Best Electric Wax Warmers Review In 2020

When you want to give your house a pleasant scent, you don’t need to burn scented candles. Nowadays, we have electric wax warmers that are dedicated to bringing a new feeling.

The good thing about this equipment is they are flameless hence high safety. For your buying need, discover the top best ranked and reviewed in 2019.

Review List of Top 10 Best Electric Wax Warmers In 2020:

10- Coo Candle Electric Candle Warmer Oil Burner Lamp Combo

Electric Wax Warmers

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Making room smell unique is simple if you only have wax warmer. This candle and oil burner combo by Coco candle is one of the excellent picks. The lamp styled wickless lamp offers every room decoration and outstanding sweet scent.

It’s one of the best-selling candle warmer lamps on the market. The Coco candle electric wax warner decorates any room with beautiful glowing light, while the fragrance brightens your mood through sweet smell.

Well, to make sure you have a smooth fragrance distribution, this lamp is fitted with a 35 watts halogen bulb. This gives it fast wax melting and provides a continuous stream of striking smell. When you want to get the perfect light, this lamp is dimmable to suit your lighting needs.

Besides providing illumination and air freshening, the Coco lamp is sturdy and durably made. It has a sturdy frame that supports the lamp and also gives it structural strength. Using wickless soy candles, they are safe, natural and safe to users and the environment.


  • Natural soy wax
  • Dimmable bulb
  • Sturdy structure

9- COOSA Ocean Wave Glass Electric Incense Oil, Wax Tart

COOSA Ocean Wave Glass Electric Incense Oil, Wax Tart, Fragrance Warmer

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Coosa ocean wave electric warmer for oil, fragrance, and wax is a unique choice worth having. The decorative nature, premium glass construction and efficient aroma diffusing let your day begin and end in style.

Are you Looking for a reliable and sleek electric warmer for melting your wax? Looking for this ocean wave fragrance warmer by Coosa is a wise idea. It’s a simple device with expensive ocean wave decoration to bring an appealing look. Moreover, the handmade glass is durable, and each has a unique design.

Operating the warmer is simple to use than rivals. In fact, this only needs to switch on the button and its ready for freshening the air in the room. Therefore, whether tobacco smoke, pet odor or due to washrooms, this device created a refreshing atmosphere.

Well, the ability this warmer to be used with a variety of fragrance ensures high versatility. The warming bowl is ideal for essential oils, fragrance oils, and wax. Consequently, there is no need to buy different warmers.

With this one, it brings excellent room fragrance diffusion. Moreover, it is suitable for use in a variety of places like when relaxing, reading, meeting and others.


  • Unique glass design
  • Simple operation
  • Lightweight

8- ScentSationals Pet Collection Wax Warmer

Best Electric Wax Warmers

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Are you thinking about making your house smell like a flower garden? You can make this easy by getting a wax warmer. The ScentSationals wax warmer is a worthy consideration when you need to give your room a perfect upgrade.

Avoid messy situations like when using regular scented candles. They leave your holder with sticky residue. On the other hand, burning candle leaves sooty traces and might get into the air. However, with this wax warmer, it melts your candle without flame meaning safety and quality air.

The jar is designed sleekly to allow decoration even before switching it on. This is important since it can be used in any décor without compromising the overall look. With cat decorations, it’s a great choice for cat lovers.

Apart from giving your surrounding excellent air scenting, the lamp is superb. Enhanced with glowing light, it offers an outstanding look, especially at night. This wax heater delivers flameless scent delivery which means improves aroma quality and safety.


  • Sleek cat decorations
  • Soot free melting
  • Great night glow

7- ScentSationals Mosaic Wax Warmer

ScentSationals Mosaic Wax Warmer

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Are you tired of bad smell in your house due to odors due to pet, washroom, and others? This mosaic wax warmer by ScentSationals is an excellent choice for everyone. With beautiful construction and sleek finish, it keeps home smelling great and looking awesome.

When you think about keeping your house or office feeling fantastic, no doubt a good wax warmer is an amazing choice. The warmer offers you efficient wax melting which in turn gives your surrounding air sweet scent. This means you won’t be able to notice awful smells anymore.

Unlike the flammable candle, this one you can get your preferred scent. In fact, you can interchange the fragrance to suit your mood. Delivering the smell without burning the wax in a flame, it means there is no soot or residue.

Apart from delivering clean scent, the candle warmer boasts flameless warming. This means there are no risks of fires as associated with real candles. The candle glows excellently warms your house while beautiful decorations render it elegant.


  • Beautiful crafting
  • Changeable wax scent
  • Great décor complement
  • Energy-saving bulb

6- Hosley 6-Inch High Cream Ceramic Electric Candle Warmer

Electric Wax Warmers

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Having a fulfilling product always give you peace of mind. Hosley 6-inch ceramic candle warmer makes a good choice and perfect house complement. With the great diffusing ability, the device brings a cool and refreshing mood in your room. Whether office or home, no doubt this electric warmer is excellent.

Hosley 6-inch electric candle warmer is one of the best fragrance dispensers you can trust. The beautifully crafted electric wax warmer is the real device dedicated to delivering unmatched aromatherapy. Boasting 6 inches high, it provides an ideal sweet smell even when placed on the floor.

If you love buying appliances and products with a decorative finish, this warmer brings it In your table. The construction is exquisite while the beautiful nature complements any house décor. Made of ceramic material, its durable to deliver high performance for long.

Amazingly, the warmer has versatile applications. It is excellent for melting wax, essential oil and fragrance oils. Apart from keeping your room smelling fragrant, the device delivers unlimited spa and aromatherapy. The two separate containers mean you can put wax on the bowl to prevent it from sticking in the warmer.


  • Ceramic construction
  • Beautiful decoration
  • Ideal gift option

5- Candle Warmers Etc. Mason Jar Illumination Fragrance Warmer

Candle Warmers Etc. Mason Jar Illumination Fragrance Warmer

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Candle warmers Etc fragrance warmer is here to revolutionize how you make your house smell nice. The canning jar allows the wax to melt while releasing fragrance into the air. With the decorative design, keeping this jar in your room creates a scenic experience.

Make everyone in the room appreciate nature’s beauty by feeling the sweet scent. It’s an electric warmer made of porcelain and saturates your air with sweet-smelling fragrance from wax or essential oils.

Apart from releasing sweet-smelling aroma, the lamp offers glowing effects that mimic the candle lighting. However, it burns without soot which creates fresh fragrance without contaminants. Also, it helps to improve safety since it doesn’t have a flame that can risk a fire.

For improved convenience, the lamp comes boasting a long 36-inch power cord. Also, the 25 watts halogen delivers enough warmth to cause fragrance particles to disperse in the air quickly.

Amazingly, the jar has a removable fragrance dish that ensures you keep your warmer clean and free from sticky wax. The decorative design ensures the overall look is appealing.


  • Long power cord
  • Natural candle color
  • Removable wax dish

4- Hosley Cream Ceramic Fragrance Candle Wax Warmer

Best Electric Wax Warmers

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There is a safe and efficient way to keep your house smelling unique. Without risking an allergenic reaction, Hosley cream ceramic candle wax warmer is the perfect option. The warmer has a sleek design that helps you achieve abundant room décor.

The Hosley ceramic wax warmer is the perfect pick when you want to enjoy the chemical-free fragrance. It works by diffusing the sweet-smelling fragrance particles as it melts the wax. This creates a stream of a fresh scent that ensures your house smells perfect. This means you can use essential oils to avoid chemical landed freshness.

The fantastic thing about this device is the ability to deliver spa and aromatherapy functions. Unlike the candles, this gives you the ability to get fresh aroma without soot. This is because it melts the wax or essential oils without flame.

Well, without a doubt, the warmer has a small profile that is ideal for space-constrained places. Apart from small size, the warmer is lightweight which is outstanding for portability. Made from high-quality raw materials, the device is safe and minimizes environmental pollution.


  • Compact and stylish style
  • Perfect room décor
  • Soot free fragrance
  • High spa and aromatherapy

3- OBI Original Candle Warmer – Electric 2-in-1 Fragrance Air Freshener

Electric Wax Warmers

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Melting fragrance in your home is now safe and straightforward. This 2-in-1 electric air freshener by Obi gives you superb experience. It’s a high-quality device that is ideal for homes, offices and any other relaxing place. It replaces your other artificial air fresher

Instead of lighting up your fragrance, the perfect way to enjoy it is by using an electric wax warmer. That is why this one by Obi is here to help you discover the power of natural oils. It has 2-in-1 functions to give you the freedom to enjoy natural oil benefits.

The design of this device is impressive. It comes with two separate chambers that let you enjoy aroma in preferred style. The bowl is great for keeping the warmer clean and free from sticky, waxy materials. Also, you can decide to place the candle directly into the warmer. It’s a versatile warmer that lets you enjoy your style.

The warmer doesn’t only keep your room, smelling great, but, it also ensures you get the perfect look. Featuring butterfly decoration, it ensures the house gets a sleek and attractive appearance. With just a button click, this warmer diffuses air hence keeping you enjoying great harmony with your surrounding air.


  • Beautiful warmer finish
  • Strong fragrance
  • Durable ceramic

2- OBI Original Candle Warmer – Electric 2-in-1 Fragrance Air Freshener

OBI Original Candle Warmer - Electric 2-in-1 Fragrance Air Freshener

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Obi is dedicated to keeping your house smelling impressive. That is why they make this electric candle warmer to ensure you do away with flame. This lets you enjoy pronounced scent even when you are relaxing. Therefore, no worries about naked flame hazards when using this device.

Well, making your surrounding environment outstanding is now simple than ever. The easiest and safest method is having this candle warner from Obi and enjoys peace of mind. Boasting 2-in-1 functions, it works with wax cubes and essential oils without using a flame. This prevents soot as with candles thus keeping the air clean.

This electric warmer keeps you enjoying great aroma while maintaining the device clean. It comes in two pieces which enables you to protect the wax from sticking. In fact, with the ability to place wax directly into the heater or bowl lets you enjoy aroma in style.

Whether your house is experiencing odors from the washroom or any other source; this candle warmer helps to fight that. It has a powerful diffuser that keeps air fresh, thus eliminating the need for air fresheners. Despite its power air freshening ability, the device is compact for easy porting. The 20 watts element is efficient and helps to save energy.


  • Compact design
  • Versatile application
  • Good for wax and oils

1- Glade Wax Melts Air Freshener Warmer

Best Electric Wax Warmers

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If you are tired of bad odors or using air fresheners, time is now to upgrade. With this air freshener warmer wax melt by Glade, your room will smell great without using chemicals. It’s a good choice that will improve everyone’s mood in the house.

Why suffer from breathing problems due to allergen and chemicals from air fresheners? You can harness natural goodness by getting this Glade melt for essential oils and wax. It boasts excellent scent blended from 13 natural products that will delight your moments each second.

Unlike other wax melts, this one comes packed with essential oil. This means you can easily choose your favorite to keep your mood high. Furthermore, each wax boasts up to 16 hours of air freshening. With each pack containing 6 or 11 wax, you enjoy 96 or 176 hours per pack. This is great since they deliver value for your money.

Dealing with this melting wax is safe and straightforward. It’s formulated from non-sticky substances that ensure your hands and other appliances are clean. Amazingly, the wax lingers when the heater is switched off to ensure there is no messy experience.

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  • Variety of scents
  • Long-lasting
  • Non-sticky
  • Safe  to use

Best Electric Wax Warmers – Buyer’s Guide

Best Electric Wax Warmers

Likewise, you follow a specific and particular buying guide to get a coffee cup warmer for yourself, same way below mentioned guide will tell you as to how to buy an electric wax warmer:

Gives an Upscale Feel

Most importantly, try to choose that electric wax warmer which gives an upscale feel to the user. Look for the option which acts as a 2-in-1 Fragrance Warmer.

If your wax warmer is featured with some deep earth tones and also upscale feel, then that is great.

Stylish and Versatile Design

Most certainly, it is constantly advised to shop for an electric wax warmer which carries a versatile design in it.

You can prefer to order a 2-in-1 warmer. It is its versatile design which will fully allow and let you warm wax melts right in the dish. Or you can even place a jar candle on the warming plate.

Easy On-off Roller Switch

Furthermore, high-quality wax warmers, they are always outfitted with an easy on-off roller switch and a 36″ long cord. Some of the models are accompanied by a removable dish as well as a 4″ diameter warming plate for your candles.

Holds More Fragrance

Besides, try to search for that electric wax warmer which can hold more fragrance for hours and hours. It should behold that scent for an extensive amount of time. Even more, it should not give out any flame, soot, or any of the other pollutants.

Complement Your Home Decor

Lastly, give your thumbs up to that wax warmer that complements your home decor zone. Its design and style have to look elegant and should be able to complement your very personal taste as well.

FAQ’S about Best Electric Wax Warmers

How Many Wax Melts Do You Put In a Warmer?

How Many Wax Melts Do You Put In a Warmer?

Approximately 1 oz of wax melts you can put and place in a warmer. On the other hand, if your wax melt is available in the form of wax cubes, then what you need to do is to break off a piece. And then you can place it right inside the warmer.

Make sure that you do not use more than one wax melt at one single time. And if you are making use of smaller wax melt bears, then one needs to use only and just 2–3 wax melt bears.

What Kind of Wax do Professionals Use?

What Kind of Wax do Professionals Use?

Professionals make use of both soft and hard wax options in their wax warmers. It depends on their desired preference level that what kind of scent and fragrance state they want to enjoy!

So, if you are using a wax warmer, then you are free to use soft and hard waxes. And even go with the option of therapeutic waxes.

Can I Sunbathe After Waxing?

Can I Sunbathe After Waxing?

It is advised that before or after waxing, you should avoid taking a sunbathe. If you are going to get a sunbathe right after your waxing time or before your waxing time, then there are heavy chances that you may get a sunburn on that waxed part of yours.

Should You Shower Before Or After Waxing?

Should You Shower Before Or After Waxing?

It is not recommended to shower after waxing. What you can do is to take a shower before a couple of hours of your waxing appointment. In this way, your skin will get dry completely. And your body temperature will be able to get normalized too.


Do try any of these electric wax warmers and share your honest experience with us. The demand of these wax warmers is truly and genuinely rising day by day. They are made to let you experience that natural aromatherapy session.

Furthermore, they bring a fresh and 100% clean scent all and completely throughout your room.

In a similar category, you can try out these Best Electric Smokers and Best Electric Griddles as well. Feel free to keep tuned with us, we have more electric wax warmer options for you


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