Best Folding Utility Knives Review In 2020

Often you will find yourself in need of a knife to make cuts through different product out there. Does it mean you won’t do it because you are not anywhere close to your kitchen?

No! Enjoy the convenience brought about by the folding utility knives. The product designs to meet the standards for durability, hassle-free portability, storage and versatility in that will function for more than one material.

Now that you got a cliché on what we mean by folding knives make your choice today. Choose a product that you see best serves your needs. The market is flooding with these products to a point you never know who to trust, but we got your back here: read our comprehensive reviews on the top ten folding utility knives, weigh your options and make your order now!

10 Best Folding Utility Knives – Top Pickups

10- Alltrade 150003 Auto-loading Squeezing Utility Knife

Alltrade 150003 Auto-loading Squeezing Utility Knife

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  • Have six heavy-duty cutting blades
  • Includes a lifetime warranty guarantee
  • Sturdy onboard blade storage

Pack this item smoothly in your backpack, wallet or purse and travel with it whenever you wish without limitation. The Alltrade 15003 utility has a small compact size (10.6 by 1.2 by 6 inches) which makes its packing simple. Necessitating its manoeuvrability further; its weight it ultra-bearable to everyone as it weighs only 12.5 ounces.

Being a utility knife, this means you will require it to serve more than once cutting purpose. Therefore to comply with this, the manufacturer packs it with six different heavy-duty blades. Cut through anything with this razor-sharp blades and your work will always be clean and precise.

Interesting, the alltrade squeezing knife allows an automatic edge-changing, i.e., press on the release button to detach the dull blade and replace with a new one which is set in position with a push on the handle lever a process that will consume only three seconds.

Better, the knife features a cushion padded handle, surpasses all durability tests and its pocket-friendly.

It constructs from quality material that surpasses all durability standard. With six blades, this offers the cutting diversity in your world. Enjoy the auto blade changing that takes just three seconds, non-slip ergonomic grip and portability the product provides.


  • Has a small compact size
  • It’s ultra-lightweight
  • It’s pocket-friendly
  • Easy and fast assembling

Our Verdict

The alltrade utility knife is worth your attention thanks when you check the cutting diversity is multiple blades offer, portability convenience plus the lifetime warranty cover.

9- Benchmade 15080 Crooked River Knife

Benchmade 15080 Crooked River Knife

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  • Material usage; CPM-520V stainless steel and stabilized wood
  • Simple opening and closing
  • Has a clip-point blade style

Benchmade 15080 crooked folding knives is like a dream come true for everyone. Whether doing hunting, essential daily use or other outdoor activities, this product functions with utmost dedication to satisfy your needs.

Talk of durability, it’s incredible! The product features CPM-520V stainless steel blades and a stabilized wood handle. Both work in harmony in that the handle gives a handy, comfortable grip while the edge provides the razor-sharp cutting efficiency.

Smoothly open and close the knife with a single hand. In spite of providing the user with a comfortable grip, the handle doubles as a reversible clip that provides secure blade storage and improves its accessibility too.

More, it features the clip-point blade design which enhances its precision as well as versatility. Buy with no fear as you have an assurance of its unending functionality from its durable engineering plus a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

The product designs with user compatibility a priority. i.e., the knife is easy to open and close with one hand, has a sturdy wood handle plus the clip-point blade designs improves its working effectiveness. Has durable stainless steel blade, plus it’s lightweight facilitating its portability.


  • Constructs from durable non-rusting materials
  • It’s easy to handle
  • Quite versatile and economical

Our Verdict

Single-hand opening and closing, stainless steel blade and stabilized wood handle! Who wouldn’t wish to experience this in the product they are taking home? Nobody!

8- Kershaw Blur S30V Folding Pocket Knife

Best Folding Utility Knives

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  • Includes stonewashed blade and anodized aluminium handle
  • Has S30V powdered stainless steel blade
  • eighs 3.2 ounces
  • Secure liner lock

Purchase of the Kershaw blur folding knife, you are walking in the world of greatness and unlimited benefits. Firstly, the product integrates robust S30V powdered stainless steel blade. The material makes up give the blade the lasting sharpness and toughness to serve all your cutting purposes.

Open the knife with one hand, and the safe speed function will protect you and the product ultimately. Better, we got the secure liner that keeps the blade in position when in use.

Talk of its looks, they are beautiful! This couple to the stonewashed blade finish and the anodized black aluminium handle. Also, this works in unison bring about the toughness, wear/break resistant and in addition to the lightly recurved blade design, they walk you in the world of versatility.

The clean game, slice vegetables, and fruits, cut ropes and much more use are ideal for this product. Reversible pocket clip allows for either tip-up or down storage of your knife. Adding to the portability issue; the product is lightweight and includes a pre-drill hole on the handle for lanyard attachments.

Stonewashed blade finish and anodized black aluminium handle give the elegant looks of this product. Plus this translates to the strength, toughness and stable grip power. The product features a speed safe that control the opening and closing and a liner lock which ensure blade in correct working position.


  • It is ultra-lightweight
  • Have great attractive looks
  • Remarkable user compatibility

Our Verdict

Go for the Kershaw blur folding knife and have all your cutting worries eradicated. What set it out of the crowd? The speed safe liner lock, ergonomic appearance, and strength.

7- Miraclekoo 3.2″ Ceramic Folding Utility Knife

Miraclekoo 3.2" Ceramic Folding Utility Knife

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  • Has super sharp 3.2" blade
  • Suitable for food products; fruits, vegetables, etc
  • The knife is vogue and abrasion proof
  • Non-rusting and easy to clean

Take your cooking prowess with you whenever you go if you have the miraclekoo ceramic folding utility knife. Unlike its competitors, this model designs from a premium quality ceramic material. Ceramic doesn’t rust, get dirty quickly and remain super sharp all though.

Use of this knives means your food is free from contaminating microbes since the ceramic construction has any ant-bacterial property. The blade measures 3.2 inches, ample size to slice through varying diameters and also allow for compact storage.

When it comes to portability, the product lightweight, compact fold design, and the keychain attachment speak everything. Spent only peanuts and took home this incredible package.

It engineers from the ceramic material. Ceramic offers anti-microbial effect, non-rusting, not easy to get dirty and the blade edge maintains its sharpness for long. The knife is small, compact and ultra-lightweight plus a keychain clip which enhances its mobilizing. To spice up, it sells at a meagre price.


  • Extremely cheap
  • Constructs from eco-friendly material
  • Readily portable

Our Verdict

Miaclekoo is a unique model. How? Have Black blade, ceramic construction and extremely low pricing unlike the competitor Order today!

6- Fancii FC Folding Pocket Utility Knife

Fancii FC Folding Pocket Utility Knife

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  • Comes with a holster and five replacement blades
  • Lock-back safety mechanism
  • Quick blade release and replacement design
  • Aluminium body and carbon steel blades

A premium utility knife suitable for everyday use! The FC folding pocket knife features with durable rust proof and break-resistant carbon steel blades. The package comes with extra five blade sets which give you lifetime services.

Change the blades smoothly with a quick button press. Adding to the convenience, the product features a lock-back mechanism that will keep the blades in the appropriated closed or open position hence providing maximum user protection.

More, the knifes appearance will make your work look entertaining and lively. How? It has an anodized aluminium body that gives a pretty sleek décor. The tool is lightweight and compact thus you will take with you everywhere you go.

Also with a knife holster, this simplifies its manoeuvrability further not forgetting the thrilling low price tags which call for your attention.

The product is lightweight and compact making its transportation, storage, and handling hassle-free. With the anodized aluminium body and carbon steel blades, this assures its durability and lasting functionality. Folding and blade changing has never been easier thanks to the quick release button controls.


  • It is easy to handle
  • Lightweight
  • It is quite versatile
  • Inexpensive

5- KOBALT Foldable Utility Knife

KOBALT Foldable Utility Knife

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  • Features 11 blades
  • Lock-back mechanism
  • Material usage: aluminium and stainless steel
  • Weighs 4.2 ounces

Are you looking for a new package or a replacement for your worn out model? Look no further than the KOBALT folding utility knife. The version offer unlimited services in that: firstly it has 11 replaceable stainless steel blades and an aluminium body.

Plus, with the lock-back system, this ensures the blades remain inappropriate position whether in the fold or open modes.

Weighing only 4.2 ounces, this makes the user at peace. How? The weight is bearable to everyone without straining thus you will never get fatigues after use. Plus, this makes its transportation hassle- free.

Better, the product features a quick-change mechanism which causes the blade replacement process effortless. Plus this necessitates the folding after use.

The Kobalt folding knife is the language of greatness. Why? Features a quick-change mechanism, lock-back function plus eleven replaceable stainless steel bade. Plus, it has an aluminium body which together coordinates giving the product an incredible functionality and user efficiency.


  • It is lightweight
  • Quite versatile
  • It’s user-friendly
  • High economic value

Our Verdict

Settle with the KOBALT model and be sure you have the winner! It’s a time/ money saver thanks to its affordable coats and durable construction

4- Royal Imports Folding Floral Utility Knife

Best Folding Utility Knives

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  • Stainless steel sharp blades with clip-points
  • Has a key holder attachment hole
  • Weighs only 0.8ounces

The Royal imports red folding utility knives is a model which tailors from high-quality materials including stainless steel for the blade and heavy-duty plastic for the handle. Both works in harmony translating to the lasting, high performance this product offers.

Flip the knife open or close with a single hand and this helps to make your duties easier and entertaining unlike before.

Besides the razor shape edge, we got a clip-point tip which you will use to make punctures. Cut through many materials without difficulties. When it comes to your comfortability, the handle works miracles as it offers a firm non-straining grip no matter the working conditions.

On the brighter side, the product is ultra-lightweight which facilitates it mobilizing, small and compact size and offer extra keychain attachment options.

The package comes with fair pricing favouring everyone. Have quality durable materials: stainless steel blades which promise years of performance. It’s versatile, and its ergonomic handle gives the user a firm, comfortable grip.

It is small, compact and lightweight plus includes a keychain attachment clip thus it will stay by your side every time.


  • It is inexpensive
  • User-friendly
  • It is economical

3- VIVREAL Folding Utility Knife

VIVREAL Folding Utility Knife

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  • Comes with 11 replaceable stainless steel blades
  • Has a lock-back mechanism
  • Control button system on the handle

The folding utility knifes designs to bring incredible convenience to the user and this is never a limitation when it comes to the VIVREAL model.

This version gives the user a tremendous working ground in that; it includes two button system; use one to facilitate the easy open and close for your knife while the second buttons work to provide a quick place change.

In the package are 11 stainless steel blades which will function to satisfy all your cutting needs beyond your expectations. Although after durability and reliability, user safety should isn’t left out either in the product engineer as it includes a lock-back mechanism which controls the closing and opening of the knife.

The knife is small, lightweight hence you will take it with your anytime you want and spicing up its portability, it features an extra belt clip. Have it by your side every time.

What’s in this package? It has 11 stainless steel blade that gives it the working diversity plus unlimited durability. ABS and aluminium handle offers stability, strength and ergonomic firm grip.

The product also has a lock-back system that enhances your safety, button controls to fold and change the blades effortless and above all small, lightweight design facilitates its portability.


  • Has a built-in safety mechanism
  • Readily portable
  • It’s easy to handle and assemble

Our Verdict

An automatic folding and blade changing mechanism plus extra stainless steel blade are what sets out this product out from the crowd.

2- Kershaw Leek 1660 Pocket Knife

Kershaw Leek 1660 Pocket Knife

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  • Features 14C28V Sandvik steel blade and 410 stainless steel handle
  • Have frame and tip locks
  • Has 3″ edge
  • Weighs 3 oz

The Kershaw leek pocket knife is a model suitable for everyday use. The model features a drop-point blades system that makes its slicing use adorable. Plus, a tip-point at the end makes it ideal for piercing purpose. Whether left or right handed, this knife will never impair your comfortability.

It has a stainless steel handle and blades which are rust and break proof thus able to stand all the harsh outdoor handling.

Besides the construction, user safety a priority in the tool’s designing. i.e., Kershaw leek includes a tip lock which maintains the blade in clip pocket when not in use and the frame lock prevent accidental closing when in working.

What’s more? The knife has a slim, sleek design that upholds its manoeuvrability. Plus with a 3" blade, it big enough to make your cutting tasks simple and also small enough for easy storage and transportation.

This model is a completely stainless steel construction thus its durability is never guesswork. Slim design, the speed safe open and close system (frame and tip locks) enhances the user safety and convenience, not forgetting it’s ultra-lightweight.


  • Features frame and tip locks
  • It is affordable
  • Constructs from durable steel material

Our Verdict

The Kershaw leek pocket knife is a must-have for anyone looking for folding utility knife. Why? All steel construction, slim design plus the safety mechanism brought by the frame and tip locks. Enjoy!

1- Blade Mate Tactile Folding Pocket Knives

Best Folding Utility Knives

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  • Comes with lifetime warranty cover
  • Money refund guarantee
  • Liner lock system
  • Stainless steel blade

Are you stuck o what to offer as a birthday gift to your friend? The blade mate survival tactile pocket knife would be a perfect deal.

This product is versatile in natures in that you will use to open carton boxes, cut seat belts and also break the glass. A fortified stainless steel blade provides a razor sharp cutting efficiency through those materials.

Not only the blade but also the item features a steel tip you will use to break through the glass. Open the knife, and the liner lock function to protect your features from accidental blade falls that otherwise lead to finger cutting.

Exciting, it has an ergonomic handle that gives the user a comfortable handling power and position in any condition. Fold it down to fit in your travel bags or attach to your belt this the clip available.

The knife is multifunctional, durable and reliable. It features alloy fortifies stainless steel blade which is made able to stand all the harsh handling condition, give accurate cutting and a sturdy firm-grip handle puts the user in utmost comfort.


  • Ideal for use in all weather conditions
  • It is multifunctional
  • Its lightweight and compact
  • Has extra belt clip attachment

Our Verdict

Blade mate offers durability, quality, and safety. Fortified stainless steel blade, ergonomic handle, and the locking liner plus the portability efficiency are some of the features most customers are pondering about.

Final Thoughts!

Although all play similar roles, there are some key features one ought to consider; size, weight, construction, and cost.

Our products listed above have best of these features hence if you are buying your package, get the assurance you are purchasing the best and winner from the market.

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