Best Electronic Pulse Massagers in 2020 Reviews

You have been experiencing a hard day at home or work, and you end the day too tired? A good massage helps in relieving you of this tragedy. It’s time to experience a perfect massage right from your home without going all way to the massage parlor; all this is possible with an electronic pulse massager in your possession. Electronic pulse massagers help to review and relax muscle pains, severe back pains as well as improve blood circulation.

The massagers occur either as TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) or EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) models; one can feature in both technologies. You ought to make the best choice of your electronic pulse massager with great functionally and above all, with outstanding features.

Editor’s Choice: Tens Unit 24 Modes Muscle Stimulator Pulse Massager

Tens Unit 24 Modes Muscle Stimulator Pulse Massager Machine

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  • By: TechCare Massager

TechCare Massager has been in the market for quite some time. They have been in this industry providing innovation and solutions ensuring you get the relief you need. With these properties, the Tens Unit is the go-to recommendation by physicians for more than 40 years. They like it most for how malleable the kit is. Making it a one off-key to practically any problem you might be facing. With 24 pre-programmed massage modes, you can perform an acupuncture, deep tissue, foot, cupping, and a combination of stimulations. All this is geared towards your whole nervous system.

Do not worry about overdoing it. We understand you may get so comfortable when using it, therefore a timer is incorporated to detect when you are knocked out. In a good way, of course. This also goes a long way into conserving the juice in its lithium battery. Even though this powerful battery is rated to operate for an astounding 20 hours nonstop, it is better to preserve it and not have it working needlessly.

The Tens unit leads the competitors in any number of ways. Perhaps it is due to their experience in the industry. They have also build a large client database, making them able to mass-produce their kits. This brings the price lower for the end user. The quality is not compromised at that price and this is obvious by the lifetime warranty provided by TechCare. This confidence in their kits is not misplaced at all. Everything in this kit is quality, from the components, all the way down to the wires, literally and figuratively.

From the experience accrued over the years, the manufacturer has a keen ear to what the clientele needs. For this reason, the device is easy to control and has a user-friendly interface. A newbie will find it intuitive to operate the device. This is necessary to have on this kit, considering the plethora of options you have at your behest. The remote even has keys dedicated to the intensity of current provided. This is a feature found mostly on devices used by specialists. They are more expensive than this set, so you can enjoy this feature with this pulse massager without breaking an arm and a leg. The current rang is high. This means you are not duped into this feature only to find two settings of charge like the cheap knock-offs in the market.

Extra Features:

  • Comes with all accessories you can think of: often we come across kits with a limited amount of accompaniments. With this kit being an all-rounder, the manufacturer had to consider what you might require for your needs. As such, you get three pairs of the electrode, four output cables, two electrode cables, a USB cable, and a charger.
  • It is chargeable in any number of ways: this is earnest considering how portable the device is. With a USB charging capability, carry your kit with you and you are bound to have it ready to function when you need it to. On top of having a large battery storage capacity, you will always find a solution to keep it juiced up. Additionally, this kit is protected from faults that may occur from overcharging or power surging.

10. iReliev TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager

iReliev TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager

iReliev TENS UNIT pulse massager just like its name suggests, it’s a non-drug pain relief gadget which releases low-voltage pulses, and through the eight featured electrodes, it stimulates the body nerves thus relieves all muscle pains.

This dual channel functionality massager has 8 pre-programmed therapy modes; use two electrode pads for small bodies or four for large collections. Interesting, the massager is easy to use, quick to adjust through the different modes; which have auto-lock setting to avoid un-indented change when in use and above all, it’s portable.

Talking of portability, the massager feature with a belt clip holder, small tote bag and has a compact design. Also included are; three non-rechargeable AAA batteries, large LED display screen and four pack of electrode pads.

  • Advantages:

Many people are excited by its excellent functionality and portable size which has made it easy to carry and use it whenever they go.  The massager offers outstanding satisfaction and when in possession of one. It guarantees you a long life performance with a one-year warranty.

Not forgetting, you will experience great massage thanks to the 8 pre-set therapy programs which are they easy to navigate through.


  • Easy to use
  • Portable and effective
  • Included three AAA batteries
  • Has belt clip and compact design
  • Relieves back pain

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9. Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager

Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager

Make your massaging period fun and enjoyable with this premium quality Tens unit muscle massage. The machine is suitable to relieve muscle stiffness, soreness, chronic pains, and stress, giving your body a relaxed feeling.

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The massager is user-friendly in that has an automatic control system which allows you to change the massage intensity through five different set modes easily. Tens unit massager is handheld and easily portable which allows you to use it in various areas of your body. Also, the massager is set to operate for fifteen minutes then shut-off automatically.

Save more money and time in possession of this massage as you would have to pay a fortune every time you go to the massage parlor and also queuing for long hours awaiting your turn.

  • Advantages:

It’s fascinating using the massager since it gives you a chance to customize the intensity and also you can use it to different zones of your body. Many people will be pleased by its electronic design which makes it very is to operate; and above all, its economic value is impressive.


  • Has five different massage level intensities
  • User-friendly; automated completely
  • Portable
  • Allows to be used for various zones of the body
  • Time-saving and economic

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8. Pure Enrichment PurePulse Pro TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator

Pure Enrichment PurePulse Pro TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator

It’s time you enjoy a pain- relieving massage similar to the one you will get from the skilled physical therapist from your home comfort with Pure enrichment pro TENs unit massager. The massager gives you full command of its functionality in that it has an easy-to-use LCD screen which allows you customize it with eight preset therapy modes and also can change the timer from 5-60minutes.

Besides, pure enrichment pro muscle stimulator is unique in that it has 25 different therapeutic intensities for use on all body zones; range from smooth pulsation for sensitive parts to vigorous pulsation on large pieces.

The TENS unit is suitable to relieve pain in the neck, shoulders, legs, waist, and back. It features with four electrode pads, two connector leads, 3 AA batteries, and a storage bag, a bonus of two-years warranty and free instruction series to guide on how to use it.

  • Advantages:

Buyers are getting satisfaction with this premium quality massagers thanks to its easy-use and convenient functionality. The massager is small to fit in the pocket thus portable and what makes all the people love it; its feature is customizable to one’s preference.


  • Customizable eight-preset therapy modes
  • Pocket-sized thus easy to carry
  • Has 25 therapy intensities; are changeable
  • It’s a premium quality product
  • Easy-to-use LCD screen

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7. FDA Cleared Rechargeable 16 Modes TENS Unit Pulse Massager

FDA Cleared Rechargeable 16 Modes TENS Unit Pulse Massager

Looking for a massager to improve your muscle flexibility and also fight away any chronic muscle pains, search no more than this 16mode TENS unit pulse massager cleared by the FDA. Eight preprogrammed therapy modes features in a rectangular design including; Knocking, Acupuncture, Cupping, Tapping, Shiatsu-Deep, and Sensitive Parts Massage Mode.

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The massager timer is adjustable to 10-60 minutes by use of a button with the intestines varying to twenty different levels. Moreover, the massager has contemporary dual output design which allows you use it on two different people attaching twice on the target part.

Lastly, it features with an animated backlit LCD which is easy to read and a rechargeable lithium battery which runs for ten hours on a single charge.

  • Advantages:

Most people purchase an electronic massager opting that they will be easy to use with no exceptional skills needed and this possible with FDA cleared 16mode TENS unit muscle massager. Besides, you will love this for its excellent performance with undivided attention thanks to the 16mode massage designs.

Before we buy any product, many are after following their set budget, and with this inexpensive massager, your dream is made possible owning a premium quality and paying less for it.


  • Featured with rechargeable lithium battery
  • Has 16 mode massages design, 20 massage intensity levels
  • Designed for simultaneous dual output
  • Inexpensive & easy to use

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6. Prospera Electronic Pulse Massager

Prospera Electronic Pulse Massager

Relax your sore, fatigued muscles after a long busy day at the comfort of your home with Prospera pulse massager. The massager is designed to be a TENS unit which uses electronic impulses to stimulate and alleviate muscle pains.

Featured with six automatic pre-programmed massage modes, adjustable speed, and three massage methods; kneading, light massage and firm massage, it allows you to customize the operation to your preference. The massager also includes four AAA batteries which together with its lightweight and compact design makes it possible to use or carry it wherever you go.

Additionally, it has an LCD screen to show time remaining, massage style and massage intensity. Finally, it has four electrode pads which easily attach to the skin and the massager for use in various body parts giving the whole body pain-free results.

  • Advantages:

Customers will be pleased by the massager with the fact that it’s lightweight, portable and easy to operate with no exceptional skills. The six automated programs in combination with the three different massage techniques promise satisfaction to all the people.

If you are looking for a TENS unit massager for best muscle stimulation and alleviation of the muscle, this is possible with Prospera massager.


  • Fitted with four AAA batteries
  • Lightweight, compact design thus portable
  • Has four electrode pads, six automated program modes, and three massage techniques
  • It’s a TENS unit massager

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5. PurePulse Electronic Pulse Massager

PurePulse Electronic Pulse Massager

Enjoy a therapeutic massage treatment to relieve pain in your shoulders, neck, legs, arms, back as well as waist with PurePulse electronic pulse massager. This massager operates as a TENS unit massager which fights out muscle pains any stimulating body’s natural pain blocker signals thus can be used instead of drugs or injections.

With an easy to use LCD screen, you will monitor the entire process as it shows; massage timing, speed level, change of mode as well as the treatment area. The PurePulse TENS unit operates with six high-frequency stimulation modes which make it possible to use in different body zones.

A bonus, it has dual output giving a thorough touch on the target part, three various massage techniques and you get a guaranteed performance by the FDA approval as well as a one-year warranty from the seller.

  • Advantages:

The massager is designed to be portable, handheld TENS unit which has interested many. With the display screen that’s easy to use, different massaging techniques and dual output, the massager have proved its great functionality which makes the buyers love it more.

What most people say; they have got a chance to divert from taking too many painkillers and injections to relieve chronic pain when using the PurePulse TENS unit which is very unusual.


  • Operates with six high-frequency stimulation modes
  • Has dual output design
  • Designed to be portable, handheld TENS unit massager
  • Has FDA approval on safety

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4. NURSAL TENS 16 Mode Electronic Pain Relief Massager

NURSAL TENS 16 Mode Electronic Pain Relief Massager

It’s time to relax anywhere you go and anytime you wish with the portable, pocket-sized NURSAL TENS unit pain massager. The massager has 16 preprogrammed massage modes, twenty different massage intensities, and eight electrode pads which make the entire therapy possible and efficient.

Whether you have arthritis, have knee problems or struggle with chronic muscle pains, this is what you need rather than rushing to the clinic every time; help to save your money. NURSAL TENS unit constructed with the user comfortability in mind: has adjustable settings with an LCD screen, 10-60 minutes timer with auto-shut after time is over.

More interesting, the massager has dual output allowing six pads to be attached to the two target parts with bonus f two free large pads. Included are eight electronic pad, replaceable adhesive conductive gel pad s and built-in rechargeable lithium battery.

  • Advantages:

The massagers give lengthy use time with the rechargeable battery which supports up to ten hours use making many to praise it. With the additional large pads and dual output, the product promises improved and best functionality which makes it the best choice for you.

Everyone likes the feeling of being in command of every activity he/she is doing, and this is made possible by the customizable setting which is very easy to control thanks to the display screen.


  • Eight electronic pads with extra two large pads
  • Operated with 16- programmed modes
  • Dual output design
  • Have rechargeable battery, LCD screen and alert light when charging.

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3. Santamedical Electronic Tens Unit Handheld Pulse Massager

Santamedical Electronic Tens Unit Handheld Pulse Massager

With the most unadorned look yet advanced performance, Santamedical Electronic TEN pain relief massager is a high-quality product. It’s designed for dual output thus work two places the same time. It offers you a feeling of being superior as you can customize it to six different programmed modes and three massage techniques giving you the best treatment.

This TENS unit features with LCD easy to use display screen, four electronic attachment pads, and four AAA batteries. Moreover, its designed to be handheld, lightweight and easy to transport thus you will treat yourself whenever you go anytime.

With this massager, you will alleviate pain from all over the body fighting any muscle soreness, stiffness, stress and chronic pains which is why you need one today.

  • Advantages:

Everyone expects massage to be relaxing and use less effort to achieve the desired result; this is what Santamedical TENS unit is designed to offer with the easy to operate control system which makes many feel comfortable. The machine is very cheap thus won’t strain your pockets much. Additionally, you can take it with you whenever you got and used it any time; which makes it very enjoyable to be in possession of one.


  • Designed to be handheld, lightweight, and easy to use
  • Has dual output
  • Featured with four attachment pads
  • Have six pre-programmed modes and three different massage methods
  • Affordable and durable

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2. TruMedic TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager

TruMedic TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager

The TruMedic is an advanced digital massager which allows you use it over the counter. With TruMedic TENS unit massager, you will experience state-of-art TENS massage technology approved for therapy treatment by medical doctors, in combination with high-frequency massage modes which will allow you overcome muscle stiffness, soreness and any severe pains from the entire body.

It weighs 5.3 ounce which makes it lightweight and p[portable; in addition to its small compact size, enable you to carry it with you each time. The massager is easy to use thanks to the well-labeled control buttons and an LCD screen which shows all information during its use.

What makes it unique it’s five automated programs, adjustable speed, and three massage techniques

  • Advantages:

No one wants to buy an outdated product in the market this is why many people have opted to go for TruMedic TENS unit massager; an advanced digital quality product. With clearly labeled control buttons and a full LCD screen, many customers find it very easy to use this machine.

A bonus, its lightweight, and portable small compact size make it be an option for most people not forgetting its affordable price and durability.


  • Have five automatic programs
  • The control buttons are well labeled
  • Weighs 5.3 ounces thus lightweight and portable
  • Made for use over the counter
  • It’s easy to use

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1. YK15AB TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager

YK15AB TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager

Just from its name, this massager promised safety and protection when using it. The FDA cleared HealthmateForever YK15AB massager is engineered with new fifteen modes, six massage methods, nine auto-stimulation programmed mode, twenty massage intensities and fully adjustable speeds.

The operation is made more accessible by the well-labeled control buttons and an improved LCD screen which shows everything when massager is in use. Unlike other mentioned massagers, the FDA cleared HealthmateForever operates with high intensity with four pad output at the same time.

Also included are; eight electronic pads, four sets of dual output wire leads, one control unit, one pad holder, and three AAA batteries

  • Advantages:

The massager is a construction of new technology with customer satisfaction in consideration. With the six selectable massage mode, adjustable speed and intensity, the buyers get surety of its functionality and excellent performance.

It is easy to coordinate between parts thanks to the well-labeled buttons and new backlight LCD screen which will inform through the entire process.


  • Has new large LCD backlight display screen
  • Functions with fifteen modes; nine automatic programs, six selectable massage modes
  • Has high intensity four pad output at once
  • Massage intensity and speed is fully adjustable
  • #1 Best Seller in Muscle Stimulators & Accessories

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Taking the best massager home from the market is what we all want. With this review on the top 10 Best Electronic Pulse Massagers in 2020, it has offered you with a final summary of all the highly rated products available online today so make your shopping effortless by making your order today.

Benefits of electronic pulse massagers

  • Improve body flexibility

When performing a massage, the muscles fight stiffness, and this makes your body well activated leading to flexibility.

  • Relieves back pains

Besides other therapies available, massage stands out to be the best to help fight back hurts after a long busy day which will make you retired to bed feeling whole and healthy

  • Loss of headaches

Having a working day may end up going you get headaches due to exhaustion, stress or even lack of enough sleep when you get to bed too tired. Taking a massage at home later in the evening or anytime you feel stressed may help you relieve a headache.

  • Improves blood circulation

Massages make your body organs get more involved in the exercise which in turn makes it very active improving your blood circulation.

Factors to consider when buying electronic pulse massagers

  • Portability

The machine you opt to purchase need be easy to carry around to allow you to use it wherever you go.

  • Be user-friendly

Choose a massager which is easy for you to use such that you won’t have to go for further training to operate it.

  • Affordability and durability

When buying any product, the ability for you be in a position to buy it must be a top factor to consider. Plus, not only its affordability but also its durability must be a key factor too.

  • Packaging

When you buy the massager, you must check what’s contained in the package before you leave to ensure all supposed pasts are in place.



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