Best Masquerade Masks for Women in 2020 Reviews

Looking for the best masquerade masks for women isn’t an easy task thanks to their countless numbers. Of course, we have different masks for different events and one needs to be keen when choosing a particular option.

In this review, we discuss the best brands out there. Be sure to add one of them to your cart for that upcoming festival.

Top 10 Best Masquerade Masks for Women in 2020 Reviews:

10. Masquerade Mask Venetian Butterfly Shiny Metal Mardi Gras Mask Multicolor

Masquerade Mask Venetian Butterfly Shiny Metal Mardi Gras Mask Multicolor

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Coxeer brags about producing some of the best masquerade masks on the market.  They are hereby appreciated for kicking us off to great start review of the best product. Made of high-quality metal alloy and sturdy plastics and decorated with rhinestones to give it that colorful look.

Fret not for this mask is light in weight and comfy to wear. Butterfly design in shape gives it an elegant style. You will definitely stand out on that ball you are planning to attend. Size won’t be a problem for this masks fits most as if made for everyone who loves it.

Get one to your collection to wear to any party, parade, wedding and fashion show. You will probably steal the show.


  • Comfortable
  • Beautiful
  • Lightweight

9. Forum Deluxe Half Mask With Feathers

Forum Deluxe Half Mask With Feathers

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Fun! That is what Forum Novelties brings with their masquerade masks. Something which they have been able to achieve thus deserves a mention in this article. Constructed from 100% polyester and decorated with peacock like purple feathers gives a stylish look. Designed with a green fabric with a touch of a gold trip this surely captures the eye.

This color combination has a meaning apart from looking beautiful. Inspired by the Mari Gras festival, the green, purple and gold colors represent faith, justice, and power respectively. Kill it in any party with this beautiful mask that boasts of great craftsmanship. It stays in place when worn even when dancing to your favorite song in that carnival.

Moreover, when you are not using it, you can add to your décor. A simple hang on the wall will enhance your room. The product is delivered with utmost care and no thread will be missing just as advertised.


  • Comfy
  • Good price
  • Easy to clean

8. Coxeer Laser Cut Metal Lady Masquerade Halloween Mardi Gras Party Mask

Coxeer Laser Cut Metal Lady Masquerade Halloween Mardi Gras Party Mask

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Coxeer drops another one definitely deserve a mention. Striking in design this mask surely captures the eyes. Coxeer boasts about this handcrafted from high-quality materials. The complex design crafted from laser cut metal creating beautiful patterns on the half face mask. The shiny silver patterns compliment the rhinestones creating an elegant feel and look. Foam is put underneath for comfortable feel when you wear it.  Step into the wedding after-party and outshine the bride if she hasn’t got one of this already.

The mask allows for flexibility and can be used in nearly every event. It’s quite the show stopper, trust me handsome men will be coming your way.  Light in weight you will probably not notice it’s on until you catch wow glances at you.


  • Size fits all
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Comfy

7. Various Venetian Couple Women and Men Mask

Various Venetian Couple Women and Men Mask For Masquerade / Party / Ball Prom / Mardi Gras / Wedding / Wall Decoration

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Let us play is what I got from this fine masquerade mask from CCUFO. Where there is play there is mingling and fun. Enjoy your mask parties as you steal the show wearing this mask. It comes in two for you and yours for your dinner parties and social events. Let not the price fool you into thinking it’s a sham. Make from high-quality material gives it a solid build.

Sleek and artistic patterns different from your pair but complimenting each other gives it a rare feel than most masks. I can bet you won’t even feel that you have it on during the party. But the envious glaring glances from others would probably remind you.  It is lightweight and very comfortable and feels like part of your face feature.

The half face mask has a wide range of colors and design to choose from before purchase. The company trademark is protected by US trademark laws as well as Amazon. This is because of their popular fine product and customer relation.


  • Non-allergic and light in weight
  • Striking as well comfortable
  • Great price

6. Luxury Mask Women’s Laser Cut Metal Venetian Masquerade Crown Mask

Luxury Mask Women's Laser Cut Metal Venetian Masquerade Crown Mask

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As expected a product from Luxury Mask must have had to appear without any bias. Their masquerade mask is beautiful and stunning which the first thing you want anyway. They are made from 100% metal fiber enhanced with the Czech rhinestones for that extra beautification.

This offers you a much classier look than an ordinary plastic mask. Well, who needs ordinary when you can look classier and stand out in that costume party? The rhinestones sparkle in different colors that compliment your face and outfit. Has an installed ribbon to ensure it stays in position.

The half face mask size is standard and fits nearly everyone. It folds easily, smoothly fitting into your facial features.  Simple and easy to wash clean with no discoloration or peeling of paint. Get this on your must-have list and kill every event you wear this to.


  • Fits most
  • Easy to clean
  • Beautiful

5. Signstek Metal Laser Cut Filigree Masquerade Mask

Signstek Metal Laser Cut Filigree Masquerade Venetian Party Mask Black (Rose Gold/Clear Stones)

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Signstek comes through with their gorgeous and elegant masquerade mask. A version of Anne black Venetian metal masquerade mask, they simply did a good job. Handcrafted using laser cut method, artistically curving the high-quality metal.

Eye-pleasing curved line patterns flow as if conjoined to form this proper half face mask.  In addition, shinning crystals are strategically placed giving it a beautiful touch. Hope you can answer the same question repeatedly for everybody who is anybody will be asking. Where did you shop for that?

The size is big and flexible enabling it to bend easily to fit your face. A silk ribbon is attached to secure and ensure it stays in place throughout that cruise extravaganza. Resistant to rust and guarantee no peeling of paint this item is easy to maintain. Leave heads filled with mystery as you step out Venetian styled show-stopping every event you wear this to.


  • Comfy
  • Easy to wear
  • Pro-environment and safe

4. Coxeer Masquerade Mask for Women Mardi Gras Mask

Coxeer Masquerade Mask for Women Mardi Gras Mask with Flowe

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Halfway through and Coxeer yet again graces us with a fine masquerade mask. Its royal design makes you feel like a princess. This silver colored half face mask is meek and sturdy in construction. It is decorated with flowers made of feathers giving a vintage appeal as if something out of a movie.

The size fits smoothly fits into your facial features for a comfortable feel. The measurements are precise to fit most. About 30g grams in weight, it feels like part of your face when you wear it. The simplicity style sells it. Perfect for that prom type of parties and ball dinners.

Price is friendly for such an amazing product. Has a ribbon to secure it in position while you are mingling with your peers. Step out sexy and classy as you make pleasant memories.


  • Easy to wear
  • Comfortable
  • Quality material

3. Luxury Mask Unisex Sparkle Masquerade Venetian Mask

Luxury Mask Unisex Sparkle Masquerade Venetian Mask Mardi Gras Costume

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Featuring again Luxury Mask ups its game with this masquerade mask. The half mask is made from 100% metal alloys making it very sturdy in structure. In addition special sparkling Preciosa rhinestones from Czech enhance its beautiful edifice. The patterns flow gracefully artistically complimenting your face. Enhance your guise when you step out for that fashion show party. The strong thin ribbon helps to secure it in position even as you dance in the annual ball. The rhinestones produce amazing color when hit with the LED lights.

Adjustable to fit most faces, a simple fold ensures a smooth fit perfectly on your face. Light in weight gives it that added advantage as an accessory for wearing it for long hours. Besides, this mask is easy to clean with o discoloration. An effortless hand wash is all it takes to keep it clean.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Beautiful
  • Flexible for any event

2. Coxeer Masquerade Mask Shiny Metal Rhinestone Mask

Coxeer Masquerade Mask Shiny Metal Rhinestone Venetian Pretty Party Evening Prom Mask

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Just like its sisters, this Coxeer masquerade captures the eye. Inspired by royalty, this mask seems to have been made for queens. All women are queens in their own natural way and deserve a treat once in a while. Get your wow moment when you wear this with your beautiful evening dress for that dinner party.

Artistically crafted from metal and plastic and enhanced with decorations of sparkling rhinestones. The glittering stones are strategically placed and arranged with utmost finesse. It is easy to put on as the Filigree metal is adjustable for that smooth fit in your facial features.

As everyone takes there’s off for uncomfortable reasons, you still will be rocking this great accessory. Like a queen you are mysterious glances will be coming your way. The light in weight mask feels like part of your face throughout the event. You can use it again for it is flexible in use, nearly perfect for all festivals.


  • Comfy to wear
  • Beautiful and compliments any outfit
  • Sturdy

1. Luxury Mask Women’s Swan Metal Filigree Laser Cut Venetian Masquerade Mask

Luxury Mask Women's Swan Metal Filigree Laser Cut Venetian Masquerade Mask

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Luxury Masks has the honors of gracing us with the top masquerade mask at this time of the year. As we have seen they have a range of magnificent mask and surely deserve this spot. Exquisite in design, this mask is perfect any and every event that involves beauty. You will stand out through its flawless and artistic design.

The mask is made of eco-friendly metal alloy making it sturdy and durable hence long lasting. Added decorations from Czech rhinestones enhance its beautiful crafted patterns. Inspired by a swan immaculate nature the mask tends to fit smoothly on most faces. It is adjustable ensuring that you don’t miss out on such an attractive product.

The mask doesn’t discolor or flakes its paint even when washed. A hand wash is enough to get it clean ready for your next wear. Yes, you can wear it to proms, weddings, celebrations, fashion shows, and costume bashes, pretty much any festival.


  • Great gift
  • Compliments your outfit
  • Beautiful and appealing in appearance

Wrap it up!

Masquerade masks enable people to mingle and have fun without fear and social reasons. Actually one of the reasons it was encouraged was that commoners could socialize with upper-class societies. Nowadays though, it has become one of women’s greatest accessory.  They are able to feel beautiful, sexy and appreciated by the society.

Happy woman, a happy nation is what I say. These masks are flexible and can be worn all types of events for those creative enough. I would recommend you try one of the above masquerade masks and spice up your life a notch higher.

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