Best Marine GPS Units & Chartplotters in 2019 Reviewed

Best Marine GPS & Chartplotters in 2019 Reviews

Boating nowadays is safe than a few years back. Thank you for marine GPS & chartplotters. In fact these days, with these digital navigation systems, it is possible to know your exact location, obstacles, and coordinates. Equipping your boat with marine GPS enhances safety and convenience when you are out there boating.

10. GARMIN GPSMAP 7610XSV with J1939 Connection

GARMIN GPSMAP 7610XSV with J1939 Connection


  • Built-in sonar capabilities
  • Clear images in water
  • Multipurpose Screen
  • 10 seconds updating

As you struggle to get GPS device for your boat, your hassle has come to an end. The Garmin GPSMAP with a J1939 connection is the absolute choice for boat lovers. Boating without GPS is dangerous.

This is because; you can’t be able to predict areas of collision with rocks or shallows section. But all your worries are things of past if you equip your boat with this device. Its construction boasts inbuilt sonar, which enables sharing of internal sonars simultaneously.

Also, when you have this Garmin GPS, it ensures that you can do more than locating your position. It has a wide screen which produces extra clear images for easy analysis. Furthermore, you can divide the screen to access maps in a variety of formats.

With the ability to support full Garmin transducer like, plus DownV, single unit dual-CHIRP and SideV the scanning sonar delivers most explicit images ever. Notably, the device is designed to auto update after every 10 seconds, meaning you will know your position and surrounding accurately.

It can support sailing and cruise features such as autopilot, thermal and auto cameras, smart mode among others.


  • Easy to operate
  • Supports variety of cruising and sailing features
  • Large screen for easy viewing and dividing

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9. Garmin 010-01184-01 GPSMAP 1040xs Chartplotter/Sonar Combo

Garmin 010-01184-01 GPSMAP 1040xs Chartplotter:Sonar Combo


  • Keyed control panel
  • 10-inch color VGA screen
  • Built-in Garmin HD-ID 1 kW sonar
  • Preloaded US Blue Chart g2 coastal maps

Navigate your boat like a pro with everything at your fingertips. It is not a hard task; all you need is this Garmin GPSMAP 1040xs Chartplotter/Sonar Combo. It is a smart device which enables you to boat with confidence and peace of mind.

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Manufactured by a known company which delivers reliable GPS devices, it makes sure you get the real-time position. Therefore, there is no need to steer your boat while using trials and errors. This device comes with a preloaded U.S. LakeVu HD and Blue Chart g2 coastal maps. As a result, whether on the marine or boating in the lake, you rely on this GPS Chartplotter/ sonar combo device.

When reading results from the GPS device, you won’t have hard times. It comes boasting 10 inches GA color screen. Thereby, as you navigate, you view your location without straining your eyes. Equipped with high internal GLONASS receiver, it means that the device receives location updates efficiently thus improving the accuracy.

Above all, with this marine GPS device, it is compatible with radar support, autopilot, NMEA 2000 and wireless. With a keyed control panel, you can operate the equipment without fears of damage of touch sensitivity due to extreme weather conditions.


  • Chartplotter/sonar combo uses keyed input method
  • Comes with preloaded coastal maps for ease of navigation
  • Highly versatile and compatible with optional transducers

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8. Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 53cv with transducer

Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 53cv with transducer


  • Clearvü scanning sonar
  • Built-in maps and charts
  • Clear scanning sonar

As you enjoy your coastal navigation or marine fishing, there is no need to rely on trial and error methods to navigate.

The Garmin echoMaps CHIRP with the transducer is the gadget to have in your boat. It is highly reliable devices which you can never lose your way when you have it.

The gadget features high-frequency Clearvü scanning sonar. It is this feature which allows you to get near-photographic images. As a result, you can know the surrounding elements of the sea such as rocks, other objects and even fish.

If you are a marine fisherman, this gadget is vital to your profession. The reason behind this is the inbuilt Chirp sonar which gives a broad range of information. The Chirp sonar gives you nonstop frequency sweep, therefore enabling clear and precise fish arches.

Also, this device is available with various options of charts like Canada LakeVü HD maps, U.S. BlueChart g2 charts, and U.S. LakeVü HD maps. Unlike, other devices, this one updates up to 5 times per second to ensure that you get most accurate positioning and marking.


  • Easy to install in your boat
  • Great images and high accuracy
  • Comes with all mounting cables and instructions

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7. Lowrance HDS-7 Gen3, Marine GPS, no Transducer

Lowrance HDS-7 Gen3, Marine GPS, no Transducer


  • 7-inch multifunctional screen
  • Upgraded fishfinder technologies
  • Internal GPS antenna
  • Inbuilt CHIRP/Structure Scan Sonar

Marine fishing nowadays is incomplete without having sonar. Not you can improve your safety and precision using Lowrance HDS-7 marine GPS. It is a compact device but with large 7-inch multi-function LCD screen which displays high-quality images.

To enable high performance, it boats extra fast processor boosted with newest fishfinding technologies on the market. With inbuilt CHIRP/Structure Scan Sonar, it ensures that you can clearly see your surrounding including objects, structures, and even fish. For chart plotting, it is easy as the device can be operated using the keys or touchscreen function.

Now, forget about the GPS which rely on the internet throughout even to load maps. With this, it comes with already preloaded with inbuilt US marine/coastal and inland water charts. Thereby, connecting to real-time positioning is simple without waiting for the device first to load maps. Built with internal antenna, this device is easy to use.

Also, it is plug and plays compatible. Furthermore, the GPS can connect with new Lowrance Motorguive Xi5 trolling motor and AutoPilot. Above all, it is possible to connect wirelessly or via Ethernet


  • Easy to operate with either buttons or touchscreen
  • Super bright LCD
  • Improved fish finding tech for precise plotting
  • Easy to navigate icon driven screen

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6. Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 73sv with transducer

Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 73sv with transducer


  • Quickdraw contours
  • Built-in Chirp sonar
  • Preloaded map options
  • Extra clear scanning sonar

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With a marine GPS from Garmin, it will never disappoint you. The manufacturer is one of the best you can equip your boat with. Construction ensures it is heavy duty and provides accurate data. When you have this device, it gives the freedom of mapping your fishing areas with ease.

To enable this, the device offers quickdraw contours software to personalize your fishing map. With an ability to plot 1feet contours, it enables creating HD maps with high accuracy. Furthermore, the key and touchscreen input methods ease your plotting.

The Garmin echoMAP is a fantastic gadget. It boats built-in sonar of Chirp sonar. This gives it an outstanding high ability and performance for utilization in fishing and also public boating. Unlike the traditional sonars, Chirp sonar puts more emphasis on the target thus improving your safety and precision.

Additionally, this device belongs to SV series which come with inbuilt 500 W CHIRP traditional sonar and CHIRP DownVü scanning sonar and all other features in the DV series. Buying this device gives the freedom to choose between the three preloaded maps: U.S. LakeVü HD maps, U.S. BlueChart g2 charts, and Canada LakeVü HD maps.


  • Straightforward HD chart plotting
  • Available in preloaded maps
  • Screen has glaring protection
  • Auto-dimming feature

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5. Simrad GO7 XSE Fishfinder/Chartplotter with TotalScan Transom Mount Transducer

Simrad GO7 XSE Fishfinder:Chartplotter with TotalScan Transom Mount Transducer


  • Multi-touch color display
  • Easy to customize interface
  • TripIntel Technology smart plan

The Simrad GO7 XSE is a modern marine GPS which is also enhanced with chartplotter and fishfinder. Designed by professionals, the gadget provides accurate and captivating images, unlike the traditional GPS devices.

The Large 7-inches multi-touch screen facilitates this. The intuitive display is excellent in ensuring that you get the ease of use just like when using a smartphone or tablet. As a result, you just need to tap the screen to zoom, plot a chart guided by extra-large icons.

Now, Simrad GO7 is one of the finest marine GPS you can think of. It boasts chartplotter and waypoint management features. Moreover, it can support a variety of cartography such as Insight Genesis, Navionics, C-MAP and NV Digital® Charts.

Therefore, it is possible to perform a variety of chart plotting with this gadget. For a perfect fit into your vessel, you can customize your device from split screen to your favorite wallpaper. For sure, GO7 is designed for all the powerboats to keep your boating and fishing activities safe.


  • Installation is simple with ample length cables
  • Fantastic and clear maps
  • It is user-friendly and simple to customize

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4. Humminbird HELIX 9 Sonar GPS Fishfinder

Humminbird HELIX 9 Sonar GPS Fishfinder


  • Sunlight readable and dimming screen
  • Clearwater scanning sonar
  • 5 Hz GPS update positioning

Getting a reliable marine GPS is a significant step toward achieving safety when sailing or fishing in the sea. The Humminbird Helix 9 GPS and fishfinder is an ultimate choice. It has a large 9-inch screen which enables you to view your map location easily without eye straining.

The backlit display is dedicated to ensuring that you can navigate any time without hitting obstacles and rocks in the sea. Additionally, with auto color adjustment, it is possible to view images even during the daytime.

As you go on with your activities, it is possible to views images and charts due to the full range of technologies in this device. Notably, the fitted dual beam plus sonar with switch fire capable of delivering 400w.

Additionally, the device boasts GPS chart plotting which comes with built-in Humminbird Contour XD map. For connectivity, the device is compatible with Ethernet port. Unlike many of the available marine GPS devices, this one can be used in deep water if you upgrade to 50 KHz transducer to obtain 1000watts.


  • Easy to use under any condition
  • Connectable to AIS radio effortlessly
  • Super wide multifunctional screen

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3. Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 53dv with transducer

Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 53dv with transducer


  • Great internal 5 Hz updates
  • Key operated chart plotting
  • Powerful sonar for clear viewing
  • Compact and full of features

Garmin echoMAP CHIRP A53dv is another excellent marine GPS and Chartplotter dedicated to keeping your sailing and fishing to next level.

Besides being ideal for tracking your coordinates, the device comes with inbuilt sonars. Specifically, it boasts Chirp sonar which is perfect increasing fish arches to ensure you plot maps correctly.

Moreover, the ability to update more than 5 times in a second, it delivers real-time tracking. Also, with a continuous frequency sweep from low to high, it intercepts frequencies upon return.

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Forget about the traditional sonars, with this one, boats built-in 500w output Chirp sonar and Chirp DownVü scanning sonar which offers great and clear images.

For the convenience of installation, the device is available in a range of sizes: 4, 5, 7, and a 9-inch display. The screen is sunlight readable and auto dimming, with backlit keys it is easy to operate even at night. The news Garmin quickdraw software, it lets you enjoy drawing contours in any water body.


  • Numerous features for easy use
  • Works well with marine radios
  • Straightforward installation

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2. Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 93sv with transducer

Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 93sv with transducer


  • 9-inch color monitor
  • Preloaded thousand maps
  • Quickdraw contour custom draw software

The Garmin echoMAP Chirp 93sv is one of the most sophisticated marine GPS devices you can get on the market. Enhanced with a large 9 inches screen, you can use it with ease due to large icons.

Additionally, with quickdraw software, the device gives you the chance to customize your map plotting. Unlike the touch-operated devices which can be a nightmare to use under extreme conditions, this boasts button operation functions.

Amazingly, using the GPS is easy and brings a lot of convenience in your life. It comes boasting 17,000 lakes of which, the 13,000 are in HD and 1 feet contour. Enhanced with Chirp sonar, it is one of the sophisticated technology for use in fishing and also civilian use. Just like other versions of GPS from Garmin, this one is available in3 options.


  • Great to navigate oceans and inland waterways
  • Detailed map images
  • Convenient to use dedicated buttons
  • Ideal choice for fishing and public boating

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1. Garmin GPSMAP 78sc Marine GPS and Chartplotter, Waterproof

Garmin GPSMAP 78sc Marine GPS and Chartplotter, Waterproof


  • Portable handheld GPS
  • Built-in BlueChart g2 U.S coastal mapping and charts
  • Electronic compass and barometer
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • #1 Best Seller in Marine GPS Units & Chartplotters

Forget about the regular marine GPS & Chartplotter which can be damaged by water splashing. With this waterproof Garmin GSMAP78sc, you won’t have to worry whether it is raining or when a gadget comes into contact with water. It is has a waterproof design and floats on water in case of an accidental drop.

Unlike other mounted devices, this one is compact and is handheld to enable easy portability. Designed with high sensitivity, the gadget also provides a clear viewing of maps and also comes with a 2.6-inch TFT color screen.

Apart from being a GPS and chartplotter, the gadget is equipped with built-in 3axis tilted compass and barometer. Therefore, with this device, it is possible to know your exact direction, weather, and altitude.

The Bluechart g2 US coastal mapping and chart provides an as clear map of US and Bahamas shoreline, contours, harbors marinas among others. It is possible to share your waypoints with other wireless and compatible devices of tracks, geocaches and routes wirelessly.


  • High reliability and easy to carry
  • Waterproof and lightweight to float in water
  • Compatible with other devices and connects wirelessly

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Marine GPS and chartplotters are wonderful gadgets that every boat owner or a fisherman should invest. Enhanced with multiple functions, they are an absolute choice for precision and reliability on sea and lakes.


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