Best GoPro Cases in 2020 Reviews

GoPro cases are essential for storing and transporting action cameras. They come in various sizes and functions. Whether you are camping or in photography expenditure, they are ideal choices to enable smooth camera storage. Moreover, with the ability to store other essential accessories, they provide excellent protection.

Basically, the GoPro camera bags are available for all brand cameras. However, buying will depend on the size and number of cameras you are carrying as well as the other accessories. Amazingly, you can always get perfect one your GoPro camera even customized ones.

10. GoPole Venturecase – Weather Resistant Soft Case

GoPole Venturecase - Weather Resistant Soft Case

Cameras are handy equipment that is dedicated to ensuring that you capture stunning images. Due to this, they need proper care to ensure durability and maximum performance. Now, this GoPole venture case for GoPro hero cameras is an ideal case to add to your collection of bags. Designed from premium but soft fabrics, it provides ample protection. Amazingly it can hold 2 cameras and is compatible with GoPro HERO camera series.

When travelling it’s a perfect choice since it has travel-friendly design. Furthermore, the large compartment is ideal for holding essential cameras accessories like mount, clamp and suction cup among others. The additional mesh pockets are designed to ensure that you can store batteries, hold clips and remote controls among others. With weatherproof zippers, it keeps all items water free.

Product Highlights:

  • Ample accessory compartment

Designed with ample space for essential accessories, the bag is perfect while travelling.

  • Durable construction materials

The fabrics used in the making of this bag are durable and sturdy. Furthermore, the weatherproof zippers deliver additional elements safety.

  • Dual cameras compartments

The case allows storing of up to 2 cameras. It has compartments to fit GoPro hero cameras perfectly.


  • Extra mesh pockets store small accessories
  • Ideal size for travelling
  • Safe zippered pockets
  • Amazon’s Choice for “GoPole venture case”

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9. Smatree SmaCase GA700-3 Floaty/Water-Resist Hard Case

Smatree SmaCase GA700-3 Floaty:Water-Resist Hard Case

Enjoy secure transportation and storage of your GoPro cameras and get into actions wherever you go. The Smatree SmaCase water-resistant hard case is the outstanding pick you can go for. Unlike other soft cases, this one features hard a hard ABS shell with soft padding. This makes sure that it’s waterproof as well as protecting cameras from shock and impacts.

Designed to accommodate three cameras, it also has a large room for the storage of other accessories. The interior features foam that safely keeps cameras without risk of suffering from shock. Besides, the exterior shell is water and dustproof, meaning all your stored equipment are safe. It’s a perfect case for GoPro Hero 6/5/4/3+/3/2/1.

Product Highlights:

  • Strong ABS hard shell

Unlike fabrics made GoPro cases, this one is durable and robust. It has a hard ABS shell that provides maximum protection.

  • Large space

It can store 3 cameras and also has ample space to store other essentials accessories.

  • Soft lining

Lined with foam material, the case is safe, and all store equipment won’t suffer from impacts and scuffs.


  • Great selection for carrying more than one camera
  • Provides plenty space
  • Comfortable carrying handle
  • Amazon’s Choice for “go pro hard case”

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8. CamKix Case for GoPro Hero

CamKix Case for GoPro Hero

Are you planning to go outdoors and carrying your GoPro action camera? Don’t risk carrying it with a cheap case. The perfect way to stores and transport it is by this GoPro Hero 6/5 cameras carrying case from CamKix. With ample interior cut out spaces to accommodate 2 campers, they are adequately protected by EVA material. Despite this, the case is compact and lightweight for easy carrying.

The exterior is designed from a sturdy nylon material that is tough and doesn’t easily break like with plastic materials. The fabric provides good grip hence safe when carrying. Interior features EVA material that is precisely cut to accommodate cameras and other items. Furthermore, the mesh pockets deliver space for keeping personal items like charger and memory cards.

Product Highlights:

  • Tough nylon exterior

The exterior is made of soft and robust nylon that is durable and boast ideal grip.

  • Compact and lightweight

Its construction is compact which improves the travel efficiency. Also, EVA material interior and nylon exterior deliver lightweight.

  • Zippered mesh pocket

The zippered mesh pocket provides safe storage for small items like memory cards and USB chargers.


  • Travel-friendly design
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Amazon’s Choice for “go pro storage case hero 5”

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7. SHINEDA Medium Water Resistant Case

SHINEDA Medium Water Resistant Case

Shineda water resistant GoPro Hero 4, 3, 3+ cameras are the hand storage and transportation camera case for everyone. It doesn’t have tons of weight that will cause a headache when travelling. In fact, the case is sleek and comfortable to carry when travelling. Furthermore, the thickly padded interior is compatible with GoPro 3 and 3+cameras.

There are no worries about changing weather conditions when carrying your camera and accessories with this case. It has a waterproof lining and zippers that keeps everything inside away from moisture. Apart from carrying camera and accessories, the meshed and zippered pocket is great for smaller items.

Product Highlights:

  • Water-resistant design

The bag boasts water resistance ability which ensures that your stored components are safe from weather elements.

  • Precise cutouts interior

For the perfect organization, interior lining has precise cutouts slots.

  • Comfortable wrist strap

For convenient carrying, the case features a comfortable wrist strap. Thus, it’s a great case when travelling.


  • Open and closed cells foam lining
  • Easy carrying wrist strap
  • Soft and high grip exterior material

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6. DeKaSi Accessories Kit Case, 55-in-1

DeKaSi Accessories Kit Case

When you think about keeping your GoPro camera safe from shock, dust and weather elements, a good case is mandatory. Not all cases will provide ample storage and transportation safety, but DeKasi case will do. Unlike many available GoPro carrying bags, this one is exceptional. Featuring 55-in-1 functions, it allows you to store everything you need for the efficiency of your GoPro camera.

Compared to other GoPro storage cases, this one is superb since it allows storage of small accessories without losing them. Apart from the small items, it also enables fitting of large accessories like monopod handhold tripod, tripod mount adapter, and long screws. Also, the adjustable backpack quick release clip offers 360 degrees swivel. Therefore, the case is easy to fit your needs.

Product Highlights:

  • Shockproof design

The construction of this case ensures that it is shockproof. This keeps your camera safe en event of impacts.

  • Compact

Unlike other cases for GoPro cameras, this one is extra compact

  • Versatile

With 51-in-1 function, the case allows storage of a variety of accessories. Additionally, it’s ideal for swimming, cycling, and other outdoor activities.


  • Ideal for use in variety of functions
  • Compact for smooth storage and travel
  • Sturdily constructed
  • Amazon’s Choice for “GoPro hero 5 accessories kit”

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5. Smatree SMACASE-G75-BR Carrying Case

Smatree SMACASE-G75-BR Carrying Case

Action cameras are perfect when you are involved in series of extreme activities. When you want to have sure and safe storage, the Smatree SMACASE-G75 is the right choice for carrying your GoPro action cameras. It’s a small case than rivals which make it able to fit in your backpack or your camping luggage without stress.

With perfectly designed compartments, the bag boasts fits camera and other accessories. Notably, the stored items don’t move due to excellent fitting and lining materials doesn’t cause scratches. Equipped with carabiner loop, it’s possible to attach the case to your belt or a large bag. It can carry one GoPro6, 5, 5, 4, 3+, 2 or 1 and other necessary accessories.

Product Highlights:

  • Compact size

The case is highly compact, which makes it perfect for carrying in a backpack or attach in a belt.

  • Flexible mesh pocket

The integrated zippered mesh easily enlarges to accommodate other items like phone USB chargers.

  • Perfectly shaped compartments

For excellent cameras fitting, the case boasts nicely shaped slots. They also fit other cameras accessories.


  • Compact and ideal to fit in luggage bag
  • Easy to attach to belt or bag with loop carabiner
  • Enlarging zippered mesh pocket
  • Amazon’s Choice for “sd card for go pro hero 5”

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4. Soft Digits 50 in 1 Action Camera Accessories Kit

Soft Digits 50 in 1 Action Camera Accessories Kit

With this action camera kit from Soft Digits, you can now have efficient pictures capturing without any stress. This accessory kit for GoPro cameras is the perfect way to ensure that you have an efficient way of having great photos capturing moments. The kit comes with 50 accessories that are perfected to ensuring that you capture every moment while everywhere.

Despite the kit having numerous items, they are designed to fit in the provided carrying case. With precise cutouts, the case lets you have ideal accessories organization. Furthermore, with sturdy construction, the case perfectly holds your cameras and accessories correctly hence providing necessary protection and carrying convenience.

Product Highlights:

  • Ample kit storage area

Although the kit consists of a variety of accessories, the carrying case delivers adequate space and organization.

  • Versatile usage

The accessories in this kit are dedicated to using with GoPro Hero 6, 5, 4 and 3 cameras.

  • Storage and transportation

Whether you want to store or transport your accessories, the bag is perfectly suited for all that.


  • Great kit for use under any situation
  • Large compartment for convenient storage
  • Great accessories safety
  • #1 Best Seller in Camera Chest Supports

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3. Luxebell Accessories Kit and Cases

Luxebell Accessories Kit and Cases

Are you looking for a solid GoPro waterproof case? Luxebell carrying case with accessories for GoPro Hero action cameras is the real selection. The case is a perfect choice, especially for travellers. It is waterproof due to nylon shell utilized in the exterior. Moreover, the ballistic nylon features water repelling coating and sturdy zippers.

For efficient camera and accessories storage, this case has a well-crafted interior. This means that it perfectly holds the stored components securely due to the fitted elastic loops. Amazingly, it’s possible to customize the case to either carry more accessories. With a stylish design, you will always enjoy carrying this waterproof cameras case.

Product Highlights:

  • Ballistic nylon materials

Created from ballistic nylon, the case is perfect in providing outstanding waterproofing and shock absorbing.

  • 30 elastic loops

Boasting 30 elastic loops, they enable secure holding of the accessories.

  • Versatile utilization

The case is a perfect choice for travelling, outdoor touring and other functions. Thereby, it’s ideal for use anytime anywhere.


  • High versatility
  • Durable ballistic nylon
  • Easy and convenient items organization

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2. AmazonBasics Carrying Case for GoPro

AmazonBasics Carrying Case for GoPro

When you need to carry more than one GoPro camera and their accessories, a large bag is ideal. With this AmazonBasics GoPro carrying case, it’s possible to take your cameras with comfort and maximum safety. Regardless of where you are going, the case is sturdily made to keep your cameras safe and well protected. Apart from ample space to keep the cameras, it also has ample space for storing other accessories and personal items.

Boasting 8 perfectly and precisely cutouts, they make sure that everything stored is safe and free from scratches. Moreover, unlike other cases that are only compatible with various GoPro cameras, this has universal compatibility. The mesh pocket with zipper closure is ideal for storing small components like memory cards, battery packs, and remote controls.

Product Highlights:

  • High compatibility

This case is compatible with all varieties of GoPro action cameras; thus, an ideal selection for everyone.

  • Foam padding

Instead of letting the component store ‘naked’ the case has high-quality foam padding. This minimizes shock and abrasions.

  • Universal compatibility

Unlike most cases, this one is ideal for use with any GoPro cameras models.


  • Universal GoPro cameras compatibility
  • Great foam padding
  • Everything stores organized
  • Amazon’s Choice for “GoPro case”

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1. CamKix Carrying Case for GoPro

CamKix Carrying Case for GoPro

Why risk your expensive GoPro cameras by carrying it in your backpack? Buying a carrying case is cheaper than purchasing a new camera. That is why; the CamKix GoPro carrying case is here to ensure you have the best protection. Unlike carrying cameras and accessories in a regular bag, this has a padded insert with precise cutouts to enable ample protection.

The fantastic thing concerning this case is that it conforms to any accessory easily without forcing. Thus, whether its camera or other accessories, they perfectly fit in this case. Constructed featuring strong exterior, there are no chances of stored content getting damaged. With sturdy zipper, it keeps the item safe while elastic pocket enables storage of small items.

Product Highlights:

  • Compact size

Although this case provides ample storage space, it is small enough to facilitate convenient portability.

  • Elasticized mesh pocket

The elastic mesh pocket is ideal for keeping additional small items that can’t fit in the cutouts.

  • Excellent flexibility

With high flexibility, you don’t have to force items since they perfectly fit in the designed slots.


  • Ideal size to fit in your backpack
  • Suited for various GoPro action cameras
  • Sturdy exterior material
  • Amazon’s Choice for “GoPro black case”

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With a weatherproof GoPro case, it is easy to keep your camera and accessories safe and protected. Designed specifically for GoPro action cameras, they are not trail and errors.


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