Best Ice Cream Scoopers Review In 2020

Usually, the appearance of any edible product matters a lot as most people use them as the judgment point if to accept or reject the meal.

Therefore, the same thing applies to ice cream: having your homemade ice-cream is quite enjoyable but how you present it to your guests is essential. You don’t have to struggle with the spoons which aren’t strong enough to stand the hardness of these delicacies instead go for the new ice cream scoopers.

10 Best Ice Cream Scoopers – Top Pickups

10- KitchenAid Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop

KitchenAid Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop

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  • Has a loop handle
  • Engineers from sturdy stainless steel metal
  • It’s dishwasher-safe
  • One-year replacement and lifetime warranty guarantee

KitchenAid products have never been a disappointment at all. Have this ice cream scoop, and you will live to love the work it does in your kitchen. It tailors from stainless steel. The metal is corrosion, rust, scratch-proof thus it will last a lifetime.

Not only durability but also makes the product cleanups a breeze. Stick the scoop in the dishwasher after use, and you will never feel the pinch of doing the washing manually.

Interesting, this scoop is quite sturdy in that it suits all ice cream types regardless of its hardness. It won’t bend or fail to make a perfect cut across those blocks. Hold the tool by its ergonomic handle, and you will enjoy every bit of the task.

With a loop handles, hang it by the kitchen rails for hassle-free storage. Not all, this package purchase is never risking since, besides its cheap pricing, it comes with a one-year free replacement and lifetime limited warranty guarantee.

The scoop designs from stainless steel metal. It is easy to clean and strong to cut through hard ice creams without difficulties. The tool features an ergonomic handle that eliminates fatigues and strain on the user’s hand not mentions the integrating loop that makes its storage a breeze.


  • It is easy to clean and store
  • It is economical
  • User-friendly
  • Ideal for both soft and hard ice creams

Our Verdict

Choosing the KitchenAid ice cream scoop will be the best decision ever. It is durable user-friendly and comes with a lifetime warranty guarantee thus your toll will remain as new always.

9- Zyliss Ice cream Scoop

Zyliss Ice cream Scoop

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  • For both right and left-handed people
  • Comes with five years warranty
  • It’s dishwasher-safe
  • No chemical ant-freeze agents

Get this product, and it will serve a hundred needs in your kitchen. The zyliss scoop works for frozen yogurt, sorbet, and ice cream. Featuring sharply sculpted edge metal-head, you can effortlessly cut through those frozen meals.

The tool comprises a plastic handle that UV treated hence it won yellow or pick up other colorings from your servings.

It is dishwasher-safe. Talk of user-compatibility, it’s incomparable! The scoop design to fit either left or right-handed users comfortably. It has a plastic ergonomic handle plus this shouldn’t scare you away.

The plastic is heavy-duty and free of toxic and odoriferous compounds that would pose a health risk to humans.

The tool is ultra-convenient to use. Whether left or right-handed, you will be at ease. It has a sharp metal head that makes the scooping process quick and clean while the handy plastic handle adds to its durability and efficiency. It is lightweight, dishwasher-safe and multifunctional.


  • It’s multifunctional
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • It designs to last lifetime
  • Available in different colors

Our Verdict

No toxic compound, anti-freeze agents plus suits everyone in the kitchen not forgetting its multifunctional use. Don’t miss out!

8- Zeroll 1020 Original Ice Cream Easy Scoop

Zeroll 1020 Original Ice Cream Easy Scoop

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  • Included heat conductive fluid inside handle
  • Material usage; aluminum alloy
  • For left and right-handed people

Use the Zeroll 1020 original model and enjoy 20% grater scoops with no compression at all. The product engineers from aluminum alloy: it won’t corrode, scratch or undergo any oxidation. Unique, the Zeroll includes a heat-conductive fluid inside its handle that limits its use in high temperatures above 140 degrees F.

The scoop employs quick ice cream release; it is ultra-lightweight such that the user will never feel its impact in hand. Available as a single-piece design, its maintenance is costless. Additionally, the tool is ideal for either left/right-handed persons.

It constructs from a durable aluminum alloy. The metal won’t corrode or undergo oxidation deterioration. It’s ultra-lightweight and suitable for both right and left-handed people. Uniquely, it included a heat conductive fluid inside the handle plus a color-coding gold cap.


  • It is inexpensive
  • Provide costless maintenance
  • It’s ultra-lightweight

Our Verdict

Zeroll 1020 original scooper is the best way you can ever go in making your ice cream serving enjoyable while securing the user from tedious and hectic tasks.

7- Smiling Hosts Rubber Ice Scream Scoop

Smiling Hosts Rubber Ice Scream Scoop

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  • Short handle design
  • It includes a rubber soft-grip surface
  • It’s dishwasher-safe

Are you in the hunt for the best gift to present your friend on their birthday? The smiling host ice cream scoop would do justice. This product just like its name suggests it meant to bring joy rather than pain in your kitchen.

Featuring a short handle, this gives sturdy leverage making your scooping effortless. No more sweating if you use the smiling host despite the hardness of your frozen meal.

Interesting, the scooper is not only for ice cream but will help you in doing the cookie dough and melon balls. With a rubber coating, the tool will settle firmly in your palm.

Let your guests enjoy the neat round balls of ice cream and when the party is over, don’t worry about the cleanups since you will have to push it in the dishwasher machine.

Smiling hosts give round and neat ice ball that will always make you salivate. The short rubber-coated handle gives super leverage such that you can cut easily through hard ice creams. It is easy to clean. The scoop is quite versatile in that you will use with ice cream, cookie dough and melon ball making.


  • It is multi-functional
  • Easy to clean
  • It is pocket-effective

Our Verdict

Settle with the smiling host ice cream scooper, and you are choosing ultimate user-adaptability and outstanding functionality.

6- Berco Kitchen Ice Cream Scoop

Berco Kitchen Ice Cream Scoop

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  • Has antifreeze handle
  • Heat conducting engineering
  • Constructs from solid aluminum

The scooper includes purple enamel beside the solid aluminum fabrication which works in harmony to give the durable performance as well as decorating appearance. Berco kitchen ice cream scooper’s convenience is incomparable. Why?

The tool is ideal for use by adults and kids as it lacks a sharp edge on that handle, it is non-slip and will never freeze. In fact, the handle will absorb your body heat that helps in making the cuts through the hard frozen meals.

Us the scooper with gelato, sorbet, ice cream and frozen yogurt and it will always give the pretty rounded balls you require. It is dishwasher safe thus its cleanups are a breeze.

The product is quite cheap and, and to spice up the game; it has a limited lifetime warranty guarantee from the manufacturer.

It has heat conductance capability in that, the handle won’t freeze, but it absorbs your body temperature and enhances the scooping efficiency. It is durable: it constructs from quality aluminum metal with beautiful purple enamel.

The scooper features a comfortable handle that adults and kids can handle without difficulties.


  • It’s ideal for adults and kids
  • Easy to maintenance
  • It is inexpensive
  • Quite versatile

5- Spring Chet Ice Cream Scoop

Spring Chet Ice Cream Scoop

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  • It’s dishwasher safe
  • Single-piece design
  • Has a comfortable handle
  • Weighs 8 ounces

Once you purchase the spring chef ice cream scoop model, you will never go back to the market. The product engineers from a durable, heavy-duty material that assures a lifetime performance.

The tool combines the functions on a spade and scoop. How? It features sharp thin edges and curved centers that give pretty nice curls. It’s a single piece model hence no moving parts that will call for greasing or replacements.

When it comes to cleanups, it’s stress-free. The scoop is dishwasher-safe. How about its comfortability?

Wow, incredible! It includes a non-slip firm grip handles that eradicate fatigues and sores on your palm. More, the package comes with a lifetime warranty and its lightweight, and compact size makes it ideal for hassle-free storage as well as mobility.

It is dishwasher safe. Featuring as a single-piece model which minuses the need to replace and grease some moving parts thus promising costless maintenance. It is readily affordable for all our customers.

The scoop has thin sharp edges that make a clean cut through hard, and its curved center gives a neat curl to form an excellent ball. Uniquely, the scoop handle is non-conducting like other ordinary metal spoons.


  • Provide remarkable user convenience
  • It is cheap
  • Has cost-free maintenance
  • Includes lifetime warranty cover

Our Verdict

Go for the spring chef, and you will have the best gift for yourself and your friend too if you present it at their party.

4- OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scooper

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scooper

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  • Constructs from stainless steel
  • Has a non-slip grip
  • Flat edges design

The OXO good group scoop is a small, lightweight model that you can never tire holding in your hand. Adding to user comfortability; the tool features a non-slip firm grip handle. Push the equipment in the dishwasher after using, and later it looks as new as before with no deformations.

The scoop’s head it pointy making it easy to use for different ice creams without limitations. More, it flat edge design gives the tool a thorough touch to all ice cream corners despite its shape.

It is short for increased leverage. Impressive, the product constructs from stainless steel. It won’t discolor, scratch, bend or rust at all thus promising long-lasting performance. A bonus, get a refund if you are not happy with the product or a replacement and lifetime warranty cover.

The scoop has a comfortable non-slip but sturdy handle. Plus, it has a sharp pointy head with flat edges that allows it to cut smoothly through the hard ice creams.

Tailoring from durable stainless steel; the tool will never discolor, chip or break prematurely. It is dishwasher-safe, and to wide up the greatness, you got full assurance refund, replacement and lifetime warranty.


  • It is cheap
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty, refund and replacement guarantee
  • It’s versatile

3- Midnight scoop-One Piece Ice Cream Scoop


Midnight scoop-One Piece Ice Cream Scoop

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  • Include pointed head spade and curved handle
  • Lifetime warranty cover
  • Engineers from aluminum metal

The perfect gift to give any chef whether professional or home-made cook. The midnight scoop comes in a stylish package that attracts your attention no mentioning its price tag. The scoop engineers from aerospace-grade aluminum metal that promise lifetime performance.

Moreover, it features a pointed front spade plus a curved handle that sets the best scooping convince. No more wrist pains and strains that limit the use of some tools in the kitchen to people who have arthritis.

It’s positioning also makes it great to cut through the hard ice cream with no need for defrosting. The tool will work correctly for right and left-handed personals.

Featuring the pointy head and curved handle, the user will never suffer breaks in weak wrists and muscle pains.

The scoop engineers from a quality and durable aerospace-grade aluminum which is 100% assurance of its unending functionality. Use it to cut the hard ice cream without defrosting and later dip in the dishwasher for stress-free cleaning.


  • Provides remarkable user adaptability
  • Suitable for left and right-handed people
  • Provide heat conductance property
  • Easy and cheap to maintain

Our Verdict

Midnight scoop is the perfect model for those with locomotive problems, e.g., arthritis and weak wrist.

2- XI-Home 2-Piece Ice Cream Scooper

XI-Home 2-Piece Ice Cream Scooper


  • Constructs from zinc alloy with a mirror finish
  • Has a pointed sharp tip
  • Comes as a 2-piece package
  • Weighs 6.6 ounces

Save the economy with this fantastic duo-package by XL-Home manufacturers. These products are new brands in town you need to give atrial. They are very cheap that its price tag will capture your attention every time you enter the shopping mall.

The set if two include a small compact and lightweight scoopers that work a miracle. How? Firstly, they are easy to handle: this links to their size, weight plus the ergonomic non-slip handle design.

Toss this tool in the dishwasher after serving your ice cream, and it will still maintain its quality. It is free from BPA compounds. Constructing from zinc alloy its durability is non-doubtable! Plus, the scoop includes a mirror finish which adds décor to your kitchen and a bonus, its storage is a walk in the park.

The tool is dishwasher safe. It constructs from zinc alloy with a mirror finish which guarantees lifetime functionality plus pretty looks.

Available as a pack two, get this product and save your money. They are small and lightweight which makes the user comfortable and necessitates its storage.


  • Small and lightweight
  • It is economic
  • Easy to maintain
  • Extremely cheap

Our Verdict

XI-Home ice cream scooper is the best model if you after saving your money but you still need a quality tool in your kitchen that function just right

1- SUMO No-Thaw Hard Ice Cream Scoop

Best Ice Cream Scoopers

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  • Features stainless steel makeup plus rubber coating
  • It’s dishwasher-safe
  • The best model for rock-hard and frozen foods
  • Has a sharp cylindrical tip

Ignore the SUMO ice cream scooper, and you will live to regret your decision. The #number one tool to cut effortlessly across those rock-hard ice cream and other frozen foods. The tool engineers from food-grade stainless steel plus a thermoplastic elastomer rubber coating. The rubber proved a firm but soft non-slip grip for the user.

With the Sharp round tip, this speaks everything about the tool’s efficiency. Everybody can use it including those with locomotive problems like anthrax among others. The SUMO model designs to endure all hardships.

Besides doing the hard scooping job of those rock-hard and ice creams, its maintenance is reverse. How? Toss it in the dishwasher, and his tool will never deform.

The SUMO scooper is a heavy-duty product originating from stainless steel and rubber. The materials are food-grade and free from toxic compounds including BPA. It offers a lifetime performance guarantee. Use it to cut across the hard ice creams.

More, it has a soft firm grip rubberized handle for ultimate user comfort and to spice up the package; it is dishwasher safe.


  • It last lifetime
  • Human-safe a dishwasher-safe
  • Comes with various colors
  • It is pocket-friendly

Our Verdict

The perfect companion in your kitchen. It will reduce the time spend while making every bit interesting and worthy remembrance thanks to its incredibly scooping efficiency.


Always ensure you have the right tool for the work at hand. This is why we recommend you try out our top 10 best ice cream scoopers.

They make your work more manageable, cleaner and appreciable too. Say no to bend spoons and welcome this savior in your kitchen!

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