Best LED Light Bars Review In 2020 – (Step by Step Guide)

Here we have listed top 10 best-lED light bars of 2020, Make sure to check the whole list and choose the best product according to your requirements.

Wishing to add something to modify in your car? what makes it look fashionable on the first glace? Lights! they blaze right in your eyes, make you blink for a bit and when your vision gets stable, you see the world glowing around you.

Lights always attract people who cherish vehicle modifications. In this article, we will be acquainting you with LED light bars which would render you an unobstructed picture along with equipping you with flawlessly remodelled wheels.

An LED light bar is a worthy modification to your vehicle predominantly for off-road users. They can light up the road for you batter in comparison to conventional lighting on most cars. The bars in this review are made of great design that blends into the environment at hand.

Seeing your way ahead is of vital importance especially in foggy weather or pitch darkness. The LED light bars in this review are a remedy for this need. We have looked at this in detail to help you choose the right one for you in this review.

How to Choose a LED Light Bars

  • The intensity of light: A good light bar should be adequate to help you see the road better. As such, they are better than ordinary car lights. In addition, you can switch up the settings in some of the light bars in this review to achieve your optimum conditions required in brightness.
  • Power rating: Ensure the batteries used can light up the bar you select. The LED light bars come in different power consumption ratings. Look at the battery for your vehicle or home and see to it can be supported without a fuss.
  • Design: look to it that the light bars you choose blends into your vehicle and make it look like a fashion accessory too. Some of the LED light bars in this list have a curved design that can cause an issue with the place of mounting. Thus, you can install it on the roof of your vehicle if you would like rather than the bumper.
  • Features: Some of the light bars in this review have a variety of custom additions that we mention. Some even have reflective material to notify other road users of an oncoming vehicle. In addition, the type of LED is used in them vary the intensity and view of angle.

Why You Need a LED Light Bars

  • Multipurpose:  with some of the LED light bars in this review, not only can you use them on a car, but also in your home. Some of the bars in this review can store power in their inbuilt batteries to be used as a backup light source.
  • They are brighter: LED light gives off more illumination than traditional bulbs. Moreover, this is done with even less energy consumption. This will save you money in the end. In addition, you will get an improved view of the road ahead of you.
  • They are eco-friendly: LED bulbs are not made of carbon or mercury like normal bulbs. These materials can be harmful to the environment and by using LED, you would be playing a part in changing the environment for the better.

Review List of Top 10 Best LED Light Bars in 2020:

10. Nilight Light Bars 20 Inch 126W LED Lights Spot Flood Combo LED Off

Nilight Light Bar 20 Inch 126W LED Lights Spot Flood Combo LED Off Road Driving

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Starting our review is the Nightlight LED light bar. It is necessary to have for those with cars that want an LED light that delivers a lot of brightness with little space used. It is made of a die-cast aluminum body, which makes it durable.

It also well comes with an IP67 rating for water and dust protection. This means is waterproof up to 30 minutes in 1 meter of water. Its mounting brackets are made of stainless steel which is anticorrosive and rustproof. The mounting brackets are also very easy to install.

Even though the Nilight 20-inch bar is made in China, the quality of material used is good. It has a blend of 30-degree flood beam and 60-degree spot beam. The lifespan of Nightlight Lightbar is 30,000 hours. The LED light bar comes with a 2-year warranty. The heat generated is dissipated using silicone gel in the aluminium housing.

What we like

  • Good IP rating
  • Waterproof
  • Nightlight available

9. SOLCO 24 Inch Light Bar Offroad Spot Flood Combo LED Bars Waterproof Dual Row LED Work Light with Wiring Harness for Truck, 4X4, ATV, Boat, Jeep, 120W – 10,800 Lumens, 3 Year Warranty

SOLCO 24 Inch Light Bar Offroad Spot Flood Combo LED Bar Waterproof

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If you are looking for a good midsized bar then Solco got you covered. Even at its size, its dual row of LED provides an incredible 10800 lumens of brightness. It has a combination of two 60-degree flood beams and a 30-degree spot beam at the center.

This lets you see clearly, what is ahead of you. This LED light bar is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. With a lifespan of 30000, it is sure to serve you for a long time. This light bar can be fixed upon any kind of vehicles as mentioned in the heading above.

The Solco LED light bar comes with a 3-year warranty. Included in the package is the mounting bracket and wiring kit for quick and easy installation.

What we like

  • Easy installation
  • Long lifespan
  • More lumens

8. Auxbeam LED Light Bars 30 Inch LED Bar 198W Combo 66pcs 3W CREE Driving Light Waterproof for Off-road Truck 4×4 Military Mining Boating Farming and Heavy Equipment

Auxbeam LED Light Bar 30 Inch LED Bar 198W Combo 66pcs 3W CREE Driving Light Waterproof

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This light bar is ideal for off-road use letting you get a great view of what is ahead. It has an amazing lifespan of 50000 hours thanks to the Cree LED. Cree has been in the forefront of making high-quality LED for many years. In addition, here joining forces with Auxbeam who are known for great design.

It has a massive brightness of 19800 lumens, which light up everything ahead of you to avoid potential hazards. At the centre of the light bar are spotlights to light the way ahead of you.

On the sides are floodlights to widen the field of view. With a combination of aluminium body and a rating of IP67, this makes it near impervious to dust and water. This makes it perfect for off-road use.

Its length provides you with maximum brightness with lesser energy consumption. Its mounting brackets are adjustable making it flexible for you to tilt the light bar to your desire. This is mounting bars are made of aluminum making them durable and robust.

What we like

  • Durable
  • Longer lifespan
  • Massive brightness

7. LED Work Light, 72W 12″ ECCPP Adjustable Off-Road Spot LED Work Light Bar Auxiliary Driving Lamp Spot Beam For 4×4-Jeep Cabin UTE SUV ATV Truck Car 4WD

LED Work Light, 72W 12

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With this light bar, you can expect a lifespan of 30000 hours or 5 years. It has a brightness of 6000k light output. A cast aluminum housing and shatterproof PMMA lens make it durable in harsh environments.

In addition, the materials used to make the light bar water and dust resistant to a high degree.  This light bar from ECCPP is ideal for outdoor and indoor use. The smaller length of the light makes it versatile to get fit in smaller vehicles too.

With a power rating of only 120 watts, you will use even less power to light up this LED bar. Specially designed die-cast aluminum alloy absorbs and dissipates heat radiated from the light bar to achieve a longer life in this light bar.

What we like

  • Low energy required
  • Absorption of heat
  • Shatterproof lens

6. Rigid Industries 15231 E2-Series 50″ Driving/Hyperspot Combo LED Light Bars

Rigid Industries 15231 E2-Series 50

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The previous edition of this light bar in the E series was a pioneer in the projected LED light bar. In 2006 they led a revolution on how to make LED light bars, and are a leading example of how to make LED light bars.

This light bar is made of a durable polycarbonate lens. Its aluminium covering is extruded. With this combination, the Rigid Industries light bar is very strong and long-lasting. It is made of bigger heat sinks compared to others to dissipate heat much better than the competition.

With this light bar, you will get a long-lasting solution to your needs. Suitable for 4×4-Jeep Cabin UTE SUV ATV Truck Car 4WD. The Rigid Industries light bar has a patented spectre optics system for an optimal light spread and 50 % more brightness. In the package, you get a # connector, switch, and two mounting brackets.

What we like

  • 50% more brightness
  • Optimal light spread
  • Polycarbonate lens

5. YITAMOTOR LED Light Bar Wiring Harness 72W 14 inch LED Light Pod Spot Flood Combo LED Work Light Offroad Driving Light Waterproof LED Light for Jeep 4WD ATV 4X4 SUV Truck Boat Car 12V,2 Years Warranty

YITAMOTOR LED Light Bar Wiring Harness

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Weighing at only 3.8 pounds, the Yitamotor light bar is an affordable solution for those looking for a light bar. It offers long life and great service. This is designed for those with smaller vehicles and can be used indoors as an emergency light source rather than just outdoor.

The LED light bar comes with a BFT universal wiring harness kit. The mounting brackets are made up of stainless steel making it sturdy and reliable. The kit lets you mount this light bar to a wide range of places. The adjustable mounting set lets you turn the light bar to your fondness.

What we like

  • Less weight
  • Has its wiring kit
  • Waterproof

Auxbeam 54

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If you are looking for a big and bright light bar, Auxbeam has a solution for you with this light bar. It is 54 inches in length and has a power rating of 312W. This is one of the longest in the current market.

You can choose between a narrow light or wide light or both in the power setting. This is added on top of having spot and floodlights inbuilt. It gives of the brightness of up to 31200 lumens, which is quite bright.

The materials of polycarbonate lenses and white extruded aluminium give off a premium finish to the light bar. In addition, this will give you the freedom to place it in harsh environments like on your bumper or grill without worrying too much of projectiles destroying the light bar.

If you are looking for the brightest and most durable light bar, this Auxbeam 54 inch light bar is for you. The adjustable mounting brackets let you adjust the bar up or down according to your preference, which is made up of high-quality stainless steel which will not rust providing long life and support to your bar.

Curved design on the bar itself gives you a wider field of view.

What we like

  • Curved design
  • Longer length
  • Both types of beams

3. 72W LED Light Bar, Eyourlife 12V LED Light Bars Cree LED Light 72W 12 Inch LED Work Light Spot Flood Combo Beam Daytime Driving Lights Fog Lights ATV UTV SUV Marine Boat Jeep Lighting RV Accessories

72W LED Light Bar, Eyourlife 12V LED Light Bar Cree LED Light

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The flood and spotlight combination in this light bar lets you get a wide view angle and super bright light. It has 12 LED angle of 30 degrees and 12 other LEDs with 60 degrees viewing angle. On top of this, its heat sink design reduces heat in the light bar increasing its lifespan.

It has a premium-looking design and finishes to mount too many kinds of vehicles and for indoor use. It is easy to install and provides a brighter light than other brands in the same price category.

This is a worthwhile investment. Unlike other bars, this bar is comparatively very compact and can be adjusted or fixed upon numerous vehicles.  Adjustable mounting brackets allow you to adjust the viewing angle up to 45 degrees. Has an IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating.

What we like

  • 24 different angles
  • Heat sink
  • Premium-looking

2. OPT7 C2 Series 50″ Curved Off-Road CREE LED Light Bars and Harness (Flood/Spot Auxiliary Lamp 24800 lumen)

PT7 C2 Series 50" Curved Off-Road CREE LED Light Bar and Harness (Flood/Spot Auxiliary Lamp 24800 lumen)

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This is a combination of forces to give you one of the best-LED lightbars today. OPT7 is a respectable company known for its original designs over the years. They have joined forces with Cree LED’s to offer a light bar that is both functional and beautiful. At its price, you will be surprised, since competitors offer much less in their LED light bars.

This is a popular Lightbar which even made OPT7 win the lucrative award, as the best automotive lighting seller on the market in 2006. Since then the company has been at the forefront of making quality LED light bars at affordable rates.

With a combination of the great design of an oversized heat sink and energy-efficient design, it has a longer lifespan to the LED light bar. This increases even its superb expected lifespan of 50000 hours.

Even with a great number of lumens, the energy this lightbar requires is very less in ratio which benefits you again.

The curved design gives you a wider field of view on the light bar.IP 67 rating thanks to the heavy-duty aluminum housing with polycarbonate lens.

What we like

  • Curved design
  • Heavy-duty
  • Energy-efficient

1. WoneNice 52″ 300W LED Driving Light Bar 4WD Off Road Truck DC10-30V

WoneNice 52

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Finishing of our review is the WoneNice Lightbar from Wirezoll. This bar comes with three different light output settings. Setting one, you have floodlight only, giving you more width, but less distance, setting two for the spotlight.

At setting two, you get a longer distance of view and narrow-angle. Finally setting three, which gives off a wide-angle view and distance. The installation of the bar is quick and easy. Along with mounting brackets that extend your options allowing you to change the angle of the light according to your desires.

At the price, you get yourself a solid light bar giving over 30000 hours of service. The Lightbar is made of toughened glass and a sturdy aluminum body. It uses about 300 watts of power only.

For the price, you get a good quality LED light bar45-degree angle tilt on the mounting brackets lets you change the view angle to your liking. Has a 2-year warranty

What we like

  • Easy to install
  • Three different modes
  • Longer service

Best LED Light Bars – Buyer’s GuideBest LED Light Bars

Raw Material

First and foremost you should take in concern the materials included in the making of the LED light bars which will determine how sturdy and durable they are.

They can be made of aluminum or different metals having toughened glass. We prefer you to buy ones made of the strongest materials.


The light bars should be tightly and perfectly sealed to avoid any kind of damage from water entering into it or any other liquids.

As vehicles are also driven in thunderstorms, the light bars should be sturdy enough to face all the wear and tear. A light bar that is properly sealed is more preferred than another one.


The light bars have multiple functions that allow you to control the illumination and also change the colour of the light bar basing upon your wishes.

Some of them also have remotes to control them which means no extra wiring, and some also enable you to regulate their pitches.


The Lightbars comprise of different types of designs.Few are curved to provide optimal brightness. Some are straight bars that contain more LED bulbs and provide you with more strong light. Some come along with easy installation designs which help you in easily fitting them in.


The most suitable LED light bars have added lumens, consequently the illumination. And correspondingly, light bars with extra lumens conduce to be more valuable.

Accordingly, if you desire a very intense LED light bar, then explore a product that has more lumens. Otherwise, if you require something not too bright, go for lesser lumens.

IP Ranking

The IP rating is a number that ensures dust and waterproofing. hence seven and above is an excellent IP rating.

It means you should avoid buying any lighting device with an IP rating lesser than IP67. and the lightbars having IP ratings of IP67 are the best because it means they are better and very durable.


The protection is necessary to keep the LED light bar secure from rough environmental issues. The devices are designed from six thousand and sixty-one aluminum.

The best contraptions are housed in 6063 aluminum housing which is reliable. 6063 aluminum enabling creation of cooling fins.


Wattage is the amount of power the LED Lightbar needs to function. Rationally, the higher the watts, the brighter the light.

Nevertheless, this is not suitable in every case considering there are devices with added lumens with adequate lighting. To examine the watts you can simply multiply the number of watts in one bulb from their total.

Beam Pattern

Lightbars have various kinds of the beam pattern. The two most abundantly found are spotlights, which are designed to project light as far as they can and floodlight which throw light in the broad direction.

Some lightbars are with both kinds of beam patterns which means the will throw light as wide and far as they can. These are favored.


There is no doubt that a Lightbar is an excellent addition to your vehicle. Also, check the rules and regulations on where to use them in your locale. They can be hazardous to other road users due to their brightness.

The high intensity of light released can blind approaching road users, so laws are put in place to avoid this.

Modifications are important to make your lives easier and better. They make you feel better than others and that is one feeling every other person runs after. That happiness and pride are endlessly comforting. And we are here to make you get a good link to the market and proper descriptions of the best products available.

We hope this article has helped you in finding a better product and assisted you in the selection of cheap and better goods available in the market. We tried to provide you with as much information as we could.I wish this article helped you locate what you aspired.

The buyer’s guide has been made by selecting the most essential specifications you would require in such products. We highly recommend you to go through the guide once.

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