Top 10 Best iPhone 7 & 8 Wallet Cases in 2019 - Reviews & Comparision

Best iPhone 7 & 8 Wallet Cases in 2019 Reviews

Perhaps the biggest worry for some is if the case will fit in an iPhone 8 or 7 interchangeably. To calm those nerves, let us have a look at the phones different dimensions. An iPhone 8 has the dimension of 138.3 mm length x 67.1mm width x 7.1mm depth. Conversantly an iPhone 7 has dimensions of 158.2 mm length x 77.9mm width x 7.3mm depth. As a result, the good news is that they are most likely going to fit. Here we have looked even deeper with this review into this to ensure this happens.

How to choose an iPhone 7 & 8 wallet case:

  • Size:  Look to it that the size of your wallet case is not going to be of a nuisance to you. Some cases and not only wallet cases have unnecessary material taking a huge chunk of space that is not necessary. In this list, we look at the wallet case sizes and see if the extra space used is put to good use.
  • The material used:  Some cases are made of leather in this list. It is known leather can be abrasive to some people. Other than that, the material used can be of preference to some. In addition, the material to a high extent affects the kind of grip and finish you get on your cover.
  • Price:  Some prices of cases can be exuberant without making sure you get what you deserve for the money. Not to worry here as in the review we see to it you get your money’s worth and get a bang for your buck.
  • Capacity: The wallet cases come with different card carrying capacities or features. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the card carrying capacity, the more space is taken. Nevertheless, ensure you have a wallet case that is sufficient for your need.

List Of The Top 10 best iPhone 7 & 8 wallet cases in 2019:

10. iPhone 7 plus Uolo 2-in-1 Removable Magnetic Folio [Wallet] Case

iPhone 7 plus Uolo 2-in-1 Removable Magnetic Folio [Wallet] Case with 8 credit cards slots and 1 money sleeve (Gray)

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This is one of the largest wallet cases in terms of storage capacity. The Uolo iPhone case design safeguards the screen of the phone from cards placed in the wallet. The case can be used as a wallet on its own without a phone in it, and you would be just okay. The case has a magnet strip for quick locking functionality. The wallet is designed to be detachable to a case on the phone. They are attached magnetically. These magnets ensure the case with the phone does not detach too easily from the wallet.

Extra features:

  • Uolo’s wallet case can be used as either a wallet, a case or both.
  • This wallet case has slots that can hold eight cards and a pocket that can hold cash or extra cards.

9. Arae iPhone 7 case, iPhone 8 case, PU leather wallet Case

Arae iPhone 7 case, iPhone 8 case

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This wallet case is one of the best designed we have ever seen. The cutouts are very precise to let you swap in between cards while taking up minimal space. With it, you can choose from a varying number of colors to your taste. The material in this case wallet has a good texture and feels good to hold in hand. A magnetic clip clamps the phone when you are done with the scrolling. You also get access to all your buttons except the home key.

Extra features:

  • This Arae wallet case comes with a kickstand feature.
  • Has a side pocket behind the four card slots where you can put in your money naturally.

8. BUDU iPhone Case Wallet Attachment for 6, 6s, 7, 8

BUDU iPhone Case Wallet Attachment for 6

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You can combine a BUDU modular case with many different kinds of attachments. In addition, their wallet attachment is one of the best in the market. The case connects magnetically to the back of the case. The wallet extension is made of high-quality material for a superior feel. The case can hold up to three cards and some bills without a fuss. The space remaining is quite huge, so you can add just a little bit more from the recommended number.

As stated above, this wallet from BUDU is attached to a BUDU case. It is a handy feature for those that like BUDU and their innovative technology to have a wallet too. If the wallet is not required, you can easily latch it out and use the phone with the cover. You can do this if you feel you do not require the extra weight. Alternatively, you can use this when on road, in the car, detach your phone from the wallet, place it on the BUDU car mount, and then when you have reached your destination, reattach to your wallet.

Extra features:

  • Wallet extension can be used as a kickstand.
  • The wallet extension is made of RFID theft protection to keep your data in the phone safe.

7. VAULT Protective Credit Card Grip Cover

Silk iPhone 7/8 Wallet Case

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This silk wallet case is one of the best in the market. It has a slim profile that will not easily be noticed by outsiders that it can carry cards. The wallet area contains a piece that pushes out the card making access to your cards much easier. The texture on the case feels virtuous to hold. It is designed with protective air pocket corners to cushion your phone even better on the fall. The price of this wallet case makes it quite affordable when compared to others.

Extra features:

  • The silk wallet case comes with a screen protector.
  • The wallet case is wireless charging compatible.

6. Tech21 Evo Wallet for iPhone 7 Plus- Black

Tech21 Evo Wallet for iPhone 7 Plus- Black

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This is one of our favorite wallet cases because of how strong and durable it is. It is made with great design functionality considered. The Tech21 Evo wallet has a microfiber lappet that acts as a screen cleaner. The flap in it can also be used to hold an extra card or two. The flap attaches magnetically to the cover for fast and easy locking function hiding the slots on the main cover.

The main latch on the case attaches to the case using a mechanical latch. We find this to be more secure than a magnetic latch in case of a bad fall. The inside flap is a handy feature as it blocks the cards from getting into contact with the phone screen, which could damage the screen.

Extra features:

  • Cards in the wallet do not touch the iPhone screen.
  • Inside latch cleans the phone’s screen on top of protecting it.

5. Olixar iPhone X Leather-Style Book Case – X-Tome – Built-in Viewing Stand

Olixar iPhone X Leather-Style Book Case

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This wallet case from Olixar has an old-school look to it. Nevertheless, it is armored with new age technology. This wallet case keeps a slim profile that avoids taking up to much space in your hand or pocket. It is made of lightweight material too. In the wallet, you can get card slots and a document pocket.

The stand out feature in this wallet case is its design. It is like a vintage book that will leave your friends in awe of how good it looks and feels on hand. With its decorative reinforced spine, you get a classy and sophisticated finish in the end.

Extra features:

  • This wallet case can be used as a kickstand to view your entertainment.
  • The case is wireless charge enabled.

4. Moshi Overture iPhone 8 / 7 Case (Wallet Case) – Black

Moshi Overture iPhone 8 / 7 Case (Wallet Case) - Black

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This wallet case from Moshi can carry many of the products in current wallets. It can carry more than four cards, cash, and receipts. You can swap this with your current wallet and it would be sufficient to carry what you need. The size is just great.

In it, you also get a built-in screen cleaner. This detachable and washable microfiber-cleaning pad can serve you for a long time. You can use this to scrub grease and grime from your screen. This wallet case can be used as a substitute to your main large wallet with ease.

Extra features:

  • Has a full-length inner pocket
  • Moshi Overture wallet can be used as a kickstand.

3. UAG Folio iPhone 8 / iPhone 7 / iPhone 6s [4.7-inch screen]

UAG Folio iPhone 8

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  Check Price on Amazon

This UAG wallet case has a nice plush texture to it. However, it is inconceivably strong and protects your phone to a very high degree. The UAG wallet case has met military standard drop tests providing enhanced shock protection. Even though it carries only one card, its design is top notch. Its magnetic latch goes in front of the phone rather than at the back. This means in case of an accidental drop, your screen will have better protection. In addition, it contains responsive tactile buttons for a crisp and clean click.

Extra features:

  • You can use apple pay when the cover is on the screen.
  • The case is wireless charge compatible.

2. Silk iPhone 7/8 Wallet Case – Q CARD CASE

Silk iPhone 7/8 Wallet Case

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This is the best case for people who are on the move since it does not take up too much space. The leatherback on the case has a cutout allowing you to insert up to three cards and some cash. You can also prop out one card and use the case as a kickstand. The texture on the case has a nice grip to it. This texture covers the case up to the edges of the case.

In the package, you also get a screen protector to place on your phone. This extra screen protects your phones main screen from scratches. The price of the wallet case is unbeatable considering all the features you get.

Extra features:

  • Wireless charging compatible.
  • Wallet case can also be used as a kickstand.

1. OtterBox STRADA SERIES Case for iPhone 8 & iPhone 7

Best iPhone 7 & 8 Wallet Cases in 2019

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The OtterBox Strada case is immense and bulky. However, with this, you get better protection to your iPhone. Your phone will be safe from the damage of condemning falls. The material used on this wallet case plus the magnetic latch gives this phone a premium feel. The standout feature of this wallet case is that instead of Faux leather like many other, this OtterBox is made of leather.

The magnetic latch on this cover is nice to work with. From the placement to its intensity in magnetism. In addition, the strong magnet locks your phone securely in case of accidental fall. The strong magnet has a satisfying click to it when it opens or closes.

Extra features:

  • The wallet can also detach from the case to reduce the extra weight.
  • Great magnetic latch you will love to fidget with on the OtterBox wallet case.
  • Final Thoughts

The biggest problem when it comes to wallet cases is their sizes. Nevertheless, looking deeper it is good to have a wallet to the side. The wallet cases in the review can serve you in different ways. In most cases, the plus outweighs the minus when you know what you are really getting.  In addition, some extra features mentioned here could be worth just the price of getting yourself an iPhone 7 & 8 wallet case.


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