Best Lift-Top Coffee Tables in 2019 Reviews

Looking for new furniture that will add more décor and class to your living room? A lift top coffee table stands out to be your answer. Coffee tables are small, stylish furniture that designs to blend smoothly with all other decors in the home. Whether you need one for your coffee cups, books or remote control, its durability, as well as affordability, is a crucial matter you must consider.

Buying a coffee table is more than just looking for its cost; you ought to check out its height, size, material, and shape. These features are an assurance you have a standard product which will never disappoint you. But how will you know you a quality product? Choosing the best from the crowd would make you get nuts. This shouldn’t worry you as with our comprehensive review on the top 10 best lift-top coffee tables in 2019; everything is a breeze for you.

10. Best Choice Products Home Lift-Top Coffee Tables

Best Choice Products Home Lift top coffee tables

  • Product dimensions: 19.2 by 41 by 19 inches
  • Item weight: 62 pounds

The best choice products present modern lift top coffee table that will be your number one choice. The versatile home coffee table is multi-functional; serves as a storage compartment and also a table to place your laptops, coffee cups and much more. With hardwood and metal construction, you will experience lifetime services from this durable coffee table.

What about its appearance? It’s awesome! The home lift top coffee features a smooth, stylish finish and a seamless shape that fits comfortably in the house consuming little space in your living room.

A bonus, it includes three storage shelves and a hidden compartment under the lift top that you can store your books, remotes, and blankets keeping your house tidy all time.

Key features:

  • Has an attractive smooth finish
  • Seamless shape that easily blends with any house
  • Lift top crafted from hardwood and metal hardware

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9. WSN04-C Turner lift top coffee table

WSN04-C Turner lift top coffee table

  • Product dimensions: 43.5 by 25 by 8 inches
  • Item weight: 50 pounds

Looking for an incredibly pretty and traditional coffee table, end your search with the turner WSN04-C model. The traditional coffee table includes a lift top mechanism which holds a secretive storage

underside for your essential utilities including remotes, magazines, and newspapers. Having this
premium product in your house, you will spice up the entire décor thanks to its attractive espresso
finish. Plus, its tapered robust legs and simpler rectangular shape add sums up all its appearance such
that all your friends will envy you.

More interesting, the table designs with real veneer wood that makes it quite durable and why you must have it; the product is very affordable and user convenient.

Key features:

  • Has simple hinged lift top mechanism
  • Constructs from real veneer wood
  • Features a satin espresso pretty finish
  • Has a simple angular shape that fits easily in all houses

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8. Mainstays lift-top coffee table

Mainstays lift-top coffee table

  • Product dimensions: 18.9 by 38 by 17.9 inches
  • Item weight: 75 pounds

No more running up and down the stairs in the house when you need to pick your essential from the other rooms when you have the mainstays lift-top coffee table. The coffee table with lift top is an advanced product in the market today that is gaining much popularity. Why? With an innovative espresso rich brown finish, this will transform the look of your entire living room or den. Plus, the table serves as an extra storage room for books and much more thanks to its concealed compartment under the lift-top.

Additionally, the table constructs from a composite wood that gives it lifetime functionality. Not all. The lift top makes you transform your living room to a workstation as its unique extension provides an opportunity for you to access everything easily while sitting on the sofa. Finally, it’s made to be user- friendly thanks to its easy straightforward assemble that takes only a few seconds and above all. It’s quite cheap.

Key features:

  • It’s easy and quick to assemble
  • Cost very little
  • Consists composite wood make up

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7. Logan lift top coffee table oak

Logan lift top coffee table oak

  • Product dimensions: 46 by 18 by 26 inches
  • Item weight: 120 pounds

Cute elegant and classy! The LIFT TOP COFFEE TABLE OAK wins the saturated market with its new innovative features. The durable table constructs from composite hardwood will add up to any house décor thanks to its warm oak finish. What’s unique about it? Unlike those traditional models, the Logan coffee table with lift top features extra storage drawers beside the hidden space under the top and bottom shelf for your magazines and other specialties.

Moreover, customers love this top-rated product for its adequacy in that; it’s easy to assemble; requiring just little assembling, features a stylish finish and it’s very cheap to maintain it. Plus, if space is a limitation at your house, this will be your best choice; the LIFT TOP COFFEE TABLE OAK is compact and small-sized measuring the only 46 by 18 by 26, this will be your number one space-saver furniture fitting in any room without any difficulties.

Key features:

  • Requires little assembling
  • Have a compact and small size
  • Engineered with durable hardwood and oak veneers

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6. Woodboro lift top coffee table

Woodboro lift top coffee table

  • Product dimensions: 46 by 25.9 by 19.8 inches
  • Item weight: 124 pounds

Why spend a month or even weeks waiting for your package arrive at your doorstep when we have a premium quality that will ship within three days only! The Woodboro lift top coffee table by Ashley furniture signature design is the perfect option for you. This cocktail table is quite versatile in that it features a simple pop up lift top which will serve as your work surface, storage bottom and side drawers and also part of the house décor.

Is your room too congested but you still want to stick in a cute looking coffee table? Woodboro table is what you deserve to complete the room’s décor. With a space-saving property, the compact small-sized table will fit comfortably in all your rooms. What’s unique? The table is easy to move around in the house as it features four caster legs plus has a dark bronze finish which compliments all its attractive appearance. Don’t miss out; this is a must-have product for you.

Key features:

  • Constructs from durable hardwood and stylish veneer
  • Easy to move around with the caster legs
  • Have for extra storage drawers
  • Simple to set up, versatile and durable

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5. Sauder 420011 coffee table

Sauder 420011 coffee table

  • Product dimensions: 43.1 by 19.4 by 19 inches
  • Item weight: 65 pounds

The Sauder is a quality and original product you will never regret purchasing. Why? Originating from America, the durable and reliable coffee table features a lift top that you can incline front or lift up and create a comfortable working area right from your living room without any struggles. The lift top coffee table with storage serves more role than you can imagine. Besides, being a table, use it as storage compartment thanks to the featuring open shelves and hidden space under the lift top.

This seamless rectangular table suits all the rooms without any difficulties as its fully finished on all sides. Plus, it will add up a vintage and cool touch to your home thanks to its modern, stylish craftsman oak finish that will blend smoothly with all the other furniture. A bonus, the package includes an instructional user manual; its set up is just a breeze thus you won’t need ant professional experience.

Key features:

  • Easy and fast to assemble
  • Have open shelves for storage and display
  • Have full finishing on all sides
  • Has craftsman classy oak finish

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4. Cross Island lift top coffee table with storage

Cross Island lift top coffee table with storage

  • Product dimensions: 46.8 by 26.5 by19.6 inches
  • Item weight: 125 pounds

Why settle for an inferior product when you have a chance to buy a vintage premium quality coffee table by the Ashley furniture designs? The cross-island lift table is an ideal modern model which wins the competitions for its extreme performance and functionality. Constructing from hardwood and iron- tone finish, this gives its sense of durability such that you will use it as long as you desire.

The rustic wood grain table features a spring-loaded lift top that functions as a working surface right from your comfortable sitting position on the sofa. Plus, with caster legs, it’s flexible enough to use from any corner of the house. Moreover, this unique table includes additional accessories; front and side drawers, hidden storage below the lift top and a stylish appearance. Don’t hesitate to purchase one today!

Key features:

  • Its flexible thanks to its caster legs
  • Constructs from rustic hardwood
  • Includes hidden space below lift top and four storage drawers
  • Requires minor assembling

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3. Sauder Edge Water Lift-top coffee table

Sauder Edge Water Lift-top coffee table

  • Product dimensions: 41.1 by 19.4 by 19.1 inches
  • Item weight: 10.9 ounces

This is a stylish and modern product by the edge waters company originating from America. Being from the edge water, it features cutting-edge that give it a unique look unlike that normal finishing in the other model. The black lift top coffee table is multi-functional in that; pop the lift top up and forward to give yourself a working surface, watch a game and also use it for your laptop while relaxing on your coach.

Why it’s a must-have product? The coffee table is modern and quite affordable. Also, it constructs from engineered wood- composite high-quality trimmings and pot-milling remains- this gives it the easy eye greenness all time. The composite wood material is eco-friendly this won’t be hazardous to human health or a pollutant to the ecosystem.

If you want to conceal your essential utilities from the unauthorized users? Then use the hidden space under the lift top to store all these precious things. Adding up to storage; the table features an open shelf that you can use to hold your magazine and bigger objects thus facilitating their easy access when you require using.

Key features:

  • Lift top open up and forward
  • Features open storage shelves
  • Materials: composite high-quality wood trimmings and post-milling remain
  • Fully finished on all side and black shade

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2. Sauder Carson Forge lift-top coffee table

Sauder Carson Forge lift-top coffee table

  • Product dimensions: 43.1 by 19.4 by 19
  • Product weight; 64 pounds

It’s all about giving a class to your house with the best lift-top coffee table today. This Sauder Carson forges coffee table will be your best scope from the thousands in the market costing you less than you can imagine when you compare the price to its benefits. Versatile, durable and extreme performance is some of the properties you will experience with this model. The table engineers from composite hardwood material that provides its long-lasting functionality. With a cherry finish and wrought iron hardware and accents, it will blend smoothly with any house décor spices it up in return. How about its maintenance? This is just a breeze. The table is easy to clean_ requires only simple wiping_ and owning one you will never regret as you got 100% guarantee of free part replacement from the company.

Hide your things under the lift-top space to keep them out of unnecessary reach by other members and also you improve the tidiness in the table room. You can utilize the extra storage space on the two open shelves that hold the larger object: blankets, boots, etc. well finished on all sides, the medium sized-lift table will be ideal for use in all house as fits readily saving more space. Don’t miss out!

Key features:

  • It’s easy to assemble
  • Easy and cheap to maintain
  • Features wrought iron hardware and accents thus beautiful
  • It’s fit for free parts replacements.

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1. Dorel Living Faux Marble lift top coffee table

Dorel Living Faux Marble lift top coffee table

  • Product dimensions: 22 by 40 by 18 inches
  • Item weight: 42.5 pounds

You don’t have to gold wild with a huge budget buying a costly coffee table when we have a very cheap model that offers the same purpose and with better features. The Dorel living faux lift top coffee table is what you need if your budget is too tight but still want to take home a standard quality product. Talk of its appearance: its eye-catching to everyone thanks to the faux marble finish on the top.

The table boasts of its mechanical hinge lift top that smoothly pulls up without any difficulties and is easy to handle. More you will adjust the top forward to get a more comfortable working position while resting on your sofa. Plus, the hidden space below the lift top will be useful to hold your objects, and also keep the top free of remotes and other things when not in use but still readily accessible. Enjoy!

Key features:

  • Has an elegant faux marble top finish
  • Is mechanical hinged top is easy to pop up and handle
  • They are very cheap
  • It’s durable and multi-purpose
  • Has a sleek design with concealed storage space

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Although everyone is transforming with the changing lifestyle, its good to ensure every new product you purchase from the retail is genuine for the cost you pay.

This calls for you to pick out the perfect product that serves you a lifetime by getting one of the few featured in our review of the Top 10 Best Lift-Top Coffee Tables in 2019. Make your order Asap!


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