Best Ice Fishing Tents in 2019 Reviews

These ice fishing tents are designed to make them more comfortable and allow you to have a better time on the unforgiving cold weather.

Due to the fact that there are plenty of choices in the market for ice fishing tents, choosing your ideal tent might be quite tricky, confusing and frustrating.

That’s why we took it upon ourselves to save you the fuss and hassle of undergoing such frustrating ordeal and compiled to you this top-notch review of the best of best ice fishing tent the market has in store for you at this particular point in time.

How to Choose Your Ideal Fishing Tent:

  • Types: It is important to know what varieties you are going to be choosing your shelter from before going out to buying, there are four types of ice shelters to consider. This includes; hub style, cabin or hut style, flip-style shelters and windbreakers.
  • Capacity: you will definitely need to know the number of individuals that you will be fishing with and the size of fishing equipment you may have. It is always wiser to select one with a little extra-large space.
  • Material: You want to buy a shelter once and for all to avoid extra costs which might be off your budget. This is why you need to select a shelter with a durable material and high heat retention capacity.
  • Weight and portability: You certainly need a shelter with reasonable weight, one that you can easily carry around. Depending on your needs, look for a shelter that is portable and comfortable.

Why You Need an Ice Fishing Tent:

  • Shelter purposes: since ice fishing is the ultimate fishing experience, in extremely cold and inhabitable human conditions, you will definitely need shelter from the unforgivingly cold weather and strong winds unless you want to freeze yourself to death.
  • Versatility: ice fishing tent tends to be very versatile and tends to coup with extreme weather conditions, this feature enables them to be up to the task in any climatic condition. Therefore, making it perfect for not only ice fishing but also other outdoor expeditions.
  • Durability: amongst its tent peers, ice fishing tents tend to be very durable compared to simple camping tents. Thus, giving you assurance of unconditional service delivery for a long period of time, making it a worthy purchase.

With all that said, lets now take a look into the best of best ice fishing tents the market has in store for you at this point in time.

10 Best Ice Fishing Tents – Top Pickups

10. Clam 9714 Nanook 2-Person Ice Fishing Shelter with Padded Seats

Clam 9714 Nanook 2-Person Ice Fishing Shelter with Padded Seats

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With a history of over 30 years, Clam Corporation are loved and most popular amongst ardent lovers of ice fishing for their quality outdoor gears. Clam 9714 is a two-person ice fishing shelter with padded seats to combat the cold weather.

This ice-fishing shelter is easy to set-up, making it one of the best portable ice fishing shelters you can order on the market. And if that’s not enough, its lightweight design cuts through the snow and glides easily across the ice, while searching for your perfect spot for ice fishing.

Moreover, it features front and rear D-doors, enabling you to access this magnificent tent with ease and comfort.

Extra Features

  • Entails RPS clips for easy tear down and set up.
  • Padded with very comfortable swivel seats perfectly finished with a backrest.

9. Frabill Bunker 210 Hub Top Insulated 2 – 3 Man Shelter

Frabill Bunker 210 Hub Top Insulated 2 - 3 Man Shelter

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Frabill is a famous outdoor and fishing accessories maker for a long time. Frabill Bunker 210 hub features an insulated ice fishing shelter for 2-3 people. With a dimension of 80” L x80” Wx80” H, this astonishing insulated ice fishing shelter provides 30% more fishable space than traditional ice fishing shelters.

This over-sized fishing hub can be used by two people for more space. In addition, the roof of this ice fishing hub is pretty lightweight but provides you with good insulation from the unforgiving cold.

And if that’s not enough, the side of the shelter is also insulated to keep in the heat for extra comfort. With all these cool features, this ice second to none fishing shelter, comes at a very reasonable price upon purchase.

Extra Features

  • Entails a 30% more fishable space.
  • Features a full thermal side insulation to keep in the heat for added comfort and warmth.

8. Eskimo Fatfish Six-Sided Ice Shelter.

Eskimo Fatfish Six Sided Ice Shelter

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Crafted with a 300-denier ice tight fabric with a 59% higher thread count, this ice fishing shelter has an astonishing high durability. Moreover, this awesome ice fishing shelter comes with six sides and several windows for 360-degree viewing. Ice fishing without buddies is like playing chess by yourself.

If you want to go tandem ice fishing or want to take more fishing buddies, this is ice fishing tent can take them all. Like other Eskimo ice fishing shelters, this one is also very easy to set-up and tear down.

And if that’s not enough, it features a stronger hub design due to an all-metal ball and socket design, perfectly finished with larger fiberglass poles to complement its gorgeous looks.

Extra Features

  • Very portable since everything fits into an oversized zipper bag.
  • Features large mesh storage pockets to keep your essential fishing gear handy.

7. Shappell Upsable Shelter

Shappell Upsable Shelter

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Made out of heavy-duty 600D textured polyester fabric means that you will stay warm all-day long, no matter the weather conditions. This material is also windproof, waterproof, and even fire-resistant, thus your health is resting assured by this ice fishing tent by your side.

The six removable windows mean that you can easily ventilate your shelter in an instant. And that’s not all, it also comes with A shock-corded steel frame ensures that your shelter will be able to withstand the harshest of winds.

Moreover, it features heavy-duty zipper doors, which makes it super easy to access the tent. This tent is ideal for ice fishing, deer transportation, firewood, traps amongst other uses. And prides itself for precisely getting the job done.

Extra Features

  • Easy to set up and unmount.
  • Very cozy and is properly insulated to give you good warmth inside.

6. ThunderBay V1554 4 Man Wide Bottom Insulated Ice Shelter

ThunderBay V1554 4 Man Wide Bottom Insulated Ice Shelter

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This shelter has an insulated fabric that works to retain heat and avoids condensation. Which means that you are able to stay warm no matter how cold outside it is. The 11mm solid poles are extra heavy duty.

Being heavy-duty allows the shelter to stay in place even in the high winds. The shelter comes with a carrying bag that makes its portability to be top-notch and easy for you to pack and carry to your desired fishing grounds.

Moreover, it features fast and super smooth opening hubs and very reliable strong poles for faster set up and breaks down.

Extra Features

  • Features a double blackout fabric interior, completely keeping the light out.
  • Entails a warm insulated fabric that retains heat and avoids condensation.

5. Nordic Legend Wide Bottom 3-4 Man Thermal Ice Shelter

Nordic Legend Wide Bottom 3-4 Man Thermal Ice Shelter

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The hub design of the magnificent Nordic Legend thermal ice shelter makes it easy for you to set it up in less than a minute. Featuring heavy-duty stitching makes this tent a very durable ice fishing shelter.

What’s even more, the insulated fabric is able to keep you warm, while also preventing frost from building up on the walls. This shelter gives you 40 square feet of fishable area, enabling you to comfortably share your tent with your ice fishing acquittances.

Additionally, it features six heavy-duty ice anchors and a rugged carrying bag that comes with shoulder straps making it very convenient and portable.

Extra Features

  • Features solid fiberglass poles, aluminum hubs and extra heavy-duty stitching enabling it to last for years.
  • Spaciously designed enabling it to comfortably accommodate several people.

4. Ice Cube 3 Man Portable Ice Shelter by ThunderBay

Ice Cube 3 Man Portable Ice Shelter by ThunderBay

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Fishing alone could be so lonely especially in the cold and you might opt to group fishing. If you are going to be fishing out in a group of 3 then this second to none ice fishing tent from ThunderBay was crafted with your likes in mind.

Crafted with extremely durable 300 denier fabric, enables this tent to withstand the harshest of wind. What’s even more, it entails a blackout coating that ensures the light stays out, unless you want light inside the tent.

And that’s not all upon purchase, the tent package comes with six self-tapping ice anchors, and a carry bag for shelter and other accessories.

Extra Features

  • Features a 90″ x 90″ hub to hub, 80″ ceiling height, with extra wide skirting to keep drafts out.
  • Offers you with very easy accessibility.

3. Eskimo FatFish Portable 3-4 Person Pop Up Ice Fishing Shanty Shack Shelter Hut

Eskimo FatFish Portable 3-4 Person Pop Up Ice Fishing Shanty Shack Shelter Hut

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This fishing shanty shack shelter hut is built to keep off a cold which is the main purpose of shelter and if a shelter cannot prevent you from cold, then it is of no use to you while fishing in the ice-cold environment. It is crafted with a 300-denier ice tight fabric that is so resourceful in preventing cold from getting in.

Moreover, its grip to the ground is well established with its 6 anchors which are self-tapping. Which are strong enough and cannot bend even when under extreme pressure.

And if that’s not enough, it features six large, removable, Velcro windows that allow for ventilation control and plenty of viewing opportunities.

Extra Features

  • Entails six strong, heavy duty ice anchors to offer you with a firm grip to the ground.
  • Features a large mesh storage pockets to keep your essential fishing gear handy.

2. Clam Corporation CLAM Escape Ice Thermal 6-sided Shelter 10945

Clam Corporation CLAM Escape Ice Thermal 6-sided Shelter 10945

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If what you need is a simple ice fishing shelter to set up for a group of people and for it to be quite reliable, then the CLAM Escape ice thermal is the best shelter for you. It is built with a super-tough 900 fabric which is waterproof and very reliable.

This fabric keeps the inside of the shelter warm making it the best ice fishing house. In addition, this shelter is designed with high technology, which enables it to retain heat and reduce significantly the level of condensation.

The poles are extra-large and work very well to provide you with an astonishing firm stand.

This together with its 6 ice anchors straps and pocket straps improve its strength hence, its able to withstand windy conditions with no fuss at all.

Extra Features

  • Crafted with a durable fabric material, thus assuring you of prolonged services.
  • Super easy to set up and dismantle the system.

1. Eskimo Quickfish 3 Pop-up Portable Ice Shelter, 3 person (Insulated or Non-Insulated)

Eskimo Quickfish 3 Pop-up Portable Ice Shelter, 3 person (Insulated or Non-Insulated)

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Finally, the king of ice tents is none other than the Eskimo Quickfish 3 pop up portable ice shelter, that can comfortably shelter up to 3 persons. By now you might be wondering why Eskimo ice fishing tents tend to be appearing commonly in this top-notch review.

The answer is simple, with them you are definitely assured of quality, elegance and supreme performance when it comes to extreme fishing environments.

Featuring 300 denier ice tight fabric with 59 percent higher thread count compared to lower quality shelters, you are assured of quality and excellent endurance.

Additionally, like its predecessors, it also features 6 self-tapping ice anchors that make it easier to firmly grip the tent, without worrying of it bending under extreme pressure.

Extra Features

  • Entails a simple single door perfected with strong and durable YKK zipper.
  • Comes in a good design, with a good ventilation system with the availability of a window.

To Wrap It Up!

The best ice fishing shelter should provide you with the utmost protection from the cold and bad weather. Such a shelter allows you to have fun when out for ice fishing and you can spend several hours fishing.

With any of the above-mentioned picks, you won’t go wrong and regret once making the move of ordering yours today and start experiencing the ultimate thrill, of fishing comfortably in ice-cold environs.

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