Best Maternity Belts in 2020 Reviews

Discomforts accompany pregnancy in most times among many women. This is where the pregnancy support belts come in. Many people confuse belly bands and maternity belts. For maternity ones, they are ideal for pregnant women since they offer the necessary support. Also, these straps are essential for expectant mothers experiencing back pains, gained more weight and if you are expecting twins.

Check these best maternity belts from our list to support and keep your body fit throughout the pregnancy period.

10. Flexguard Maternity Support Belt

Flexguard Maternity Support Belt, 3XL plus Size Pregnancy


  • Extra support
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Correct body posture

Keeping fit when pregnantly is necessary. Also, if your work involves a lot of standings, opting for a pregnancy belt can be a great idea. The flexguard maternity support is one of the best straps you can get to give your body ideal treatment.

Manufactured from premium materials, the belt is useful in providing extra support. Notably, it is excellent for supporting your hips, pelvic and preventing back pains in entire pregnancy period. Thereby, there is no need to expose your body to discomforts while this belt can bring a lasting solution.

Forget about the static belts which are designed to one size. With this one, it is convenient to wear for every mother. To make this possible, the strap is adjustable as the belly grows bigger. For the comfort of the mother, wearing pregnancy belt is comfortable, and you won’t experience excessive sweating.

The fabrics used in its construction are highly breathable to keep your covered areas dry. Above all, this belt is an absolute solution to your body posture correction when pregnant.


  • Available in different sizes
  • Easy to wear and adjust
  • Great for pregnancy stages

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9. Hip Mall Maternity Support Belt Back Support Belt

Hip Mall Maternity Support Belt Back Support Belt


  • Fully adjustable
  • Multi-fabric construction
  • Elastic side panel
  • Ventilated panels

Hip and Mall, maternity support belt, is a perfect pregnant mothers companion. It is designed by experts who know what expectant mom needs. The construction of this belt focuses on the creation of a comfortable support and comfort. It features extra soft fabrics which are great for soothing your skin.

According to the medical experts, wearing a belt should not be tight. That is why Hip Mall maternity belt boasts adjustable fitting which is vital for the safety of unborn baby and mother. Also, this allows the belt to accommodate the growing baby bump.

Now, for the ability of this belt to provide the necessary support, it is made from layered laminates. As a result, the belt will perform excellently with getting compromised as the pregnancy develops. At the side, this belt comes boasting four panels which are stable to keep your belly, hips, and back well supported.

Also, the abdominal lift attachment provides necessary lift without impacting unwanted pressure. With this, it is possible to wear the belt without risking your pregnancy. The inbuilt supports keep the strap in place without unnecessary rolling.


  • Ideal to wear on or over the blouse
  • Great affordable price
  • Available in optional sizes

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8. Babo Care OB Recommend Maternity Belt

Babo Care OB Recommend Maternity Belt, Breathable Abdominal Binder


  • Recommended by OB
  • Latest and patented design
  • Great for daily use
  • Available in sizes

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Wearing just a pregnancy belt sometimes can’t solve your problems. But looking for one which is recommended and reliable one, it will give your belly a perfect hugging and support.

With Babo care breathable belt, all your support related problems are over when pregnant. It is an OB recommended belt which is elastic, and strong enough to support your belly from early pregnancy up to the delivery time. Apart from support, this belt is fantastic in relieving back pains as well as pelvic and hip pains.

Forget about the regular belts which will lose their efficiency after a short period of use. Babo care belt, it comes boasting patented design; this means that you can wear it over and over while remaining intact. In fact, the belt features upper and lower sections have double layers for double support.

The careful design ensures that you can use this belt daily when performing your works without experiencing undesirable side effects. Furthermore, the breathable materials are excellent for keeping your skin comfortable.


  • Great belt to use daily
  • Safe fabrics for skin and highly breathable
  • Relieves and prevent hip, back, and pelvic pains

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7. INKER Lightweight Maternity Support Belt

INKER Maternity Belt, Breathable, and Lightweight Pregnancy Support Belt


  • Hand washable
  • Lightweight wearing
  • Reinforced back band
  • Wide stick straps

Performing your daily duties in your home should not stop because of pregnancy. All you need is to get Inker maternity belt to ease your suffering. Designed for everyday use, this strap stabilizes your hip joints as well as the pelvic joints.

With soft and elastic fabrics, it wearing is simple without the need for assistance. Additionally, the materials are safe and hypoallergenic; meaning that you won’t experience skin reactions.

Now, the size is a significant concern when buying any attire. However, with this belt you can relax, it has an adjustable design which allows it to fit different people. In fact, one size fits a person with up to 46 inches hip circumference.

As the belly grows in size, there is no need get another belt; you need just to adjust. Unlike other belts on the market, this one is also ideal for postnatal recovery and gives the body correct posture. Ability to be hand washable renders it easy to clean.


  • Ideal for pre and postnatal use
  • Ideal to wear the clothing without bulkiness
  • Sufficient back reinforcement to relieve back pains

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6. Babo Care Comfortable Breathable Belly Band

Babo Care Comfortable Breathable Belly Band for Pregnancy, Prenatal Cradle for Baby


  • #1 Top Recommended Maternity Belt
  • Doctor recommended
  • Relieve pains strains
  • Available in all sizes
  • Comfortable design

For a pregnant mother, it is essential to ensure that she gets ample support to keep her away from back pains and strains. Now, the Babo Care belly band for pregnancy is an excellent idea for any pregnant woman. It is among the few belts which are doctor recommended.

Thereby, even when wearing it, you can have an assurance that it won’t harm you or your unborn baby. Wrapping it around your belly keeps your body balanced. As a result, no more back, pelvic and sacroiliac pains.

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Unlike other belly belts for pregnancy, this one is great for daily usage. In fact, it gives you the ability to perform your day to day activities without developing back strains, hip, and pelvic joints. By being made from soft and breathable materials, it guarantees you a peace of mind.

Also, it can be used under clothes, thus exemplary for wearing everywhere you go. As the size of your baby bump increases, the belt doesn’t cause increase pressures since it is highly stretchable.


  • Ideal to wear with other clothes
  • Breathable and safe to skin
  • Supports your belly throughout the pregnancy

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5. Leward Maternity Belt Leward Pregnancy Support Belly Brace

Leward Maternity Belt Leward Pregnancy Support Belly Brace


  • Multilayered laminate cotton/nylon
  • Built-in support
  • Breathable side panels
  • Eco-friendly construction packaging

Being pregnant is a great moment for all mothers. But it doesn’t come without some drawbacks which can be uncomfortable. The best way to deal with undesired effects is to get a pregnancy belly belt.

Leward Maternity pregnancy support is one of the premium belts you can invest in. The creation of this band ensures that you give your belly ample support and lifting. With the ability to adjust, it is easy to fit your baby bump as it enlarges throughout the pregnancy period.

The construction of this belt for pregnancy is dedicated to making sure that as it remains reliable for an extended period. It features multi-layers with a blend of cotton and nylon lining. The four used panels are great for ensuring full support and are excellently ventilated to keep your skin dry and breathing. Some belly belts are stress to wear due to rolling.

But, with this one, it gives you a comfortable wearing since it comes reinforced with in-built support which keeps it intact in your body. With an Eco-friendly packaging material, this belt is an absolute pick for increased joy and support.


  • Extra belly and stomach support
  • Eliminate back pains comfort spine
  • Great even during postpartum

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4. Bracoo Maternity Belt – Adjustable Support

Bracoo Maternity Belt, Adjustable Support for Prenatal or Postpartum Comfort


  • Reduces lower back pressure
  • 4-way stretching fabric
  • Versatile support

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Bracoo belt for pregnancy gives a pregnant woman peace of mind. Whether you are walking or involved in a long time standing activities, it gives your body the necessary support.

The designing this pregnancy belly belt is to maximize support while reducing pressure especially in the prone areas such as back, hips, pelvis, and spine. With an enhanced cradling ability, the strap gives the underneath of belly perfect hugging. Wearing this belt gives you unmatched performance. It boasts a tightening belt which provides the belly with secondary support.

The comfort doesn’t only end with the ability of the belt to hold the abdominal areas tight. Instead, the company has ensured that it achieve 4 ways stretching, which allows the body to get customized comfort. Interior side features soft lining, while the Velcro closure gives a sure fitting without unwanted coming off. Unlike other belly belts for pregnancy, this can be used during prenatal and postnatal recovery.


  • Easy to fit with Velcro closure
  • Ample stretching to fit all pregnant women
  • Great postnatal body shaping belt

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3. GABRIALLA Elastic Maternity Belt

GABRIALLA Elastic Maternity Belt


  • Made in the USA
  • Doctor recommended belt
  • Eases joint pains
  • Safe for daily use

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Don’t wear a belly belt just for the sake; look for one which leaves you confident, and adequately supports your belly. The Gabrialla elastic maternity band is here to keep you healthy.

The excellent abdominal support offered by the belt ensures that you will remain happy throughout the pregnancy period. Apart from support, the band is equipped with 6-inch pockets which are great for either hot or cold therapy in your belt.

If you love to continue with your fitness exercises, there is no need to stop because you are pregnant. With this belt for expectant mothers from Gabrialla offers you the ability needed to keep your belly intact even as you train.

Furthermore, the belt balances weight distribution around your back, hips and abdominal areas to improve your safety. The maternity strap keeps skin smooth free from stretch marks, and also keeps your body in shape.


  • Safe and recommended by medical experts
  • Highly breathable and harmless to skin
  • Relieves pressure and back pains

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2. NeoTech Care Pregnancy Support Belt

NeoTech Care Pregnancy Support Belt- Waist, Back, Abdomen Belly Brace


  • Fully adjustable
  • Abdominal lift attachment
  • Anti-rolling attachments

The popularity of this maternity belt is exceptional due to its performance and durability. Manufactured by trusted and highly reliable company, the brace has been performing outstandingly on the market.

Wearing this belly band helps to ease back, hip, and pelvic pain through the reduction of the pressure. To make it ideal for every mom, it has an underneath belly support and abdominal lift attachment. This makes sure your pregnancy weight is distributed evenly to avoid straining the back.

Some of the belts available although comfortable, they cause your skin to sweat or react with the construction material. Forget this when you buy NeoTech Care pregnancy support belt.

In fact, this one comes boasting exceptional knitting with breathable fabrics with a double layer of cotton and nylon lining. Apart from the ability to adjust, it is highly stretchy to give baby bump enough compression.


  • Easy to fit with Velcro straps
  • Eliminates abdominal and back pains faster
  • Ideal for all sized women

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1. AZMED Maternity Belt, Breathable Abdominal Binder

AZMED Maternity Belt, Breathable Abdominal Binder


  • #1 Best Seller in Maternity Supports
  • Gentle abdominal compression
  • Poor posture correction
  • Breathable
  • Support extra pregnancy weight

As you think the best ways to keep your body safe and healthy when pregnant, look for the AZMED belt for pregnancy. This belly band is strong enough to support your belly as the baby bump grows.

It is one of the best belts you can think of to provide unmatched support and relief. The designing of this band is aimed at supporting the belly as well as providing gentle compression. To be able to deliver comfort, the strap enjoys elastic construction.

When women are pregnant, they usually suffer from back pain due to compromised posture. But, wearing this belt helps to regain your correct body position. By reducing spine pressure, it assures the user of an enjoyable pregnancy period.

There are no skin abrasions as with other brands since the fabric used are soft and extra breathable. Therefore, it is possible to use it in your daily activities as well as training.


  • Adjustable and elastic
  • Gentle belly compression
  • One size fits all

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Maternity belts are must-have for every pregnant woman. The bands are great for ensuring you live a healthy life even when you are pregnant.


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