Best Electric Mountain Bikes in 2022 Reviews

Electric mountain bikes are changing the bicycle market. They are the modern and most advanced e-bike you can find in the market and come along with many advantages. You are in a position to move longer distances, faster, and experience reduced pedaling fatigue. Why you need to get an electric mountain bike is because; they got high speed, maneuver very well and are lightweight.

Mountain biking becomes more enjoyable and fun when you are using the E-mountain motorcycle but remember not all electric mountain bikes in the market are best. Looking for the best electric mountain bikes? You are just almost there; in DotBestProducts have the deep reviews for best electric mountain bikes.

10. Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike – Swift Horse 12 Ah

Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike - Swift Horse 12 Ah

Ancheer electric mountain bike has approximately 24-34 miles mileage. It is made of aluminum alloy. Moreover, it has the newest design components; 26″ bead spoke wheels, innovative 6061 aluminum alloy frame with anti-slip and wear thick resistant tire, more powerful brushless motor and an upgraded 12AH large capacity removable lithium battery. 21-speed Shimano gear system is featured with improved reliability. Brakes are sturdy, well suspended and together with the quick-shift gear will offer you excellent riding experience.

Besides, LED headlamp with horn features as well as a front suspended fork. It has two working modes: e-bike and the assisted bicycle where you need to pedal. More interesting, it’s equipped with a smart lithium charger to charge your battery and has a 1-year warranty.

  • Advantages:

It is lightweight thanks to the aluminum alloy frame. The lithium-Ion battery is removable and also can be charged with the smart charger included in the package. Ancheer e-bike is designed with modern components that ensure its high quality. Tires are thick, anti-slip and wear resistance thus are durable. Above all, the product has a 1-year warranty for you.

Customers feel safe when riding the bike thanks to the anti-slip and wear thick resistant tires. Most customers also appreciate its modern profile design and durability of the battery making their riding enjoyable.


  • Has 21-speed Shimano gear system
  • Brakes are strong
  • Have a removable and durable 12AH large capacity lithium battery
  • Smart lithium charge is available
  • It had two working modes; e-bike mode and assisted pedaling mode

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9. EGO BIKE 26″ Fat Bike Tire Wheel Men Snow Beach Mountain Electric Bicycle

EGO BIKE 26 Fat Bike Tire Wheel Men Snow Beach Mountain electric Bicycle

The model is perfect for outdoor biking. Its adapted for all terrain; road, on the trail, beach and the snow. 26″ Fat Bike has 36V 11AH lithium battery and is powered by electric power running on 500W rear Hub motor. Biking will get fast on long distance using the bike as can speed up to 20 mph. It has an aluminum frame, rear disc brakes and with a Shimano external 7-speed gear.

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You won’t take the whole day charging the battery since it takes only 6 hours to charge it fully. This mountain electric bike has a throttle that’s able to twist half-way, and its height is 5’6″-6’8″.

  • Advantages:

It has a maximum speed of 20 mph. The driving force is dominant; 500 watts. It will take a short time to charge the battery, i.e., only six hours. The e-bike has a throttle which can be ½ twisted. The fat tire makes it adapted to all terrain

Customers appreciate its endurance on different ground and how fast it charges. They also like it for its disc brakes that work perfectly for the bike making then feel safe when using it.


  • Have a Shimano external seven gear
  • Maximum speed is 20 mph
  • Has a strong driving force of 500 watts
  • 26″x4.0″ fat tire wheel
  • Take less time to charge (6 hours) and can be used in any terrain

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8. ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike with 26 Inch Wheel

ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike with 26 Inch Wheel

Ancheer folding electric mountain bikes have 26″ wheels. How or where to store the bike shouldn’t worry you. It is made of a collapsible strong, lightweight aluminum alloy frame that will allow you to quickly fold it and make it easy to store in your house.

The large capacity lithium battery 36V/8AH will allow you ride to 25 km in e-bike mode or 50km in assisted mode. This allows you to enjoy biking in 2 different modes. Also, charging the battery takes as short as 4-6 hrs with a smart lithium charger.

With ultra-strong wheels which are wear-resistant, anti-slip and 26″ bead spoke wheels would give you a feeling of comfort and safety. Also featured are the mechanical front, and rear discs break design and 21-speed Shimano system and a bonus of the LED front lights and horn.

  • Advantages:

Wheels are ultra-strong, anti-slip and wear resistant. The bike has 21-speed Shimano transmission design which makes it perfect for climbing. The LED headlamp and horn makes it possible for you to use it even at night. It takes a short time to charge the lithium battery. Large wheels allow you to ride in rough terrain comfortably and large capacity lithium battery give you the adventure to enjoy long distance biking. Easy to fold and store

Most customers are impressed by its ability to fold making it easy to story.  They are amazed by the excellent pricing of the e-bike.  Most customers have come to an agreement that this is the perfect e-bike for long distance.


  • Has ultra-lightweight aluminum alloy frame that can be foldable
  • Large capacity battery 36V/8AH
  • Go up to 25 km e-bike mode and 50 km assisted mode
  • 21-speed Shimano transmission design is used
  • Charge time is short 4-6 hrs

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7. EGO BIKE New Electric Bike Matt Black Electric Bicycle Mountain

EGO BIKE New Electric Bike Matt Black Electric Bicycle Mountain

New electric bike matt is a modern upgrade in the market. You will drive less and save more energy on this bike as has a strong driving force up to 500 watts. Its promises long distance biking as has a maximum speed of 20 mph with a level 9 speed assistant while in PAS working mode.

Unlike another e-bike, it has a large screen display for battery life, distance and speed thus you will keep track records of its performance. Lithium-ion battery (36V-10AH) is hidden in the frame. Shimano external seven gear system features and will talk you only 6 hours to charge your battery.

  • Advantages:

The Large screen display will allow you monitor the battery usage, distance coverage, and speed limit. It has a high driving force of 500 watts and a level 9 speed assistant. Takes a short time to charge the battery. Moves at top speed up to 20 mph and works in either e-bike mode or PAS mode.

Customers are impressed by that the display screen will allow then monitor there biking. They love it for its upgraded model and improved quality of an e-mountain bike.


  • Has a large screen display to monitor battery use, distance, and speed
  • Has max speed up to 20 mph
  • Can be used in e-bike mode or PAS mode
  • Has level 9 speed assistant
  • Has strong driving force of 500 watts

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6. Rambo Bikes R750C Power Bike (Camo)

Rambo Bikes R750C Power Bike (camo)

The camo power bike is perfect for hardcore hunters. Weighs about 59 pounds, has 6061 aluminum alloy frame with a max speed of 20 mph. It allows you enjoy pedal-free biking up to 19 miles. These eco-friendly electric bikes will enable you to move deep across the woods quietly thanks to the quiet high torque electric motor.

In storage, the pedal will be well secured are they are foldable. Rambo power bikes have a digital display and stainless steel fork suspension on the front. Shimano 7 speed gear transmission system is available.

  • Advantages:

The quiet high torque electric motor makes it eco-friendly to use in gaming sites. The display screen is digital making it give precise records. Pedals are foldable improving their maintenance when not in use. E-bike mode works up to 19 miles, and the bike has a max speed of 20 mph

Customers term it to be excellent. This is coupled to the silence the bike offer when cycling. How can adjust its speed from 1-level nine has made them appreciate it much and even is easy for the heavyweights to use it.


  • Has high quiet torque electric motor
  • Display screen is digital
  • Has adjustable level 9 speed assistance
  • Pedals are foldable
  • Shimano external 7-speed gear transmission system is used

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5. ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike

ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike

If you are concerned about the latest and most efficient electric mountain bikes, ANCHEER power plus Electric Mountain bike is what you want.

A combination of the advanced lithium-ion technology made battery and aluminum alloy frame guarantee this to be a super quality and durable e-bike thanks to the anti-rust property of the alloy.

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The battery will support biking up to 25 km e-bike mode and 50 km assisted mode. The adult electric mountain bikes are suitable for riders between 165-190 cm, and the seat heights are adjustable (80-95 cm) to give the desired comfort to you.

With the smart charger, it takes only 4-6 hrs to charge the battery. Moreover, the ultra-strong wheel protects as are anti-slip, resistant to wear and can maneuver well on rainy, snowy and roadway.

  • Advantages:

Adjustable seat heights allow you to choose which makes you comfortable. The battery is made with advanced lithium-ion technology and takes a short time to charge. It has an extended mileage coverage both in e-bike mode or assisted mode. The alloy frame is durable; anti-rust property, and makes the bike lightweight.

Customers show a feeling of comfort when using it thanks to the adjustable seat heights. They also review the lightweight and super performance for long distance biking.


  • Suitable for rider between 165-190 cm
  • Seat height is adjustable
  • Cover up to 25 km in e-bike mode and 50 km in assisted manner with max speed of 20 mph
  • Lithium-ion battery made with advanced technology.
  • Charging lasts for 4-6 hours

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4. Cyrusher Fat Tire Bike Snow Bike Mountain Bike

Cyrusher Fat Tire Bike Snow Bike Mountain Bike

This is a big bike with the capability to withstand heavy weights up to 360 lbs. A high driving force of 500w, max speed of 25 mph with a cruising distance of 30-35 miles under electric power promises an excellent biking experience using this e-bike.

The lithium battery has a capacity of 48V-10 4amh and is easy to remove. Cyrusher mountain bike is designed with Shimano 7speed system, dual mechanical disc brakes, and front fork suspension.

  • Advantages:

The e-bike has long distance coverage of 30-35 miles under electric power thus saving energy. It can withstand heavyweight to a max of 360 lbs. Have improved speed as its max speed is 25mphs. Battery life lasts longer while in use and also takes a short time to charge.

Customers love it for its ability to accommodate a range of different weight to 360 lbs. They say its price is affordable and the battery life on-bike mode has amazed most of the customers.


  • Driving force is strong; 500 watts
  • Can withstand weight up to 360 lbs
  • Distance coverage in e-bike mode is 30-35 miles
  • Higher max speed compared to others; 25 mph

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3. Addmotor MOTAN Folding Fat Tire Electric Bicycles Snow Beach Bike

Addmotor MOTAN Folding Fat Tire Electric Bicycles Snow Beach Bike

MOTAN M-150 motorized electric bicycles 2022 design are fit for 5’2″-6’6″ tall riders. They are adult Electric Mountain bikes can carry adults weighing close to 300 lbs making them ideal for larger riders. LCD night mode display ensures visibility even at night and shows mileage and bike speed.

A bonus is the USB port which will enable you to charge your phone while riding.

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The bikes are perfect for climbing, thanks to the mechanical front and rear disc brake design together with the shimano7speeds TX55 gears transmission system as well as the 500w brushless motor. Storing is made more accessible by the collapsible top-tube, frame, and pedals which also help in portability. You can get them in 4 different colors.

  • Advantages:

Able to carry adults weighing 300 lbs thus larger rider will enjoy it. It’s portable and easy to store thanks to the collapsible top-tube, frame, and pedals. Has a night mode set LCD that shows speed, mileage, and distant? Have USB charging port to charge your device when riding.


  • Carry adults weighing 300 lbs
  • Max speed is 23 mph and distance up to 40-55 miles per charge
  • Has LCD set in night mode
  • Has USB charging port
  • Top-tube and pedals are foldable

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2. Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike

Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike

This model is an upgraded CX1 power plus electric mountain bike with a modern and stylish body frame. Bike frame, strong brakes, suspension and Shimano 21-speed transmission gears with quick-shift makes this e-bike to be of premium quality.

This power plus bike is easy to use with quick release battery, front wheel, and the immediate change Shimano gears.

Performance is incredible with 28 miles range of normal terrain and max speed of 15 mph. Padded saddle guarantees comfort when riding in all train and can shift from a pedaling bike to an electric powered motorcycle.

  • Advantages

Its padded saddle makes it comfortable. It’s a modern, stylish e-bike in the market. It’s easy to use with quick release wheel, battery, and rapid change Shimano gears. It has superior quality and max speed of 15 mph. Can be used in 2 working modes

Customers prefer it for its premium quality and the comfortable padded saddle. Besides, the ease to use it makes them praise it greatly.


  • Saddle is padded for comfort
  • Has Shimano 21 speed gear transmission system
  • Frame is stylish and modern
  • It’s easy to use

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1. Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike – Classic Knight 8 Ah

Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike - Classic Knight 8 Ah

Just like the name suggests, it’s made with a high-quality material; 100% aluminum alloy frame, front fork made of high-strength carbon steel and packed with premium comfort shock absorption plus a double layer aluminum alloy 26″ wheel.

Love night riding? You can use the bike as has bright LED headlamp and horn. 36 V removable lithium battery fitted with a smart charger will allow you to ride up to 25-50 km/s and the 250-watt brushless motor makes it easy to travel at 15 mph.

It offers you a chance to change the meter working to three levels; low, medium and high. Nevertheless, the dual brake and 21 Shimano speed gear will allow you turn speed quickly to your satisfaction.

  • Advantages:

Meter operations are adjustable to 3 levels. They can be used at night as has a bright LED headlamp and horn. The e-bike is made of high-quality material making it be a premium product. The lithium battery is removable, and the brushless motor makes it possible to speed up to 15 mph. Distant covered ranges from 25-30 km/s on powered or pedaling mode.

Customers appreciate the premium quality and its safety to use at night; due to the presence of bright headlamp and horn.


  • Has 250w brushless motor and 21 Shimano speed gear system
  • Have bright LED headlamp and horn
  • Speed limit is 15 mph, distance coverage of 25-30 km

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Make your mountain making experience more fun, effortless and enjoyable with less pedaling fatigue by getting rid of the regular mountain bikes and buying the electric mountain bikes.

We are hoping that you got the best choice from the Top 10 Best electric mountain bikes in 2022. GOODLUCK!


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