Best Electric Wax Warmers Review In 2022

We are so over tradition scented-candles because using candles is very dangerous, it is practically a fire hazard whenever you light them up. Thus, the alternative is replacing it with an electric wax warmer. With electric wax warmers, you do not have to worry about any more fire-related accidents that might occur when you want to freshen up the room with a sweet fragrance.

An electric wax warmer is a device that slowly heats the wax or oil and gives you the scented aroma. Because of the many electric wax warmers in the market, you cannot just buy the first one you see. You need to know all of the details of this device before you make a decision, thus we gladly present to you with our list of the top 10 electric wax warmer in 2022 to help guide you in purchasing the best one.

List of Top 10 Electric Wax Warmers in 2022

10. Coo Candles Electric Candle Wax Melt Warmer

Coo Candles Electric Candle Wax Melt Warmer

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First on this list is Coo Candles electric candle wax melt warmer. This is a beautifully designed wax warmer that you can put in any room you want and have a sweet scent in the room. To heat your wax, you first need to break the wax into small pieces and then the 35 watts of halogen light bulb will do its job melting the wax and spreading its scent.

You can adjust the light at 3 different levels, you can change it to low, medium, and high. You can also change the color of this candle wax warmer by purchasing the store Coo Sleeves, so you can have this lamp in whatever color you want. If the bulb wears out, you can replace it with another 35-watt halogen bulb, but we suggest you search for the store’s bulb to avoid buying the wrong one.

What We Like:

  • It can be used for decoration
  • It uses a high-quality 35-watt halogen light bulb
  • 3 adjustable heat levels

What We Don’t Like:

  • It can only hold 2 cubes of wax
  • The cord is a bit sort (4 feet)

9. KoluaWax Waxing Kit Wax Warmer

KoluaWax Waxing Kit Wax Warmer

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A little different from this list, this KoluaWax wax warmer is not your normal wax warmer. It is not used for giving you fragrance but rather it is used to remove hair on your body. What is best about KoluaWax wax warmer is that it already comes in a set and ready for you to remove the unwanted hair on your body. When you buy this kit, the package comes with a lot of products including the electric wax warmer, 4 bags of hard wax beads (3.5 oz. each), pre-wax oil and post-wax Oil (3 oz. each) 10 large and 10 brow applicators, and “How to Wax Guide” guide book. This proves beneficial especially when you are a novice and want to do it yourself.

The formula that comes with the kit provides you the versatility for your entire body. One of the 4 formulas, Bikini Babe, is used to wax your bikini region. The Best Loved is used for your arms and legs, and the Bare-Faced is used to remove your facial hair. The device is easy to use, you turn on the wax warmer and adjust the temperature. Besides that, the wax warmer also has LCD digital temperature display, a see-through lid, an aluminum pot, and anti-slip rubber pads. So, save yourself some money from going to the spa with KoluaWax wax warmer.

What We Like:

  • It comes a full set.
  • This has 4 formulas for you to wax a different body parts.
  • It has see-through did and a temperature adjustment knob.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The wax provided might not work for everybody, you can use the wax that you have been using for your wax

8. Scentsationals Wax Warmer

Scentsationals Wax Warmer

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A very cute looking wax warmer from Scentsationals is perfect for your home decoration. This cat design is for any cat-lover to have in a room to match with your vibe.

It does not use actual flame and it does not make a mess like when you use candles, it uses electricity and when you turn it on, it gives you a perfect soft glow, especially at night. Put the wax cubes on top for the sweet aroma and after the wax is melted, you can clean it pretty easily.

What We Like:

  • Cat decoration
  • Easy to clean afterward
  • Perfect night glow

What We Don’t Like:

  • The bulb does not heat the wax as good as other product



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Next up on this list is the 2-in-1 CANDLE WARMERS ETC wax warmer. This wax warm can melt both wax cubes in the dish and candles of 10 oz. under its warming plate. It has a long cord, an on-off switch, a removable dish for the wax cubes, and a warming plate for the candles.

You can purchase wax products from the brand for the long-lasting and more fragrance effect in your room rather than using the normal wax on the market. This wax warmer allows you to enjoy the scent that you love so much without the scary flame or smoke, plus it also makes a fine decoration for your home.

What We Like:

  • It can melt waxes as well as candles (2-in-1)
  • It has a long cord, a removable dish, and a warming plate
  • The brand’s wax is much better than others
  • Great home decoration

What We Don’t Like:

  • The light indicator is at the back of the wax warmer

6. Hosley Electric Candle Warmer

Hosley Electric Candle Warmer

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If you are looking for a wax warmer that looks like it should belong in a museum, then look no further than Hosley electric candle warmer. This candle warmer is elegant looking with its amazing sculpture-like vase feature. It does the job of any wax warm does, it melts wax cubes and gives you the pleasant aroma that fills up the air.

The wax warmer is made from ceramic and cream in color which gives it the sculpture vibe and it goes great in your room and office. The price is not half bad, and it is a perfect addition to your home or as a gift for your friends.

What We Like:

  • Ceramic construction
  • Beautiful sculpture-like feature
  • Affordable

What We Don’t Like:

  • The light bulb does not last long
  • It is hard to find a replacement for the light bulb

5. ARVIDSSON Electric Wax Melt Warmer

ARVIDSSON Electric Wax Melt Warmer

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ARIDSSON brings you a unique metallic design that will look great in your room. Unlike traditional candles, this wax warmer uses a 25W Edison light bulb, which comes with 2 bulbs in the package, to melt the wax and gives you the sweet scent without smoke or flame that could cause a house fire.

After it is done melting, you can easily clean the removable metal dish. To start you up with the wax warmer, this package includes Lavender wax melts for you to experience the sweet aroma of the lavender flower. It is the perfect gift for friends and family if you are looking for something for them.

What We Like:

  • Metallic design
  • It uses 25-watt Edison light bulb
  • Easy to clean
  • It comes with free lavender wax melts
  • 2 light bulbs

What We Don’t Like:

  • The bulb wears out quickly

4. ASAWASA Ceramic Electric Wax Warmer

ASAWASA Ceramic Electric Wax Warmer

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This wax warmer from ASAWASA is an excellent addition in your room with its beautiful ceramic construction. This wax warmer uses a halogen bulb to warm and melt the wax in the dish, you simply just plug in the power, put some wax cubes in the dish and turn it on.

As it melts the wax, it will give out the fragrant of whatever scent-wax you put in it. It is safe to use, unlike traditional candles which you have to deal with smoke and fire that can use accidental fire at your home. So, freshen your room with sweet amora after you purchase the ASAWASA wax warmer.

What We Like:

  • Ceramic construction
  • It uses a halogen bulb
  • It is super easy to use

What We Don’t Like:

  • The bulb wears out quickly

3. Hituiter wax warmer

Hituiter wax warmer

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Need a wax warmer that matches your aesthetic with a wax warmer from Hituiter. With its forest design that has 7 different colors to choose from, in fact, you can change the color to whatever you want. There are 3 modes for you to choose in terms of color, the first one is multi-color show change, multi-color fast change, and multiple monochromatic lights which means that it stays in one color. The wax warmer is safe and clean to use, it uses ceramic chips that are power-saving and environmental-friendly.

The metal frame gives the wax warmer a long-lasting effect, and the dish is made from high-quality silicone which is odorless, heat resistant, and non-toxic. It is easy to use, you can put scented-wax or oil in the dish and let the device go to work. In a matter of seconds, your room will be filled with the aroma of your scented-wax and you will feel more relaxed. So, change the atmosphere in your room today with Hituiter wax warmer.

What We Like:

  • It has 7 colors and 3 color modes.
  • The device is power-saving and eco-friendly.
  • It made from metal and silicon dishes.
  • The product is easy to use.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is a bit expensive.

2. ILansley Waxing Kit

ILansley Waxing Kit

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Yet another electric wax warmer that is entirely different from this list is the ILansley waxing kit. This kit is for anyone who likes to remove their hair at home. This machine will help you get rid of the unwanted hair and save you a lot of money from not having to go to the spa to get it done. When you purchase this kit, it comes with all of the necessary tools and equipment for you including pearl wax and ‘before and after’ oil spray. This wax warmer is super easy to operate, the 500cc electric pot can melt the wax in just minutes, and it also has an auto-off function that helps control the temperature and keep the wax from being burnt.

It is a good starter pack if it is your first-time waxing. It can remove practically any hair on your body from legs, arms, face, and bikini. So, what are you waiting for, keep your skin hairless and smooth with an ILansley waxing kit now?

What We Like:

  • It comes as a kit when you buy it.
  • Powerful pot and auto-off function.
  • It is perfect for beginners

What We Don’t Like:

  • The pot is rather small
  • The given wax might not perform well for everybody

1. kobodon Mosaic Glass Fragrance Warmer

kobodon Mosaic Glass Fragrance Warmer

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The final product on this list is the handcraft electric wax warmer from kobodon. It is uniquely designed to fit your aesthetic with the classic mosaic pattern, and it goes perfectly in any room you want. This wax warmer is safe and easy to operate, just plug in the power, put wax cubes in the dish, and turn it on.

It will melt your scented-wax without burning it, so you do not have to worry when you use it. Besides that, it can also be used as a night light in your bedroom. So, freshen up your room with a sweet fragrance with kobodon mosaic glass wax warmer.

What We Like:

  • It is handcrafted with beautiful design
  • Easy and safe to use
  • It is versatile

What We Don’t Like:

  • none

Best Electric Wax Warmers – Buyer’s Guide

Best Electric Wax Warmers

Likewise, you follow a specific and particular buying guide to get a coffee cup warmer for yourself, same way below mentioned guide will tell you as to how to buy an electric wax warmer:

Gives an Upscale Feel

Most importantly, try to choose that electric wax warmer which gives an upscale feel to the user. Look for the option which acts as a 2-in-1 Fragrance Warmer.

If your wax warmer is featured with some deep earth tones and also upscale feel, then that is great.

Stylish and Versatile Design

Most certainly, it is constantly advised to shop for an electric wax warmer which carries a versatile design in it.

You can prefer to order a 2-in-1 warmer. It is its versatile design which will fully allow and let you warm wax melts right in the dish. Or you can even place a jar candle on the warming plate.

Easy On-off Roller Switch

Furthermore, high-quality wax warmers, they are always outfitted with an easy on-off roller switch and a 36″ long cord. Some of the models are accompanied by a removable dish as well as a 4″ diameter warming plate for your candles.

Holds More Fragrance

Besides, try to search for that electric wax warmer which can hold more fragrance for hours and hours. It should behold that scent for an extensive amount of time. Even more, it should not give out any flame, soot, or any of the other pollutants.

Complement Your Home Decor

Lastly, give your thumbs up to that wax warmer that complements your home decor zone. Its design and style have to look elegant and should be able to complement your very personal taste as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Many Wax Melts Do You Put In a Warmer?

A: Approximately 1 oz of wax melts you can put and place in a warmer. On the other hand, if your wax melt is available in the form of wax cubes, then what you need to do is to break off a piece. And then you can place it right inside the warmer.

Make sure that you do not use more than one wax melt at one single time. And if you are making use of smaller wax melt bears, then one needs to use only and just 2–3 wax melt bears.

Q: What Kind of Wax do Professionals Use?

A: Professionals make use of both soft and hard wax options in their wax warmers. It depends on their desired preference level that what kind of scent and fragrance state they want to enjoy! So, if you are using a wax warmer, then you are free to use soft and hard waxes. And even go with the option of therapeutic waxes.

Q: Can I Sunbathe After Waxing?

A: It is advised that before or after waxing, you should avoid taking a sunbathe. If you are going to get a sunbathe right after your waxing time or before your waxing time, then there are heavy chances that you may get a sunburn on that waxed part of yours.

Q: Should You Shower Before Or After Waxing?

A: It is not recommended to shower after waxing. What you can do is to take a shower before a couple of hours of your waxing appointment. In this way, your skin will get dry completely. And your body temperature will be able to get normalized too.


Fill the air with pleasant amora with any one of these electric wax warmers, and if you are looking to buy one, we hope that our list of top 10 best electric wax warmers has provided you some information and knowledge about the electric wax warmer in the market. As you can see all of the electric wax warmers are not the same and have different designs. There are some that have a completely different function altogether. So, we want you to read through our list carefully to avoid making any mistake in purchasing an electric wax warmer.


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