Best Kitchen Canisters of 2020

Kitchen canisters are excellent equipment to have for safe storage of flour, coffee, tea, sugar, and other Kitchen staples. These containers are available in various shapes, styles and construction materials.

Basically, we have canisters made of ceramic, glass, stainless steel, enamel, and plastics.

Getting the right container eases your storage headaches. To eliminate your struggles, we present the top 10 best kitchen canisters in 2020 reviews.

10. Tramontina Stainless Steel 8 Piece Canisters

Tramontina Stainless Steel 8 Piece Canisters


  • Shatterproof airtight glass lids
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Silicone seals

When you move an extra step and protect your dry stuff in the kitchen, a good set of containers is always recommendable.

Tramontina Stainless Steel kitchen canisters are just awesome. The set comes boasting 8 pieces, which are ideal for storing a range of products. Additionally, the cans are available if varying sizes, there possible to fit different applications around the house.

Well, the construction of these containers is impressive. Constructed featuring heavy-duty stainless steel; there is no corrosion or rusting. Besides, the canisters don’t cause lousy taste to stored foodstuffs.

The lids are made of tempered glass that is resistant to breaking, and for ease of viewing the stored content. Enhanced with knobs, opening this lid is simple.

The polished mirror cans are great for your kitchen décor. To keep stored content fresh, the caps are airtight due to the fitted silicone seals. Cleaning is a cliché as they are dishwasher safe.


  • Safe for general kitchen utilization
  • Airtight seals maintain food freshness
  • A satin finish is ideal for any kitchen interior decoration


  • None

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9. Home Basics 4PC Ceramic Kitchen Canister Set

Home Basics 4PC Ceramic Kitchen Canister Set


  • Ceramic construction
  • Stylish modern design
  • Airtight clamp seals
  • Wooden spoons

Storage of sugar, salt coffee, and other kitchen contents can be stressful. Some of the products require being stored in dry and airtight conditions to maintain freshness. The Home Basic ceramic kitchen canisters are among the top.

The designing of these containers makes sure that they can store your content excellently without affecting the quality. Unlike the metallic kitchen container which alters the taste of some products, these are made of ceramic. As a result, they are efficient in storing anything you wish safely.

Besides having excellent performance, the cans are also elegant. With this, they impart a stylish look to your kitchen. Storing your kitchen stuff is safe when utilizing these Home Basic canisters.

They have airtight lids to keep air out thereby keeping your stored products fresh. Notably, the caps have a clamp closing mechanism which ensures that there is no air leaking. This set comes with 4 canisters with varying capacities; 25, 33, 40 and 45 -oz. Additionally, wooden spoons are safe since they do not react and easy scooping.


  • A wooden spoon is safe and decorative
  • Airtight and easy to use clamps lids
  • Canisters are ideal for all kitchens; smaller big


  • None

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8. Old Dutch Copper Clad Stainless Steel Hammered Canister

Old Dutch Copper Clad Stainless Steel Hammered Canister


  • non-tarnishing finish
  • Hand-hammered
  • Elegant copper finish

Looking for containers for your kitchen should not only dwell on the performance, but elegance also matters.

Among the best you can for are these copper-clad stainless steel red kitchen canisters set from Old Dutch. The cans are created to last while providing unmatched performance than rivals.

Starting with the construction, these containers are sturdy having been forged from heavy-duty stainless steel. This allows you to forget about tainted food like with other materials.

Keeping the kitchen or counter looking attractive makes appear lively and attractive to everyone. But, equipping with ordinary kitchenware only brings little beauty. That is why Old Dutch utilizes copper plating on these containers to dramatically improve elegance.

The copper finish is durable and lasts for decades without coming off hence keeping everything stored safely. The hand hammering gives these canisters a unique look. The lids provide an airtight fitting due to rubber gaskets to keep air out. They are available in a pack of 4 with different sizes: 4 qt, 2 qt, 1.5 qt, and 1 qt.


  • Copper finish is durable and resists corrosion
  • Lids are airtight to prevent air leak
  • Perfect match for any kitchen or counter


  • None

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7. FS Kitchen Round Clear Glass Kitchen Chalkboard Canister

FS Kitchen Round Clear Glass Kitchen Chalkboard Canister


  • Rubber sealed airtight lids
  • Stick labels and chalk
  • Super-strong glass construction

Are you tired of storing your dry products in your house only to find them caking due to absorbing moisture? It is time to dump those cheap storage containers. To avoid such experience, FS Kitchen glass kitchen canisters are a worthy consideration for any home.

They feature heavy-duty glass construction with a sparkling look to give your house an improved look. Furthermore, the glass is inert and doesn’t give the stored content unfavorable flavors or odors. As a result, the jars are ideal for sugar, coffee, tea, and other dry food.

The containers besides having excellent construction they ensure that stored food remains fresh for a long time. The lids are fitted with rubber seals which makes an airtight closure. Consequently, there is no air in or out and also keeps moisture away hence maintaining content as dry as possible.

The lids despite rubber seals are smooth to open without strains in your hands. For easy identification of content, the jars have comes with labels and chalk. The three canisters measure 34, 43 and 54-oz.


  • A great choice for decoration purposes
  • Bonus labeling stickers and chalk eases identification
  • Ideal for various home storage purposes


  • None

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6. Oggi Kitchen Clear Acrylic Canister, Locking Clamp

Oggi Kitchen Clear Acrylic Canister, Locking Clamp


  • Clear Acrylic construction
  • Flip-top locking lid
  • Silicone gaskets

Getting a durable and safe kitchen container doesn’t mean that you must go for a metallic one. Other cheap alternatives perform excellently. Among them is this acrylic kitchen canister from a renowned brand; Oggi.

Acrylic is safe plastic which is lightweight and is highly reliable in keeping food and other dry products safe. Due to this, this container is outstanding for keeping sugar tea, coffee popcorns, and other kitchen staples.

Perfection in this container lid is behind the ability to keep what is stored fresh and dry for an extended period. Amazingly, the cap has a rubber gasket that offers a complete airtight fitting to keep air and moisture away.

Boasting a large size, the canister has a 72-Ounce capacity. Flipping top lid eliminates hassles associated with opening and closing containers in many kitchens. A damp cloth is enough to clean this jar.

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  • Acrylic is lightweight than glass and steel
  • Large capacity renders it ideal for various products storage
  • Safe and free of toxic particles


  • None

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5. Oggi 4-Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Canister, Acrylic Lid

Oggi 4-Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Canister, Acrylic Lid


  • Stainless steel body
  • Acrylic lids
  • Flip locking clamp closure

Let your hassle come to an end by getting these stainless steel kitchen canisters from Oggi. Products from this company never disappoint, and therefore you can trust on these containers for your storage needs.

With their sturdy construction, the canisters are an outstanding choice for your dry food items keep. Whether you want to safeguard your flour, spices, coffee, rice and other kitchen staples, you can have confidence when using these jars.

There is no need to label these jars to avoid confusion. Unlike many canisters which are available with full enclosure, these are different. The lids are made of transparent acrylic materials to enable easy internal viewing.

Besides, they have silicone gaskets that are effective in keeping the containers airtight. With air completely cut off, anything stored in the containers is safe.

The flip-top lids are simple to open and eliminate screwing which can be stress due to wrist strain. Each pack has 3 jars measuring 26oz, 36oz, 47oz and 62oz.

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  • Stress-free opening and locking
  • Silicone and acrylic are safe and won’t affect food quality
  • Perfect versatility of use in the kitchen


  • None

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4. Bellemain Airtight Acrylic Kitchen Canister Set

Bellemain Airtight Acrylic Kitchen Canister Set


  • Break-resistant
  • Strong, lightweight material
  • Airtight lids with seals
  • Metal closure clamp

It is amazing to have canisters which can be used for arranging your house. That is what you get when you purchase these acrylic kitchen containers from Bellemain.

They aren’t like glass jars which are prone to breaking on accidental dropping. But, due to the plastic construction, they boast high bouncing. Due to this, even if they fall while containing food, chances of breaking are minimal. With these jars, it is possible to store kitchen staples, pet rations among others.

Packing food items in these kitchen jars gives you peace of mind. Their style and materials of construction ensure that weight is significantly cut. On the other hand, safety is amazing with these acrylic jars as they are shatterproof for improved safety.

They are free from BPA, phthalates, parabens and other restricted chemicals. Boasting airtight seal and clamping locking lids, stored items are safe from moisture and other factors that accelerate spoilage. The pack of these containers has 4 jars with varying capacities: 65, 51, 26, and 22 –Ounce.


  • Safe than rival glass canisters
  • Lightweight to improve the safety of little kids
  • Clear body for easy identification


  • None

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3. Anchor Hocking Ceramic Kitchen Canister Set

Anchor Hocking Ceramic Kitchen Canister Set


  • Ceramic construction
  • Wooden spoons
  • Stylish design

Storing your items in unreliable ways is over. The only equipment you need to have these ceramic containers for kitchens from Anchor Hocking. With ceramic construction, they are durable and safe, to prevent impacting bad odors an taste to the stored food.

Additionally, compared with other materials, ceramic is durable and secure than plastic, which can get damaged by high temperatures. As a result, the jars can be used for a variety of works around the kitchen.

Forget about brands, where they sell single canisters. The Anchor Hocking comes as a set of 4 jars with different sizes to enhance multiple uses. Accompanying the containers is a wooden spoon that makes scooping content from the jars simple.

Regardless of what is inside, the spoons are safe since they don’t cause a reaction. The flipping locking lids are secure to lock and open; thereby, improving the safety of stored food items.


  • Safe for storing everything in kitchen
  • Extra soft texture for easy cleaning
  • Heavy-duty quality prevents easy breaking


  • None

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2. Royal Air-Tight Plastic Kitchen Canisters Food Storage Container Set

Royal Air-Tight Plastic Kitchen Canisters Food Storage Container Set


  • Clear plastic construction
  • Liquid and solid items friendly
  • Light lid locking mechanism
  • #1 Best Seller in Cupcake Carriers

Living smart entails having a well-arranged kitchen, and properly stored dry foodstuff. However, without having kitchen containers, some commodities are hard to organize.

These plastic kitchen canisters from Royal Air are one of the best and popular among millions of kitchen users. They are high-quality containers made of strong plastic, but highly affordable.

With a transparent design construction, you won’t struggle to identify what each canister contains. Moreover, the stackable design is superb since it lets you save space by arranging your cans.

Many of the containers available on the market are best suited for solid products. But, once you get these, they are designed to fit all your storage need; they can be used with liquid and solid commodities.

For an airtight closure, lids have silicone rings and a locking mechanism. Cleaning the containers is easy since only water and soap needed. Moreover, with a leak-proof design, there is no worry about spilling liquid content into your cabinet or table.


  • Transparent design allows easy identifying
  • Smooth lid locking mechanism allows liquid and solid storage
  • The canisters save space due to stackability


  • None

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1. Oggi 4-Piece Acrylic Kitchen Canister Set

Oggi 4-Piece Acrylic Kitchen Canister Set


  • Lightweight
  • Transparent and break resistant
  • Airtight silicone gaskets

Oggi is one of the reliable companies when you need to get kitchen items. These acrylic kitchen canisters are the best you can get for your home and enjoy the safety as well as the high reliability. The construction utilizes acrylic; a form of lightweight plastic that is safe and durable.

As a result, even when the can experience an accidental drop, they have high bounce and shatterproof. On the other hand, the material is safe and won’t cause health concerns.

Organizing your kitchen with these canisters is simple. They are available in different sizes which enable you to stack thereby minimizing the space occupied. Airtight lids make sure that stored food items remain fresh for an extended period due to restricted oxygen and moisture.

Each of the 4 jars comes with an acrylic scoop spoon. Cleaning these jars requires only a wet cloth.


  • Easy to stack to save space
  • Break-resistant improves lifespan
  • Great choice versatile items storage


  • None

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Best Kitchen Canisters – Buyer’s Guide

Kitchen Canisters

Here you can check out the buying guide as to how buy kitchen canisters for yourself. We have penned down some of the important points for you.

Moreover, if you are interested to check out the best versions of Kitchen Faucets, then from here you can do that as well:

Fresh Seal Lids

You should only shop for those kinds of kitchen canister sets for yourself that are packed with fresh seal lids. The presence of a ‘Fresh Seal’ cover technology is to keep and retain all of your stored items fresh. They will remain to say all pest-free.

Moreover, your chosen and selected set has to offer a great and reliable amount of countertop convenience. High quality kitchen canisters, they give you lots of options like you can store flour and coffee in them.

Or you can keep paste and sugar in them.

Presence of Hammered Finish

Even more, it will be great for you to get a kitchen canister which is surrounded and injected with a hammered finish. It has to complement and synchronize with your kitchen decor. You can give your thumbs up to that set that offer and deliver a generous storage Capacity.

Some people prefer to use Copper-Plated canisters.

They are marked and identified as the perfect countertop storage solutions. Such containers can be used for keeping tea bags, sugar packets and also cotton balls.

Featured with Tool Caddy, Salt and Pepper Shaker

Most importantly, it is recommended to purchase that set which is featured and officially accompanied by Tool Caddy, Salt and Pepper Shaker elements.

All in all, look for a set which offers and serves you decorative and convenient solutions for keeping and storing your favorite items.

It is in this tool caddy that you can keep spatulas, spoons. With respect to Salt and Pepper Shakers, they have to be crafted and made of Copper-Plated Steel.

Cookie Jar and Ice Bucket Presence

If your kitchen canister does not contain Ice Bucket and cookie jar, then you should avoid buying such a kind of set.

This is a must have feature that has to be there and inducted in your set. Along with that, your set can be induced and paired with a decorative brass handle, cookie motif as well as copper-plated steel non-tarnishing kind of finish.

Keeps All Flavors Intact

Lastly, you need to verify that whether your chosen canister set manages to retain and intact the flavors or not!

We have seen that premium quality sets, they do not lose flavors of your stored food content no matter you have kept the food in that container for weeks and weeks.

FAQ’s – Best Kitchen Canisters

What Can You Put In Kitchen Canisters?

You can keep variety and a large number of things in kitchen canisters. As an example, you are free to keep flour and baking supplies in it.

Furthermore, it can hold and secure different types of flours in it. Some people like to keep sugar, pasta and coffee in their canisters.

You can do that as well. It is normally seen that in every kitchen, you are going to see the presence of sugar and pasta canister.

Can I Paint My Ceramic Canisters?

You can paint your ceramic canisters if you want to! No matter, your canisters are made by using metal, glass or if they are made of ceramic.

What you can do is to apply a new coat of paint on them. This is an easy way to personalize, refurbish as well as customize your old canisters.

Some people like and prefer to cover up their old canisters with chalkboard paint.

Should I Keep Flour In The Fridge?

You are free to keep flour in the fridge. For the sake of longer storage, it is always advised and recommended to keep white flours in the freezer or refrigerator.

The only think which you have to keep in mind is to store your flour in an airtight container. And then you can secure it in your fridge.

It is observed that all-purpose and bread flour survive up to two years at 40 F if you have placed them in your refrigerator.

Are Glass Containers Better Than Plastic?

It is true that glass containers are always better than plastic. This is a common and true fact that glass is overall safer than plastic when it comes to food storage.

Plastic containers leach chemicals. And these chemicals may migrate and shift from the plastic right into your food.  So, it is not preferred to keep your food in plastic containers.

In fact, you should only go for glass containers.


So, what’s the bottom line? We are hopeful that you will love these recommended and top-class looking kitchen canisters.

They offer a multiple number and versatile uses. For the reason that all these top picked canisters are recommended from the professional experts side.

Furthermore, they are packed with beautiful copper plating. As they are made of durable stainless steel, that is why they will remain to stay long lasting. The purpose of using these kitchen canisters is to give you a countertop convenience.

They are best to be used for storing flour, sugar and even pasta, or coffee.

You may fall in love using all of these kitchen canisters. Another surprising and best part is that they function on the Fresh Seal Technology.

In this way, all kind of content present in your canister will remain fresh and secured. And the injection of lacquered finish is going to make these suggestions tarnish resistance. So, which set you want to buy for yourself?

Do let us know and share your feedback about it. If you love to keep a collection of canisters in your kitchen, then do keep in mind and consider buying these suggestions as well. Besides, you can keep these Stainless Steel Citrus Juicers and Countertop Dishwashers in your too. These are also the important elements of your kitchen which gives a complete and ideal look to your kitchen zone.


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