Best Hand Mirrors in 2019 reviews

Hand mirrors are one of those salt-like accessories. You never think of them but you can’t do without them. Your appearance tells a lot about you even before you start to speak.  Finding the perfect mirror, however, is not as easy as it may seem. A magnified mirror, for example, may over accentuate some of your features. A hefty mirror, on the other hand, may understate your appearance. You don’t want one that is too narrow that you can’t see your entire face either.  The design, weight, shape, and size should just be right.

For this and more simple yet complex factors, you should hence shop for that perfect mirror for you. In this article, we shall go through some of the best hand mirrors in the market. Hope you will put one on your next shopping list.

Factors to consider before purchasing hand mirrors:

  • Shape: All manner of shapes from a square, circle to oval is available when it comes to hand mirrors.  The wide range gives enables you to choose one that you love and may go hand in hand with your décor.  As long as the mirror is good for you the shape really doesn’t matter. But, that doesn’t mean you just pick any, you probably have a shape that you like, order it. It is yours.
  • Size: Handheld mirrors should be portable if you want to take it with you? It should be able to fit in your bag, purse or luggage. You don’t want a very large hand mirror nor at the same time a very small one.  It should be proper size that fits your face and comfortable to carry and use.
  • Flexibility: This is enabled by the use of handles. That’s why it’s a handheld mirror. The manipulation and adjustment of the handles is a great deal for comfort and ease when using.  Most hand mirrors have fixed handles big and small, long and short. Others have folding handles thus manipulating its sizes while others have a stand for handles. The adjustable one reins superior because of adaptability in different environs.
  • Frame design: Design of frames not only depict your style but can enhance your home space. Men pick a simple yet sophisticated type of designs. A woman or most women tend to pick beautiful ones mostly floral designed. Ability to hang the mirror can merriment the room and even change the feel of it. The best would be the one that matches with your décor.

List of The Top 10 Best Hand Mirrors in 2019:

BEAUTURAL 10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror with LED, Lighted Magnifying Vanity Makeup Mirror for Home Tabletop Bathroom Shower Travel, 360 Degree Rotation, Powerful Suction Cup
BeautifyBeauties Hand Mirror 5 x 11
GURUN Wall Mounted Mirror Double Sided With 10X Magnification,Wall Mount Vanity Mirror Oil-Rubbed Bronze,No light,M1207O(8in,10x Magnification)
Lighted Makeup Mirror - LED Vanity Makeup Mirror 7x Magnification Eye Makeup Mirror 7
Vremi 10x Magnified Vanity Mirror - 7 Inch Round Makeup Cosmetic Mirror for Bathroom or Bedroom Table Top - Portable Double Sided Glass Mirror Stand with 360 Degree Swivel - White
BEST COMPACT MIRROR - 10X MAGNIFYING MakeUp Mirror - Perfect for Purses - Travel - 2-sided with 10X Magnifying Mirror and 1x Mirror - ClassZ Compact Mirror By StudioZONE
LED Makeup Mirror - Adjustable 5x Magnification Lighted Makeup Mirror Vanity. Warm LED Tap Light Bathroom Mirror with Powerful Rotating, Locking Suction. 6
Fancii 10X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror - Daylight LED Vanity Mirror - Compact, Cordless, Locking Suction, 6.5
Magnifying Compact Mirror for Purses with 10X Magnification - Black Double Sided Travel Makeup Mirror, 4 Inch Small Pocket Mirror, or Purse Mirror. Distortion Free Folding Portable Compact Mirrors
Gotofine Double Sided 1x - 7x Magnification Hand Held Makeup Mirror with Stand,clear (7x)

10. Beautural 10X Magnifying Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

Beautural 10X Magnifying Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror with Natural White LED, 360 Degree Swivel Rotation and Locking Suction

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This beautiful makeup mirror from Beautural gives us the kickoff. This awesome mirror brags of its high magnifying powers. You can actually see the details of your face.  You don’t have to ask if your makeup is okay, from this it will be great. The extra meticulousness when pampering you has just been enabled. The circular mirror is shelved with a silver trimming that is beautiful to the eye. This will definitely go with any of your décors.

White LED light all around the mirror helps to illuminate and reflect your true color. Hence you can use it in the dark and ensures no shadows. This is powered by 3 AAA batteries thus diverse in place of use for you. It has a one of a kind handle in form of a suction cup. Place it on a smooth surface and a simple clockwise rotation of the base locks it on the surface. Anticlockwise direction releases it. This flexibility will even enable you do you grooming magic anywhere there is a smooth surface a window for example.


  • Portable and Compact
  • It is a practical product
  • Magnification is satisfactory

9. Beautify Beauties Hand Mirror 5 x 11

Beautify Beauties Hand Mirror 5 x 11

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The Beautify Beauties hand mirror is nothing like any other; it is a one-sided mirror which you can comfortably hold with your hand without any difficulties. The mirror is neither too small nor big enough; it’s just perfect for you to see your entire face. Due to its size, it can fit into your handbag or bag pack enabling you to travel with it; therefore you can check yourself any time i.e. if your make up is right, hair looks good, teeth.  This boosts your confidence on the move because you know you are okay. The use of DFP glass makes the mirror clear. This enables you to have a clear reflection of yourself without any misrepresentation and provides full transparency.


  • It’s portable
  • Stress-free to use
  • Clear reflection

8. GURUN Wall Mounted Mirror Double Sided

GURUN Wall Mounted Mirror Double Sided With 10X Magnification, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, No light, M1207O(8in,10x Magnification)

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Gurun’s wall double sided mirror takes it to another level. On one side the 1X for your normal view and the other 10X for which you can probably see every detail.  The manufacturer understands their customers and has a 5X and 7X custom choice orders. Its 360-degree spin design makes it flexible to use any of the 2 sides. The arms are adjustable and can stretch to about 12” to your pleasure.  When not in use you can just pleat it against the wall, cool.

You don’t have to get too close to see your features. The 8” in diameter mirror is just perfect, while the magnification allows you to pick that eyelash for tweezing. The brass material for construction makes it sturdy while the oil-bronze stylish finish, rust resistant.  This mirror is indeed a great look and would do great whatever space in your home.


  • Easy to install
  • Good price
  • It is decorative
  • Great magnification

7. Lighted Makeup Mirror – LED Vanity Makeup Mirror

Lighted Makeup Mirror - LED Vanity Makeup Mirror 7x Magnification Eye Makeup Mirror 7" Touch Screen Adjustable Light, Vanity Mirror Polished Chrome Travel Mirror

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Elegance is the word Vivreal Home applied to their high quality lighted makeup mirror. It is praised for glittering silver appearance with a polished chrome finish that gives it a beautiful and majestic look.  This would do amazing uplift to your décor. A 7X magnifying mirror on one side and the normal mirror on the other. Has a 360 swivel design and so you to use it at any angle of comfort.

The LED lights provide a natural light sight even in an ark environ. This helps you see your features clearly, also prevents shadows that might hinder for that flawless makeup. It uses 4 AAA batteries which are readily available in shops as the source of power.  The handle has a heavy base that helps keep your mirror fixed and sturdy on the table. Apart from its nice features, the manufacturer boasts of is awesome customer services. This keeps his products genuine and convenient for you.


  • Beautiful
  • Awesome magnification
  • LED Lights work
  • 12-month warranty

6. Vremi 10x Magnified Vanity Mirror – White

Vremi 10x Magnified Vanity Mirror - 7 Inch Round Makeup Cosmetic Mirror for Bathroom or Bedroom Table Top - Portable Double Sided Glass Mirror Stand with 360 Degree Swivel - White

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Thanks to Vremi, they grace us with this simple yet classic makeup mirror. The classic black/white mirror features a 2 sided compact mirror each 7” in diameter.  You reassure yourself how lovely you look with the 1X magnification. But, if you want to see every stray hair and pore to make sure everything is flawless, 10X sharp magnification will do. The supple finish enhances a clear image and also protects it from moisture.

It has a 360-degree rotating design. Any angle that you want is available for that perfect output.  Conveniently portable, you can move it easily in the house and fits everywhere and anywhere appropriate. The handles are like a built-in stand that offer strong support on any surface.  As a decorative item, this sure would spice up your countertops or makeup space. I would recommend this as a gift for your girls, no age limit.


  • Portable
  • Great magnification
  • Easy to clean



  Check Price on Amazon

The StudioZONE compact mirror is a sure merit to in this list. The handheld mirror caws of its unique yet simple construction.  The size is slim to about half an inch thick with a 4-inch diameter. With such size, it enables you the convenience to bring it with you.  You can slip it in your purse or coat pocket and bag when traveling. You can now apply your makeup long after you left the house at your pleasure now.  This compact mirror opens up to a 2 sided mirror. One of the sides is a 10X magnifying mirror that you can use for that detailed makeup. The other side is the normal mirror for the regular check of your entire face.

You can use it on the table top apart from holding it with your hand. The hinges are solid and ensure iy=t stays open when placed on a surface. Furthermore, it has a sleek and classy design that makes you look professional with it. Due to the durability and satisfaction it brings, the manufacturer has thrown in a 90-day refund or replacement warranty. Enjoy risk-free buying and throw this in your cart.


  • Good price
  • Magnification is great
  • Portable
  • Easy to use

4. LED Makeup Mirror – Adjustable 5x Magnification Lighted Makeup Mirror Vanity

LED Makeup Mirror

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Halfway through the list and the LED makeup mirror from Upper West Collection couldn’t be better placed. The 6 inch mirrors are clear and bring out an awesome image even from a reasonable distance.  A 360 swivel design allows for simple and effortless use at any angle. No need for the unwieldy positions when working on your makeup. The handles are adjustable allowing you the flexibility of positioning the mirror. The mirrors comprise of a 5X magnification that enables you to put more attention on your makeup. The 1X shows the true image and hence helps you on those regular check-ups.

The mirror can be hands free thanks to the suction feature. You can now use both hands for that perfect makeup even on a moving vehicle. A horizontal or vertical surface is no issue, simple instructions that come with it will explain. The flexibility in placement is also enhanced; you can change positions easily depending on the situation at hand. LED lights provide natural light that enables you to do your magic in dim environments.  Shadows from objects are now a no concern. The company ensures you up-to 50000 hours of LED light use. Additionally, a 100% satisfaction guaranteed for this amazing mirror.


  • Portable
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Clear mirrors

3. Fancii 10X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

Fancii 10X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

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This is a 5-star rated handheld mirror from Fancii. It is probably one of the utmost convenient mirrors in the market.  Around the size of a phone tablet, this is mirror is just the perfect size. Its size ensures you portability. Clear and flat mirror ensures you have that true image. The 10X magnification attribute makes you able to see anything on your face. You can now tweeze out that unwanted hair and make that perfect lipstick outline on the lips.

The innovative suction design helps to lock it onto surfaces such as mirror, tiles, and wood.  You can easily setup any position of comfort for that special need moment. In addition, it has a 360 rotate that is adjustable hence need not of those awkward positions to do your makeup. Constructed with 16 LED lights to ensure that precise natural light on your face; the light doesn’t blind but gives a pleasant white tinge fro that comfortable use.


  • 100% money back guarantee warranty
  • Simple and fast setup
  • Great magnification
  • Portable

2. Magnifying Compact Mirror – 10X Magnification Mirror

Magnifying Compact Mirror - 10X Magnification Mirror and 1X Mirror - 4-inch Diameter, Travel, Compact Makeup Mirror for Purses by Mavoro Beauty Essentials (Black)

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A sure contender for the top spot, this product from Mavoro truly deserves this position. The medium sized mirror brags of its proficient quality. Pleasingly styled and fits the hand the mirror unfolds up to 180 degrees to make 2 sided mirrors. One side magnifies up to 10X ensuring that you can have a clear detail of your features. Additionally, it helps one with vision problems.  Slowly moving it away from your face to a focus that is pleasant to you gives you a clear image. The other side gives the true image. You can use it to check that your face is perfect whenever.

Its slim and fashionable size makes it portable and a sure fit in your coat pocket, purse, and bag. This makes it perfect for traveling and availability any time a mirror is needed.  Its sturdy construction allows it to sit up as well. You can place it on a surface as you do your magic without fear of it tilting over. You shouldn’t leave your home without this piece; this mirror can be a savior. Especially to a woman (all ages), I would recommend adding this to your cart.


  • Portable
  • Magnification is great
  • Excellent quality

1. Gotofine Double Sided-Magnification Hand Held Makeup Mirror

Gotofine Double Sided 1x - 7x Magnification Hand Held Makeup Mirror with Stand, clear (7x)

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Gotofine double sided mirror graces us with the top product when it comes to handheld mirrors. The mirror boasts of a classical and antique look and feel.  Besides, it is visually appealing yet functional to various needs. One of 2 sides is a 7X magnifying mirror that probably your eyebrows will thank for such high zoom definition. You can now be able to see those finer details that you want makeup on your face. Another side, of course, is the 1X magnification for that true image of you. Cutthroat clear images are an up from these flat and smooth surfaced mirrors as compared to others. No wonder the manufacturer brags it is made from the highest quality optical glass.

Handle flexibility is top notch since it can also be hand free. It comes with a hand free stand, now you can use both your hands comfortably for that perfect makeup experience. Nice medium sized hence traveling with it or just bring along with you is easy and comfortable. It can fit into your bag easily. Different varieties of mirrors in style or preferred features are also available. A simple order from Gotofine will see to it that you get an excellent product.


  • Clear images
  • Super clear magnification
  • Simple classy design

To wrap it up!

Mirrors play an important role in our daily lives of ensuring that you look your best before and after you leave your house.  Hand mirrors have taken the hassle of long walks to the washrooms to check on you. In the world of beauty, your favorite friend is the mirror. It tells you as it is, no lies.

I would recommend that you get yourself one of the above quality mirrors because it is an essential beauty tool.

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