Best Fitness Ab Straps Review In 2020

Sometimes, it is possible to do exercises while in your home without the need to visits a gym.

Ab straps are the excellent exercising equipment that every person should have to complement cardio and weightlifting.

These abdominal exercising straps are useful in ensuring you reduce the belly fat as well as strengthening the muscles around the abdomen.

Check the best fitness Ab straps and train anytime at your convenience!

9. Wacces 2 Pcs. Ab Straps

Best Fitness Ab Straps


  • Superior fabrics
  • Strong to support heavyweight
  • Comfortable

The Wacces abdominal training straps are the perfect choice you can get to start a home gym. They are also ideal for combining with other exercises to achieve an outstanding look.

Therefore, instead of using unsuitable methods which can cause back pains, it is ideal to look for these straps.

Mores, they are extra versatile which means that you can use them inside your house. The construction is outstanding whereby they feature heavy-duty nylon straps and ample padding to avoid inflicting discomforts in your hand muscles.

Thereby, instead of back-wrenching sit-ups, Wacces abdominal exercising straps make a perfect choice. The mountaineering carabineers ensure fastening is smooth on most pull up bar.

The compatibility with Iron Gym extreme, the straps let you perform a variety of abs.


  • High–grade straps and carabineers for maximum safety
  • Ideal for performing various abdominal training
  • Safe and free from back pains

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8. Hipiwe Pair of Gym Hanging Ab Straps

Hipiwe Pair of Gym Hanging Ab Straps, Quick Locks Fitness Sling Abdominal Straps


  • Rip-resistant nylon
  • Wide padded straps
  • Weight support: 360 pounds
  • Heavy-duty attachment carabineers

As you perform your daily exercises, don’t forget to buy abdominal training straps. Among the many available belts, this pair from Hipiwe gives you the freedom to perform abs without the worry of breaking results in injuries.

To ensure that they deliver outstanding strength, the strap boasts strong rip-resistant nylon straps.

With this, they can amply support even heavy people confidently without breaking. For easy utilization, the abdominal exercising straps come with heavy-duty attachment carabineers.

Now when you have these traps from Hipiwe, you don’t have to worry about attachment.

They are easy to fit in any of the standard chin-up bars.

Consequently, they give you the freedom to perform abs anywhere as long as you have the attachment point.

Using the straps is cozy bearing in mind that they are designed with ample padding to eliminate strains in the arms. For enhancing stabilization, the straps are available with long handles.

Above all, these abs belts have a weight capacity of up to 360 pounds.


  • Great quality for safe training
  • Secure attachment carabineers
  • Helps to develop upper body muscles

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7. Perfect Fitness Pro Ab Straps

Fitness Ab Straps


  • Attaches to all pull-up bars
  • Steel core handles
  • Cool foam cushioning
  • Honeycomb nylon construction

The perfect fitness pro abdominal muscles exercising straps are premium products dedicated to ensuring you remain fit and healthy. They are designed featuring outstanding craftsmanship which ensures that you will enjoy your exercising.

On the other hand, the construction entails high-quality, tough nylon which is ideal for supporting your weight without breaking.

This eliminates all doubts which are associated with cheap exercising straps.

As you think about comfort, these body lifting fitness straps bring all the support you need. They boast a steel core that gives you safe and comfortable hand placement.

Additionally, with honeycomb nylon, the straps give you ample support which ensures you can perform all your abs training without stressing your hands.

Apart from the sturdy plastic, the padding features cool mesh together with foam cushioning which brings ultra-comfort.

Great carabineers fitted in this these straps ensure that you can mount without doubts. Once you get these straps, they come with a downloadable working chart for smooth training.


  • Comfortable steel hand support
  • The downloaded chart gives you smooth training
  • Eliminates abdominal and back pains

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6. Body-Solid Tools AAB2 Gut Blaster Slings

Body-Solid Tools AAB2 Gut Blaster Slings


  • Large steel plated steel carabineers
  • Comfortable padding
  • Extra heavyweight support
  • Thick padding

Give your training session news uplift by getting these Body-Solid gut blaster slings. They are among the best choice you can get to safely train your body without subjecting it to back pains and abdominal strains.

Therefore, once you get them, they are designed to tone and condition your abdominal muscles. Having these arm slings is a significant achievement since they allow you to train in your house or any gym. Consequently, having these straps ensures you can give your abs complete workouts.

Forget about cheap abdominal straps which last only for a few months and risks breaking due to top weight. These boast heavy-duty carabineers which can support up to 10,000 pounds.

Besides, the heavy-duty fabrics used the construction gives it high-durability and ample support for maximum comfort and training.

In fact, the slings are designed to give up to 20 years of services. Boasting 8.5 inches wide, your hands don’t get strained while 1-inch padding gives unmatched comfort. These slings give your perfect abdomen workouts.


  • Great comfort due to 1-inch padding
  • Safe to the skin without causing reactions
  • Versatile; usable in gyms and homes

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5. RDX AB Straps Hanging Abdominal Slings Abs Strap

Best Fitness Ab Straps


  • Leather made
  • Sweat and rip-resistant
  • Advanced grip
  • Oversized ring clips

Do you know that one of the easiest ways to enjoy perfect abs is to get RDX adjustable abdominal slings?

As you perform other body workouts, it is ideal to integrate these straps as they will ensure you get complete body training.

Unlike many belts for abs training, these are created featuring hide leather which is long-lasting. The leather is tough and can withstand heavy weight without breaking.

Additionally, for active training, people tend to suffer from excessive sweating. But, as you perform workouts these leather slings, they are safe and sweat resistant.

Some training slings thin with continuous workouts. This can significantly affect tour training. They are premium designed to resists thinning and boast extra thick padding.

Besides outstanding padding, these straps enjoy a broad construction which takes a long time before you can realize discomfort.

As a result, when you are performing lift up exercises, it ensures that you get proper cushioning. Uniquely, as you opt to buy these straps, they are designed for s use for everyone as they are adjustable. The oversized and unbreakable steel D-rings ease the attachment.


  • Genuine leather made for maximum comfort
  • An extra-wide design which boosts the durability
  • Ideal for use by all people due to adjustable straps

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4. Harbinger Deluxe Ab Straps (Pair)

Harbinger Deluxe Ab Straps (Pair)


  • Heavy-duty Cordura nylon
  • Universal steel grommet
  • Steel carabiners
  • Abrasion-resistant vinyl cover

Training hard doesn’t mean you will achieve a lot without the right components.

If you want to gain perfect abdominal muscle strengthening, Harbinger abs straps are the perfect choice you can get. They are designed by experts to bring comfort and excellent results within a short time of use.

Boating premium Cordura nylon, the slings can support your body without getting compromised.

Besides, the steel grommet combines with the heavy-duty nylon to ensure that you get ample support and train with peace of mind.

Now, if you have been using a lot of money for gym subscription, the Harbinger arm slings are a great way to start your home gym. Having them won’t disappoint.

They are designed to fit any gym due to the steel forged carabineers which are universally fitting to all gyms. For improved comfort, the straps enjoy foam padding to keep your arm well supported and cushioned.

Moreover, for the protection of padding materials, abrasion-resistant vinyl is used. The covering vinyl is supple and is easy to clean by using a wet cloth.


  • Large grommets which are easy to fit in a chin-up bar
  • Easy to use in all gyms
  • Perfect and weightlifting abdominal muscles strengthening

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3. Perfect Fitness Perfect ABS Strap

Best Fitness Ab Straps


  • Quick installation
  • Mountaineering grade carabineers
  • Workout guide Thick foam padding

Get perfect body workout especially on the abdomen muscles by getting these abs straps from perfect fitness.

They are uniquely designed to make sure that you can enjoy abs workouts with comfort and peace of mind.

In fact, these slings enable you to perform a variety of training aimed at strengthening your abdomen without subjecting your back to pain development. On the other hand, the nylon construction is excellent in ensuring that you can perform all exercises without the slings breaking.

Now, when it comes to installation, there is no stress with these straps. They are sturdy and offer a quick connection to any of the sit-ups bar or any other bar designed for abs training.

Besides high-quality nylon, the slings are enhanced with heavy-duty mountaineering grade carabineers which give you confidence as they can’t break. The thick padding gives your arms perfect hugging without causing numbness due to muscles straining.

For improved performance, they come accompanied by a workout guide.


  • They last for long without tearing or getting ripped
  • Great padding to eliminate discomforts
  • Sturdy fabric and outstanding double stitching

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2. Iron Gym Ab Straps

Iron Gym Ab Straps-Best Fitness Ab Straps


  • Great weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Sturdy polyester construction
  • Tool-free mounting

Iron Gym is a popular company which is dedicated to ensuring that you get perfect body workouts.

These arm slings for abdominal muscle strengthening are a great option to ensure that you achieve a great look.

Notably, these straps are known to be compatible with all gyms hence popular among many users. Additionally, apart from being useful on gyms, the straps are ideal that you can use them on a standard door frame.

Forget about the cheap straps which can break easily when used by heavy persons. These combines sturdy construction and heavy-duty materials. The polyester fabrics use in the construction, ensures that they are robust to support up 300 pounds. Therefore, with perfects utilization, these slings give your perfect body workouts, especially on the upper body.

Unlike the other abs training straps, these are thick with wide and narrow parts for maximum comfort. With an ability to mount without tools, the Iron Gym abdominal straps are the absolute choice.


  • Tool-free mounting for easy installation
  • Easy to use on gym and door frames
  • Perfect for exercising the upper body

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1. Perfect Fitness Ab Straps

Fitness Ab Straps


  • Heavy-duty performance nylon straps
  • Quick connecting
  • Foam padding cushioning

If belly fat has been a concern on the way you look, try these straps for abdominal training from Perfect Fitness are the real gut busters. The slings are not cheap quality like most which are flooding the market.

Instead, the construction of these straps is dedicated to ensuring that you get quick connectivity to the attachment bars. Besides, the straps are also ideal to fit into the standard pull-up bars.

Amazingly, having these slings enables you to perform workouts just like professionals. They give you the ability to perform off the floor crunches and also leg lifts.

On the other hand, the abs slings boast heavy-duty nylon construction which ensures that you get perfect body lifting without breaking.

This gives these straps years of use without encountering problems when exercising. With thick padding cushioning, there is no experiencing muscle numbness when lifting your body.


  • The ideal choice for all people
  • Extra durable to last for an extended period
  • Heavy-padding ensures an extended training period

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BONUS: Valeo VRL 6-Inch Padded Leather Lifting Belt

Valeo VRL 6-Inch Padded Leather Lifting Belt – unisex With Suede Lined Foam Lumbar Pad


  • Soft suede lining
  • Double-stitched edges
  • Double-loop
  • 6-inch wide top

Valeo VRL lifting belt is the best abs straps you can get for improved abdominal muscle toning.

The belt is heavy-duty having constructed from cowhide leather to guarantee maximum durability and utilization for years.

This is unlike many cheap straps that break after a few months of use.

The strap is 6 inches wide and ¼ inches thickness which boasts ample padding to give your hand a perfect comfort and support.

Now, with the aim of improving the performance, the inner lining features suede lining which is supple to your skin. Despite your weight, the belt is sturdy and features double which guarantees extra support.

Enhanced with double prong roller buckle closure, in render mounting smooth and secure. Further, the double loop secures the belt tab.


  • Soft lining give arms ample comfort and support
  • Sturdy construction and stitching improves durability
  • Cowhide is strong and safe

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Body lifting straps are convenient ways to give your abdominal muscles proper toning. As we have seen, not only do they are great to supplement your daily gym training.


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