 1½ inches.

The pump’s base is large and has a highly-integrated design. This enables it to prevent debris from getting into the pump.

With a low-amp draw, the pump isn’t prone to thermal overloading as much as other low-quality units. It’s engineered to operate cooler and thus extend its longevity. The NPT discharge is 1-inch while the garden hose adapter is ¾-inch.

For safety, the motor of this SUPERIOR PUMP unit is thermally-protected. Its automatic-reset thermal protector independently comes on when heat surplus is detected. The screened intake is easily detachable from the main parts to enable easy cleaning.

Because it has a lightweight, compact engineering design, it’s easily used either indoors or outdoors. That’s a whole lot of portability and versatility in use!

5- LITTLE GIANT’s 5-APCP Automatic-Operation Pool Cover Pump

LITTLE GIANT’s 5-APCP Automatic-Operation Pool Cover Pump

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This LITTLE GIANT pump can safeguard your pool cover from potentially destructive precipitation. You don’t want rain and/or melting snow to accumulate on top of it. It can be quite damaging.

With this pump, the operation can either be automatic or manual. Its operationalization switch will independently turn on if it detects a water level 3¼ inches or higher. Similarly, it will automatically turn off if it detects a level below 1¾ inches. In the manual mode, the pump can pump the water down to 1/8 inches.

For this submersible 5-APCP pump, there is a garden hosepipe adaptor included in the purchase package. Being household-designed, the pump is also CSA-approved.

It’s equipped with a 25ft power cord to enable it to reach longer distances than most competitor units. Its power ratings are 115V, 60Hz, and 380W.

The LITTLE GIANT pump is perfect for safeguarding pool covers from all standing water. Its detachable stabilizing plate enables it to be employed in a wide range of other uses.

Key Features:

  • Removable stabilizer plate.
  • Automatic switch to switch on & off.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • The pump is safely submersible.
  • The operation mode can be either automatic or manual.

4- WAYNE’s WWB WaterBUG 1257 GPH Submersible Pump

Pool Cover Pumps

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WAYNE’s WWB pump is assembled in the USA, albeit with additional foreign-made parts. Its multi-flo technology enables a simplified choosing of the most suitable discharge.

Top-level discharge is an ideal option for constricted spaces like buckets and window wells where the removal of water is necessary.

Conversely, side discharge is easier when dealing with water extraction from flat/open surfaces. Examples here include shower stalls, flood-filled basements, flat roofs, backyard stagnant water, etc.

With a 30ft max head, the WAYNE pump can get rid of water down to just 1/16 of an inch of the target surface. That leaves it effectively dry. The versatile-use pump is equipped for water removal from flooded boats, storage tanks, basements, and even 5-gallon buckets.

Rated 1257GPH, the maximum flow rate for this pump is 21 gallons per minute. That translates to 900 gallons per hour at 10 feet.

Appropriately named the WaterBUG, this pump can help you stop the malaria-causing bugs in your yard by removing any standing water there. Don’t risk the infestation of your home with mosquitos while we can help!

Key Features:

  • 1257 gallons per hour of water removal.
  • Multi-flo technology allows simplified water discharge choosing.
  • Removes water to just 1/16 of an inch of the target surface.

3- LITTLE GIANT’s APCP-1700 Automatic Swimming Pool Cover Pump

LITTLE GIANT’s APCP-1700 Automatic Swimming Pool Cover Pump

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Yet another LITTLE GIANT tech craft! This unit applies an integrated float power switch to remove any standing pool cover water automatically. Once the standing water reaches the threshold for removal, the switch starts off the pump independently.

With its detachable intake screen, this submersible unit is built for ease of maintenance and cleaning. There is also a handle built in to ease portability. It also enhances the pump’s placement and in-place removal. On purchase, a garden-hose adaptor is part of the package.

You know this pump is specially designed for versatile household use when it activates in as low as 2 inches of water. Conversely, it’ll deactivate when the water level is 1.5 inches or below.

Its discharge system is -1 inch FNPT while its garden-hose connection is ¾ of an inch. While the power cord is a whopping 25 feet long, the maximum shut-off head is 21.5 feet.

The pump is rated 120°F when it comes to its intermittent liquid temperature (ILT). What’s more, its motor is highly energy-efficient.

Key Features:

  • Activates in 2-inch & deactivates in 1.5-inch water level.
  • 1745 gallons/hour water removal.
  • 3 years of warranty.
  • Operative power: 270W
  • Max Head: 23ft.
  • Weight: 14 lbs.

2- WAYNE’s 57729-WYNP, 3000 GPH Automatic Pool Cover Pump

Best Pool Cover Pumps

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At position 2 on our list, we get another WAYNE pump. This one incorporates iSwitch technology that automatically turns it on and off. By just sensing the level of water above the allowed threshold of 2 1/8 inches, the pump will switch itself on. Conversely, “Auto Off” switches it off at water levels below ¾ inches.

Just plug it in and leave the rest to be done by the system. Whether unattended or not, this is a worry-free water-removal pump you can trust!

The pump’s strainer base is equipped to sieve any debris in the water. This reduces clogging to almost zero, thus avoiding the tipping over of the high-flow machine. Besides, it’s astoundingly energy-efficient and is an oil-free pump.

Another key advantage of the iSwitch technology is automatic freeze safeguard. This helps protect the pump from unexpected damage.

Key Features:

  • Automatic iSwitch tech on/off water-removal swimming pool cover pump.
  • Maximum flow: 3000 gallons/hour employing the 1¼-inch drain hose.
  • Check-valve with a ¾-inch garden-hose adapter to minimize repetitive cycling.
  • Power cord: 25ft. (only plugged into a GFCI outlet).

1- RULE’s A53 Series, 1800 GPH, Pool Cover Pump (Totally Submersible)

RULE’s A53 Series, 1800 GPH, Pool Cover Pump (Totally Submersible)

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This powerful pool cover pump by RULE is completely submersible. It’s engineered for easy water removal from basements and garages, utility rooms and stairwells. In fact, you can employ its power and performance in all kinds of utility applications.

Its motor is compact, highly efficient and durable. What’s more, while in operation, it’s almost completely silent and vibration-free.

Are you looking for a pump that won’t rust or have parts corroding? Then the 1800 GPH RULE A53 series is your perfect match. It has a snap-off strainer to make its cleaning simple and tireless.

With its heavyweight thermoplastic casing, the pump is protected from even the most adverse weather conditions. Its enhanced uni-body housing is designed to lower the risk of water leaks.

Despite the motor being powerful enough to hit 1800 gallons per hour, it consumes just 100W of power.

Key Features:

  • Both automatic & non-automatic models are available.
  • Voltage: 110V AC current.
  • Water removal: 30 gallons per minute.
  • Highly versatile in a utility application.

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