Best Laptop Backpacks in 2020 Reviews

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Investing in a good laptop backpack is a significant step in ensuring your computer is safe always. There are no doubts that laptops are prone to damage due to their portability. With the great help they offer, protecting them is paramount. Besides protection, it’s also ideal to look for a stylish laptop backpack.

Mores, these bags not only do they secure a laptop, but can also carry other personal gears. With a cool laptop backpack, it helps to distribute weight on the shoulders.

Pre-Purchase Consideration:

  • Laptop size

Without doubts, this is the most significant aspect to look at when buying a backpack. With correct size, it means your computer will perfectly and get ample protection. Every bag available on the market comes with specified sizes for laptops that can fit.

  • Construction materials

Materials used in the construction of backpack greatly determine the quality of a bag. Mostly, leather, canvas, and polyester materials are common. Besides, the bags usually have foam padding that absorbs shock in case of impacts. A backpack with laptop compartment is ideal to give a computer perfect protection.

  • Backpack closure style

When buying a backpack, the form of closure determines the safety of your computer. Usually, backpacks are available with zippers or top loaders. Zipper enhanced backpacks are great and more secure, considering some are double zippered. However, top loaders tend to enjoy more storage space.

Best Laptop Backpacks for Men Reviews:

Looking for any stylish laptop backpacks for travel or college? Don’t risk your expensive investment, get the best laptop backpacks from our review list.

10. LUXUR 37L Nylon Waterproof Laptop Backpack, School Laptop Backpack

LUXUR 37L Nylon Waterproof Laptop Backpack

Do you want to give your laptop a perfect treat whenever going outdoors? Get the Luxur waterproof laptop backpack. The bag is premium designed with durable polyester fabrics. The materials are resistant to tears, scratches and impervious. Thereby, you can trust the bag to give your excellent computer protection. With simplistic and stylish design, the bag gives you an attractive look.

Not only the backpack is dedicated to laptops alone, but, it also has 12 multi pockets that allow you to carry other personal stuff. The main compartment can accommodate other items while zippered pocket can fit 15.7-inch laptop. The additional small pockets are great for students to carry notebooks. The backpack has a total capacity of 37 liters meaning its perfect choice for traveling, students and other casual activities.

For comfort, having this backpack is outstanding. The shoulder straps are adjustable the heavy padding ensures computer cushioning from shock, in case of impact or accidental fall. Interior is cool having a polyester lining to prevent scratches.

Product Highlights:

  • Water resistant polyester fabrics
  • Tear and scratch resistant
  • 12 multi-pockets
  • Extra thick padding

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9. Yorepek Slim Laptop Backpack, Business Computer Bag

Yorepek Slim Laptop Backpack, Business Computer Bag

The Yorepek slim backpack for college, travel and business s is an absolute choice to keep your computer safe. Having this bag is cool, and you will find it ideal for all your activities. Unlike other backpacks, this has an external micro USB port to enable phone charging wherever you are. Furthermore, the headphone hole ensures that you can listen to music even as you travel.

Now, construction of this bag ads a stylish look in your life. With its slim profile, it reduces bagginess experienced with other backpacks. Despite this, it has a great load capacity up to 44 pounds. Thereby, it can be used to carry other items besides laptop. It has 10 pockets for phones, tablets, notebooks, and others. The laptop compartment can accommodate 15.6-inch laptop/notebook.

When carrying your laptop in this backpack, it provides some degree of security. Fitted with dual metal zippers, it makes it easy to lock, thereby securing your items. Featuring 210D nylon fabrics, you can bet on the durability and performance. The outer shell is resistant to water to keep everything free.

Product Highlights:

  • 210D nylon fabrics construction
  • Anti-theft dual metallic zippers
  • External micro USB port access
  • 10+ multifunctional pockets
  • Earphone access hole
  • #1 Best Seller in Sports Fan Laptop Bags

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8. Weekend Shopper Laptop Backpack Vintage

Weekend Shopper Laptop Backpack Vintage

Buying a laptop is one thing, protecting it is the other big practice.  A headache comes when looking for the top laptop backpacks. The Weekend Shopper vintage collage backpack for laptop and notebooks is the ultimate choice for men and women. Exhibiting a vintage construction design, the bag is durable and tough due to the used Oxford fabrics. Not only is the fabric sturdy, but also attractive.

Keeping your computer in this bag gives you complete peace of mind. It is highly padded to ensure that you get real comfort even when it is full. Moreover, the padding is essential in keeping your carried devices like phones, tablets, and laptop from shock due to impact. Furthermore, thick padded straps ensure proper weight distribution to keep your shoulders comfortable.

Now, when it comes to keeping your computer, the laptop sleeve can fit 15, 15.4, and 15.6-inch laptop or MacBook. To make sure that computer and other items are safe, the backpack has a magnetic pocket enhanced flap that has a zip closure on the lower side. Extra pockets on the side allow you to carry water bottle or umbrella. The bag is among the best laptop backpacks for travel and school.

Product Highlights:

  • Vintage design
  • Durable oxford fabrics
  • Reinforced adjustable shoulder straps
  • Magnetic and zipper enhanced flap

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7. Sosoon Laptop Backpack, Sosoon Business Bags

Sosoon Laptop Backpack, Sosoon Business Bags

Anytime you think about of buying a backpack for carrying your laptop, durable and stylish one is ideal. One of the best backpacks for business, colleges, and traveling is Sosoon water resistant laptop backpack. Having this bag gives your items full protection from weather elements. The s 1680 D double pile polyester material is the force behind the bag toughness. It is tear resistant and also waterproof, offering superb durability.

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Having a backpack doesn’t mean that it should only be ideal for laptop only. It should also provide space for other stuff. The Sosoon backpack has multi-compartments which are suitable since it is great for safely accommodating other items. Also, the pockets ensure effortless organization or gears. This bag can carry 15.6-inch laptop or notebook.

Charging your phone or tablet is now simple if you have this backpack. It has external USB interface that enables devices to be charged without opening the bag. The hidden zippers boost the safety of your gears since it is hard to spot. Moreover, pockets also are hidden to increase security. With heavily padded breathable straps, it means you will enjoy carrying the bag.

Product Highlights:

  • Breathable carrying straps
  • 1680D nylon fabrics
  • External USB interface
  • Antitheft zippers and hidden pockets
  • Innovative design
  • Water-resistance

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6. Winblo Lightweight Laptop Backpack for Travel and College

Winblo Lightweight Laptop Backpack for Travel and College

Enjoy convenience when traveling or in your daily college activities. The Winblo collage backpack for laptop gives you organized gear and safe laptop carrying. With its simplistic and stylish design, the bag is extra durable. The 210D nylon material used in the construction of this bag ensures that it can withstand heavy duty application. Besides durable materials, it boasts heavy padding to distribute shock in case of impact.

Whether you want to carry your books, lunch box, and other belongings, it is possible in an organized order. The backpack has large dual compartments that are easily accessible. Other smaller pockets are ideal for carrying small items like phones and tablets. With a large compartment for computer, it can comfortably hold 15 – 15.6 laptops and notebooks.

Although this backpack is versatile, it is incredibly lightweight. This means that it doesn’t add weight when full. With quick pocket access design, you are going to love it whenever you are using. For comfort, straps are customizable to fit your desired carrying length. Besides, the straps, the bag has a padded handle for ease of hand carrying. It is compatible with almost all laptops within the specified size range.

Product Highlights:

  • Large storage space
  • Compatible with different brands
  • Durable 210 D nylon fabrics
  • Padded straps and handle

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5. KAKA Backpack for 17-Inch Laptops

KAKA Backpack for 17-Inch Laptops

Do you need a laptop carrier that guarantees safety and comfort? There is no need to search anymore. Kaka backpack for laptops is an ideal pick to ensure that your computer is safe everywhere you are. Made of durable terylene oxford fabric, it is resistant to tearing and resists water leaking into the bag. Moreover, the sturdy lining also is water resistant and soft to prevent scratching your computer.

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The laptop compartment in this carrier is fantastic. It’s not like others since it is extra-large to accommodate 17-inch laptops. Besides the laptop pocket, there is a large compartment that allows you to carry items like jackets, lunchbox, and others. Smaller pockets enable carrying phones and smaller devices. Generally, this bag is excellent and has a total capacity of 37 liters.

Forget about the backpacks which subject your back to sweating due to restricted air flow. Kaka has a meshed back that ensures comfortable when carrying it. Complemented with padded straps, it means that no straining even when it is fully loaded. Apart from carrying this bag on the back, the fitted handle allows carrying it as a tote bag. It’s perfect for hiking, college, school, and camping.

Product Highlights:

  • Water resistant shell and lining
  • Extra-large laptop compartment; 17-inch
  • Tough terylene oxford fabric
  • Breathable mesh

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4. SwissGear ScanSmart Laptop Computer Backpack, SA1908 TSA Friendly ScanSmart

SwissGear ScanSmart Laptop Computer Backpack

Swiss Gear is a recognizable brand that is known for the production of various outdoor products. The company is the one that makes Swiss army knives. Apart from knives, they make this laptop backpack. Furnished with loads of features, the bag perfectly keeps your computer secure. Loaded with multiple pockets and compartments, it is easy to organize your gear for smooth access.

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Unlike many laptop bags, having this one gives you a smooth time when in airports. The laptop compartment has a special window that makes it easy to go through in the airports. Moreover, the compartment has elastic straps that ensure your laptop is securely attached. No more worries since the backpack have great padding to keep off impacts and shock.

Now, the ballistic fabric weave used in the knitting of this backpack gives it ultimate toughness and durability. The construction features boosted airflow that improves comfort without heating or excessively sweating. Shoulder straps are contoured to impact a comfort feeling regardless the weight on the backpack.

Product Highlights:

  • Strong ballistic weave fabrics
  • Contoured shoulder straps
  • Special window for quick airport scanning
  • Fits 17-inch laptops
  • Comes with AmazonBasics wireless mouse with nano receiver set

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3. Mancro Business Laptop Backpack

Mancro Business Laptop Backpack

Feel the comfort and secure your computer from uncertainties. The Mancro business laptop backpack is a real solution to your computer carrying needs. Designed from sturdy and lightweight materials, the backpack is great for school, colleges and outdoor events application. When traveling, the bag allows phone charging without removing power bank from the bag due to external USB and inbuilt charging cable.

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With this bag, it doesn’t only allow you to carry a laptop computer. It has more than 10 compartments that enable you to organize other items with ease the computer compartment can fit any laptop that is less than 17 inches. Additional pockets leave a space to put umbrella, notebooks, water bottles and other gadgets.

This backpack has a tough outer shell, but inside is lined with super soft lining. The pockets are double sealed to give it more safety than competitors. For comfortable and evenly distributed weight, straps are ‘S’ shaped to improve reinforcement and carrying comfort. The combination lock and zippers ensure that your items are safe.

Product Highlights:

  • Zipper and combination lock closure
  • Integrated USB charging cable
  • Eco-friendly water resistant nylon fabric

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2. AmazonBasics Backpack for Laptops

AmazonBasics Backpack for Laptops

Amazon basic is dedicated to bringing amazing products to improve your daily lifestyle. This AmazonBasics backpack is among the best you can get to ensure your laptop is safe. Featuring large design and multiple compartments, the bag is superb when you are on the move. The computer compartment is capable of fitting a laptop measuring up to 17-inch. This backpack with laptop sleeves that are amply padded they make sure safety of your computer.

When it comes to the organization of personal gear, this backpack is number one. The pockets are designed featuring differing sizes which enables easy access to stored items. Whether it is notebooks, pens or phones, with this bag, you will find it convenient when utilizing it.

Even when the bag is full, you won’t encounter problems when using it. The shoulder strap is generously padded to give your shoulders a comfortable feeling. Moreover, with the ability to adjust the strap, they ensure proper back positioning to prevent straining your spine. Additional handle enables using the backpack as a tote bag. Water bottle mesh pockets allow you to stay hydrated.

Product Highlights:

  • Large double padded compartments
  • Mesh water bottle pockets
  • Thick padded shoulder straps and handle
  • Quick access phone mesh pocket

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1. SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack

SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack

The Swiss laptop backpacks are among the best you can choose for carrying your computer. This travel gear 1900 is highly crafted to ensure that it gives unmatched performance. Construction features 1200D ballistic polyester that is strong to use in extreme conditions. The material is sturdy and is rip-stop and hard to get scratches.

Whether you are outdoors or traveling, the travel gear is a perfect companion. It boasts ScabSMart lay flat technology that makes it easy to open on the airport security check. Furthermore, the technology ensures smooth and hassle-free TSA scan. The large computer compartment enables the backpack to carry 17 –inch laptop.

Unlike some backpack that comes with fewer compartments, this bag has multiple. The pockets are different sized to fit various personal items. In fact, it is possible to keep tablets, phones, notebooks, and others. The back panel is thickly padded and enhanced with airflow technology. This renders it as one of the best laptop backpacks for traveling and collages.

Product Highlights:

  • Large and padded laptop compartment
  • Multiple organization pockets
  • Ergonomic padded shoulder straps
  • Night reflective strips

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These stylish laptop backpacks are the sure way of carrying your computer. Don’t risk your expensive investment, get a laptop backpack. As a suggestion, swiss laptop backpacks and dakine laptop backpacks are the best choices.


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