Best Hand Trucks in 2019 Reviews

Hand trucks and dolly carts are essential when it comes to carting heavy load. These cart styled devices are available in various designs and can be employed in multiple situations. If you are involved in the movement of heavy loads at home or other places, looking for an ideal dolly cart is essential.

Do you regularly move heavy loads at home, warehouses or any other place? Here, we have a solution for you. The best hand trucks to ease your lifting.

Review List of Best Hand Trucks in 2019:

10. Vergo S300BT Model Industrial Folding Hand Truck Dolly

Vergo S300BT Model Industrial Folding Hand Truck Dolly


  • Foldable nose plate
  • Adjustable telescopic handle
  • Aluminum frame
  • Sturdy rubber wheels

If you are involved in moving bulky items around your home, office or any other place, this dolly truck from Vergo is all you need. It is a simple looking trolley but performs heavy duty operations. To enable the dolly cart to carry heavy loads, the frame is constructed from aluminum. This allows it to carry heavy loads without additional cart weight which will require you to add more efforts. Moreover, with solid rubber wheels, they increase ground handling for easy maneuvering.

Now, as you push this hand truck, you don’t have to worry about its height. The handle is telescopic which makes it possible to adjust your preferred height. Moreover, with soft handle padding, it means that you will be able to hold and use the dolly cart without developing blisters due to friction. Storage is not a nightmare; it folds down easily; including the nose plate which enables storage in space constrained areas. Once you get this handcart, it is ready to use ass no assembly required. It has a weight capacity of 275 pounds.


  • Easily foldable to fit in small spaces
  • Lightweight aluminum frame to cut overall weight
  • Fully assembled; ready for use

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9. Harper Trucks 700 lb Capacity Glass Filled Nylon Convertible Hand Truck

Harper Trucks 700 lb Capacity Glass Filled Nylon Convertible Hand Truck


  • Glass-filled frame
  • 10-inch pneumatic wheels
  • 3 positions telescopic handle
  • Easy assembling

Harper Truck is one of the trusted brands for the manufacturing of hand trolleys. This one is one of their best dolly trucks which let you carry bulky items without struggling. In fact, compared to rivals, this one gives you commercial grade performance. It can carry up to 700 pounds. Amazingly, the dolly is designed to be readily convertible into 4 wheel cart. This enables carrying more load than when pushing the 2 wheels.

Forget about the heavy dolly carts which are difficult to push. With this one, it boasts a lightweight construction to improve the efficiency. In fact, the hand truck boasts 30% weight cut due to use of the glass filled frame. The frame is corrosion and rust resistant which keeps it for long without breaking or bending. Moreover, a telescopic handle is engineered to ensure that you get comfort when transporting loads. Harper Truck hand dolly is great for moving in stairs due to inbuilt stairs glide.


  • Lightweight due to light construction materials
  • Easy to convert from 2 wheel dolly to 4 wheel cart
  • Easy to transport load on staircases

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8. Cosco Aluminum Hand Truck/Cart with flat free wheels

Cosco Aluminum Hand Truck:Cart with flat free wheels


  • Flat-free wheels
  • 1000/600 pounds load capacity
  • Commercial grade aluminum frame

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Cosco aluminum hand truck is a fantastic choice if you are involved in the constant movement of heavy loads. The dolly cart is designed by professionals to deliver excellent performance. Unlike the bulky handcarts which are discouraging to use, this features industrial grade aluminum construction. This means that it is extra lightweight and easy to maneuver. Additionally, designed with flat-free wheels it gives the dolly truck ability carry a heavy load without bursting or getting punctured.

Apart from the structural strength, using Cosco 3-in-1 hand truck is impressive. It is possible to use it as a 2 wheel dolly or convert to 4 wheel hand cart. This improves load capacity from 600 to 1000 pounds. Converting is simple with one hand, and there are no tools required. Notably, 3-in-capacity, the trolley is great for an all-around hauling solution. Whether moving a heavy load, this dolly truck reduces fatigue and muscle strains.


  • Great choice for heavy loads
  • Quick and effortless conversions
  • Strong wheel to withstand heavy weight without flattening

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7. Seville Classics Folding Hand Truck & Dolly

Seville Classics Folding Hand Truck & Dolly


  • 150 pounds load weight
  • Collapsible design
  • Lightweight and strong frame

Are you tired of carrying heavy loads at home or in the office? The ideal ways to forget that agony is by getting Seville Classic hand truck. It is a lightweight and simple looking handcart which performs excellently. The designing of this dolly cart is fantastic. It is easily collapsible so that you can store it efficiently in your house without struggling. Besides, its frame made from a sturdy aluminum frame in combination with tough nylon material which is ideal for cutting the dolly weight.

Despite its lightweight nature, having this handcart is ideal since it can accommodate up to 150 pounds. This means that you can be able to carry a lot of heavy items hassle free. With padded handle which is retractable, the trolley gives you comfortable operations. Furthermore, with an ability to adjust to your proffered height, it makes sure that you can use it at a convenient height. The fitted airless rubber wheels are great for ensuring that the hand truck is stable.


  • The cart folds quickly and smoothly
  • Wheels are solid and airless for extended durability
  • Easy to adjust height through the retractable handle

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6. Welcom MC2S Magna Cart Elite 200 lb Capacity Folding Hand Truck

Welcom MC2S Magna Cart Elite 200 lb Capacity Folding Hand Truck


  • 200 pounds load capacity
  • Slim design
  • 7-inch flat free wheels
  • Frustration-free packaging

Welcom Magna cart is foldable dolly cart dedicated to bringing ease of use and comfort when transporting loads. Engineered with durability in mind, the cart will last for an extended period without breaking due to heavy loads. In fact, unlike the steel made dolly carts, this one features aluminum frame which is tough, corrosion resistant and rust proof. Therefore, you can rely on it for a long time without worrying about the structure getting compromised due to rusting.

Although Welcom hand truck enables carrying heavy loads, it has a slim construction design. This means that you can use and store it. Moreover, the folding ability gives you the freedom to use this cart since storage is a piece of cake. In fact, you can hang it in garage or cranny it in your recreational vehicle. When it comes to mobility, the dolly cart can maneuver in various terrains due to large 7 inches rubber wheels. Packed in frustration free packaging materials, this cart gives you easy time when unpacking.


  • Slim design to fit in all areas
  • Easy to open due to frustration free packaging
  • Folding design to fit anywhere

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5. Harper Trucks Lightweight 400 lb Capacity Nylon Convertible Hand Truck & Dolly

Harper Trucks Lightweight 400 lb Capacity Nylon Convertible Hand Truck


  • 400 pounds weight capacity
  • Convertible to 4 wheel cart
  • Telescopic handle
  • Inbuilt Stairs gliding

Harper Truck lightweight nylon hand truck is an ideal choice when it comes to carrying groceries and other heavy loads at home. Not only does cart this dolly car is used for light applications, but it gives you the ability to convert it into 4 wheel hand cart. As a result, this improves the load capacity from 300 to 400pounds. To accommodate this, the cart boasts hard nylon truss which is extra durable and 30% lighter than a steel frame.

On the other hand, for smooth movement, the dolly truck is fitted with durable 8-inch rubber wheels and swivel casters for easy maneuvering. Unlike other cars which require you to use tools for conversion, this cart is great and transforming it from dolly to a hard art requires no tools. Transporting loads in a staircase have never been easy like when using this hand truck. It has inbuilt stair gliders which enable smooth movement. With factory assembled frame, only a slight wheel assembling is needed, and the dolly art is ready for work.


  • Easy to convert from dolly to 4 wheel cart
  • Assembling is quick and hassle-free
  • Nylon truss light and free from rusting

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4. Magna Cart Ideal 150 lb Capacity Steel Folding Hand Truck

Magna Cart Ideal 150 lb Capacity Steel Folding Hand Truck


  • Rugged frame
  • Quick one-click opening
  • Retractable wheels

Are you looking for dolly cart to revolutionize your luggage and other loads? Search no more, the Magna Cart steel folding hand truck is one of the best choices. It is a heavy-duty truck which can carry up to 150 pounds of weight. The engineering behind this weight capacity is heavy-duty, rugged steel which is hard to break. Furthermore, with an ability to fold completely, this cart is highly portable for use on various occasions.

Apart from easy folding quick, opening the dolly is a one-second job and effortlessly. You only need to press a button, and it is ready for use, without the need for pins and other tools. On the other hand, unlike other carts, with Magna cart folding hand truck, it has retractable wheels which are stress-free during storage. The wheels are air free, thus can last for years in service with minimal maintenance.


  • Smooth movement on all surfaces
  • Durable, rugged steel construction
  • Folds almost flat for easy storage

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3. Welcom Magna Cart Flatform 4 Wheel Folding Platform Truck

Welcom Magna Cart Flatform 4 Wheel Folding Platform Truck


  • Non-marking rubber wheels
  • Aluminum and stainless steel frame
  • Polypropylene deck

The look for an ideal cart for moving heavy loads in your home, offices or warehouses is now easy by acquiring this flatform Magna Carter truck. Unlike the other dolly carts, have 4 wheels which are ideal for supporting heavy luggage and stabilization.

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Due to heavy-duty engineering, this hand truck is designed to fit 300-pound load, giving you the ability move your items freely without struggling. Besides, the deck boasts a robust polypropylene platform which keeps your load safe and without movement.

If your current handcart is giving you a storage headache, it’s time to look for an alternative. The Magna Cart flatform folding dolly cart is amazing. It is easy to fold flat which makes it possible to store behind your door, in the car among other places to assist you to carry loads with ease. Furnished with 4-inch retractable wheels, the cart is safe to use in any flooring without leaving marks like with other handcarts. They have 360 degrees swivel ability to maximize maneuvering around the house.


  • Great maneuverability due to rotating wheels
  • The cart folds flat for smooth storage and transportation
  • Telescoping hand is ideal for all people

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2. Cosco Shifter 300 lb Capacity Multi-Position Heavy Duty Folding Hand Truck/Dolly

Cosco Shifter 300 lb Capacity Multi-Position Heavy Duty Folding Hand Truck:Dolly


  • Quick conversions
  • Folds flat
  • Multi-position adjustment

With over 70 years of experience, Cosco has been delivering excellent home and office products. Among the many products, this heavy duty hand cart and dolly is an absolute thing to ensure that you move heavy loads with ease. Whether you want to use it as a two wheel dolly cart or four wheel hand cart, it is very easy. The truck is easily convertible without the need for tools or pins. This gives you the freedom of transporting your loads either by pulling of pushing depending on your feel.

As you look for a durable dolly truck, this one is a perfect choice. Much of the engineering is dedicated to the frame to maximize its ability to carry heavy loads. In fact, the steel frame is sturdy and has the ability support up to 300 pounds. Moreover, the fitted wheels are durable and have a perfect ground grip to stabilize the handcart and deliver extended time of use. This Cosco shifter hand truck is highly reliable is backed by 5-years warranty.


  • Durable cart with strong frame
  • Smooth conversion from 2to 4 wheel cart
  • Ideal for fitting in car trunks

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1. Magna Cart Personal 150 lb Capacity Aluminum Folding Hand Truck

Magna Cart Personal 150 lb Capacity Aluminum Folding Hand Truck


  • 150 pounds load capacity
  • Telescoping retractable handle
  • Rust and corrosion resistant aluminum frame
  • #1 Best Seller in Utility Carts

When traveling, you need an excellent companion to enable you to transport your items with a peace of mind. The Welcom Magna Cart personal hand truck is the best option for keeping your mind relaxed. The designing of this handcart is to make sure that it provides endurance from heavy load. Moreover, the aluminum frame is ideal for resisting corrosion and rust, hence enabling the cart to last for long and looking attractive.

For a smooth movement, the dolly cart boasts 5-inch rubber wheels which ensure that you can use it on various surfaces. The compact construction design is outstanding in facilitating easy storage as it folds flat to fit in compact storage areas. Having it when traveling make carrying of personal load easy; this is due to the ability carry up to 150 pounds. It is ideal for homes, offices and recreation use.


  • Ideal for use for all traveling purposes
  • Easy to unpack, open and collapse without tools
  • Telescopic hand renders it useful for all people
  • #1 Best Seller in Dollies/Hand Trucks

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Hand trucks are must-have equipment in every home or office. Boasting great versatility and usefulness, these carts are the solution carrying heavy loads.


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