Best Kids Drum Sets Review In 2020

Often, it’s we parents that help to cultivate our kids talents once they discover then or even help in the discovery process. Let’s say you note your kid has some interest in music, support them unduly by getting them their favorite musical instruments like the drum sets.

The junior drum set is ideal for children aging between three and ten years. They are reliable, easy to use and will be the best gift you ever give to your child. Be careful to take home the best quality model so that your kid will never struggle with the drums and your benefit, you won’t have to go back to the shops anytime soon.

Whether an amateur or experienced in the music sector, getting this product is never a joke with the overflowing market. So to ease you the pain, we compiled a list of top 10 best models for 2020, plays your cards wisely!

10 Best Kids Drum Sets – Top Pickups

10- Alesis DM6 USB Kit Beginner Electronic Drum Set

Alesis DM6 USB Kit Beginner Electronic Drum Set

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  • Have headphone and amplifier output jacks
  • Package includes snare, three toms, kick, two cymbals, hi-hat pad and controller
  • Features DM6 module

Alesis DM6electronic drum kit is a five-piece model that provides for 8″ snare, toms and 12″ cymbals plus hi-hat pads and controller. The drum kit features a DM6 module pre-set with 40 practice patterns plus a visual pad-indicator.

Connect your headphones to get a personalized practice session, or you jack in the amplifier for live jam sessions.

Featuring a USB-MIDI output, you can connect it smoothly to your computer laptop to share data readily. When it comes to its operation, the drums kit is user-friendly. It features 15 programmable drum settings and 108 top-notch sounds.

Programs the drums and you can comfortably edit and save the changes for better sound productions. In addition, the drum tubes are quite generous al allows for universal mounts, it features rubber fabrication that helps reduce vibration feedback and finally, the aluminum frames give promises its durability.

What to Expect

The Alesis drum kit is a set of five pieces. The electronic drums integrate the DM6 module that allows for easy editing and saving of the drum set. Plus, it comes preset with 40 practice patterns and 15 programmable modes.

Jack in your headphones for personalized playing or an amplifier for a jam session. On its construction, the drums feature natural rubber that reduces vibration feedbacks and generous aluminum frames.

What we like

  • They provide remarkable user-adaptability
  • It’s a five-piece drum set
  • Are affordable

Our Verdict

Are you a beginner? This will be the best drum set that will get you staring right away plus creates a comfortable working environment for everyone.

9- Princess Pink Drum Set By Gammon Percussion

Princess Pink Drum Set By Gammon Percussion

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  • It’s a five-piece drum set
  • Comes with drum sticks, stand and stool
  • Weighs 80 pounds

Kid stuff needs to look welcoming that’s why we recommend you take the princess pink drum set home. Its pink color will never scare your kids away like the dull shade. The package contains everything you require to start your jamming session.

It features the toms, snare, cymbals, pad stand, quality pair of drumsticks, drummer’s keys and a stool. What else do you need? Nothing! Plus, this equipment engineers from durable material that provided lifetime performance. Buy once and enjoy the thrilling musicals forever.

What to Expect

The drum set has five-pieces that are all that you desire to start a live jam party. They are inexpensive and engineers to last a lifetime. More, the princess pink drum set has an attractive, colorful shade that sets a happy mode for your kids.

What we like

  • It features a bright attractive pink color
  • It is inexpensive
  • Comes as a full pack
  • Need little assembling

Our Verdict

Assume the presence of this product in the shopping mall shelves, and that’s the worst decision you will make. It’s a must-have to enhance the music passion of your kids.

8- Mendini by Cecilio 16-inch Junior Drum Set

Mendini by Cecilio 16-inch Junior Drum Set

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  • Suitable for 2.5 ft to 5 ft tall kids
  • Five-piece drum set
  • Features adjustable throne, cymbals, pedal, and drumsticks

It’s time you give your upcoming young drummer the realistic experience once you get then the Mendini Cecilio drum set. The product is an all-in-one package in that, with the toms, bass drum, snare, hi-hats, and cymbals, everything is ready to get started with no time wastage.

Assemble the drums within seconds, and you will never require any professional skills as it features a hos-to-do user manual. The drums are ideal for kid ranging between 2.5 ft to 5ft tall.

On the brighter side, you can adjust the drum’s throne height to make your drummer at the best setting position. More, a pair of wooden drumsticks and the bass pedal is present in the package.

Purchase with full confidence you got the winner from the crowd as, besides its rugged, durable fabrication, the product comes with a one-year warranty cover from the manufacturer.

What to Expect

The drum sets come in different color thus you can choose your favorite. An adjustable drum throne gives way from a comfortable working position with the drummer. Buy it to fit your kids ranging between 2.5 ft to 5ft tall. It is a five-piece set and includes a bass pedal, pair of wooden drumsticks plus a one-year warranty cover.

What we like

  • Has a one-year warranty cover
  • Available in multiple pretty colors
  • It is durable and user-friendly

Our Verdict

The user’s comfort is a priority in the Mendini drum sets engineering thanks to its adjustable throne height that will suit kid within 2.5 ft to 5 ft tall

7- Award-winning Hape Rock and Rhythm Kids Wooden Drum Set

Award-winning Hape Rock and Rhythm Kids Wooden Drum Set

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  • Ideal for 36 months and above aged kids
  • Engineers from child-safe and non-toxic materials
  • Features drums cymbals and rhythm makers

Have a single glance at this product on the shelves, and you will be like oh yeah, exactly what I was looking for all through!" the Hape drum set comes with colorful kid shade that will never bore the child.

This is the best way to help cultivate the musical brilliance of your kid as they will learn the basic music rhythms and melodies with a lot of ease.

In the package, we got two drums, drumsticks and melodic sticks which is just everything for a little beginner drummer in the baking. Outstanding about the Hape product, it engineers from child-safe wooden materials with non-toxic finishing hence your baby’s safety is never at stake. Hit the drums with no fear as it construction is meant to last for years.

What to Expect

This is the best drum that will help your kid to learn the basics in melody and music rhythms. The drums engineer from quality child-fade wooden material with a non-toxic finishing. They come with a bright, colorful shade that will never scare the kids away.

What we like

  • Features an attractive, colorful shades
  • It provides maximum health protection to the kids
  • Easy to assemble

Our Verdict

The Hape kids drum set is the best product if your little drummer is in the initial learning stages and it will drastically cultivate their brilliance in the drumming world.

6- Spectrum AIL 620B Junior Drum Set

Spectrum AIL 620B Junior Drum Set

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  • Comes as a three-piece set
  • Suitable for kids aged between 3-8 years
  • Have non-skid rubber padding on the throne and stand
  • The throne height is adjustable

Spectrum AIL three-piece drum set includes tom drum, bass drum, and snare drum. Additionally, it includes bass drum pedal, drumsticks, throne and 8" crash cymbal with a stand.

These entire attachments work in harmony to bring out the best thrilling musical rhythms on every drum hitting. The instruments tailors from durable metallic material plus a decorative blue finishing that adds to the decor of your kid’s room.

Kid’s age is a consideration before you make any purchase of the drums hence the spectrum 620B junior drums will work best for those within 3-8 years. Adjust the drum throne to set your little drummer in a comfortable position thus eliminating excessive strains.

Impressive, your floor will get maximum protection from scratches, and the same time your kid’s safety is never at stake. Why? The throne and stand feature non-skid rubber padding on the tips.

What to Expect

The three-piece drum kit features a bass, tom and snare drums plus an 8" crash cymbal. The junior drums are best for kids within 3-8 years. Its throne height is customizable to ensure superior comfort.

They are pocket-friendly. Besides its excellent performance, the instrument ensures both your kid and
floor get full protection thanks to the non-skid rubber padding on the throne and stand tips.

What we like

  • It’s easy to assemble
  • Comes with one-year warranty cover
  • It’s humane-safe as well as protects the floor

5. GP Percussion 3-piece GP50LJUnior Drum Set


● Weighs 34 pounds
● Package includes; bass drum, tom, snare
● Cymbal, stands, drumstick and bass pedal are also present

Save your money and time by getting the GP50L junior drum set. The three-piece model includes the bass, tom and snare drum plus extra cymbal, hi-hats, stands, drumsticks and bass pedal.

Everything you need to get your music flowing! The product measures 36″ by 36″ by 36″ and weighs only 34 pounds.

This makes it possible to place the drum set in space-limited areas, and its translocation is never hard thanks to its lightweight. Assemble the drums within minutes with no need of tools or some specialized knowledge. All you need in well put down on the user manual. Adjust the throne and make your little drummer more comfortable.

What to Expect

Being a three-piece set, it comprises tom, bass and snare drums. Also in the accessory kit are drumsticks, cymbals, stands, and hi-hats. Assemble the instrument within minutes, and you will never get the urge to use any tool. They are cheap, economical and the best way to upgrade you kids drumming skills.

What we like

  • Drums are easy to assemble
  • Need no tool to assemble
  • It is pocket-friendly
  • Have a compact and lightweight design thus easy transports and storage

Our Verdict

No tools requirements in assembling the drums. This makes the task easy thus you should consider taking the product home not mentioning its low prices.

4- Pearl RS525SCC706 Roadshow Drum set

Pearl RS525SCC706 Roadshow Drum set

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  • It is a set of five
  • No assembling requires
  • Ships within few days
  • Has a charcoal metallic finish

Get on the beat with the GP50L drum set. The five-piece design provides you with all the hardware you need to make all the jam sessions happening every time. Interesting, the drums are ready to use right from the package thus you will never sweat out trying to do some hectic fixations.

Featuring with the charcoal metallic finish, the drum set will add décor to your room and live at a glance. It has real wood shells that are durable and send out the magical beats for years.

Set up the product in your house and you shouldn’t worry about your floor as it include some rubber padding on the tips. No unnecessary skids or destructive scratches on the floor.

What to Expect

No floor scratches or sudden skids of the drum while in use as they include stabilizing and protective rubber padding on the tips. No assembling!

The tools drum is ready for use right the from the package. it features a classy and elegant charcoal metallic finish that add the glamour of this instrument besides the magical sound beat.

What we like

  • Rubber padding gives maximum stability and safety
  • It is economical
  • Offer great user convenience

3- Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Kit

Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Kit

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  • Features five drums, cymbal, drumsticks and a stool
  • Has elegant blue metallic finish and chrome edge
  • Includes instruction book

Purchase this product, and you won’t have to make additional trips to the market as it includes all you require to get started. The package includes five drums plus cymbals, stands, drumstick, hardware, and stool.

What more are you still looking for? Nothing! Natural wood shells on the drums sends the real heart of music with every stick drop. Besides, this adds to the product’s durability. Speaking of durability; the drums tailor from a quality rugged metallic material.

It has a gloss blue classy finish and chrome rims which all in unison set the happy, soothing music mode in your house. The product comes with low pricing. Make your order today, and in less than a week you will have your package at the doorstep

What to Expect

The product has a remarkable low pricing. It ships very fast, unlike its competitor product. With the gloss blue metallic finish and chrome rims, this instrument will be décor in your house.

it’s easy to handle as need little non-professional assembling. It’s a five-piece model with all hardware required present inclusive of stools

What we like

  • It is easy to assemble
  • It’s a real complete package
  • Quite cheap
  • Engineers to last forever

Our Verdict

Gammon five-piece is a money saver! It cost less than what it offers and best of all, once you buy the package, it contains everything the drummer requires.

2- AW 3-piece Junior Kid Drum Set

AW 3-piece Junior Kid Drum Set

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  • Features real wood drum shells
  • Comes with the comprehensive user manual
  • Rubber-padded and adjustable throne

Present this product as a gift to your kid on their birthday, and they will live to praise you like the best mum in the world! The AW 3-piece junior drum set comprises tom, snare and bass drums plus a crash cymbal.

Durability and convenience are every buyer’s expectation, and this model is never an exception! It constructs from quality fabrication with a real wood shell that sends thrilling sound beats and adds up to the entire drum’s lifetime performance.

Adjust the throne”s height to fit your kid comfortability. besides its durability and comfort but also the instrumented safety is a thing here: the throne includes rubber padding that prevents unnecessary skids which would pose danger to your kid plus lead to adverse scratch developments on the floor.

Assemble the drums within second and to make the task easier there is a comprehensive manual ready to salvage you. A drum set is never complete until it features quality drumsticks which send the magical melodious beast on every drop.

What to Expect

The drums are easy to assemble with the assistance of the understandable user manual. It features threes drums; snare, tom, and bass, with the cymbal and drumsticks. Its throne is height is adjustable plus feature rubber padding for maximum stability. It features pretty blue coloring.

What we like

  • It is easy to assemble
  • Comes with an easy-to-read user manual
  • The drums design to last for years
  • It is cheap

Our Verdict

Get the AW 3-piece drum set and present t as a birthday gift to your child. the best present to offer your upcoming drummer.

1- Vtech KidiBeats Drum Set

Vtech KidiBeats Drum Set

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  • Features three drums and a cymbal
  • Play drum in four different modes; free play, letters, numbers, and follow-along
  • For kid aged 2 to 5 years
  • Each drum has LED lights

Wow! Vtech Kidibeats drum set is so incredible! The perfect game for your two to five years old kids.

The drums feature 3AA batteries that give a demo platform plus an automatic shut-off function thus in case you forget to switch off; this will be their fro back up. The toy drum set features three drums plus a cymbal each with an LED lighting system.

Where will I start to do the drumming for a melodious sound? Relax! You can choose to play with the numbers, alphabets, follow-me light or a free-play to make your moves. Impressive, the drums includes nine musical melodies from different genres.

The product is incredibly cheap, provides frustration-free packaging, and on the brighter side, it engineers from child-safe durable materials.

What to Expect

They are electronic drum sets that run on 3AA batteries. The drums are energy efficient in that, when not in use, they will automatically shut off. It is quite easy to play: it features four play modes including free-play follow-me lights, numbers and alphabets. The instrument is child-safe and costs extremely low.

What we like

  • No/less assembling requirements
  • It is extremely cheap
  • Offers incredible user-adaptability
  • It has a bright, colorful appearance

Our Verdict

Vtech kid beats are the # number one choice that your kids will love using. Whether a beginner or experienced, these drums will always work to uphold their expertise.

Best Kids Drum Sets – Buyers Guide

Best Kids Drum Sets

Below you can check out the buying guide which can give you an elaborated idea as to how to buy a kid’s drum set:

Premium Quality

Most importantly, buy that drum set for your child which is of high quality. It should give just the unmistakable results every single time.

If your drum set is featured and accompanied by realistic and natural-feeling kind of playing surfaces, then that is great. Moreover, it needs to able to reduce and bring down vibration feedback.

Gives Outstanding Sound

In addition, search for that kind of exclusive drum set which offers and give our outstanding sound.

If you have managed to get the drum set which is composed of an internal collection of top-notch drum and cymbal, as well as percussion sound quality, then it means you have chosen and got the top version for yourself.

Easy to Use and Operate

Lastly, have that drum set which is easy to be used by your kids. Its drum and cymbal should not be tough to operate. Along with that, search for the model which comes with an aux input for the sake of practising by using an external audio source.

FAQ’s about Best Kids Drum Sets

What is a Good Beginner Drum Set?

What is a Good Beginner Drum Set?

A good beginner drum set can be from the top-notch brands like Mendini MDS80 – The Cheapest Starter Drum Kit, Gammon 5 Piece Drum Set. this is also one of the best and top-selling beginner drum sets.

Moreover, you can try out and have the Pearl Roadshow Beginner Drum Set or Pearl Export drum Kit. In addition, always prefer to use and buy that beginner level drum set which has absolutely everything you need!

If it is a 5 piece drum set, then that is most suitable and appropriate for all beginners. It is observed that beginner level drum kits are available in budget-friendly prices and they include all the needed accessories which a user want.

What Age is a Junior Drum Set for?

What Age is a Junior Drum Set for?

A junior drum set is made for babies who are 4 to 6 years old. Like, if any parent has got and purchased a 5-piece junior drum set, then that will be marked as a great starter kit for all those kids who are about 4-years old to 6-years old and also upwards.

Besides, it depends on the height of your child too regarding what kind of drum set he wants! Always look for that kind of drum set option which is well-built which and it needs to last a few years.

Hence, for younger players and aspiring drummers, small in size hardwood shells along with triple Flanged Hoops are made so that they can easily use such a drummer kit.

What is the Best Junior Drum Set?

What is the Best Junior Drum Set?

The best junior drum sets can be from the brand models like Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Kit which comes with Cymbals, Hardware and also Sticks and Throne.

You can feel free to buy the Ludwig Junior Outfit Drum Set, Sound Percussion Labs Lil Kicker or Mendini by Cecilio Junior Drum Set. Likewise, Fidget Spinners keep your child attention level all focused, in the same way, letting your kids learning how to play the drums will increase their focus and concentration level too.

Besides, keep in mind to get the junior drum set which includes and be packed with everything which is needed to get off to the best and great start.

Are Mapex Drums any good?

Are Mapex Drums any good?

Drum sets made by Mapex, they are of reliable and top-notch quality. Most importantly, their drum sizes are of regular and pop/rock size range. Furthermore, they give a crispy clear sound and tone. They are of sturdy build and last long.

Their promising part and quality are that they allow direct transmission of sound. At the same time, their drum sets reduce all kind of unwanted frequencies. They give a strong fundamental pitch and along with that, their sets constantly give an effortless kind of tuning experience.

What Age Can You Start Drum Lessons?

What Age Can You Start Drum Lessons?

It is usually and commonly in between the age frame of nine and thirteen years that you can start to learn as to how to play the drums. If you think that your child has an extreme passion for playing and using drums, then you can let and allow your kid to start to learn even before this age frame.

However, this is the generally accepted age frame in which you can ask your kid to properly learn the drum basics.


So, this is all about the best kids drum sets! Which one you will buy for your child, do let us know.  Our recommended and suggested drum sets carry a full and complete assortment of parts which you need and require for your drumming job.

In addition, these models are backed and supported by superior customer service. In case, you get and find any defect in these drum sets, then we guarantee you that you are going to get a complete replacement.

These drum sets which are made exclusively for your kids offer a golden opportunity to your child to become a young, passionate and aspiring drummer. These models encompass all the high-quality traits which you expect from top-notch drum models.

Besides, you may show interest in buying these Baby Fences and Best Baby Play Yards. Your kids may love these products too. Keep connected with us as more full of fun and full of excitement recommendations all made for kids and babies are coming up.

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