Top 10 Best Pneumatic Staple Guns in 2018 Reviews

Have you ever been exhausted trying to find an ideal staple gun? Or gathering enough information about what you need to know concerning staple guns before deciding your fate? Well, if the above questions have been disturbing you, then we are happy to give you answers. In our featured review, we are going to tackle the top 10 best pneumatic staple guns in 2018. Stay tuned!

A staple gun is an essential DIY tool, whose function is assembling small projects, and doing some temporary fixing. Having known that; there is a variety of the tools in the market for you to choose from. However, the whole process can get a tad confusing. Worry less; we have done the work for you. The review contains credible information which will assist you in making the right choice.

List of the Top 10 Best Pneumatic Staple Guns in 2018:

10. PORTER-CABLE Narrow Crown Stapler Kit

PORTER-CABLE Narrow Crown Stapler Kit

Having a staple gun that is 18GAnarrow, easy to use; are among the most looked for features whenever one goes to the store. This pneumatic staple gun has a long life with a maintenance-free motor that keeps the stains away from the work surface.

Besides, the 18Ga drives staples with its ¼-inch which perfectly works on ½-inch up to 1-1/2- inch of length. The tool-free depth-of-drive adjustment recognizes detents for proper staple setting. On its rear exhaust, any contaminants are discharged to prevent reach to the work surface. Lastly, it comes with a split nose design for easy jam removal when working on a surface.

  • Advantage:

This is one tool that most people love, especially those using it on a daily basis. Potential users tend to buy a free maintenance tool for a considerable long working environment. And this has given PORTER- CABLE Narrow Crown Stapler Kit the ticket to sell itself worldwide. You cannot experience such premium features with low-quality equipment.


  • It is very flexible
  • Easy maintenance
  • The exhaust keeps contamination away
  • It has a long-lasting design

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9. Surebonder 9600AK Pneumatic Stapler Kit

Surebonder 9600AK Pneumatic Stapler Kit

Having a DIY tool with more than one area application and robust are among the best features offered by Surebonder 9600AK Pneumatic Stapler Kit. You should not invest in low-quality equipment provided at the same rate with a premium quality. Featuring the carrying case, five different lengths of 6250 staples, Allen wrench, staple gun, bottle of tool oil and the operating instruction manual this tool has made many proud.

The area of application for this particular tool is carpet padding, cabinet backs, small furniture projects and many others. You should not be worried about how many staples this device can possess in one round since 1250 of varying lengths. It has a unique protection mechanism which does not permit accidental firing of staples.

  • Advantage:

It comes with a rubber cushioned handle which plays a significant role in insulating the tool and also providing the required amount grip. It has a flexible air exhaust and a unique protection mechanism which restricts accidental firing.


  • It is lightweight and user-friendly
  • It can stock up to 1250 staples in one set
  • It is a safe DIY tool which does not allow accidental firing

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8. NuMax S2-118G2 2 In 1 Brad Nailer and Stapler

NuMax S2-118G2 2 In 1 Brad Nailer and Stapler

You haven’t yet met a DIY pneumatic staple gun carrying two entirely different functions at the same instance, right? Well, NuMax S2-118G2 is equipment which stands to make you proud. This Brad staple has a lightweight design which is die-cast aluminum material with an adjustable exhaust which directs the exhaust away from your face.

If what you have been using all this while is a hammer or hand stapler then its high time for you to upgrade. This tool is potent and gets the job done within minutes.

  • Advantage:

Having a versatile tool saves you a lot rather than purchasing more than one other tool corresponding this amazingly designed Pneumatic upholstery staple gun. It is reliable, and this feature makes it loved by most people. Its results are worth saving for.


  • Untimely versatile
  • Adjustable depth control for different applications
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Affordable

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7. Surebonder Pneumatic 22G Upholstery Staple Gun

Surebonder Pneumatic 22G Upholstery Staple Gun

For all safe DIY tools which are categorized for quick release and prevent accidental firing, Surebonder Pneumatic 22G Upholstery Staple Gun has been branded among the best available today. Its operational pressure ranges from 60 to 100 PSI which is favorable for all operations. T

he Surebonder Pneumatic 22G is deal staple gun but not limited to conventional upholstery application. It drives 3/8” crown, and all other staple varieties. It performs exclusively well and does not disappoint. It includes a pneumatic oil carrying case for maintenance purposes.

  • Advantage:

This tool has gained popularity entirely through its optimum functionality. Among the best performing DIY staple guns Surebonder Pneumatic 22G comes with 100 capacity magazine which fires faster compared to custom staplers.


  • A capacity of 100
  • Ideal for upholstery applications
  • Inexpensive hence affordable
  • The rubber grip offers maximum support

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6. DEWALT DWFP12231 Pneumatic Brad Nailer Kit

DEWALT DWFP12231 Pneumatic Brad Nailer Kit

Have you been looking for a durable staple gun which is high performing and works at your interest conveniently? Well, DEWALT DWFP12231 Pneumatic Brad Nailer Kit is a premium choice by DEWALT has all functions to benefit you and ensure you are well served. It has a tool-free adjustment with detents for the magnificent setting of nail heads.

The rear exhaust fades away from your face direction for protection. It is ideal equipment for small woodworks and upholstery application. It is highly durable and drives 18 gauge nails from 5/8 inch to 2 inches length. It works great.

  • Advantage:

It is a long-lasting device which keeps the stains from reaching the work surface. With the tool-free jam release mechanism, you are guaranteed a fast and easy way to remove the nail. A lot of people love its performance


  • Durable
  • Easily removes nails
  • Easy to work with
  • Does not permit stains on the work surface

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5. Porter-Cable C-Crown Upholstery Stapler

Porter-Cable C-Crown Upholstery Stapler

The porter-cable stapler is a next-generation device that comes with all you are expecting a stapler should have. It uses the standard Senco type with 22 ga. ¾ -inch crown which is capable of stapling from ¼ inch to 5/8 inch long. It also has 1-inch nose extension to maximize clearance fastening. It has a steel top cap which is long lasting.

On the rear end, an exhaust whose port channels and tool condensation/oil away from its users. Find the best and easy way to clear the jam the magazine is open. This equipment can do that. You only have to trust us and make a purchase today. You will not regret your decision.

  • Advantage:

This device clears the fastening in seconds due to the 1-inch nose extension. Majority of the people who bought this item loved its light weightiness directly because operations are made easy. What fascinates most people, is the ability to use standard Senco Type. This product is worth the price and the quality are also impressive.


  • Durable
  • Small and lightweight
  • The nose extension fastens operations
  • It has a unique way of clearing the jam when the magazine is open

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4. Hitachi N3804AB3 1/4 Narrow Crown Stapler

Hitachi N3804AB3 1/4" Narrow Crown Stapler

Another great pneumatic staple gun is this Hitachi N3804AB3 1/4" Narrow Crown Stapler offered for sale by Hitachi. Why do we have it on our list? This featured product has an ergonomic design with a simple flip actuation switch that permits quick transition between single actuation to contact actuation. The exhaust is flexible in that it can rotate up to 360 to face away from you when it is running.

And that not enough, the device is equipped with elastomer grip which is non-slip and an easy to clean nose to facilitate staple extraction. Make your finishing professional with the taste of Hitachi N3804AB3 1/4" Narrow Crown Stapler. It allows you to adjust the staple to the depth as required by merely dialing the specific depth.

  • Advantage:

Make the correct drive in of the nails with the help of this important tool. It comes with a no-mar tip which prevents denting and scarring of the work surface. This device has been appreciated worldwide for it incredible performance, thanks to the fantastic features it possesses.


  • The exhaust can turn up to 360 degrees
  • Lightweight
  • Has no-mar tip to prevent denting and scarring of your work surface

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3. Surebonder 9600A Pneumatic Stapler

Surebonder 9600A Pneumatic Stapler

FPC Corporation (Surebonder) is the ideal company behind the manufacturing of Surebonder 9600A Pneumatic Stapler. This tool is best suited for upholstery projects and woodworking projects among others. If you want to use this equipment, you don’t have to worry about usage efficiency since it is user-friendly and very light in weight.

The handle comes with rubber cushioning offering great comfort, and the quick release magazine facilitates easy staple loading. It begins with a step by step guide on how to perform some simple operations. Purchasing this tool is a guarantee of quick and quality services. Everyone should try it.

  • Advantage:

For fast and safe performance, this tool offers high-speed operations that you will need for construction. To add to it, its user-friendliness has it in style with a comfortable and well-balanced handle which is rubber gripped for safety during operation. It is an adhesive product with high-quality fastening and has an impact on peoples’ lives.


  • The male connector releases staple very quickly
  • Versatile and offers dependable fastening
  • Comfortable and user-friendly

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2. Bostitch BTFP2KIT 2-Tool and Compressor Combo Kit

Bostitch BTFP2KIT 2-Tool and Compressor Combo Kit

Have you been in a dilemma about how you can find a toolkit which performs excellently in making interior and exterior finishing? Well, Bostitch BTFP2KIT 2-Tool and Compressor Combo Kit can not only do that but also useful in trimming projects especially crafts like cabinets, staircases, and furniture. It comes with a PSI 6.0-gallon tank (22.7L) that allows run for a long time while quick recovering. The BOSTITCH high efficient motor enables the device to easy start up during extension cord extension or cold weather. It does not make a lot of noise hence giving you a conducive working environment. The compressor’s maintenance oil plays a significant role in safeguarding the equipment. This machine drives nails from 5/8 inch to 2 inches without fail. Pretty cool, huh!?

  • Advantage:

A fascinating bit about Bostitch BTFP2KIT is the ability to start up when the weather is too cold and the noiseless environment it creates. It has been praised by most users since it does its job perfectly.


  • An ideal tool for trimming projects and finishing in general
  • Runs for a long time and recovers very fast
  • Can withstand cold condition during startup

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1. WEN 61720 3/4-Inch to 2-Inch 18-Gauge Brad Nailer

WEN 61720 3 4-Inch to 2-Inch 18-Gauge Brad Nailer

Pneumatic nail & staple gun set manufactured by WEN is no doubt the number one tool in getting the job done within little time bound. The DIY tool, also termed as WEN 61720 3/4-Inch to 2-Inch 18-Gauge Brad Nailer has the capability of firing brads as from ¾ inch to 2 inches of nail length. You don’t have to worry about jam clearing since the quick release nature of the equipment has been boosted by the capacity of holding up to 100 brands in the magazine.

Besides, its operation extends functionality to handle 60 to 100 PSI in conjunction ¼ inch NPT air inlet fitting. It weighs less compared to most staple guns since the body contains aluminum material with a rubber grip handle for ultimate support.

We cannot forget to include the oil, custom carrying case and two adjustment wrenches which complement care and maintenance of the machine.

  • Advantage:

Having a machine capable of holding up to 100 brads with a quick release and fires from ¾ inch to 2 inches is worth falling for. This staple gun has left thousands of people amazed by how much work it accomplishes within no time. You should not lag behind.


  • Fires both ¾ inch and 2 inches brads
  • It is lightweight due to the aluminum body
  • The rubber-grip handle offers maximum support

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Wrapping it up

Pneumatic staple guns are simple hand tools which should never miss in your home. They will not only assist you in the present but may be a charm in the future when you do need to perform some simple operations by yourself.

Since the market is full of various designs, our top 10 best pneumatic staple guns in 2018 review will serve you the right way. We have relieved you of the burden of constant failure to get the best item from the market at no extra cost. Cheers!


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