Top 10 Best Garden Hose Reels in 2019 Reviews

Top 10 Best Garden Hose Reels in 2019 Reviews

Garden hose reels are essential requirements in every home. They are handy and versatile to suit various functions. From watering your lawn to irrigating your garden, these home accessories can’t be overlooked. Although they are helpful items, for a successful purchase, one needs to be keen on the type of hose reels that are buying.

When buying hose reel for gardening, you need to be careful to check on vital features. Some include length, construction material, portability, safety features among others. If you need to upgrade you hose reel, check the top 10 best gardening hose reels reviewed below.

Top 10 Best Garden Hose Reels in 2019:

10. Rapid Reel Free Standing Garden Hose Reel Model

Rapid Reel Free Standing Garden Hose Reel ModelThe Rapid reel free-standing hose reel for gardening is a great and reliable when it comes to gardening activities. By the virtue the hose is free-standing, it means no installation needed. Thus, no drilling holes in your wall. On the other hand, it is easy to use this hose around your backyard, since it’s highly portable. With stable standing feet, the reel doesn’t move thus minimizing the risk of falling.

Rubberized feet are non-slipping when placed on the floor, delivering outstanding stability. The aluminum die-cast and swivel and polyurethane inlet provide maximum durability. The materials used in the crafting of this hose reel are rust proof, hence increasing the

Product highlight:

  • Rubberized feet

The rubberized feet are useful in this hose reel since they provide high stability.

  • Leak and rustproof

With excellent construction and sturdy materials, the hose reel provides extended
durability and performance for a long time.

  • Rotating gooseneck

For ease of use without changing the position of the reel, it features rotating gooseneck
that swivels easily.


  • Easy to move around the compound
  • Stable rubberized feet
  • Non-rusting construction materials

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9. Liberty Garden Products 2-Wheel Pneumatic Tires Garden Hose Reel Cart

Liberty Garden Products 880-2 Industrial, 2-Wheel Pneumatic Tires Garden Hose Reel Cart

If you like landscaping during your leisure time, you need a reliable reel that can support a long hose. This reel hose from liberty garden products is the real companion for all functions that need watering. The designing of this hose reel allows it to be used in homes or commercial landscaping. Furthermore, it can support up to 300 feet of 5/8 inch hose. Now, the construction of this reel delivers impressive durability and reliability.

Featuring 13 gauge steel construction, there are no chances of breaking or bending. The weather resistant powder coating ensures that no rust or corrosion. With two-wheel hose reel cart with pneumatic tires moving it is a breeze. Above all, it comes with all needed accessories.

Product highlight:

  • Weatherproof powder coating

The metallic parts have a powder coating that enables the hose reel to withstand outdoor conditions without rusting.

  • Two pneumatic tires cart

Fitted with two air-filled tires, it is simple to pull the hose reel around the working area.

  • 300 feet hose support

This hose reel is exceptional as it can accommodate 300 feet hose with 5/8 inch diameter.


  • Smooth moving with air-filled tires
  • Superb weather resistant coating
  • Long inlet hose

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8. Rapid Reel 2 Wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart Model

Rapid Reel 2 Wheel Garden Hose Reel Cart ModelThe rapid reel 2 wheel garden hose reel with a cart design among the top choice when it comes to gardening. It’s a premium crafted product that gives you peace of mind when landscaping or watering your backyard. Designed in a cart style, it improves mobility hence eliminating installation hassle. With a dies cast aluminum construction, it gives it the ability to work outdoors without rusting. Furthermore, aluminum is light, making it superb for moving around the compound.

With insulated handles and 10-inch turf tread tires, it means comfort when moving it. The reel can hold 150 feet hose with 5/8 inch diameter. Brass swivel is durable and enables the reel to have a smooth rotation when working.

Product highlight:

  • Strong flat tires

These tires unlike the pneumatic ones deliver durability and require only minimal

  • Comfortable handles

When pushing the hose reel, it has soft insulated handles to eliminate hand strains.

  • Balanced designing

The balanced design is superb in facilitating smooth and easy movement.


  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easy to move with news braking system
  • Comfortable handles to prevent movement problems

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7. Liberty Garden Products 710 Navigator Rotating Garden Hose Reel

Liberty Garden Products 710 Navigator Rotating Garden Hose ReelLiberty Garden Products 710 Navigator Rotating Garden Hose Reel

With liberty garden products 710 navigators, it’s possible to perform all your garden watering functions with minimal hassles. This wall mounted reel hose is perfectly designed to ensure that you have a strong hose attachment point. Apart from being strong, the reel is designed with a decorative accent to complement your mounting point. Featuring 18 gauge steel, all brass fitting, the hose reel is highly reliable and durable.

Furthermore, the 360 degrees rotation with 4 locking positions gives the user easy time while preventing the hose from snapping as you move around. Unlike other hose reels, this comes fully assembled and with full mounting accessories.

Product highlight:

  • 360 degrees rotation

The full 360 degrees rotations with4 locking positions, enables free hose movement
without snapping.

  • Brass fittings

All the fittings in this hose reel feature brass metal that is durable and offers smooth

  • Storage tray

Integrated storage tray is essential since it provides ample space for holding watering


  • Easy to rotate and lock into required position
  • Extra durable galvanized 18 gauge steel
  • Decorative construction design

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6. Liberty Garden Products 870-M1- 2 Industrial Garden Hose Reel Cart

Liberty Garden Products 870-M1- 2 Industrial Garden Hose Reel Cart, 4-WheelIs watering your garden giving you stress due to difficulties associated with the pulling hoses? You can now relax and perform landscaping in style. With this 4 wheel garden hose reel cart, moving it is impressively simple. Thereby, it’s a perfect choice for use for home or commercial landscaping bearing in minds it constructed to industrial standards. With a combination of 13 gauge steel constriction and brass fitting, the reels provide exceptional performance.

On the other hand, the 5 feet leader hose enable simple fitting to the water source. The handles have excellent insulation that delivers comfortable grip to facilitate smooth moving from one point to another. With the ability to fit 300 feet hose and 10 inches pneumatic wheels, the hose reel has excellent versatility.

Product highlight:

  • Four 10-inch pneumatic wheels

Unlike other the two-wheel reels carts; this one required no balancing when moving, thus
ideal for use by everyone.

  • 5-feet leader hose

The 5 feet leader hose increases the convenience by allowing stress-free attachment to
the water point.

  • High stability

Created with a low center of gravity, the hose reel is ideal for all landscaping functions
without toppling.


  • Extra stable due to low center of gravity
  • Durable and strong powder finish
  • Four pneumatic wheels

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5. Suncast PW100 Powerwind Automatic Rewind Garden Hose Reel

Suncast PW100 Powerwind Automatic Rewind Garden Hose ReelAre you tired of manually unwinding and rewind your garden hose? It’s time to upgrade to this automatic garden hose reel from Suncast. Created with fantastic artistry, it provides years of performance. Powered by a rechargeable battery, the hose reel offers excellent hose retrieval and rewinding without using energy. The fitted manual crank is an outstanding back up in case battery is low. The battery is designed to offer up to 20 uses, hence minimizing the frequency of recharging.

On the other hand, the tilt out storage compartment is vital to store watering supplies and essential accessories. Rewinding is simple by just stepping on the fitted pedal.

Product highlight:

  • Automatic rewinding

The hose reel is fitted with a strong motor that utilizes a rechargeable battery to help in
rewinding the hose.

  • Manual cranks

In case the battery gets flat, the provided manual crank helps rewind the hose manually.

  • Storage compartment

To improve the safety and ease of retrieval if watering accessories, the reel has a tilt-out
storage compartment.


  • Watering accessories storage compartment
  • Effortless rewinding
  • Strong rechargeable battery

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4. Liberty Garden Products 704 Decorative Cast Aluminum Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel

Liberty Garden Products 704 Decorative Cast Aluminum Wall Mount Garden Hose ReelWhen you think about the landscaping, liberty garden products provides a variety of impressive gardening accessories and equipment. One of their reliable products is this decorative cast aluminum hose reel. The construction of cast aluminum means low weight thus not heavy when mounted on the wall. With an ornamental design and powder finish, it perfectly fits your installation point. There are no hassles when you get the reels since it comes when fully assembled.

Thereby, an excellent choice since only mounting is needed. With integrated shelf, it’s to store your watering accessories for easy retrieval when in need. This reel can accommodate 150 feet hose.

Product highlight:

  • Decorative design

The combination of decorative design and powder finish gives your mounting point an
elegant look.

  • Cast aluminum material

Created from cast aluminum, the hose reel provides years of use since it is rust proof.
Also, the material powder coating improves the durability.

  • Fully assembled

No assembling stress once you acquire this hose reel. It comes fully assembled therefore
ready for mounting.


  • Durable and rust resistant
  • Integrated storage shelf improves accessories storage convenience
  • Easy to retract hose

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3. Suncast CPLSSM200B Swivel Hose Hideaway, Smart Trak Hose Guide

Suncast CPLSSM200B Swivel Hose Hideaway with Smart Trak Hose Guide

Suncast continues to provide excellent products that make your daily life cozy. Among their best products is this automatic hose reel that offers exceptional performance and gardening functions. Unlike many hose reels, this one has enclosed design that keeps hose inside and protected from UV light. Thereby, it improves the lifespan and flexibility of your garden hose.

Furthermore, with the ability to hold 225 feet 5/8 inch vinyl hose, the reel is outstanding to provide high versatility. The automatic reel rewind mechanism eases your work since only half effort is needed. Unlike the manual rewinding, the automatic feature help in tracking the hose neatly inside the casing.

Product highlight:

  • Automatic rewind mechanism

The hose reel features a powerful motor that helps to rewind the hose automatically. Therefore, it is easy to rewind the hose effortless.

  • Strong outer casing

Designed with durable outer cover, the hose reel is superb in protecting the hose from UV

  • Rotating base

For easy hose unwinding and rewinding, the base of this hose reel easily swivel.


  • Durable and elegant design
  • Neatly packs the hose into the reel
  • Stable base perfectly sticks to the ground

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2. Rapid Reel Model 1041 Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel

Eley / Rapid Reel Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel Model 1041From retractable garden hose reels to mobile ones, Rapid reel won’t disappoint you with their gardening equipment. The wall-mounted garden hose reel is a perfect choice for people who love to keep their lawn and backyards looking lively.

Designed to hold various hose types, it can comfortably accommodate 150 feet 5/8 and 100 feet ¾ inch hoses. Notably, the reel comes with an extra-long 6 feet rubber leader hose, unlike rivals.

Additionally, the hose features crush-proof brass fitting to improve the durability. The aluminum casing construction with bronze finish is ideal for keeping it elegant for a long time without suffering effects of weather conditions. With easy handle setting, it can be configured to right or left-handed people.

Product highlight:

  • Fits different hoses

The reel is capable of holding 150 feet, 5/8 inch hose or, 100 feet ¾ inch hose.

  • 6 feet long rubber leader hose

Equipped with 6 feet rubber hose, it provides extended durability. Furthermore, the hose
boasts brass fitting.

  • Easy right or left-hand configuration

With easy to configure handle, it means that you can set it in either right or left-hand


  • Ideal for right and left-handed users
  • Highly durable with full metal construction
  • Long leader hose than other brands

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1. Suncast RSW125D Aqua-winder Hose Reel

Suncast Resin Touch & Go Hose Reel - Mocha BrownEnjoy high performing hose reel with automatic performance without using power or batteries. This Aqua-winder hose reel from Sun cast is exceptional. Designed with automatic unwinding mechanism, it utilizes the power of water pressure thus no need to connect power or batteries. The hose and reel are encased in a resin constructed housing that offers protection against sun damaging sun rays. With a capacity to hold 125 feet hose, you can apply water to your lawn without experiencing stress.

Moreover, the smart track hose guide ensures the hose is winded evenly and neatly without snaps. The decorative pattern design renders this hose reel
perfect choice for all your gardening purposes.

Product highlight

  • Weather-resistant materials

The construction of this hose reels features weather-resistant resin that is highly durable
and lightweight.

  • Decorative finish

Boasting woven design, it is elegant and will ensure you love using in your home.

  • Power free automatic unwinding

Unlike other hose reels, this one utilizes water pressure to unwind the hose. As a result,
there are no batteries or power plugin needed.


  • Elegantly designed
  • Easy to unwind hose without using electricity
  • Sturdy base to avoid movements and toppling over

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Garden hose reels are the ultimate accessories for serious landscaping. With retractable
garden hose reels, they improve performance and ease of use. Therefore, don’t use crude
methods while watering your garden. Garden hose reels are the perfect choices.


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