Best GPS Speedometers Review in 2022

A Speedometer is significant for every vehicle. As compared to normal speedometer GPS speedometer is much more accurate and efficient.

It uses GPS software to track your distance irrespective of you being in any corner of the world. They are also human-friendly devices as it alerts the drivers who exceed speed limits thus helping to reduce road accidents.

Here we provide you with a list of the 10 best GPS speedometers that have great features and are exceptionally efficient:

10. Auto Meter Phantom 5881 GPS Speedometer

Auto Meter Phantom 5881 GPS Speedometer

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This GPS speedometer can be used for all forms of automobiles, including ships and bikes. This product comes with an Auto Meter 5881 Phantom panel that provides highly accurate results and features a 10 Hz omnidirectional antenna with 16ft cable used for the operation.

This GPS antenna requires three GPS satellites, which measure 10 times per second. Installation of this GPS Speedometer is easy and requires only a plug and play.

Key Features:

  • Highly accurate
  • Utilizes up to 3 GPS satellites simultaneously
  • Show the total distance as well as the distance travelled

9. ITEQ 4.8 Inch GPS Car HUD

ITEQ 4.8 Inch GPS Car HUD

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The ITEQ speedometer comes with a HUD system for visible reading and gives you a wide display of 4.8 inches. This device’s over-speed alarm function also helps you drive securely.

Besides, this device is linked with a satellite that aims to provide you with an accurate result. Moreover, it also allows you to change the unit manually from KPH to MPH or vice versa.

The device is highly compatible with the cigarette lighter socket and the BEV and HEV batteries. Not just that, it also enables you to track your direction and altitude

 Key Features:

  • Two Display Modes
  • Show of real-time data
  • Alerts when the speed limit is exceeded

8. YICOTA Universal GPS HUD Head

YICOTA Universal GPS HUD Head

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A digital GPS speed meter with a driving speed detector and a compass. It focuses more on keeping you up-to-date with important data such as rpm, over-speed warning, driving direction, so you can keep your eyes on the road. It works perfectly with all kinds of vehicles.

Additional setup is not required, as the installation is easy and simple. This speedometer makes it easier for you to use both analog and digital apps so you don’t need to choose the sort of speedometer that your car already has.

Key Features:

  • Work with all types of vehicles
  • Provide details on speed driving direction and speed warning
  • Simple and easy operation

7. Yunzong Universal GPS Speedometer

Yunzong Universal GPS Speedometer

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It is a universal GPS speed meter which displays information very efficiently. You’d be surprised to know that even on a harsh weather day, this speedometer can track speed.

This can fit in any 12V car and measure speed in miles and miles. It has an OFF and ON auto control that would help you maximize battery life.

This gives you a large HD display and minimizes double reflection. The best part of this product is that it adjusts the colour of the screen that protects the driver’s eye when going for a long drive.

Key Features:

  • Over Speed Alarm & Smart Design
  • Nano-Technology Display
  • Monitors speed on a Bad weather day

6. ELING Waterproof MPH Speedo GPS Speedometer Gauge

ELING Waterproof MPH Speedo GPS Speedometer Gauge

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This speedometer is a multi-satellite that displays, speed alarm, compass and measures in different units.

The odometer and the present speed at which signals from the satellite signal receiver are transmitted are shown. The best part is that it has a robust watertight curved glass with an anti-fog feature. This speedometer is suitable for all types of automobiles, bike or ships.

It takes about 30 seconds to get a signal for the first time, but less than 3 seconds after that. It gets more efficient with a clear view of the sky.

Key Features:

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Shows current speed and odometer
  • Ip67 waterproof and dustproof grade

5. TIMPROVE Universal Car HUD Digital GPS Speedometer

TIMPROVE Universal Car HUD Digital GPS Speedometer

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This GPS speedometer is accompanied by a high-quality 3-inch TFT LCD to clearly show the data It also has a multicolour changing function that allows you to track speeds comfortably.

This product comes with an Auto ON / Off feature that can effectively protect the vehicle’s battery. In addition, you can use this device to check your vehicle’s brake efficiency, speed, and other car data reading.

Key Features:

  • Power-saving auto on/off technology
  • Sensor-controlled display brightness

4. AndyTach ATACH DIGITAL GPS speedometer

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With high-speed retrieve memory, this Speedometer can display speeds of up to 300 mph, kph or knots. It has enhanced flat glass, where less glare is provided and better options for visibility.

The service is fully free and is included in the kit “Plug and Play.”

Key Features :

  • High-speed recall memory
  • Compatible with all vehicles
  • Displays speed in various units

3. TIMPROVE T600 Universal Car HUD Digital GPS Speedometer

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A universally available GPS speedometer suits for all cars and trucks around the globe. It comes with the high-definition 2.2-inch TFT LCD screen to display your information more clearly. This unit also has a built-in multi colour-switching function that allows you to track the speed comfortably.

In addition, the machine comes with a low voltage alarm and a speed alarm mode. This GPS device also keeps you informed about the satellite date, number, and altitude. You can freely switch between kilometres and miles. Currently one of the best speedometer available.

 Key Features:

  • 30-degree angle supporting design.
  • High-definition 2.2-inch TFT LCD screen.
  • One-Year warranty

2. LeaningTech Digital Universal Car GPS Speedometer

LeaningTech Digital Universal Car GPS Speedometer

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The LeaningTech speedometer has an over speed alarm, a windshield protector and a  head-up lodging screen. Travel time and mileage are both calculated through it easily.

In fact, the device shows the total amount of your travel time and distance to notify you of the trip details. This machine projects the driving speed on the car windscreen.

Key Features:

  • A simple Plug-n-Play speedometer.
  • Compatible with Vehicle Speed Signal system.
  • Over-speed warning

1. SEI GPS Head-Up Display Speedometer

SEI GPS Head-Up Display Speedometer

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An incredible speedometer that displays your car’s speed on the windshield with GPA satellite. It can display speed both in Kph or mph.

It also offers the option of changing brightness automatically to the visible level of light. It is not appropriate to assemble and mount because you simply have to plug it into a car’s cigarette lighter.

Speed limits can also be set for warning purposes and a one-year warranty is issued by the company.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable speeding alarm
  • Automatic Brightness adjust
  • Movable mounting section

How Accurate Are GPS Speedometer?

GPS speedometers are indeed reliable and precise, but how accurate would you say they are? Is it safe to say that they are dependable for driving? Standard GPS gadgets and GPS speedometers can be used in a variety of ways.

A speedometer measures the speed depending on the time when the wheels rotate at any moment or consistently. In this way, if you know the outline of your wheels, You can tell how fast you are driving.

A Complete Buying Guide for GPS Speedometers

GPS Speedometers

Consider a few factors before you opt for suitable speedometer.

The list mentioned would help you to consider the best for you and you won’t be confused to select the GPS speedometer you want after going through our guide.


A GPS speedometer should be suitable for installing in your vehicle. Numerous GPS speedometers are suitable for different types, manufacturers or models of cars, as well as for rough terrain vehicles and maritime applications.


The durability of a GPS speedometer depends upon how it was manufactured. It should have a lightweight and minimal type of accommodation as well as a strong production, such that it will not be easily destroyed or harmed.

It should keep going for quite a long time and endure the distinctive weather and street conditions.


The GPS speedometer should have an unmistakable display case with a convenient viewing angle and a good measure of background lighting

Real-Time Tracking

Apart from non-stop measuring and showing, the GPS speedometer should also measure accurate speed data even at a low speed.

It should monitor the speed from zero to 300 mph or km / h and the low speed from zero to 10 mph or 10 km / h.

Power Consumption

Most GPS speedometers require a power supply of 12V to 24V. Some of them have arrangements for power banks.

It would be better if the GPS speedometer would have a low power utilization for longer battery life and unwavering quality.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

GPS Speedometers

What is the Difference Between Odometer and Speedometer?

What is the Difference Between Odometer and Speedometer?


The odometer is useful in telling you when it is the ideal opportunity for planned support, as this occurs about every 3,000 miles.

it also tells you the mileage on your vehicle, for example, at buy time, or can be a convenient instrument for estimating any good ways from point A toward point B.

GPS Speedometer:

The GPS speedometer also referred to as the positional speedometer, determines the speed of the car depending on the distance the vehicle travels in a specific time period.

Looking at the speed it calls the Doppler move.

Can I use my iPhone as a Speedometer?

Can I use my iPhone as a Speedometer?

Indeed, you can do that. Following are the features that your iPhone would offer as a speedometer:

  • Both digital and analog speedometers
  • Simple to manage and easy to use
  • Shows exact speed from your iOS device’s worked in GPS
  • Shows speed in kilometres every hour (km/h) just as miles every hour (mph).
How Do you use a Speedometer?

How Do you use a Speedometer?

You’re the best to use either your GPS or the speedometer of your vehicle-as a predictor of how quickly you’re on the road You should consistently conform with the speed limits that are appropriate for your driving zone.

If your GPS is one of the models that provide the desired indication of time work, it’s dependent on the speed at which it is calculated and the lead details it has in memory.

The beneficiary in your GPS detects the time of arrival (TOA) and the time of travel (TOT) from satellite to receiver.

Given the speed of light (known) and where and when the sign was sent, the GPS collector determines where the car, climber’s GPS or mobile phone is on the ground at that point.

How can you test a car’s Speedometer?

How can you test a car’s Speedometer?

If a speedometer doesn’t appear to have the correct speed it needs to be tested by the following techniques:

Choose the speed at which you want the speed meter to be measured and drive the car for precisely 1 mile at the speed meter, whilst using a stopwatch.

Divide 3,600 seconds according to the number of seconds required to travel the miles to determine the true speed of your vehicle.

For example: if the time required to travel one mile in 50 seconds is 70 mph as per the speedometer, the actual speed is 3,600/50 sec. or, on the other side, 72 mph.

If the car is pushed at 60 mph as shown by the speedometer and it takes 60 seconds to reach a mile, the actual speed would be 3,600/60 sec or, on the other side, 60 mph, which means that the speedometer is accurate.


This amazing device has made a remarkable improvement as in contrast to when they were first made. Over the years, they have been adapted to fit the growing technological advancement.

The primary reason for having a GPS speedometer is to know vehicle information such as speed, travel distance, time/date, voltage, driving path and much more.

The above-listed GPS speedometer is compatible with most automobiles and is easy to install. Choose the one you know is going to meet the need for a safe and sound journey.

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