Best Planter Boxes in 2020 Reviews

A planter box is a good way to make changes to your surroundings and enhance style. It is good to buy one that is made professionally like either of these in this list. You can get one that you can assemble much faster and better than those in DIY projects.

The planter boxes in this list come with better materials that would be troublesome for many to set up at home with normal wood. To avoid those kinds of complications and not worry much about making mistakes, one can buy a planter box to avoid such stresses.

It comes ready to start doing the business at hand.

How to Choose a Planter Box

  • Size:  Planter boxes come in different sizes. One may choose a size depending on what you want to plant. Different plants want very specific minimum types of areas.
  • In addition, a small planter box will not be able to support a huge plant, since it will not get sufficient nutrition from soil carried. Also, size matters when it comes to terms of portability. Look at the location you would like to plant and the volume used fits your purpose.
  • Price:  Look to it that the planter box fits your budget just right. Price generally varies because of the volume in the planter box itself. In addition, the materials used to make the planter box and outstanding features like some highlighted in this review make a difference.

Why You Need a Planter Box:

  • For gardening: If you are a gardening enthusiast who is limited with space, you can get either of these and live your dream. They will not take up too much space and you can do this without having to use too many resources.
  • For décor: Planter boxes look fantastic wherever they are placed. This is because most people are drawn in by the natural colors of plants. You can do even better with these planter boxes, that instead of just flowers, you can switch it up to plants, bringing the outside in.

10 Best Planter Boxes – Top Pickups

10. CYS EXCEL Planter Box, Wood Planter, Succulent Planter

CYS EXCEL Planter Box, Wood Planter

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The CYS EXCEL planter box is ideal for indoor use. It comes with up to 15 different dimensions. The smallest one has a height of 3 inches, an opening of 18 inches by 6 inches. The largest one comes with a height of 8 inches, an opening of 40 inches by 8 inches.

The wood has a thickness of 8 mm. It is light brown in color. This is great for small plants, air plants or succulent. It is a great way to impress your friends and show off your gardening. This box has a natural appeal to it. It is a nice container for country style garden decoration. You can use it for a stylish and contemporary arrangement.

So, what’s the bottom line? Do try out this planter box because it offers you a variety number of magical ways to present and showcase your sweet angelic succulent or any of your floral arrangements. We hope that you will love this Wood Planter Box as it is accompanied by a removable zinc metal liner.

On the other hand, the wood box exterior comprises a dusty ash brown kind of coloring which makes it more appealing. Do let us know how you avail and utilize this planter box. It is high time to adorn and embellish your home inspired by nature.

Fill your home surroundings with some fresh greenery and keep them in these planter boxes. Lastly, this natural wood planter box consists of solid built construction. It gives you an impressive-looking decorative accent and that is the best thing about it.

Extra features:

  • Many different sizes to choose
  • Waterproof plastic liners
  • Removable plastic liner included.

9. Best Value Cedar Raised Garden Bed Planter 24″ W x 96″ L x 10.5″ H

Best Value Cedar Raised Garden Bed Planter 24" W x 96" L x 10.5" H

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When buying plant boxes, we all have a kind of plant we want to use it for in mind. If you were planning to grow vegetables, I would recommend this cedar plant box to you.

As the name suggests, it was made using Northern White Cedar. Cedar has so many benefits and is naturally resistant to insects and rot. You are not going to incur replacement costs any time soon.

This plant box has a Natural finish to it. The company designed it but did not treat it. In fact, it is true to say that it is unfinished and rough sawn. If you have gone through cedar options in the market, you will agree that this one here is being offered to you at the best value.

Hence, we have given our big thumbs up to this option. Most probably, you are going to love this exclusive Greenes value raised garden bed because it let you create and gives you the ultimate freedom to make an open-bottom frame for your plants. This cedar frame is made and manufactured in the USA.

Moreover, you are free to grow and keep your vegetables, herbs, and also fruits in it. This is a budget-friendly option which we have suggested to you. It allows you to create a beautiful and magical looking garden without paying any of the high premium prices.

Do get hold of this Greenes value raised garden bed, set up it on your own and put some great plants in it. No doubt, this planter box will help you to come up with a successful garden look for your home.

Extra features:

  • To expand your garden, you can connect other Greenes Fence plant boxes.
  • The plant boxes can also be stacked for the same purpose.

8. CedarCraft Elevated Spruce Planter 21x47x29 H (Gray)

CedarCraft Elevated Spruce Planter

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Elevated planters are perfect for patios, balconies or backyard gardening. With this planter box from CedarCraft made in Canada, you can grow tomatoes, vegetables, herbs or flowers anywhere you want. With the elevated design, you will garden with comfort without bending or be stooping low.

This design also gives protection to your plant from insects to a higher degree. This planter box is made of stained Canadian spruce and aluminum legs. It comes disassembled and putting it all up together is easy and quick. This planter box is sure to serve you for many years.

Hence, there is no need to get any of the random and traditional planter boxes for yourself. We have come up with such an exclusive recommendation. You should try it out. This kind of elevated planter is perfect and ideal to be placed in your patios, balconies. You can even put it in your backyard zone.

If you love to grow tomatoes, vegetables or you wish to grow your very own herbs or any of your favorite flowers, then get this planter box and place it anywhere you want to. The most amazing part about it is that it is made by using stained Canadian spruce.

And it is further surrounded rust-resistant kind of powder-coated aluminum legs. We have strongly reviewed this recommendation as it is made in Canada and at the same time it is beautifully engineered.

Extra features:

  • Its aluminum legs are coated with rust-resistant powder.
  • Includes landscape fabric.

7. Giantex Raised Garden Bed Vegetables Fruits Grow Planter

Giantex Raised Garden Bed Vegetables Fruits Grow Planter Patio Yard Potato Onion Greenes Herb Flower Heavy Duty Wooden Frame Gardening Planting Beds Durable Outdoor Cedar Wood Elevated Planter

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This planter box is made from 100 % cedarwood. This makes it environmentally friendly and harmless to humans. The thickness of the whole body gives it a sturdy finish that will last you for a very long time. It comes with choices of three dimensions of the box itself.

The largest one has dimensions of 48.5 inches, by 22.5 inches by 30 inches. The smallest one has dimensions of 96 inches, by 24 inches by 10 inches. The leg base elevates the planter box bottom by 18.5 inches height.

This makes you gardening easy as you will not strain your back doing it. This planter box brings a rough-sawn look to your outdoor aesthetics.

It is all because of its solid and cedarwood construction that we have suggested and exclusively recommended this planter box version to you. It is extremely durable and reliable to use for years and years.

If you have a passion to grow any kind of vegetables, flowers and herb, then getting such a planter bed will be best and much better for you. People love to keep such planter boxes because they make your home indoor and outdoor premises warm.

Thus, if you are looking for thick and too solid cedar wood planter, then try this option. It is the name of durability and solidness and it is for years and years that this product will remain stable and durable. You can place it on your patios, porches. Keep it on your decks, balconies or gardens.

Extra features:

  • Manual shows Numbered hardware assembly process and how to go about it.
  • Can also be placed on the ground without supports.

6. Best Choice Products Raised Vegetable Garden Bed Elevated Planter Kit Grow Gardening Vegetables

Best Choice Products Raised Vegetable Garden Bed Elevated Planter Kit Grow Gardening Vegetables

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People get too excited at times and end up completely filling the plant box. This is not a bad thing but more often than not, they fail to take into consideration the room the plants need in order to grow.

You have to make sure that you will always create enough space so that they can grow proficiently. This plant box has a 46″ length and 22-inch width, which will help you achieve this easily.

It was made to last throughout the year, regardless of the season. This is possible thanks to its solid wood makeup, which is 0.75 inches thick. The plant box is elevated at a height of 30 inches, so it is perfect for individuals who have problems with leaning over.

Now is the right and very much correct time to give your plants and flowers some healthy environment and ambiance to grow. You can do that by buying this planer box. It is claimed by the manufacturer that your flowers, plants, herbs, and vegetables are going to remain completely and fully healthy in this planter bed.

If you plan to buy this raised gardening bed, then do share your feedback with us. It is designed in a way that lets you easily place and keep plenty number of plants. Keep it on the patio or even in your garden or in your greenhouse and eventually give a natural and organic healthy environment to your little plants.

Extra features:

  • The plant box has a very quick assembly process.
  • You will require very few tools to put it together.

5. Pure Garden Plant Holder – Planter Container Box for Garden, Patio, and Lawn – Outdoor Decor by White

Pure Garden Plant Holder – Planter Container Box for Garden, Patio, and Lawn – Outdoor Decor by White

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Enhance the look of your outside environment with plant boxes from Pure Garden. A traditional lattice pattern on the sides of the box helps to improve the overall look of this planter box.

In addition, this lattice pattern increases the structural integrity of the box itself. You can add a personal touch to your surrounding with this planter box, no matter where you are.

Whether a big house or an apartment, this will feel right in place. This planter box is made of durable white polypro propylene. The white color will never fade from this box. Moreover, when it is stained, it is easy to clean. This box measures at 14.75 inches, by 14.75 inches and 13.75 inches.

Extra features:

  • T-shape bottom drains excess water in the bottom and lets the roots breathe.
  • Easy to assemble.

4. Bloem Fiskars 24 Inch TerraBox Planter, Color Clay

Bloem Fiskars 24 Inch TerraBox Planter, Color Clay

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This plant box is clay colored and comes in a 23.86-inch size. If you have been looking for a window display, then this box is a great place to start. It will definitely look great on a windowsill and shelf as well.

The interesting thing about it is how the company made the finish so textured, to a point where it looks like natural clay. You can get this same kind of plant box, in sizes of 18 and 30 inches as well.

Bloem offers one of the most affordable means to decorate. You can use this plant box both indoors and outdoors, depending on your needs. This is definitely one of the best alternatives to ceramic and clay pots.

Extra features:

  • It can withstand the sun’s effects because it has UV additives.
  • The plant box has high-quality color pigments.

3. Keter Urban Bloomer 22.4 Gallon Resin Plastic Wood Look Elevated Raised Patio Garden Flower Planter Bed, Graphite

Keter Urban Bloomer 22.4 Gallon Resin Plastic Wood Look Elevated Raised Patio Garden Flower Planter Bed, Graphite

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This is a good planter box especially for people that hate to do their gardening while crouching or for health reasons. This box is made of resin and is waterproof thus; it will not get wood rot like some other planter boxes.

This plant has a couple of interesting features. It has a watering system with a reservoir. This keeps the soil at optimum moisture content capacity. A water gauge indicates how much water is in the reservoir.

It has a red and green label to indicate when to add water to the reservoir and when water is sufficient. It also contains a manual drainage tap on the bottom letting you drain excess water from the box. This also avoids messy water splashing in different directions. It comes in dimensions of 32.3 inches, by 14.7 inches and a height of 30.7 inches.

Extra features:

  • This Keter planter box comes with a bottom shelf that can be used for storage.
  • Has a seed-sprouting tray that is detachable allowing you to cultivate your seeds and seedlings.

2. Giantex Wooden Raised Vegetable Garden Bed Elevated Planter Kit

Giantex Wooden Raised Vegetable Garden Bed Elevated Planter Kit Grow Gardening Vegetable

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This wooden planter box from Giantex has three different sections elevated at different heights. Its total area from the top 16 feet squared. The height of each section is about 7 inches. This is perfect for different plants and vegetables with its step stair design. You can place different sized plants at different levels.

Extra features:

  • The planter box has three different levels
  • Simple to assemble.

1. Keter Easy Grow Patio Garden Flower Plant Planter Raised Elevated Garden Bed

Keter Easy Grow Patio Garden Flower Plant Planter Raised Elevated Garden Bed, Brown

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When it comes to Keter plant boxes, you can be sure that you are dealing with something ideal. The box is designed in a way that water has to be manually drained from it. You do not have to worry about it leaking as you water the plants.

Unlike other plant boxes, it does not have a plug. This one has a drainage tap on the outside. It is not removable; however, it makes things much more convenient. You will not even need a liner to use it. You can go ahead and plant directly.

This plant box has a 31.7-gallon capacity, making it capable of accommodating a variety of plants. It is a great patio addition and has a decorative aspect to it. You can use it in whichever outdoor space you have. It may be 29.8 inches high, but it does not occupy as much space as you would think.

Extra features:

  • The plant box has a rattan pattern, which is trendy and will match patio furniture.
  • It is durable and will last for a long time.

Best Planter Boxes – Buyer’s Guideplanter boxes

Below we have collected some important buyer’s guide points which you should consider if you are interested in getting a planter box:

High-quality Material

Your planter box should be made of high-quality material. This is the important trait which you have to always consider. Look for the natural raised garden bed which is made by using non-paint as well as a non-toxic material.

At the same time, it should be made of 100% fir wood. This construction will make sure to give additional dimensional stability to your garden bed. It will going to increase its natural resistance against rot and pests.

User-friendly Design

If your planter box has a backache-friendly and user-friendly design, then that is great and amazing. If you have a knee pain problem or experience backache and you love to plant as well, then buy a garden bed which s composed of such a design.

In addition, look for the option which lets and allow you easily manage your vegetables, herbs and plants without bending you down or giving any of the risk of pain to your joints.

Useful and Practical

Most importantly, you need to prefer that garden bed which is solid and simple, Make sure to buy and order that raised bed which gives you an appropriate and adequate amount of planting area which. It should behold weight up to 100Kg or you can say 220Lb.

If your chosen garden bed is useful and practical at the same time, then it means you have got the best-raised bed. Upon buying such a planter, you will be able to cultivate plants and a variety type of vegetables, flowers and also herbs in your patio.


Lastly, give your thumbs up to only that garden planter which is easy and quick to assemble. If that garden bed is accompanied and embossed by a simple, durable and sturdy structure, then it means your planter box is easy and simple to assemble. That model should only need the basic hardware to set up it.

Final Thoughts

These planter boxes in this review are made professionally for you to get the most out of your small gardening needs. They are also very good for people who want a more controlled environment for their plants.

In here, you get the widest range in accordance with the factors that are most important to consider. With this list, your troubles of looking for your own private little garden are eased.

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