Best Key Lock Boxes in 2020 Reviews

If you often have guests coming to your house, it seems hard to have them enter the house when you cannot be there to hand them the key. Therefore, a key lockbox has been invented to be a great solution to this matter. The key lock boxes come in different sizes, but the size of an ordinary smartphone is the commonly used one. It is simply where you store the keys to any property of yours safely with a manually set code. Installing a key lock box to store your keys should be done rather than hiding them in unsecured spots.

There are two main types of key lock box which are the one with shackles and the wall-mounted one. Plus, key lock boxes differ widely in dial format. Firstly, push-button locks do not require you to enter your code in order. Secondly, wheel models come in the 4-digit form to set a combination. Last but not least, the one you rotate to complete the combination is called dial models.

List of Top 10 Best Key Lock Boxes in 2020

10. CCYX Realtor 10-Digit Push Button Key Lock Box

Key Lock Box

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This lockbox made from zinc alloy is strong enough to carry up to three ordinary keys. This product is easily used as it can be hung on a doorknob, fence, and railing without the help of any tool. The safety code comes in a 10-digit push-button form which you can set in three to ten digits long. On top of that, kids and elders can comfortably access the lockbox since it can be opened although you enter the passcode in the incorrect order. Adding to its safety, there is a rubber cover protecting it from any weather which makes it durable and stable.

What We Like:

  • Made from sturdy material which does not easily rust
  • With the 10-digit buttons, you can set your own secure passcode with any combinations.
  • There is a weather-resistant rubber cover protecting the lockbox from snow, ice, and rain.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It cannot be quickly unlocked.

9. ProTech Wall Mounted 10-Digit Push Button Key Lock Box

Wall Mounted Key Lock Box

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Tired of dealing with the handle of lockboxes? This wall-mounted key lockbox allows you to hang it on a wall or any other flat and solid surface permanently. The chamber dimension is 1inch depth, 1.6 inches width, and 2.8 inches length. As a result, you can store up to four standardized house keys. Thus, you will no longer get to complain about the narrow space provided in the container. There are ten digits available for setting a safe and secure passcode. Plus, the passcode can be reset by following the same instruction of setting the initial code.

What We Like:

  • The container is spacious.
  • You can set your own passcode within three to ten digits long.
  • There is a removable weather-resistant rubber cover provided.

What We Don’t Like:

  • There is no handle so it cannot be hanged on anything besides a solid surface.
  • Too many tools needed to have it fixed on the wall.

8. XOOL Wall Mounted 4 Digits Combination Key Lock Boxes

Key Lock Box

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With the composition of aluminum alloy and other environmentally friendly materials, this lockbox of XOOL is highly durable and protected against hammering and sawing. It is locked by 4-digit combinations which are easy to remember as well as easy to open when dialing the code correctly. Furthermore, there are no worries when the code has been used for a long period of time because it can always be reset. This model provides you a larger capacity placing five keys in the same container. In spite of its versatile design, it might seem a bit complicated installing requires 8 screws and expansion plugs in the process of fixing it on the wall.

What We Like:

  • Large capacity provided.
  • Rust-proof, water-proof, and corrosion-resistant.
  • Safer and fewer digits of pin code to remember

What We Don’t Like:

  • Difficulty of installing

7. AdirOffice 40 Keys Cabinet with Digital Lock

Keys Cabinet with Digital Lock

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Its smart technology offers you a key cabinet storing about 40 keys in the same room safely protected by a digital lock. However, AA-sized, 1.5V batteries are needed to operate the fascinating functions of this storage box such as a buzzer and LED lights indicators. This sturdy key secure box has a programmable electronic lock that is quick to use. Hidden pin code with 3 to 8 numbers and two override keys enable you to keep complete control of this lockbox and boost protection. It is highly recommended for hotel owners, car salesmen, or people who carry lots of diverse types of key daily.

What We Like:

  • Able to store up to 40 keys
  • High protection and enhanced security
  • Electronic lock

What We Don’t Like:

  • High price
  • Complications of using both manual keys and pin code to lock and unlock.

6. Masmartox Steel Key Cabinet Security Box Wall Mount

Cabinet Security Box Wall Mount

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The interior design of this model comes with 20 metal hooks allowing you to effortlessly organize the storage. Additionally, it surprisingly provides you key tags and stickers which give you more convenience in identifying each key quickly. Its specifications are highly suitable for offices, apartment complexes, rental car agencies, and car parking lots. Composing of steel makes the key box durable and strong enough to bear everyday abuse. Unfortunately, the locking system is not built to be secure enough.

What We Like:

  • Key hooks and key tags provided improving key identification
  • Lightweight yet spacious storage
  • Endure everyday abuse

What We Don’t Like:

  • Weak locking system

5. TIGERKING Digital Security Safe Box

Digital Security Safe Box

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Want a fashionably designed safe box that matches your house’s decoration style? This fashionable safe box is invented in an astonishing color which will make your house look more elegant. Besides its astonishing exterior design, there is an alternative interior locking box installed inside the safe box. Adding to that, you can have your valuables and belongings well-organized with or without a removable shelf.

A high-security system is built as amazing as its outlook. In case you cannot access your digital combination, you can use the emergency keys provided with the package. In addition, you can be alerted by a dual alarm system when there is someone entering an incorrect code three times or making a violent vibration.

What We Like:

  • Fashionable design with cubic gold color
  • High security with a dual alarm system
  • Alternative interior locking box

What We Don’t Like:

  • Highly expensive model
  • Complications of using manual key

4. Master Lock 5400D Portable Key Lock Boxes

Portable Lock Box

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Differing from ordinary lock box models, you can place 5 standardized keys inside the wide container of this model. Each part of this lockbox is made from diverse materials for the purpose of durability and scratch prevention. Since it is a portable type, the shackle is especially invented to fit most door knob styles. Apart from this, you can possibly remove the “over the knob” installation if you prefer to. The shutter door is capable of protecting combination dials from dirt, weather, and grime. To secure your keys inside, you can customize your own four-digit combinations as well as reset it anytime.

What We Like:

  • Wide capacity yet lightweight
  • Fit any type of doorknob
  • Reasonable price and worthy

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not sturdy enough to bear hammering

3. ORIA Wall Mounted Key Lock Box

Wall Mounted Key Lock Box

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Constructed from zinc alloy mixing with steel, this lockbox is waterproof and anti-rust making it suitable for outdoor use. In addition, within those two materials, it is protected from hammering, sawing, and prying. Besides material, the paint itself is not harmful to the body due to its environmentally friendly chemical substance. The measurement of this lockbox enables you to store five ordinary keys at most. The installation process is easy as you can fix it on the wall with four expansion plugs and screws provided. Along with easy installation, you can easily set your favorite 4-digit code to activate your lockbox.

What We Like:

  • Waterproof and anti-rust
  • Environmentally friendly paint
  • Easy installation and access

What We Don’t Like:

  • Uncomfortable dials within low-light conditions

2. Puroma Waterproof Portable Wall Mount Key Lock Boxes

Waterproof Portable Wall Mount Lock Box

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Not only holding multiple keys, but this unit can also store bank cards, ID cards, and some small car keys at the same time. This lockbox is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and fixed on the wall for permanent installation. Therefore, you no longer need to hide your house key under the pot or carpet for emergency use. This model is long-lasting and worthy owing to its composition of zinc alloy and installation of shutter doors. You can comfortably operate the lock by changing from preset code to your favorite code. It is highly recommended for people who prefer keyless convenience as you only need to dial four digits to access.

What We Like:

  • Upgraded internal storage size
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy operation and access
  • Two available colors (black and gray)

What We Don’t Like:

  • The difficulty of installing with crews

1. Iron Lock 4 Digit Combination Key Lock Boxes

4 Digit Combination Lock Box

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If you are looking for a high protection lockbox, this model from Iron Lock will be your best choice. Within a mixture of zinc alloy and aluminum, it is strong enough to not be completely damaged by drilling, hammering, or sawing. Additionally, it is designed to withstand any weather, importantly icy weather. Besides being weather-resistant, it is rust-proof, corrosion-resistant, waterproof as well as UV-resistant. For that reason, you can assure that your valuable stuff and belongings are safely stored in this unit. Like other wall-mount units, you can easily install it with the four screws and screw anchors provided in the package. Nevertheless, this product comes with a lifetime warranty giving you assurance if there is a malfunction.

What We Like:

  • Weather-resistant, importantly icy weather, and UV-resistant
  • Highly protected from any damage
  • Key hooks provided
  • Lifetime warranty offer

What We Don’t Like:

  • The locking mechanism takes up the space of internal storage.

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Buying Guides to Choosing the Best Key Lock Boxes
Key Lock Boxes

Below you can check out the complete guide and information which helps you as to how to buy a key lockbox. There are certain considerations and key elements which you should element.

We have collected and pen down easy to follow buying guide for you. Check it out and get the most reliable key lockbox for yourself:

Allow you Set Your Own Combination

Most probably, you can look for such a kind of key lockbox that lets and allow you to set your own combination. It is up to a four-digit combination that you can set your code.

We have seen that high-quality key lockboxes are a name of giving and providing keyless convenience as well as increased security.

To prevent theft, have that option that offers you 10,000 Possible Combinations. In this way, you can come up with totally original code. It is because of these 10,000 possible combinations that not a single person will be able to able to guess your lock combination.

Portable and User-Friendly Design

Furthermore, you can have such a key lock storage box which comes with a portable and user-friendly design. In this way, it will become easy and quick for you to use this specific product.

It should have a removable shackle. With the presence of this item, you are going to experience an easy and flawless “over the knob” installation job.

Protective Weather Cover

Besides, try to look for a model that is accompanied by a protective weather cover. The presence of this protective weather covering assures you to use it outside without any worry.

This covering also prevents dials from all kinds of freezing and jamming issues. Lastly, do get that key lock storage box which has a molded body and too vinyl coating. This construction makes sure that your door does not get any scratch on it.

Hence, always buy that key lockbox which is great to be used for indoor and outdoor premises. If the key safe has been constructed and made with a durable metal body, then your product will remain to stay durable. Most certainly, if it is vinyl coated, then it will always prevent scratching,

Large Internal Capacity

If your chosen model offers a large internal capacity, then that is amazing. The induction of this capacity makes sure and guarantees to accommodate up to almost five to ten keys. In addition, a large capacity key lockbox gives you safe and sound secure storage options.

You can easily place five to ten standard (2 in.) house keys in it. Its shackle gets to fit and adjust on most of the ball, biscuit, and also tulip door sort of knob styles.

Easy to Use and Recombinant

You need to order that key lockbox which shows the traits of utilitarian functionality and also contemporary styling. It should be easy to use as well as quick to recombinant. Using such a product always comes out to be a safe and secure solution for the homeowners.

If your selected model is encompassed by the properties of utilitarian functionality and too contemporary styling, then that is amazing and super great.

Beyond, it should let and allow you to reset the combination as frequently and seamlessly as you like.

Unique from Traditional Models

We have commonly observed that traditional and substandard key lockboxes, only manage to hold 1 to 3 keys right in their key safe’s storage compartments. On the other hand, premium and high-quality models, always give you a bunch of options.

At the same time, these premium models have the potential to store all kinds of conventional and non-smart car keys. This is the kind of character which is not normally found and present in other low-cost models.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How safe are key lockboxes?

A: Key lockboxes are super safe since you can store any of your things in them and not getting stolen. Moreover, the locks need the right passcodes in order to unlock them.

Q: Do I have to have a lockbox?

A: It is a really good thing to have a lockbox now. The reason is that you will be able to store all of your things in it without any worries.


Lastly, it is your choice to decide whether or not to purchase a key lockbox. However, having one installed at your house is highly recommended when you take security and safer feelings into account. Damages or property loss caused by theft outweigh the cost of a good quality key lockbox. Choosing the correct size and function of the lockbox requires you to consider your lifestyle and surroundings as important factors. Adding to this, selecting particular types of dial format is also essential. Different formats work best for different types of people, so you may need to choose the most suitable one.

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