Best Lap Desks in 2019 Reviews

How you handle your computer will determine how long it last. We use the computers when placed on the desks, and for the portable laptops, we use then at times when placed on the laps. This gets boring when you need to use your laptop while still on your bed or when your computer starts heating up because some have their cooling system at the bottom.

Lap desks become an option for you. This review has composed the top best lap desks and will help you choose the best product you find comfortable to use.

10. Readaeer Portable Adjustable Laptop Computer Desk Stand

Readaeer Portable Adjustable Laptop Computer Desk Stand

Readaeer portable lap desk rotates 360 degrees and its adjustable to different angles. The lap desk is lightweight, i.e., weighs about 3.6 pounds. It’s made from aluminum alloy- ultra light this which make it carry. You won’t have to worry about your computer heating up when using it; this lap desk has a built-in fan that cools your laptop through a USB power. The lab, the desk is best for laptop up to, 17 inches with mouse holder.

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  • Advantages:

Readaeer lap desk is 360 degrees rotating and allow you to lock it at different angles depending on your comfortability. It has aluminum alloy material which makes it ultra-light and easy to carry around. Have built-in cooling fans will cool your laptop when using it.

Customers have shown interest in the product since it can adjust to the angle of choice. Built-in cooling fans every customer praise as it helps protect their computers and how easy they can carry it.


  • Its adjustable to 360 degrees
  • Has aluminum make up that make it ultra-light
  • It best for 17-inch laptops
  • Have built-in cooling fans

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9. Halter Lap Desk Laptop Stand with Adjustable Angles

Halter Lap Desk Laptop Stand

Portability means something is easy to carry and also easy to use it. Halter lap desk fits this when we look its lightweight, built-in handle and can be folded. It gets tiresome when we are viewing our laptops from one fixed position. This is injurious to your neck. Now you only need to go for this product as will allow you to view from different locations because it has eight adjustable points.

This lap desk offers you a chance to avoid cases where your computer will get damaged when it gets hot since it will keep it fresh with its smooth and flat surface. Halter lap desk has a flip-up edge lined with rubber that will protect your computer from scratches and dual bolster cushions filled with micro-beads which bring the stability when working.

  • Advantages:

Halter folding lap desk has a built-in handle and its light weight. The lap desk has dual bolster cushions filled with micro-bead which improve stability. Flip-up edge is lined with rubber that will prevent scratching of the computer and can be adjusted to 8 different angles. Halter has flat and smooth surfaces which enhance cooling of the laptop, is space saving since it folds and used for variously sized computers.

Customers had a feeling of comfort and assured the safety of their computers when using halter lap desk as it’s adjustable and the micro-beads that improve stability. Talk of the ease to carry it around its every customer’s happiness. Moreover, they are all excited about how economical as its multifunctional


  • Has smooth and flat surface
  • Can be folded thus saving space
  • Has micro-beads that improve stability
  • Have built-in handle that eases its transport

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8. BirdRock Home Bamboo Laptop Bed Tray

BirdRock Home Bamboo Laptop Bed Tray

Think of a case where you have a workstation wherever you go. You can eat, read and even use your laptop for it.

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The birdrock home bamboo lap desk is your choice. Why? It has a foldable leg, contains a storage drawer, adjustable tilt section, and removable stopper. The lap desk is sized: 20.9”w x 1.75”H x 13”L, weighs 5.5 pounds and is 9” tall with pull out legs. The lap desk is made from bamboo.

  • Advantages:

The lap desk is made of a renewable material that is environmentally friendly even when disposed of. Birdrock home lap desk can be used for different purposes and also adjusted to a different position. The folding lap desks are space saving as they easily fold when storing and above all, they act as your storage drawer.

Customers find it convenient to use it as can be used for the various purpose; eat, read laptop. They are also excited how they can use it as safe thanks to its storage drawer and its flexibility depending on what you are using it for.


  • Has a storage drawer
  • The desk is multi-position adjustable
  • It has pulled out legs
  • Can be folded

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7. SONGMICS Bamboo Lap Desk Adjustable

SONGMICS Bamboo Lap Desk Adjustable

SONGMICS bamboo lap desk is a portable laptop desk. Product size; 21.65”L x13.78”W x13.78”H. Like the name suggests, the lap desk has adjustable heights and lengths. Legs can be adjusted and the top tilted for better viewing experience. Ever had a scenario when you are using your lap desk, and the legs slide apart? You know how messy it gets. SONGMICS lap desk works this problem out. Why? It has lockable legs that prevent the opening out.

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The product is made from 100% bamboo and has drawers to store pens, notepads, etc. fitted with magnets to prevent rolling out. Its surface is smooth, flat and like any other portable lap desk its lightweight.

  • Advantages:

SONGMICS bamboo lap desk has convenient storage drawer that has built-in magnet to prevent rolling out. The lap desk is multi-functional. It has lockable legs that ensure the safety of your laptop when using it. Moreover, its adjustable to different heights and lengths as well as tilting its top to the best choice. The lap desk is lightweight, foldable with a smooth and flat surface.

Customers are found it most efficient to use for its multi-functions. They are amazed at its safety when it comes to the lockable legs and the built-in magnets in the drawer.


  • Have lockable legs
  • Drawer has built-in magnets to avoid rolling out
  • Its height, length, and slant is adjustable
  • Made from 100% bamboo which is environmentally friendly

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6. Sofia + Sam Multi Tasking Memory Foam Lap Desk

Sofia + Sam Multi Tasking Memory Foam Lap Desk

Need a workstation for your laptop, tablet or smartphone? Look no further as Sofia + sam multi-tasking lap desk is your answer. The lap desk has slots that can fit the tablet of 9.6” or smaller, smartphone and mobile devices of 3.6” or smaller. Product dimensions; 18.5” x 14”x 3.5” the lap desk has a slide-out mouse deck sited either on the left or right side. The lap desk is designed with a built-in wrist rest and a handle that facilitate it carries. Its suitable for laptops up to 15 inches

  • Advantages:

Moving anywhere you want is easy. It comes with integrated wrist rest and handles. The lap desk has a large working surface. It contains a mouse deck. It has different seized slots that can hold your different sized devices: tablets, laptop, and smartphones.

Customers are pleased with how it can be used to multitask. They also like how it has a mouse deck and how easy it is to carry it not forgetting its sizeable working space.

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  • Have slide out mouse deck
  • It has built-in wrist rest design and with a handle.
  • Working surface is large
  • The lap desk is used for multi-tasking

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5. Laptop Buddy Laptop Lap Desk, Portable Tray With Foam Cushion

Laptop Buddy Laptop Lap Desk, Portable Tray With Foam Cushion

The lap desk is bound to be comfortable and protective of your devices. You need to make a try and use this laptop lap desk by laptop buddy since it offers the has a durable and water-resistant top which measures 19”x15”x2.5”. Its cozy, fleece base filled with a foam micro-bead interior provides added comfort and luxury to move around. The desk has a cup and pen holder, and adjustable LED light which is removable and makes it easy to read, write and also see the keyboard.

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Carrying it must not worry you as it’s lightweight and has handles. This makes it comfortable for you to read while in bed or lap desks for kids which children use to watch movies while traveling. Travel lap desks come at an affordable price and have the best quality value.

  • Advantages:

The lap desk has a soft fleece covered cushion with filled micro-bead for comfort and support. Its top is spacious and water resistance thus its durable. Laptop lap desk is multi-functional. Its LED light improves its performance and efficiency. The product is affordable, high quality and has handled in addition to its lightweight.

Customers have reviewed much on its LED light that convenient even in dark areas. Its appraised due to its water resistance, durability and cushioning. Moreover, the pricing and value are surprising all the customers.


  • Has LED removable light, cup and pen holder
  • Have a water-resistant top; thus durable
  • The surface has a fleece-covered cushion with filled microbeads
  • Its affordable and high-quality product

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4. Sofia + Sam All Purpose Lapdesk

Sofia + Sam All Purpose Lapdesk

Like the name suggests, its used for many tasks; watching, drawing, reading eating or working in bed but works best for crafts and studying. The desktop has a luxurious cushion for total comfort and support, great workspace; 19.3 x16.2x 4.1 inches. Its surface is stable, relaxed and comfortable design with built-in wrist rest and handles for portability. This lap desk is lightweight of the other types and supports laptops 17 inches or smaller.

  • Advantages:

It has a cushioned large surface that provides comfort, stability, and space for working. The desk is portable which is coupled to its lightweight and design with built=in wrist rest with a handle. Have multi-functions.

Customers have appreciated the portability, comfortability and its economic values; since its multifunctional.


  • Its lightweight
  • Has cushioned surface for comfort and stability
  • It’s affordable and economical
  • It’s multi-functional lap desk

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3. Winsome Wood Alden Lap Desk

Winsome Wood Alden Lap Desk

Are looking for a quality lap desk? Look for winsome wood Alden lap desk. It has five adjustable angles that allow you use it to the position you find comfortable. The legs are foldable. This will enable you to place it on your laps on stretch the legs out and place on the ground. Small pullout drawers fitted are useful for you to set your essential properties at hand. Also, the lap desk is stylish as its made with a natural bamboo finish; an eco-friendly material. Product dimensions;24.79 x13.31×9.2.”

  • Advantages:

Have foldable legs that make convenient for use on different grounds; placed on the lap or the ground. The lap desk is adjustable to 5 angles thus enhanced comfort. It’s lightweight with a spacious top for work. Have a pull out drawer and a stylish natural bamboo finish.

Customers are interested in its lightweight, comfort-ability to use it and the pricing.


  • Have a flip top with a drawer
  • The legs are foldable
  • Have five adjustable angles
  • It is economical and has a stylish bamboo natural finish

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2. LapGear XL Laptop Lap Desk

LapGear XL Laptop Lap Desk

When you hear the word gear all comes to your mind is protection right? Yes! Lapgear XL laptop lap desk comes with the security of your devices. The ergonomic wrist pad makes typing comfortable and keeps the laptop from sliding. Micro-beads lap pads are fitted to this lap desk this enhance the support. Not only the top but also the large XL lap desk also has additional partitions; side storage pouches, 2 Velcro side storage pouches to store accessories and built-in mouse pads. Built-in wrist rest help brings about its portability. Besides its adjustable provide the dual-bolster cushion.

  • Advantages:

The lap desk has ergonomic wrist pad that enhances comfort-ability and safety of the laptop. It has side mouse pads, storage pouches accessories. Dual-bolster cushion makes it adjustable, micro-beads lap pad and lap shields for comfort-ability and protection.

Many customers are praising how it’s efficient the lap desk is due to the added pouches and mouse pads. They also come to a standard agreement to its comfort-ability and ease to carry around.


  • Have side mouse pads
  • It has ergonomic wrist pad and lap shield
  • Easy to carry as has built-in wrist rest
  • Have dual=bolster cushion to adjust

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1. Cooler Master C-HS02-KA Laptop Lap Desk with Pillow Cushion

Cooler Master C-HS02-KA Laptop Lap Desk with Pillow Cushion

Lap desk best for students. It has a groove storage section used for cable management. Cooler-master lap desk acts as a chill mat that shields your laps from heat released by the laptop. It’s unique in that it has a reversible and ergonomic design perfect for the lap use and its concave shape allows excellent airflow thus improved cooling. The girls lap desks top is fitted with a heavy-duty sponge cushion and provides a surface for kids, boys or girls to use their tablets, pads or laptops. The more cooling master lap desk can hold up to 17-inch gaming laptops, netbooks, and ultra-books.

  • Advantages:

It has grooved storage sections for cables. The lap desk is concave shaped to provide excellent heat dispersion. The top has a massive duty sponge cushion that provides support and comfort. Like other lap desks its light-weight to east its carry.

Customers praise the product for its cooling effect and how comfortable it feels to use the lap desk. The lad desk it durable and this pleased many as it turns out to be economical.


  • Has a concave shape for improved cooling
  • Have reversible and ergonomic designs
  • Its lightweight
  • Have a grooved section to hold cable for management

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The best lap desk is the key to your best working performance whether in bed, sited or traveling. This call you to make a good choice in which lap desk you will use.


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