Best Manual Can Openers in 2019 Reviews

Making the best choice for a can opener is very crucial. You must be extra careful to ensure that the opener you buy is comfortable to hold, doesn’t interfere with what the can holds to avoid contamination and above all, it produces smooth, safe lid edges to prevent injuries.

Manual can openers many get a bit messy when you have the wrong choice. The reviewed information on top 10 best manual can openers in 2019 will help you make a perfect decision. Let’s check!

10. KitchenAid Can Opener, Aqua Sky

KitchenAid Can Opener, Aqua Sky

Use KitchenAid can opener too, make you can opening powerful with fewer struggles. It has a high carbon stainless steel blade which provides a rust-free use of your work making it durable. KitchenAid can opener has an oversized knob which will make cranking the lids quite comfortable for you. A bonus takes less force and time to cut open the covers thanks to the sharp cutting will. Cleaning the opener isn’t a problem at all, it only needs a hand wash.

  • Advantages: 

It has a sharp cutting wheel for smooth cuts on the lid. The openers can be hand washed. It’s durable thanks to the stainless steel blade which is rust resistant.

Customers have reviewed on its extra-large knob sayings its comfortable. Others have commented on the excellent grip in hand and also say it is easy to use.


  • Has extra-large knob
  • Blade is made of stainless steel
  • It’s easy to use
  • Has a sharp cutting wheel

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9. Resource for Cooking Stainless Steel Manual Can Opener

Resource for Cooking Stainless Steel Manual Can Opener

You tired of using inferior can openers that often break after little use? Support for cooking can opener saves you all this agony. Built with heavy duty stainless steel material, this makes it strong and durable. The can opener is multi-functional in that it can be used to opener both cans and bottles. Comfortability comes along with this can opener thanks to the larges easy-to-turn knob and sizeable non-slip handle which makes it easy to use.

Besides, the large cutting disc is very sharp and helps save time as makes opening can very fast with less force applied so if you got hand mobility problems then this will serve you best. Finally, it’s easy to clean, has a 1-year guaranteed warranty and storage is made more accessible by the hanging hooks on the handles.

  • Advantages: 

Have sizeable non-slip handle, extra-large knob and a beautiful large disc which make it easy to use and save time. The opener is multi-functional; used as a can opener and also a bottle opener. It is durable as it made of permanent heavy duty stainless steel. It’s easy to clean and inexpensive.

Customers just love it for its beautiful design which decorates their kitchen. How it’s easy to use and comfortable has left many of the customers praising it.


  • Has hanging hooks on the handle
  • Beautiful design to fit well in kitchen décor
  • Have large non-slip grips
  • Multi-functional
  • Made of sturdy heavy duty stainless steel

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8. KITOOL Heavy Duty Manual Can Opener

KITOOL Heavy Duty Manual Can Opener

Say goodbye to can openers that make you use a lot of effort leaving blisters or even scratches on your palm with KITOOL’s can opener. It has lightweight, non-slip, soft grip and easy to turn knob which provides a secure, comfortable and comfortable to hold grip. Stainless steel sharp blade features which make it easy and fast to open the cans of different sized leaving a smooth edge on the lid. The clean cut from the sharp baled ensure no contamination of the product inside the box with some metal shavings.

With KITOOL’S opener, the number of tools in the kitchen drawer is reduced as its multifunctional in that it opens can and also used to pop the bottle cup out. A polished chrome finish and heavy duty stainless steel construction make it quality and durable which gives you more reasons to buy one.

  • Advantages: 

It’s made of durable stainless steel material with a chrome finish. The opener is easy to use and works fast opening all can sizes. It gives your hands a comfortable feel with the non-slip, soft-grip handles an easy-to-turn knob. Has sharp cutting knife which leaves a clean cut with no jagged edge on the lid.

Excellent! The term customers are using referring to its high functionality and how it’s easy to work with it. The durability of the product has amazed many as well.


  • Have non-slip, soft-grip handles
  • Sharp blade cuts leaving a smooth edge on lid
  • Used to open all can sizes
  • Has built-in bottle opener
  • It’s lightweight with a comfortable grip

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7. U.S. Shelby CoP-38 Can Opener and P-51 Can Opener

U.S. Shelby Co P-38 Can Opener and P-51 Can Opener

This is a pack two army can openers made in the USA by US Shelby. P-38 and p-51 can openers are useful in many different roles including; can opener, cutting edge, groove cleaner, screw drive, clean fingernails, open seams and many more. The p-38 piece measures 11/2″ long while for p-51 it’s 2″ long.

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More interesting, you can carry these openers wherever you go as are small-sized, lightweight and fits perfectly on key chains. The openers are an inexpensive, durable and of premium quality which has a stamped trademark to guarantee it’s made from the USA.

  • Advantages: 

The openers have a stamp to guarantee you got the original quality. They are small-sized thus easily portable. Have multiple uses making them economical. Also, they are also durable and affordable.

Customers are pondering much on their durability and easy to carry around in the keychain. Most of the customers love it saying its economic and has saved them from getting a lot of working tools in the kitchen drawers.


  • Highly durable
  • Can fit in key chains
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Have a stamp to guarantee its premium quality
  • Multi-functional

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6. OXO Steel Can Opener

OXO Steel Can Opener

This is a must-have can opener for you if you need a tool that leaves your hands feeling pretty cool after opening the cans.  With OXO can opener, the large handles are cushioned to absorb much of the pressure when using it thus making your grip comfortable. The featured oversized knob is easy-to- turn makes work more comfortable, and with a bonus. It has a sharp cutting wheel that makes clean cuts with no jagged edges and also saves time as its cuts quite fat through the lid with less force applied. A bottle cap opener is built-in, and you can hand wash it only to maintain its hygiene.

  • Advantages: 

It has large handles with added cushion to absorb pressure. The knob is large and easy-to-turn making it easy and comfortable to use the opener. Has sharp cutting wheel which helps save time and leaves clean cuts with no jagged edge. The opener is durable

All customers have commented on its durability. They say it’s also very comfortable with the cushioned handles and works to perfection.


  • Have large cushioned handles
  • It’s durable
  • Hand wash only
  • Has built-in bottle cap opener
  • Large knob easy-to-turn

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5. Safe Cut Can Opener by GoodCook 11834

Safe Cut Can Opener by GoodCook 11834

From the name you can tell this is the best can opener you want. The safe cut opener has a unique heavy duty serrated edge cutting wheel. The wheel effortlessly cuts through the can leaving dull, smooth edges around the box to prevent cuts and injuries in the kitchen. This is also added up to the safety mechanism which features. The can opener is made with a durable, ergonomic design. It consists of a large, non-slip turning knob and sturdy handles for relaxed and comfortable use.

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More interesting, the can opener never touches your food In the can and this help prevent cross-contamination of food in the kitchen when used to open different boxes. It’s very cook’s desire to keep the kitchen and its tools spotless clean, so no worry as this opener is easy to clean. The safe cut can opener is made with high-quality kitchen-safe, rust-resistant chrome design and it’s easy to clean with a damp cloth wipe.

  • Advantages: 

It has unique heavy duty serrated edge cutting wheel with a safety mechanism that cuts fast leaving a dull, smooth edges around the can preventing any injuries. Made of kitchen-safe and rust-resistant chrome design making it durable. The opener is easy to clean as you just have to wipe with damp cloth. The handle is large, non-slip with safe grip with easy to turn knob for relaxed and comfortable use. Has a lifetime warranty with 100% money back guarantee when not satisfied.

The can opener is just super cool! This what customers all commenting. Most of the customers love how it works with high precision and accuracy, and above all, its durability is just amazing them.


  • Unique heavy duty serrated edge cutting wheel
  • Lifetime warranty with 100% money refund guarantee
  • Made of kitchen-safe, rust-resistant chrome design
  • Easy to clean with damp cloth wipe
  • Has ergonomic, durable design for effortless can opening

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4. OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener

OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener

This OXO can opener cuts on the can side below the can’s edge leaving no sharp edges on either the lid or can which would injure you. With a soft, non-slip handles which provides a secure grip on the opener and the sizeable easy-to-turn knob, the openers get more easy and comfortable to use.

Cutting wheel is designed in a way that they don’t come in contact with the contents of the can to avoid any contamination. Additionally, the wheels are rust resistant and highly durable as are made of stainless steel material. OXO can opener is dishwasher safe making possible for you to maintain it clean after use.

  • Advantages: 

The cutting wheel is designed for stainless steel material making it rust free and durable. The OXO can opener is dishwasher safe thus easy to clean. The cutting wheel cut at the sides leaving smooth edges on both the can and lid preventing injuries in the kitchen. The cutting wheel is designed not to have contact with the can content.

Customers are impressed by the excellent grip the handless offer making them work comfortably. They also love it’s accurate functionally thus don’t regret paying a fortune for the can opener


  • Soft non-slip handle with excellent grip
  • Cutting wheel made of stainless steel thus rust-free
  • Opens the can leaving smooth edges on both can and lid
  • Large easy turning knob
  • Dishwasher safe

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3. Made in USA Can Opener (Black)

Made in USA Can Opener (Black)

This premium quality can opener was designed in 1954. It has a new style, thicker and very comfortable handles that make you work effortlessly with less strain on your palm. The stems and cranks are made of 1008 carbon steel making then durable rust free. The opener features in a sleek black color which makes it quite beautiful when in the kitchen.

Moreover, the cutter, feed wheel, and gears are heat treated and zinc plated which make them more durable.

  • Advantages: 

Handles are stylish, thicker and very comfortable. The sleek black finish makes it attractive. It’s made of a durable material; 1008 carbon steel on handle and crank, and cutters, feed wheel and gears are heat treated and zinc plated.

Customers are good with its pricing and show a feeling of comfortability when using this opener thanks to the new style thicker handles.


  • Has new style, thick and very comfortable handles
  • Handle and crank made of 1008 carbon steel
  • Cutter, feed wheel, and gears are heat treated and zinc plated
  • It is cheap

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2. EZ-DUZ-IT 3028 Deluxe Can Opener with Grips

EZ-DUZ-IT 3028 Deluxe Can Opener with Grips

Made in the USA, the opener is made out of some heavy duty gauge chromed steel which adds up the durability of this high-performance opener. The featured deluxe handle is thick with rubber added which provide an excellent grip on the opener for easy, comfortable use. Besides, the handles, as well as the cutting blade, are made of carbon steel which makes it durable and also improves the performance of the edge.

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Unlike other manual can openers, the EZ_DUZ_IT opener has a gear driven design which enhances its smooth, smooth performance. To ensure its kept clean after use, the opener is hand washable in warm water, so cleaning isn’t stressful at all.

  • Advantages: 

The opener is easy to hand wash I warm water. It has a gear driven design making its operation smooth and easy. Also, deluxe thick rubberized handles offer a very comfortable and firm grip. Besides, the opener is made of high-quality steel material.

Satisfaction is what all customers expect when they buy a product, and this can opener has just done justice to all the customers.


  • Have deluxe thick rubberized handles for greater grip
  • Opener has gear driven design
  • Made of durable steel material; handles and cutting wheel
  • Hand washable with warm water

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1. ZYLISS Lock N’ Lift Can Opener with Lid Lifter Magnet

ZYLISS Lock N' Lift Can Opener with Lid Lifter Magnet

The can opener can lock on all sizes of cans. Thus you can use it to open any can you got in your kitchen. The cutting wheel operates with a safe mechanism leaving very smooth edges along the lids as well as the box which prevent any cut accidents in the kitchen. The cutting blade is rust-free and durable thanks to the stainless steel materials used. Use a can opener with less fatigue left on your hand afterward.

ZYLISS is what you need to use as its handle grip is soft, non-slip and offers a firm grip to the opener when in use. Moreover, a lid lifter magnet I s featured, and this saves you the struggle of how you will pull out the cut lid making the opener unique.

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  • Advantages: 

Opener can lock in all can size thus can open any can. The wheel has safety operation mechanism which makes it cut lids out leaving very smooth edges. Soft non-slip handles offer a firm grip on the opener avoiding drops when in use. It has a lid lifter magnet which pulls out the cut lid, and above all, it’s made of rust-free durable stainless steel.

Customers appreciate the uniqueness of the openers added by the magnetic lid lifter. They have also reviewed on its performance and flexibility making it usable to all can sizes.


  • Lockable to all can sizes
  • Has magnetic lid lifter
  • Cutter has safety mechanism thus leave very smooth edges
  • Made of stainless steel
  • #1 Best Seller in Manual Can Openers

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It’s time to make the can opening process using manual can openers enjoyable and half-automated with these great manuals can openers. The Top 10 Best manual can openers in 2019 review researched will offer you all that you have been longing to get from a manual can opener. Taste the feeling!


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