Best Outdoor TV Antennas in 2020 Reviews

Are you in the long run, to cut down your house expenses? An outdoor antenna will be your salvage today. These are digital gadgets which you will readily stick on your roof and enjoy free-air- broadcasting from all the local TV stations and FM channel.

Purchasing an outdoor TV antenna is a brilliant idea whether you want to quit paying the expensive satellite bill or even if it’s in the rural environment where you wish to improve the signal strength.

But this is not as easy as many people think since with the saturation in the market, picking out a standard quality product would be brain-storming.

How To Install Your New Outdoor Antenna

Outdoor TV Antennas

You might be wondering as to how to install a new outdoor antenna. Below we have explained this method for our readers. Read out the details and install any out outdoor TV antenna on your own:

Step #1

Firstly, you have to look for the perfect and ideal placement where you are going to and install and place your tv antenna.

You can search on the internet and look for the information with regard to the aspect which is the best and suitable place for your TV antenna. Get the details regarding the nearest broadcast towers which are located in your vicinity.

Step #2

Then take out the mounting kit. You have to make sure that you secure the bracket right on the rooftop. You can make use of screws in order to secure the bracket.

Moreover, you can take help from the silicone caulk in order to further tighten up the screws. Assemble your antenna by reading and following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step #3

After this, you have to start position the TV antenna pole. What you need to do is to slide the pole exactly on the antenna sleeve. Make sure to secure its position firmly and tightly.

The other thing which you have to keep in mind, it is to adjust and set your TV antenna in the optimal direction. It means your TV antenna should be facing and directing towards the broadcast tower. Besides, you can keep up the bolts in a loose form so that you can adjust them later on.

Step #4

The nest step is to test as well as tune your TV antenna. This is necessary in order to make sure that you have set up and installed the antenna in a correct manner. You can run out a test for this step.

Once you have linked and attached all the wires, then switch on the TV. If channels and picture quality are coming fine, then it means you have installed the TV antenna in the right way. If you notice some problem, then you can try positioning and set your antenna in a different spot to get the best reception.

Step #5

After getting the desired picture quality, secure and tighten the wires finally. Secure your antenna firmly by using bolts and also screws. Most importantly, do not forget to ground all the wires which are present across your roof.

The last step is to ground your antenna for the sake of its safety. You can even connect and link your antenna’s coaxial cable right to the splitters. In this way, you can watch all of your favorite programs anywhere and any time in your home.

Our review on the top 10 best outdoor TV antennas in 2020 will be your best guide: we have compiled the top selling and rated brands for our customers.

10 Best Outdoor TV Antennas – Top Pickups

10. Marathon HDTV long-distance digital TV antenna

Marathon HDTV long distance digital TV antenna

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  • Product dimensions: 35.8 by 4.3 by 21.6 inches
  • Item weight: 4.8 pounds

The marathon TV antenna will be your perfect choice that you won’t choosing to replace the cable TV and satellites that cost a fortune and still be demanding with huge bills every month.

The HDTV digital antennas boast of its long-distance signal coverage up to 100 miles away from the location. Plus, this directional antenna features instructional maps which will guide you know the point of high signal reception before you install the antenna.

Also, not only the free map but also you got to inquire about the strength of the signals from your location before buying or installation of the antenna for its effectiveness.

More interesting, the marathon antenna is a multipurpose product since when you got one, no need to buy more so that you can power al the TVs in the house. Why? The digital antenna can simultaneously power four TVs without any restrictions.

Besides, you will use it both on the outside or indoors thanks to its durable makeup which enables it withstands all the extreme weather conditions. Additionally, it includes built-in signal amplification and powerful output (110V).

Key Features

  • Have long distance signal coverage up to 100 miles
  • Use both as indoor and outdoor antenna
  • Built-in signal amplification
  • Powers multiple TVs up to 4 at the same time
  • Single easy to install hook design

9. Marathon HDTV long-distance digital TV antenna

Installerparts Amplified outdoor HDTV outdoor TV antenna

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  • Product dimensions: 10 by 20 by 29 inches
  • Item weight: 5.2 pounds

Ever got immature failures from your low-quality outdoor antenna that isn’t able to withstand the varying weather conditions? This is quite disgusting, right? Then it’s time you make the best choice by settling for the installer part outdoor TV antenna.

What about it? The installer parts is wholly an outdoor antenna that constructs from durable materials which enables it to withstand the tough rainy and sunny weather and still relay the best signals ever.

Uniquely, it is the best long-range antenna that has gained its popularity in the market today thanks to the signal coverage up to 150 miles.

Talk on its installation: this is just a breeze with the free user manual included in the package that gives all the instructions for your convenience.

Plus, unlike its competitors, installer parts include a 360 rotating motor, a wireless remote control so you can customize your antennas from the house without climbing up to the roof.

Make your free-air TV watching enjoyable with this antenna which provided an opportunity to view crystal clear high definition videos on your screen. A bonus, if unhappy about it, we offer 100% money refund up to 90 days without question.

Key Features

  • Low noise built-in signal amplifier
  • Extra-long distance coverage up to 150 miles
  • Features 360 degree rotating motor, wireless remote control
  • It’s fast and easy to install
  • Designs to be weather resistant in the outdoor environment

8. Channel Master CM-4228HD TV antenna

Channel Master CM-4228HD TV antenna

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  • Product dimensions: 5.5 by 41 by 33 inches
  • Item weight: 10 pounds

Add humor to your entertainment life with a cost-free watching all the time you are in the house by buying channel master TV antenna. The CM-4228 antenna is versatile in that you can use it as an 8-bay

HD and UHF/FM/VHF outdoor antenna. Unlike the traditional models, it is an Omni-directional antenna that gets high definitions and digital signals within an angle of 180 degrees.

Plus, it display 1080p HD and digital signals from the local broadcasting channels with a range of 80 miles away thus you will be able to enjoy all your favorite programs feely thus cut the cord with hesitation. Not all, the antennas are lightweight, thin and include multiple mounting options coupling to its mask.

Key Features

  • Features pre-assembled with antenna mask
  • Long-distance range up to 80 miles
  • It’s versatile; use for high definitions and digital signal reception
  • It’s Omni-directional within 180 degree

7. 1byone 85 miles HDTV outdoor antenna

1byone 85 miles HDTV outdoor antenna

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  • Product dimensions: 20.7 by 3.3 by13 inches
  • Item weight: 4.4 pounds

Why pay thousands of money purchasing your TV cables and satellites and standing in for monthly TV bills when you can enjoy all this pleasure they offer for free with an outdoor TV antenna? This calls for you to go for the 1byone out HDTV antenna.

What’s unique? It produces best pictures and sound quality thanks to its high-resolution power: 1080p HD. With the antenna, you can view all the VHF/UHF signals thanks to its built-in high gain and low noise signal amplifier.

The product is user-friendly; just have to pull the antenna to your TV via a coaxial cable, do channels scan and within some minutes you ate set to go. Also, it’s affordable to all the customers and engineers from durable material giving it a long-lasting high performance in the tough outdoor weather.

More, the antenna features with the amounting pole you will easily attach to your roof and a bonus, the product has 1-year warranty cover. Enjoy!

Key Features

  • Have a long distance range of 85 miles
  • Includes mounting j-shaped pole
  • It’s easy to use and install
  • Receives HDTV, VHF and UHF signals
  • One year warranty

6. New technology 1byone amplified outdoor TV antenna

New technology 1byone amplified outdoor TV antenna

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  • Product dimensions: 11.69 by 11.69 by 8.27 inches
  • Item weight: 1.76 pounds

This is an economical product you must have at home which will cost you little pennies and in return own a fascinating package. The antenna features new and advanced technology and its one of the top-selling 1byone products.

Features small and compact size, the outdoor digital TV antenna reduces wind load, giving reliable and better signals on windy and rainy days without any interference. Plus, it has an anti-UV surface coating, and water/snow proof make up which make sits ideal for use in outdoor and still maintain its quality.

Save more money by purchasing the 1byon antenna. Why? It doesn’t need and installation fee as it’s quite fast and straightforward to set it up; it’s pre-assembled, unlike the traditional models and also you have an opportunity to watch all your favorite local broadcasting channels for free.

Besides, with the 360 Omni-direction design, no more remote control or physical turning of the antenna as will pick signals from all directions automatically. Make it your number one choice, and you will live to tell tales!

Key Features

  • Have a small compact size, with an anti-UV surface coating
  • Easy to set up
  • Includes a free 20ft long coaxial cable
  • Have an attractive decorative appearance
  • 360 degrees Omni-direction antenna

5. 1byone 80 miles amplified outdoor TV antenna

1byone 80 miles amplified outdoor TV antenna

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  • Product dimensions: 5.7 by 18.9 by 2,4 inches
  • Item weight: 1.3 pounds

Bid bye to the old models and get this new digital tv antenna that features with advanced components. The 1byone HDTV outdoor antenna engineers from durable and reliable materials which give it the ability to withstand all tough conditions in the environment including snow, solar heat, and water.

Free up your life with this digital gadget which will serve you better than the TV cables and satellites by offering you free-aired local channel broadcasting.

Not just free broadcasting but you will watch al your local HDTV and UHF signals at a crystal clear display and quality sound better than when using the costly satellite.

More interesting, the antenna is smaller, lightweight and will take you few minutes of your precious time to install it with no need of fee but you will use the user manual and accessories provided in the package.

More interesting, this is a long-distance antenna capable of detecting signals up to 80 miles, and it has one-year warranty coverage from the company. Make your order today!

Key Features

  • It’s quick and easy to setup
  • Has long distance range up to 80 miles
  • Able to detect HDTV, UHF, digital and standard signals
  • Has the smallest compact size and ultra-light

4. ClearStream 4 indoor/outdoor HDTV antenna

ClearStream 4 indoor/outdoor HDTV antenna

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  • Product dimensions: 28.19 by 9.12by 20.06
  • Item weight: 8 pounds

Clearstream 4 is a high performing antenna compared to its competitor within a range of 70 miles. Designing with a quad loop antenna technology; the Clearstream is ideal for use in areas where signals have great interference by foliage, building or trees like in the rural and suburban areas.

This multi-direction antenna is fascinating as it responds to varying frequencies and wide beam range with no need to rotate it.

What’s unique? It features a reflector which enhances frequency focus and also helps protect against multi-path interferences. Being a versatile product you can mount it in the attic, indoors or on the roof and still works will full dedications all through.

More, assembling is a breeze thanks to its three-set procedure, and you will have a chance to view crystal clear local channels on for free all time. Finally, you got a guarantee for its long lasting performance by the lifetime warranty from the company.

Key Features

  • Suitable to use in areas with heavy foliage, building and trees distractions
  • Long distance range antenna up to 70 miles
  • Are durable and versatile
  • Includes reflector that focuses signal frequencies

3. viewTV Outdoor amplified antenna

viewTV Outdoor amplified antenna

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  • Product dimensions: 17.3 by 12.2 by 3.4 inches
  • Item weight: 4.55 pounds

viewTV is a multi-direction antenna that runs on a motorized 360-degree rotation. The 150 miles long-range antenna designs to be user-friendly: control the antenna at the comfort of your home with wireless remote control.

Pay bill no more for the satellite and cable with the view tv antenna. This antenna provides free HDTV, UHF, and VHF broadcasting with differing formats including 720p, 1080, and 1080p. Assemble the gadget within minutes thus saving money you would pay for its installation.

More interesting, this premium quality product includes a low-noise and high gain amplifier thus you won’t be a distractor to your neighbor. Finally, stick it on the roof, and it will retain its quality thanks to its weather-resistant makeup giving you a long-lasting service.

Key Features

  • It’s weather resistant
  • Has a low noise and high gain amplifier
  • Built-in 360 degree rotating motor
  • Large frequency coverage up to 150 miles away
  • It’s cheap

2. RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV antenna

RCA Compact outdoor Yagi HDTV antenna

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  • Product dimensions: 34.5 by 33.1 by 24.2
  • Item weight: 2 pounds

Don’t settle for lesser channels or low-quality pictures when you can give your TV the best with the RCA compact outdoor antenna. The antenna features advanced properties, unlike those traditional models which cost you a fortune.

With a cross-phase and multi-direction design, the antenna will receive more channels and frequencies with a high resolution up to 1080iHD. Why it’s a must-have product? The antenna provides both network and local television channels for free.

Plus, it will relay VHF and UHF broadcasting thus you don’t have to drain your wallet anymore paying for satellite and cable bills.

With a pre-assembled design, this simplifies its setup process: includes mount mask, easy lock hardware thus no need to pay the installation fee.

Remember the quality of signal detection is affected by the distance from towers but with the RCA indoor/outdoor antenna, get a clear signal over a long distance up to 70 miles away. Grab your package today!

Key Features

  • Long-distance signal range up to 70 miles
  • Has pre-assemble design thus no installation fee
  • Multi-direction antenna with more channels: HDTV, VHF, and UHF
  • It’s cheap

1. Tree New Bee outdoor TV antenna

Tree New Bee outdoor TV antenna

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  • Product dimensions: 12 by 21 by 3.4 inches
  • Item weight: 2.3 pounds

It’s time to move from the old-school habits of climbing up your roof so you would change the direction of the TV antenna. This is possible when you purchase the tree new bee TV antenna. How?

The antenna includes a 360-degree motorized rotation in which you have full control with a wireless remote right from your house. What about its distance coverage? This is a question most customers ask the dealer; the antenna TV is outrageously the best you got as will cover up to 150 miles away.

Engineered with vertex technology; this digital antenna will relay clear pictures and sound quality as it’s able to resist stray frequencies from other appliances, cellular signals, and FM signals. Bonus accessories, it responds to more broadcasting channels including FM radios, VHF, UHF, and HDTV plus has extra-long coaxial cable (40ft).

Key Features

  • Designs with vertex technology
  • Extra accessories include; 40FT coaxial cable, UHF/VHF/FM channels, remote control
  • Are pocket-friendly
  • 360-degree motorized rotation
  • Signal coverage up to 150 miles

Best Ways To Clean Outdoor Tv AntennaOutdoor TV Antennas 

There are a few of the ways and tips which you can follow in order to clean any kind of outdoor tv antenna type. Check out the below-written details:

If you have got a large yagi-style antenna, then such an antenna usually and generally gets a black dust kind of covering on it. This covering is termed as aluminum oxide. It is commonly caused because of excessive and extreme exposure to the air.

It is advised to keep your antenna like this because this covering is not at all harmful for it. Rusting weaken your antenna, but Aluminum oxide covering does not weaken it. Hence, keep your antenna to be packed with this black and dusty glory.

On the other hand, if you have got plastic-clad antennas, then such types are immune from getting dusty and dirty.

To take care of them, just leave them alone. Or what you can do is to make use of a commercial cleaner. Avoid anything harsher or chemically induced on your TV antenna. Wash them gently or use a gentle sponge on them.

Hence, do the gentle scrubbing on your TV antennas. Do it in a manner that none of the things come out from them. Avoid to give permanent damage to them upon cleaning and scrubbing them in a harsh manner.

Best Outdoor TV Antennas – Buyer’s GuideOutdoor TV Antennas 

Make sure to check out and read this buying guide so that you can grab a reliable and top quality outdoor TV antenna for yourself:

Gives a High-Quality Picture

Most probably, you can go with that outdoor TV antenna option which manages to support 1080i HDTV settings. It should be able to broadcast and give out a high-quality picture.

Furthermore, if your chosen model can conveniently withstand tough outdoor conditions, then do always pick and buy that model. It should carry durable construction elements in it. Search for that antenna which is made of top quality materials.

Pre-Assembled Design

Moreover, you can have that TV antenna type which offer and give a simplified installation job. High-quality models always come in the form of a pre-assembled design. They comprise and compose of easy-lock fold-out kind of UHF reflector as well as snap-lock elements

Compact Design

It is recommended to choose the antenna type which carries a compact design. Its design and size should be compact and user-friendly. In addition to this, compact shape outdoor tv antenna seamlessly gives and delivers a full 1080 HD quality.

All in all, you should avoid buying that TV antenna which gives you a poor picture quality or a fewer number of channels. Those models which are accompanied by a cross-phase and multi-element kind of design, constantly run on enhanced and boosting reception technology.

Streaming Player Companion

Most certainly, it is advised by the experts to go and choose that outdoor TV antenna which act as an ideal and best Streaming Player Companion.

In this way, that antenna will be able to complement a large number of streaming players like that of Apple TV, Roku and also Xbox, and much more.

Offer Precise Amplification

Premium quality tv antennas, they are always installed with innovative and top-quality SmartBoost technology.

In this way, the user will be able to enjoy precise amplification modes. With the presence of this technology, you can easily tune the required TV channels of yours and be able to amplify the right kind of TV signal.


It’s time we are realistic when it comes to the house expenses by buying an outdoor antenna. But remember, not every antenna you spot on the shelves will be your best scope. That’s why you must be wise in your decision making on the product you buy.


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