Best Garage Storage Cabinets in 2019 Reviews

Storage units are must in homes where we tend to pill up things which we don’t want to throw away. The garage is mostly where most people tend to store items; both useful and useless end up here and might have been forgotten for a long time. Heavy-duty tools are mostly stored in garages which require the proper garage storage cabinets.

Choosing garage storage cabinets, you need one that is rugged, durable and affordable. When talking about durability, metal or high-quality plastic materials are best rather than wood made cabinets.

10. UltraHD Tall Storage Cabinet – Stainless Steel

UltraHD Tall Storage Cabinet - Stainless Steel

If you want your garage adequately organized, UltraHD is your answer. The office is separated into four different shelves offering you plenty of storage space. Its model is 36″w 72″H and features set of 2 wheels with brakes which provide good mobility whenever you need to move it from one corner to the next. With UltraHD, its powder coated steel frame and the stainless steel segmented doors assure you of high-quality, durable product. Besides, it’s able to support a max load of 600 pounds.

  • Advantages:

It’s easy to move it thanks to the set of wheels with brakes. The cabinet is spacious with four different storage drawers. Made of high-quality material (stainless steel) thus it’s durable. It supports a max load weight of 600 pounds.

Customers say it’s easy to assemble, looks good and its well engineer is making it a high-quality product. Most of them are satisfied by its pricing.


  • Has stainless steel frame and door
  • Caster set of wheels with brakes
  • Lightweight and spacious

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9. Suncast Tall Storage Cabinet, Platinum

Suncast Tall Storage Cabinet, Platinum

Looking for a garage storage cabinet with an ample storage space but you got a limited budget, search than for Suncast tall Storage cabinet. It measures 20.25l x30w x72H” with three separate reinforced shelves that allow you store even the most cumbersome tools you got as each can hold a max weight of 75lbd. This model has a durable body that resists scratches, dents, and rust thanks to the platinum and slate 2-tone resin used to make the frame.

You can lock the cabinet ensuring the security of your tool thanks to the featured padlock-ready doors which are held by mid-hinges and feature upper and lower latches for an extra-tight seal. Suncast is a must-have product as require low-maintenance, excellent performance and it’s high-quality.

  • Advantages:

Have 3-different shelves reinforced to hold 75lbs each? It’s made of a durable platinum material which resists scratches, rust, and dents. The cabinet is cheap, has ample storage space and requires low-maintenance. Moreover, doors are padlock-ready for secure locking and are fitted with latches for a tighter seal.

The cabinet is beloved by customers thanks to its low maintenance required and how economical it is comparing its performance and quality.


  • Have lockable doors
  • Made of platinum material
  • Low budget and abundant storage space
  • Need low maintenance

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8. Seville Classics Heavy Duty Storage Cabinet

Seville Classics Heavy Duty Storage Cabinet

Seville classics heavy-duty cabinet is an epitome of durability. The cabinet is constructed of powder-coated steel, and the doors are stainless steel made. Storage cabinets are meant for security purpose, Seville classic offers thin unlimited with the lockable doors and heavy-duty UltraHD design allowing you to store your heavy tools.

Besides, its three shelves are adjustable to how you desire and bonus; it has 5″ caster wheels thus you can roll it comfortably in the house. Measure 36″w x 18″D x72″H, quick and easy to assemble with economic value.

  • Advantages:

It’s made of heavy-duty design enhancing its durability. The shelves are adjustable for convenient storages of different sized items. It’s ideal to use either at home, workplace, garage, warehouse and also work studio. It’s quick and easy to assemble and affordable. The cabinet can be moved around quickly in the house thanks to the caster wheels.

Customers appreciate its durability and how they can quickly and easily assemble it. Most of them have rated it to be quality and durable.


  • Lockable doors
  • Easy and fast to assemble
  • Have 5″ wheels for mobility
  • Has heavy duty construction design

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7. Gladiator GAWG28FDYG Full door Wall Box EZ RTA

Gladiator GAWG28FDYG Full door Wall Box EZ RTA

This product is metal garage storage cabinets as they are made of steel and also have heavy duty Allen head bolt screw and back plates promising its durability. Gladiator wall cabinet can be moved off the floor onto any of your gladiator wall system avoiding congestion in your warehouse. Assembling the cabinet is so easy and quick thanks to the tab and loop design which need no guesswork.

The doors are featured with a magnetic locking system that will keep then well closed. This product has a 10-year limited warranty which gives you more reasons to buy one.

  • Advantages:

The doors are lockable with a magnetic locking system. Its small in size and can be mounted on any gladiator wall saving floor space. The cabinet frame is made of steel making it durable. Also, it’s more accessible and fast to assemble it with the tab &loop design.

From customers reviews, its quality and functionally is much praised. Also, they love it more for its finish and how fast and easy it is to assemble it.


  • Can be mounted on walls
  • Has tab and loops for ease of assembly
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Has magnetic door locking system
  • Has steel frame

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6. South Shore Morgan Collection Storage Cabinet

South Shore Morgan Collection Storage Cabinet

Featured in royal cherry, solid black and also Morgan cherry giving you a choice of fresh colors that won’t get dirty that easily. The cabinet has shaped doors that are lockable. Unlike other storage cabinets, it has four shelves; 3 adjustable and one fixed. Middle shelf is fastened with a center support, and the two lower shelves are adjustable. These shelves are adjustable to 5 different heights allowing you organize your items well in the cabinet.

More interesting, the adjustable shelves will withstand a max weight of 35 pounds while the fixed one holds up to 100 pounds, so no more worry about where to store your bulky items. Opening the door is made more accessible by the featured plastic handles with a black finish. Finally, the storage cabinet has a 5-year warranty and is made with CARB compliant particle panel.

  • Advantages:

It has shaped lockable doors. The adjustable shelves make it convenient for good items organization. It is easy to clean by use of wiping cloth, and the plastic handle makes it easy to open the doors. The royal cherry color makes it dirt free and has a 5-year warranty.

A top-selling product beloved by many customers for its high functionality and stylish finish. They also comment on its economic value, and its pricing is affordable.


  • Door has plastic handles
  • Lockable doors
  • Has four shelves; 3 adjustable and one fixed
  • 5-years warranty
  • Made of CARB compliant particle panels

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5. Sterilite 01423V01 4 Garage Storage Cabinet

Sterilite 01423V01 4 Garage Storage Cabinet

With a meager price tag and more storage space, the Sterilite cabinet is a must-have product for you. It had four adjustable shelves and made of high-quality, heavy-duty polycarbonate material. It features in flat grey with black handles which make the door opening simple. The storage cabinet measures 69 inches height by 25 inches length by 18 inches width.

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  • Advantages:

It’s quick and easy to assemble. Has four adjustable shelve which makes it convenient to store different sized items. Doors are simple to open thanks to the handles and the high-quality heavy duty material promise durability.


  • It’s cheap
  • Has large storage space
  • It’s sturdy with durable heavy duty design

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4. Sauder Double Door Storage Cabinet

Sauder Double Door Storage Cabinet

Sauder garage storage cabinets with doors are large and feature in Dakota oak color. Just like the name suggests, Sauder has two swing-open doors positioned on the right and left sides each with a handle. The cabinet has three shelves; 2 adjustable and 1 fixed which are assembled behind each of the two flexible doors increasing the storage space.

Doors are more convenient for the security of your items as they are framed and lockable. Moreover, cords can be accessed through the enclosed back panel, and it’s economical.

  • Advantages:

It’s large with more than enough space to store your items. The shelves are adjustable with one fixed for improved organization of the stored items. Cords are accessible through the back of the cabinets. Double swing-out doors make it easy to put and remove items in the cabinet.

Customers say it’s a convenient and economical product thanks to the ample storage space which makes it a must-have for them.


  • Have double swing-out doors
  • Large and spacious enough for storage
  • Enclosed back panel allow cord access
  • Has three shelves; 2 adjustable & 1 fixed behind each door

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3. Prepac Elite 32″ Storage Cabinet

Prepac Elite 32 Storage Cabinet

Storage is meant to make life easier not more complicated, and with Elite 32″ storage cabinets for garages, you get large space enough to store all that you want. Thanks to the two adjustable and one fixed shelves that give ample space and choice for you to customize your storage. Elite32 is tall, crafted from hard composite wood and covered with a durable easy-to-clean laminate.

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The cabinet has double doors, and each opens easily on 6-way hinges. This ensures you can put in or remove items from it with ease. Also, the door edges are rounded giving it a better look and also avoids dings. Each door has metal pulls included for easy open and the cabinet measures 32w x16D x65″ H.

  • Advantages:

It has a double door with metal pull for easy opening. The adjustable shelves customize storage according to your desire. It’s tall and spacious enough. The composite wood frame is laminated for easy cleaning. Rounded door edges make it safe preventing dings and also add to the good look of the storage cabinet

Customers are satisfied by its efficiency and convenient functionally. The laminated composite wood frame has impressed many of the buyers, and they say its durable.


  • Double doors with metal pulls and set on 6-way metal hinges
  • Crafted composite wood frame with laminate cover
  • Door edges are rounded
  • Tall and offer sizeable customizable storage

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2. Ameriwood SystemBuild Kendall 36″ Storage Cabinet

Ameriwood SystemBuild Kendall 36 Storage Cabinet

Think of a storage cabinet you can use in mudroom, garage or even in the basement. Ameriwood system Build Kendall 36″ storage cabinet is the right search as you can use it in any room. Featured two fixed and three adjustable shelves give you a customized storage of your choice. From its size 36″, this is enough to tell that it has a large storage area.

The product occurs in white stipple, and the surface is covered with Armor coat which provides super water, stain, and starch resistance. Above all, it’s inexpensive and premium quality product more reasons why you need it.

  • Advantages:

It’s large thus spacious. The adjustable shelve allows customizing storage for your items. Armor coat surfaces make it water, stain and scratch resistance making it durable. The cabinet is inexpensive and economical

Customers express a feeling of satisfaction with the product. Its durability, pocket-friends and spacious storage area has been commented a lot by many. The product has been rated as a 5-star product.


  • Armor coat surface provide water, stain and scratch resistance
  • Ample in size; enormous storage space
  • Adjustable and fixed shelves allow customizing storage
  • Inexpensive and durable

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1. Rubbermaid Plastic Small Outdoor Storage Shed

Rubbermaid Plastic Small Outdoor Storage Shed

You want to store your item and retrieve them with the same condition you stored then in? No rusts, breaks or rotten in the case of wood items? Rubbermaid plastic storage cabinet will save you the entire struggle. It’s made with double-walled resin construction for durability which also provides leak, dent and weather resistance throughout. Accessing your stored items is even more comfortable with the split-lid that allows you access the details from either side of the cabinet.

Rubbermaid plastic storage cabinets with garage have two lockable doors, with locks sold separately. The storage shed has eight interlocking panels and a wooden shelf feature which is easy to assemble.

  • Advantages:

The storage shed is easy to assemble. It’s made of durable material that doesn’t rust, leak-proof and withstands all weather seasons. Has two lockable doors for easy removal and put in for the items. You can access the stored from either side of the cabinet thanks to the split-lid included.

Customers are amazed by its durability and premium quality making it suitable for use all time. They are also excited about how it’s easy and fast to assemble the shed and just works perfectly.


  • Made of polyethylene plastic resins
  • Has split-lid allowing access from either side
  • It’s leak-proof, resistant to dents, rust, and scratches
  • Has one adjustable wooden shelf

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Storage is meant to protect our items from all adverse condition and remain intact till when needed for use. This is why we need to make the right choices for the storage cabinets you buying. All you need is just choose one and buy it.


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