Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras in 2020 Reviews

Are you a fan of cycling or mountain biking and you wish to take record of all the sporting activities you undertake out there? Where you need the recording for learning, use as documentaries or just for fun, helmet cameras are the best gadgets to use.

They are lightweight devices that attach easily to your helmet and features with new technology giving you quality videos. With the fast changing technology, many models are present in the markets, though serving the same purpose, there is much more you ought to consider. Our review of the top 10 best motorcycle helmet cameras in 2020 below gives a list of the top featuring models, giving you the best guide on what to buy.

10. Action Camera Amouc 4k

Action Camera Amouc 4k


  • 30metres waterproof camera
  • Built-in 32GB micro SD card
  • Ultra HD 4k action camera
  • 12MP and 1700 lens
  •  Built-in WIFI

Take you sporting to the next level with the action 4k ultra HD cameras. Use them in various sporting activities including running, surfing, diving, swimming, drifting and much more to get quality video recording. Featuring 4k ultra HD, it assures you that all pictures and footages you record are splendid.

Also, you can store all the pictures and videos without the worry of deleting them from the memory storage as with the 32GB built-in micro SD card; this is just enough space. What’s interesting, you will share and edit your videos reality via the WIFI connectivity the camera creates with all your smartphones.

Additionally, the camera features a wide angel degree lens and 2.0" LCD screen; this gets all backgrounds clearly and standard. Plus, with the 30m waterproof property, this will make your water sporting more fascinating.


  •  Camera is waterproof up to 30m
  • Has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity
  •  Features 4k ultra HD design with wide angle lens
  • Has 32GB micro SD card

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9. Legazone Wi-Fi HD 1080P helmet cameras

Legazone Wi-Fi HD 1080P helmet cameras


  •  12 MP, 1080P and 1700 wide angle lens
  •  Storage bag
  •  30M deep water-proof camera
  •  Camera is wearable
  •  Multi-purpose

Legazone helmet cameras are quality high-performance models. Wear the camera on your body and will capture your best moments whenever you desire. This new technology camera includes a medium size zip-up carry bag which gives it secure storage and also easy to carry around with you.

Unlike other low-quality cameras, legazone features 12 MP, wide angle and 1080P lens which records and captures clear and outstanding videos/ pictures. Plus, it offers you a chance to view what you are filming via the LDC color Screen for accurate recording.

Moreover, these cameras are economical bearing in mind that users will use them for various functions; digital video recording, photo shooting, audio recording and video display. Also, it takes you only 3.5 hours to recharge the detachable battery which lasts long.


  •  It’s a multi-purpose HD camera
  •  Includes a compact zip-up carry bag
  • Has hand free use; wear on the body or your device

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8. Crosstour Action Camera

Crosstour Action Camera


  •  12MP and 1080P full HD camera
  •  Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Two rechargeable 1050mAh batteries
  • 18 multifunctional mounting accessories
  •  Waterproof camera up to 30m
  • 2" LCD screen

Transform your underwater world sporting with the Crosstour action camera; has a 30M underwater waterproof camera. This full HD camera gives explicit photos and videos thanks to the 12mp and 1080p resolution camera lens. Besides, with a wide lens, you will get extended scenes and the beautiful backgrounds.

This motorcycle camera operates with a wireless connection through Wi-Fi network such that you can use your phone to control all that you are doing. A bonus, 18 multifunctional mounting accessories features offering multiple options to attach to helmet, wrist, bicycle, etc. with durable two rechargeable high-capacity batteries, this gives you long-lasting performance all through your sporting period


  •  Features multiple mounting accessories
  •  Has free-wifi connectivity for wireless control
  •  It’s an HD camera, with 12mp resolution
  • Has two rechargeable high capacity batteries

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7. KINGEAR KG006 Mini sports camera

KINGEAR KG006 Mini sports camera


  •  Ultra small size and lightweight
  • Built-in lithium battery, microphone, and vibration motor
  •  Built-in ¼" quiet quality photosensitive element
  • Full HD 1080P and wide 120-degree camera
  • Support TF 32GB card

This high-quality full HD camera features a high resolution 120 degrees wide lens, providing room for standard photo shooting, and video recording. The camera has small compact size, its ultra-light and rotates into multiple angels.

Is your old camera too noisy every time you capture your moments? Make a new turn to the new quiet camera which will give you peaceful and cool captions all time. Use the camera up to 2.5 hours on a single charge of the built-in lithium battery. Unlike other models, KINGEAR KG006 camera provides extra storage space with the additional slot to include a 32GB card.


  •  Built-in lithium battery lasts to 2.5hours
  •  Has a quite camera motor
  •  Are small in size with 120 degrees wide lens

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6. Hiearcool H9R action helmet camera

Hiearcool H9R action helmet camera


  • 4k ultra HD design
  •  High-resolution camera
  • 4.1v Bluetooth connectivity within 10m
  •  New echo cancellation and CVC 6,0 noise reduction
  • Three lightweight, stable and comfortable earbuds

Hiearcool H9R Bluetooth camera connects via 4.1V connectivity to all Bluetooth devices within 10 meters with lower power consumption. This is a must-have camera, featuring with an in-ear compact design such that you can put it in your ears and record your moments. To make it stable and comfortable in the era, they have three different size earbuds.

What makes it wins its entire competitors? It has the new echo cancellation and CVC 6.0 noise reduction tech, which will get rid of any background sound that affects the clarity of your videos, making phone calls or listening to music. Also, this 30m underwater proof camera provides a chance for you to view your film reading via the color LCD screen.


  • Has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections to devices
  •  It features new noise cancellation technology
  •  Has in-ear compact device
  •  It’s small, lightweight and easy to use

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5. DBPOWER EX5000 Action Helmet Camera

DBPOWER EX5000 Action Helmet Camera


  • Two rechargeable batteries
  • Built-in Wifi
  • Wearable and mounting 16 kits accessories
  • FHD 1080P, 30pfs and 14mp resolution camera
  • 98ft underwater proof camera casing

With multiple mounting accessories, wear the camera or attach it to various objects you want to use for all your sporting activities. DBPOWER EX5000 cameras will take your underwater sporting to the next level with the fact that it has a waterproof casing to a range of 30M.

This model is quite fascinating with its high-resolution camera lens; 14 MPs, FHD 1080p, and 30pfs which capture the world’s beauty, for best captions. Also, this camera has built-in Wi-Fi connection which readily connects to all your devices within second and facilitates your photo editing, as well as sharing, will all your friends and social sites.

With two rechargeable high-capacity batteries, no more disappointments power-low cuts when watching your favorite videos from the cameras. Also, the 170 degrees wide angle lens and dual 2" LCD screen, provides an option to playback videos as well as frame and shoot clear videos.


  • Has high camera resolution; 14mps
  • Feature dual 2" LCD screen and wide 170-degree angle lens
  •  Use it for multiple functions: biking, riding, running, diving, etc.
  • It’s cheap

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4. WIFI Action waterproof cameras

WIFI Action waterproof cameras


  •  Detachable battery
  •  Multiple video recording and photo shooting formats
  • Up to 30m water resistance
  • 12mps, 170 degrees wide 6G lens
  • Fast Wi-Fi connection to devices

Just like its name suggests, this camera has built-in Wi-Fi network connection which takes only seconds to connect to all your Android or iOS devices. With high resolution and wide lens, caption all your fun moment with maximum clarity and more extensive background featuring.

Additionally, the WIFI action camera features various video and photo formats, giving you personalization control over all the recording period. Use it with hand free-operation as it features 19 mounting kits which allow you to wear it or attach to various gadgets while in the fields.

Also, it boasts of its high-performance making is useful in extreme sporting activities including skating, swimming, surfing and much more. Above all this, the two rechargeable batteries help in improvement of the camera’s life, making it durable.


  •  It’s ideal for extreme sporting
  • Has varying video recording and photo shooting formats
  •  Has two rechargeable batteries, thus long; lasting performance
  •  Support micro branded SD card up to 32GB

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3. Ion 1011L Air Pro Lite Wi-Fi camera

Ion 1011L Air Pro Lite Wi-Fi camera


  •  Battery last to 2.5 hours
  •  HD camera with 1080 & 720p video recording formats
  •  Up to 10metres durable waterproof camera with no case
  • Micro SD/SDHC minimum class 6 storage

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a starter, this is the best brand for you. The ion pro camera has up to 10 meters water resistant property though has no casing giving it a lifetime durable performance. Record quality videos and photo shoots with the HD camera which provides two customizable formats for you to choose.

Besides its internal memory, 1011L air pro lite camera can accommodate micro SD/SDHC minimum class 6-10, 32GB storage capacity to enough all your documents are safe for easy access.

Whether you want to go live, edit or share your pictures and videos to any social media; its possible with this motorcycle camera thanks to its inbuilt Wi-Fi connection which reading connects with all your digital android and iOS devices. Finally, includes high-resolution 14mps and 170 degrees less for broader capture moments with better clarity.


  •  It’s robust with up to 10m no case water resistance
  •  Record video with two different formats
  •  Supports external micro SD card class 6-10, 32GD storage capacity
  • Have quick Wi-Fi connection to all digital devices

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2. GoPro HEROS motorcycle helmet cameras

GoPro HEROS motorcycle helmet cameras


  • 4k video and 12MP photos
  •  No-housing 10m waterproof
  •  Battery last for 60-90 minutes
  • Playback, preview shots
  • Trim footages

GoPro HEROS motorcycle helmet video cameras are incredibly durable models with a depth limit of 10m water-resistance with no casing available. No more blind-shooting your phot0s with this camera as offers you a preview and playback option such that you can also see a prototype of how your pic it looks like in the 2" LCD color screen.

This camera will give you standard quality videos; 4k recording and 12megapixel pictures simultaneously which reveal all the beautiful surrounding. On a single charge, the battery will last up to 90minutes when watching a 4k video, which is reliable. Above all, its pocket-friendly with advanced features


  • Offers shoot preview and video playback as well as trim footage
  • Durable with 10m no-case water-resistance
  •  Records 4k videos and 12mps photos
  • It’s affordable

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1. AKASO EK7000 4K WIFI sports action camera

AKASO EK7000 4K WIFI sports action camera


  • Ultra HD camera
  • Two rechargeable high-capacity batteries
  • Waterproof to 100ft, with casing
  •  Built-in Wi-Fi and HDMI connectivity
  •  Wrist remote control wireless camera

AKASO EK7000 are professional action cameras that record high-quality 25fps & 2.7k 30fps videos and 12mp pictures which are stunning because this is four times the resolution of the old HD cameras. Experience longer battery use while recording in the fields as with the two 1050mAh batteries each will offer you up to 90 minutes to record thus more "blackout" disappointments from your action cameras.

Mount the camera on your wrist and have a wireless control over it: the camera has wrist 2.4G remote providing an incredible caption in a new style and also makes it easy to control and frame shots and record video. With the built-in Wi-Fi connection that easily connects to your digital devices (ismart DV) app; within a distance range of 10 meters, this will make it simple to share and edit the videos.

Not only the Wi-Fi connection but also the HDMI present gives you more options to connect them to your computers and TV with no hesitation.

What’s more, AKASO cameras have a durable casing and its water-proof to 100feet. This means that the manufactures design it to withstand all extreme sporting conditions thanks to the durable housing so you can use it in all your indoor and outdoor sporting activities. Buy one today, and you will experience all these benefits and much more.


  • Has both Wi-Fi and HDMI connections
  • Produces quality 4k videos and 12mp photos
  •  It has a durable casing
  •  Can withstand extreme environmental conditions and its waterproof up to 100feet

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Keeping a memory of all your sporting activities is quite essential giving you a chance to get back to them later. Not every camera you use will give a quality and clear videos and pictures but buy one of the models from our top 10 best motorcycle helmet cameras in 2020, and get the assurance you have the best quality of all.


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